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Suits Live Recap Episode 10

Live recap for episode 10 of the Korean Drama Suits starring Jang Dong-gun and Park Hyun-sik
Yeon-woo has another emotionally charged case on his hands that went from bad to worse. But he is quickly figuring out what happened after putting two-and-two together over a graffiti image. The only problem is, he will have to prove that the victim was in the wrong, which is never an easy thing to do for a heart-on-your-sleeve-puppy like Yeon-woo. Hopefully he gets through it okay. The other big case is the wrongful imprisonment of prisoner SH (PSH). This one is KS’s emotional rollercoaster as he fights to get an innocent man out of prison while getting his name dragged through the mud in the process (due to everyone thinking he testified against prosecutor Oh who was his mentor). What I don’t get is, why are these prosecutors taking the side of a man who falsely imprisoned people, trumped up charges on people, and basically broke the law in all sorts of ways in order to climb to power? Aren’t they supposed to protect the people and uphold what is right no matter who their sunbae is?

We are moving Suits back to an aftercap starting next week! We tried doing it live, but this drama has so much talking and jumping back and forth that makes our heads spin. We feel like our live recap might miss critical information to properly understand the episode. The aftercap is great for this drama because we can actually pause it on occasion to make sure we understand everything. So, starting next week Come and Hug Me will be in the live recap spot and Suits will be recapped directly following it.

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Choi Kang-suk – KS | Ko Yeon-woo – YW | Kang Ha-yeon – HY | Chae Gun-sik – GS | Chul-soon – CS | Hong Da-ham – DH | Kim Ji-na – JN | Sae-hee – SH | Cho – Cho | Lawyer Seo – Seo | Lawyer Ham – Ham

Airing Time: May 24th, 22:00 Seoul, KBS2
How to Watch Live: myKBS (may or may not work and it needs flash player)
How to Watch Later: Viu (Asian countries)

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KS asks GS why he is there in the courtroom. GS says he didn’t want to come, but the other partners are worried about you. KS sternly tells GS that he is the one that created all the problems by pocking around. GS wants to know why he is risking so much. KS walks off.


Cut to KS talking to PSH and YW. he watned to live so he can get his revenge on those two. YW says when KS says we are going to win, it means we are winning. YW would put his life on the line for KS, he trusts him. PSH just wants them to win.

Court. Tomorrow will be the retrial because the plaintiff wants to continue it.

KS walks up to the prosecutor and tells him, if this field continues to run this way then I will do my sword dance. Let’s see what happens.

KS tells YW, if you meet my client one more time without my permission then we are done. Process the maximum agreement 500k for the car accident case. KS gets in his car and it drives off.

KS goes to a polcie station and sees a man there. The man asks him why he is taking trash out and looking at it again. They talk back and forth abut forgerizing evidence. It looks like this guy is the one that forgerized the evidence for Prosecutor Oh. It looks like he is a policeman. KS tries to convince him but the police man tells him to just threaten him like prosecutor Oh. He walks off.

KS shows up at work and walks by DH without talking to her. She goes into his office and asks him if he wants to fire her. He doesn’t look at her and tells her he isn’t going to fire her, but if she wants to quit then it is okay. She leaves, he lifts her head and watches her go.

Elsewhere, YW meets with JN. They talk about the case and how YW is the same as that lawyer that visited him when he was little. JN says YW is different, but that man might not be bad, he was just the lawyer for the accuser. YW thinks that might be true. JN tells him that when you see the hardships that a person is going through then you understand that person better. Then they joke about how she understands him, right? They toast.

The parents of the victim don’t speak Korean. The sister translates what YW says. He basically apologizes for everything and brings up the settlement. The sister talks about how her brother wasn’t a bad kid, but it was difficult in Korea due to the tuition and it was difficult to get a job. They just want YW to pay off the tuition, it is $50k, not 500k. YW tells them that he wants to suggest $500k to them. Or he wants them to say that they want $500k. The sister is about to cry as she shows it to the parents. The sister thanks YW thoroughly.

