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Suits Live Recap Episode 11

Live recap for episode 11 of the Korean Drama Suits starring Jang Dong-gun and Park Hyun-sik
Yeon-woo and Kyung-sik are on a roll. Their cases are prickly, but are pretty much handled with no real fear of losing. The biggest issue is in not getting emotionally involved in each case which is something both Yeon-woo and Kyung-sik failed at in the last episode. Lawyers don’t have emotions y’all! Clearly, YW and KS are not watching Miss Hammurabi, because emotion is modus operandi over there.

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Choi Kang-suk – KS | Ko Yeon-woo – YW | Kang Ha-yeon – HY | Chae Gun-sik – GS | Chul-soon – CS | Hong Da-ham – DH | Kim Ji-na – JN | Sae-hee – SH | Cho – Cho | Lawyer Seo – Seo | Lawyer Ham – Ham

Airing Time: May 30th, 22:00 Seoul, KBS2
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A man walks with a crowbar down the Kang and Ham law firm hallway. he is all wet from the rain and drags the crowbar behind him. He stops at an office and looks inside. His eyes look dead.

HY comes out at that moment and stares at him. She stands confidently and tells him to calm down and put that down. he asks her to put down what? I am not going to use this on you. He walks closer to her. She looks intimidated, but she stands tall. He tells her that he has one last question.

HY stands scared as Ham chuckles in front of her. Then he swings a huge crow bar or something at her and it cuts out.


It is a rainy day. Several people dressed in all black are outside a temple. it looks like there is a funeral ceremony in observance right now.

HY and KS are standing in the rain.

HY – Do you think he will be back?
KS – He wasn’t moved at all with his embezzlement. But when we told him that we would tell his wife about his affair…
HY – ….He tried to kill me.
KS – Because the thing that stopped him, disappeared, he will be back.

the man turns back and looks at them. They nod/bow. Then we cut to the three of them talking in the rain.

KS – You shouldn’t come out.
Ham – Well, thank you for coming to the funeral.
KS – My condolences.
Ham – Really? You are strange because when you say something it all sounds fake, like lies.
KS – When you were fired from work, I told you sorry. that was a lie.
Ham – (laughing) that is all past, just live today.
HY – No, we should remember what we have to remember.
Ham – I agree, I wasn’t myself back then.

Ham – Don’t forget, if you want to swallow evil, you have to swallow the horns in your throat.

He swings the crowbar and breaks HY’s company sign board. He breaks the Ham part. Then he drops the crowbar.

Ham tells HY and KS that he is a different person now. when he was taking care of his wife, he became closer to his daughter. He is thankful because he feels reborn. They are the most thankful people in my life. He is a different person, thank you.

KS asks him if he wants to come back? ham tells them that belive it or not, he is not the same person. he thanks them then turns and goes back to the funeral. It looks like his daughter meets him.

KS and HY watch him walk away. KS thinks that man is the same, he doesn’t feel any sadness or remorse. HY replies, she think he is more excited to come back than the sadness of losing his wife. KS lets her know that he can send him back even before he comes to the lobby. She asks what the conditions are. The condition are to hire a lawyer with experience. A third year prosecutor who is very good. The reason? Do we need any reason to get a good recruit.

HY says fine, If you stop Ham from coming back then I will hire that person at any time. HY leaves.

KS is still in the rain and calls his informer.
YW gets ready to go to work. He looks completely different as he puts on his three piece suit, adds cologne, and checks his nicely polished shoes. His haircut is different as well.

Cut to him showing up at work. KS asks him what this is. YW mentions that KS told him that he would have his own case, so he decided to be the strong lawyer that Kang & Ham wants. KS tells him that he went to far but YW thinks this is perfect for a Kang & Ham lawyer. They tit for tat back and forth about their speech until KS asks YW if he is crazy. YW backs off a little then.

KS tells YW that taking the case is threatening ( a collision). YW takes it and tells him that he will show him what threatening is.

Don’t pretend to do a good, job, just do one.

YW – I only think about winning.

YW goes to JN’s office. She chuckles at his new look and cologne smell. he tells her that this is his first solo case, does he look strange? She says no, he just doens’t look familiar. YW tells her that he is taking her suggestion of being the lawyer that the company wants. He will be a real lawyer first.

She is all like, real lawyer? Does that mean you are a fake lawyer?

he plays it off.

She sits and says she knows what kind of lawyer he is, dont get too stressed.

YW says he will be the lawyer that Kang & Ham wants, bye bye. But at the door he gives her a question about the law exam that she answered right. he asks her if she studied. She says her problem is not studying, it is taking the exam. he tells her that that question was in several different exams and a lot of people got it wrong. then he smiles and leaves. She also smiles.
DH goes into KS’s office and tells him that it is serious outside now. Ham will be back, and when he comes back, that means…. ~. KS lets her know that he will not be back, trust me. KS says that what she doesnt’ trust is not him. Everyone is on him because of the forgerized evidence and now he is against the prosecutors. KS smiles and tells her that it doens’t matter if he is good or not, others should be bad. it is enough just if he does well. He is the best there.

DH asks about YW. What about his true identity? People will find out and it will be a real weakness to you. KS thinks they need to be more careful. DH asks him if he knows about YW and JN? KS tells her that one day they will be honest with their feelings and yW will finally…. ~.

DH – So why did you do that?

KS says it is because of that that they should be more careful about them. DW sighs and says the real serious thing is not outside, it is inside.

YW walks to a bookstore and asks the clerk about a book (Time for rescuing/reflief). he looks at her badge and then tells her that he has a lawsuit that says this book is actually her book and she has a copyright lawsuit with it. She asks him who he is. he tells her that he is from Kang & Ham, they are representing the book company.

They go sit. YW tells her that whatever it is, borrowing the ID or whatever, they don’t have evidence. Any of her ideas belong to the book company due to the contract. She tells him that the court decides it right? YW explains that there are a lot of better lawyers than him and a lot of ruthless lawyers. The result will be obvious.

She asks if she can be sued for defamation of character. he tells her that she knows it well but she continues this lawsiut, is it for money? If you go to court, he knows how her future will be. You should retract the lawsuit.

She tells him that his parents will be proud of him because he is a lawyer that went to a good school and is from a good family, but she won’t be threatened by those things so dont talk about her future. YW asks her if it is the right thing to talk about his family and make things up due to his job as a lawyer. You don’t know anything about me.

You also dont’ know anything about me!

Your personal buisiness is…..none of my business. He tries to walk away.

Because you are representing the book company!

YW turns around and look at her.
ham asks KS why he is there. KS says he didn’t want to come there as well.

bookstore. YW sits with the woman again and asks her what she thinks. he says he thinks about getting yelled at. She tells him that two years ago, she showed her work to the company. As soon as the president saw it, they wanted a contract. One of the synopsys was “time for forgiving”

So that is Time for Relief? there is no evidence.

I have email evidence.

What do you want?

At the time I thought the best chance of my life became the worst wound of my life. I want them to accept what they did to me and pay for what they did.

Ham. She wants me to pay for it? KS says that they will report his embezzlement and prosecute him. But, HY blocked it because she didn’t want to hurt the reputation of the company.

Yeah, HY is good at thinking about the big picture.

What i mean is, you were away from our company for awhile, so if we release it now, it won’t hurt our reputation.

So you came here to tell me not to come back? I am not thinking of coming back

That is good, I hope you are truthful

By the way….your threats, make me want to come back to work. I was right, HY is good for planning, but not for tactics.

KS sits back down.

KS – In the picture, luckily, your daughter looks like your wife. I am not here to tell you not to come back. i am here to warn you not to even think about it. If you don’t want to tell your daughter your dirty truth. Embezzlement and con job, that is not enough. I am going to tell her details about how you had an affair for several years. You said you have a good relationship with your daughter now? her future….what do you think will change?

Lawyer Choi

Do you think I am lying this time? Do you think i can’t do it? I will do it. you said, to swallow evil, I have to swallow horns in my throat. i am going to bite something more than that and swallow it.

Why do you do this much ~ .