KS talks to HY about his case with two guys who are accusing his client. KS says he will win, though it won’t be easy. HY rolls her eyes and tells him that he has to now that he has started. Then seh brings up DH and tells him to forgive her. He turns his head and says he trusted her. HY says that is why it should be easier. What about when you don’t see DH? One day passes, one week, one month, on years. How will your life be without DH? Think about it.

KS goes to DH’s desk, she isn’t there, she is behind him so she asks him if he is looking for her. He tries to break the ice but he is awkward with it. He tells her about that thing that they always did before trial. DH thinks it is a strange thing that he is about to fire her or she should quit. Is that the thing he is mentioning? KS walks up to her and asks her to just stay there.

Are you apologizing to me?


What are you so sorry about?

Well, that is it.

You stop there, good. Let’s do it.

Here or in the room.

Here. Okay, 1-2-

No, in the room.

Yeah, we haven’t done this in awhile, so lets do it in the room.

They both go into the office to do whatever they are going to do. then we cut to YW and KS at the courthouse. They are in the hallway and they see the two men who might be the real murderers. They tell them that it is time for them to confess. You said you never knew MJ’s house, but later you changed your word. One of the guys (or both?) is a chaebol son, so he isn’t that concerned with them. They walk off.

KS talks to YW about those two guys. He says murdering is easier than accusing (or something like that.)

Court case. One of the bad guys is on the witness stand and says a lot of lies about how PSH was horrible to his girlfriend. He followed her around and tortured her. The chaebol son just wanted to check to see if the girlfriend was okay.

KS comes up to question the witness. he asks them about the phone records and the love letter. he also brings up smoking weed and getting arrested. Did you smoke mirajuana back then? Did you do it on the day of the accident? there is no reason for us to find your blood at the scene? Can you volunteer for the DNA test?

The son doesnt’ answer and the prosecutor apposes it.

The next witness is the police officer. The officer says the blood sample is someone elses blood. That had enough evidence around so they didn’t have to do a DNA test. KS wants to know what the evidence was. Th eofficer says they had enough evidence to sentence him for 15 years so they didn’t look for any more evidence. KS submits the blood evidence.

The prosecutor does not accept it. KS wants to know why he isn’t accepting it. they speak to the judge about it, the prosecutor says a lot of evidence was fabricated. KS says DNA is not fabricated. the judge wants to take a break and go outside to meet the both of them.

They go to the judges quarters and talk about the case. The judge thinks this doesnt make any sense to accept evidence that might be contaminated. He will not accept it.
Later, the police officer walks out. KS tells him to accept the wrong doings he has done. the policeman thinks he might lose everything. KS says the policeman should think about his daughter and having a clear conscience. The police man leaves.

YW walks up to KS as the polcieman leaves. KS tells him that he needs to do something unscrupulous in order to fight against worse gus.

Cut to a club. the two culprits are there toasting in a private room. They find out that neither one called the other, so how are they there? KS walks in with YW and tells them that they killed their friend MJ and blamed it on PSH. One of you will have a high probability of getting hurt. Loyalty is not about protecting each other, it is about correcting wrong doings. So lets go to court.

The men leave. But KS just walks over to the cigarretes. he tells YW that he came there to do wrong things. The worst thing is the next step.

DH shows up looking like a firecracker on 4th of July. She is dressed in bright red, blues and whites. She walks right int GS’s office and starts flirting with him playfully. She asks him if he has a friend at the DNA testing facitily. GS knows what is going on. DH tells him that she will be his secretary for one week. GS is awkwardly intrigued, but he tells her that he doens’t want to be involved inthings that will hurt ~. But then DH holds up concert tickets. She tells him that they can watch it together then have caviar and vodka.

He tries to shake his head, no, no, no, no.