Because I have to protect our company. i know, if we accept you then you will destroy our company.

Ham stands and so does KS.

KS – think about it as doing a good thing for the company. Just open your own tiny law office. We will send you pretty flowers.

KS walks off and re-buttons his suit.
KS goes to a watch store. he answers the phone and tells the caller that he took care of it, he won’t even think about going to work. It is time to honor my condition.

HY gets off the phone with a sigh and thinks for a moment. Then she calls someone and says, it is me, GS.

GS runs down the hall with a huge smile on his face. He goes into HY’s office with passion and tells her, you are picking my associate? Hy says she has experience, so just give her an office. GS says, you said you would pick my associate? Hy tells him that he mentors all the associates, the only tiny difference is this person is a third year prosecutor.

GS says no, the big difference is that I am not promoted yet. HY tell shim to wait a little bit more, he will have a chance. he asks on whose recommendation? But then he says he doesn’t have to ask.

Cut to YW talking to KS. KS immediately asks if he got the confirmation on the lawsuit cancelation. YW stutters, he has not. It look slike KS figured as much. GS comes in at that moment and tells KS that he never cared about anything but himself up to a couple months ago, but now he has two associates? KS tells him this is GS’s associate. he thought he would do something for him, he is sorry to his friend for all this time.

But he tells him, if he doesn’t like it then he can stop. GS asks him if he is truthful? KS tries to pull the forms back but GS pulls it away and stumbles back, he tells KS that he will take it as his good will.

GS leaves. YW asks if he finally picked prosecutor Kim? KS says he picked her to sway GS away from them. Don’t worry.

In his office, GS listens to his recording of KS saying, “Sorry to my friend” over and over again. Then he says, ‘to whom’ and plays “sorry to my friend” he is having a lot of fund with this recording as he says, yes, this is waht happened. If you want it this much then I will accept your apology. Just say it one more time, “I am sorry to my friend” louder “I am sorry to my friend” good. then he keeps playing it over and over again.
Kim shows up to her office, she is a senior associate at the firm. She smiles as she opens the door, but then she sees GS sitting at her desk facing the window. She tells him that she thinks he is in the wrong place.

He tells her that this is the right place. She asks him who this person is that is sitting in her place. he tells her that he is Kang & Ham’s mentoring supervisor. She lists his requirements and tells him that he only takes care of 1st and 2nd years, she is a 3rd year and you are filing your nails ~.

he tells her that he is not taking care of his fingers, he is giving them rest. She tells him that filing nails is not a problem, doing it at her desk is a problem. he says, if it is a problem then you have to tell someone, who? Me. so tell me. It is not a problem if I do well, others should do bad. Whatever it is, don’t do too well, so I can fire you. Welcome to Kang & Ham.

She looks at him like he is the craziest thing in existence.

She meets with KS who tells her to ignore GS, that is his fun at work. The welcome is all done so we can do our real deal outside. They shake hands. DH looks at them shaking hands and thinks this looks suspicious, it is fishy but she is not sure of what the smell it is. But after the woman walks past her, she says she knows what smell it is. It is the smell of a Bch.

JN goes to talk to YW in the library. She asks him if he has time to read this novel? He says that is his work, copyright infringement. She read that book and says she liked it. he tells her, if you read that book, then can you read this? He gives her the manuscript that the woman gave him and watches her as she reads it.

Their music starts to play (OST #4) as he stares at her reading. he does not hide it at all. She looks up at him and he sits up and asks her waht she thinks. She says the characters and synopsis are about the same. If someone told me that this synopsys is teh summary of the book, then I would believe it. It will be a troublesome case during the merger.


A group is merging with the publishing company. that is our case, you didnt’ know?

If we have trouble in this case

Of course it will be troublesome for the company, it will reduce the value of the book company so the big group will rethink the merger.

YW thanks her so much, she was a big help. he runs off. She mutters, when are you going to bye me dinner? he comes back and sys that he will buy her dinner. He takes her coffee and tells her he will buy her a coffee as well.
YW meets with a man. the man says, even if this happened, it is not a problem for us, you saw what happened. Lawfully there is no problem. YW says that is true, but you should give her some money because the book from her idea became a bestseller. the man chuckles and asks him whose lawyer he is. YW says he is on their side, he is protecting the honor of the publishing company. The man wants to know what he is talking about.

YW says, if she signs the paperwork, then she won’t talk about it anymore. It won’ thurt the merger.

he says it feels like his own lawyer is threatening him.

It is not threatening, it is advice, the longer this goes on, the more the value of the company will drop.

So, how much?

Cut to the lady reading $50k on the paperwork. YW tells her that this is the best agreement in Korea’s history (bragging). She asks if he thinks this is the right payment? He asks what she is talking about.

She says she can’t finish it like this. it isn’t about the money, she does not want the money, you don’t understand me. Lawyer….you dont’ know what was really taken.

She throws the agreement on the bench and runs off.

YW fills KS in. the woman does not want money. KS is all like, whose lawyer are you? if you keep acting like this then I won’t trust you.

YW knows that he picked prosecutor Kim because of him. He trusts KS, so that is why he is trying to be a real lawyer. KS says a real lawyer represents the client. What I want from you is to use this chance well. if you stay in past pain ~.

Wait a second…..past pain?

This sends him into a flashback of the woman saying the best chance in her life became the worst nightmare…..you dont’ know what was really taken from me.

YW repeats, the past pain that I don’t know ~.

KS asks him if he is imitating him again?

But YW leaves without answering. He contemplates something as he walks the hall.

JN – My problem is not studying, it is the exam.

YW looks at JN in her office, studying. He knocks on her door. She asks him wht the problem is so he tells her that he needs her help right away. They walk to a cafe and meet with the young author together.

YW tells her that he doesn’t know what to say, but he is sorry. JN tells her that she will have a hard time, it will be difficult, but does she have any proof of sexual harrassment? Text message? Email? Anything?

the woman shows them her text messages. She says that day was the day they signed the contract. She was sad and scared and she didnt’ know what to do. JN says she understands. The woman says that man was her prfessor and the CEo of a publishing company. She was just an amateur writer, who would trust her?

He tells her that the court room will have a lot of room for them to attack her, it won’t be easy. JN asks her how long she suffered. the woman says she doesn’t want to argue about that sexual harrassment, but if he has a little bit of conscience. he didn’t even apologize and he stole her idea.

Afterward, JN and YW walk outside. JN says this violates a law, you can’t sue against your client. YW thinks he went to far. JN thinks he was right, though. Other lawyer won’t even think about it so her pain would ba varied. he says he can’t even solve this problem but he dug up her pain. JN thinks they should have a way to solve it, he is a good lawyer. But YW thinks she doesnt’ know him well.
KS meets with Lawyer Kim that he just got hired. She heard YW is his associate. She figure it out using all her help. he tells her that he aws right topick her as an associate. She wonders if he is scared that seh knows his weakness? they playfully talk about this.

She says she respects him. He tells her that he doesn’t need her respect. He picked her because hse is a good lawyer and for the help earlier, but don’t talk about YW. This is not a threat, it is an agreement. We share each others weakness.

he hands her paperwork. It looks like her brother might have a case against him? She asks him how he did this? he tell shre that everyone has a sore thumb. She take a swig of her drink and tells him that she will accept the agreement, but you did not answer my question.

her real question is, is she a part of his big picture? he tell sher that he brought her into Kang & ham, so that answers her question right?

Still walking outside. Jn wants to know why he said they don’t know each other? if seh wants to know all those tiny things about him, will he tell her? YW ask her what about her, when does she wake up and eat breakfast and all those worred? She tells him, you worry? You kind of worry about me?

Nooooo, I don’t worry about you at all……okay, I kind of worry about you, but ~.

She kisses him quickly and them tells him that she has another rabbit to raise. She is about to run off but then he pulls her back and says they if she is raising a rabbit anyway then ~. He kisses her deeply. It lasts a long time.

Afterward, she asks him if he wants to eat ramen? (This can also mean, do you want to sleep together). He says yes.

Cut to the two of them eating ramen at a small ramen cafe. They talk about their life and family and things like that. YW talks about his grandmother. She talks about her parents divorce when she was in middles school. She lives alone now. he says they have something in common.

JN says she suffered when she was young, but after that it was nothing. YW asks her if it was nothing? JN is about to say that it wasn’t it. but YW starts talking about the book copyright case. he basiclaly says that after time passes she will forget things and hire another lawyer. They can solve this together.

YW walks away and sees a protest that nurses are giving. he walks on.

Inside the hospital, YW asks her if the protest affects her. She says it is difficult to take care of old people and after that, they protest. So it looks like grandmother is not affected. YW tells her that he will find a place where they can live together when she is out of the hospital. She says she has a good life because of her grandson, but what about you?

YW mentions a girl, Halmoni wants him to bring her there, but he says that person doesnt’ know that much about him. A nurse comes in to check on her blood pressure, but they tell her that they already did. The nurse is flustered adn apologizes. they say it’s okay. halmoni uses that as a lesson and says even a young nurse forgets. if you were good from the begining then you wouldn’t know what good is. they playfully talk about how YW is the best. She says she can become a judge if she makes up her mind to be one.

KS meets with YW and fills him in. the time of the incident is the exact same time as they signed the contract. KS thinks they are threatening their own client so it violates their client law. YW says he just wants to make an agreement for the client to say he is sorry. KS tells him that he is there client so they still have to keep their oath.

But he says it isn’t possible in all cases. he tells him to take care of the sexual harassment case well so it won’t take care of the M&M case (merger case?). YW grabs JN, he will go as a representative of the company and JN can go there as a representative of the victim.

They walk there but JN isn’t confident that she can do this. He tries to talk here into it. She is still nervous. So he tells her that she doesn’t’ know what kind of person she is. She is the person that made him go up the steps one by one. This is not an exam so she does not have to feel nauseous.

They go to the meeting. The author and the man is there. the agreement is for 50k and for the man to accept that he used her ideas. The man is angry. JN tells him, you are angry? You fulfilled your desire using someone else. You sexually harassed her, you acknowledged it and said sorry. JN shows the KaTalk. JN tells him that he used his power as CEO, this can be serious. Kim and Jo will sue you and show it in the media.

The man lowers his head and signs the documents that says he is sorry for what happens. She also signs it. he verbally tells her that he is sorry, he is really sorry. YW tells him that he took her past and her future. So he should be really sorry. he should turn himself in after the merger.

they each tell him all the reasons why he should turn himself in. She gets up to leave. He tells her that he is really sorry.

the three leave. The woman thanks the two of them. YW tells her that she can write a new novel now. She tells him that she understands him. But she looks at JN and hugs her. She is so thankful to lawyer JN. JN tells her that she is not a lawyer. But the woman says she is the best lawyer to her. She bows and walks away.

YW thinks it world be better if they took care of this until the end. But she was cool in there. JN mentions that YW could have done it all, but he called her because he wanted to help her. he says he isn’t that much of a genius. She mutters that he is a genius that might live in her heart. Then she tells him to wait up and runs after him.
YW shows the agreement to KS and brags on himself. KS asks him if he is crazy? You put in all the agreement money, so do you think we can ask for our lawyer fee? After we finish our M&M, we will finish our agreement with this guy.

KS reaches in his drawer and gives YW a watch. He tells him that this is his lawyer fee, don’t use that broken one anymore. YW says his watch is meaningful. KS tells him to give it back to him then. But YW says it is his lawyer fee. He looks at it happily. KS smiles but tries not to smile. Then he give him a card. It is the 10 of hearts.

I like the number, but why hearts?

You did everything with your girlfriend right?


Why did you involve JN? I know everything about you. You cannot date in the company.

Are you KS and not GS?

they argue back and forth about girlfriend stuff.

But then DH bursts in and says there is big trouble.

Cut to the mock courtroom room. Ham is there addressing everyone. He tells them that he is back. he knows someone doesn’t want him to come back. Whatever. The Ham of Kang & Ham is back.

He bows as everyone claps for him.

KS and HY both watch him trepidatiously.

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