But she holds his hand. he looks shaken.

Cut to HY’s office. GS is there and HY tells him to call his cousin right away. GS says the problem is that this is not for me, it is for KS. HY says he is wrong, this is for her. He thinks, if you want it this much then you need to break your principle where you never give me opportunities. He is debating her about being a junior associate and not an associate. He wants her to know his value and his heart. I am the one with the most loyalty to you, KS’s time is almost done, I will be next.

HY asks, are you threatening me with KS’s case? Okay, what do you want to get with this threatening? GS says he wants to be the senior partner right now! HY just says he threatened her under the wrong pretenses, she is the one that can threaten him. You can never be senior partner and get fired, or you can call your cousin.

GS calls his cousin.

The son is very sad about killing the person, even though it was a complete accident. He can’t stand or sleep with drugs. he is on an amphetamine. YW asks him if he took it while he was on an accident? he said no, it was his birthday. He had Ketamine but he wasn’t drugged. YW asks him about it. The son says he was on a drug, but he wasn’t drunk. he is always drugged but his parents don’t know anything about it. It is all solved right? YW holds his head. This has not ended yet.

YW gets up and goes to see KS. KS says it has ended, we never asked him that and he never told you. This is a secret with your client. But YW says something is wrong. KS brings up that the victims family wanted 50k, but you gave them 500k, nothing has changed.

YW wants to correct his wrongdoing. he says this is his case, he started it and he will finish it.

He meets with the woman prosecutor and says they had an agreement with the family, but they should also have an agreement with her record. he wants the truth. He thinks his client was drugged while driving and he tells her to do what she needs to do.

Cut to the court case. The judge starts talking about the case and mentions the plaintiffs wrong doings and how he regrets it. the victim also had some blame. the judges decision is one year in jail with social service.

Afterward, YW and the prosecutor walk out. She says she didn’t want to see a lawyer break his oath with his client. Are you a real lawyer? Did you think that you can do whatever? Doesn’t it hurt your conscience? You tried to sell your client to me. YW starts to talk about the case and how his client was drugged. She mentions his conscience again. Does it hurt that you hid that information? Think about hwo will be embarrassed with this.
YW talks to KS and the conversation turns to whether he will hire her. KS has to tell YW that he will be in trouble for not keeping his lawyer oath. they argue about whether to do the right thing. KS says he did this to protect him. Is your life better or worse after I picked you? If I have another chance where I have to interfere in order to protect you, then you are already fired.

YW leaves and walk somewhere with his bicycle. It look slike he went to the other lawyers office that talked to him at his parents funeral all those years ago. he sits at the lawyers desk while he is working. The lawyer asks him what he needs.

YW sees the good pair of shoes sitting to the side.

YW takes off his watch and starts to talk about a car accident case similar to his parents, but he pretends like he is the person that hit the two people. The lawyer says he cannot take this case because of his conscience. YW mentions his parents case from a long time ago and how this lawyer threatened that they would not get any money.

the lawyer says he has so many cases and doesn’t remember them all. He has a tattoo on his wrist that will help him remember it if all his mind goes away.

the lawyer asks him what he wants. He just did his job. YW sighs, just a job. Right, whatever watch I wear or whatever shoes you have doesnt’ matter. We are different. he tells him that he should remember the victims names, like his parents names and if he does not then he will regret it.

YW meets with the son later. The son thanks him, but YW doesn’t let him thank him. He tells him to live for a long time thinking about this. He has this freedom that he can live his entire life, or he can pay for his sins and live his life. You think about it.

He hands the son a file.
KS talks to the prosecutor about their wrong doings. The prosecutor says they need for the murderer to confess or they need a new witness, if none of that happens then he will not prosecute them. he walks off. KS says he thought he was a fair person. The man says it isn’t how he thinks about them, it is how they think about him. He unsheathed his sword in the wrong direction. It will cut your throat.

KS meets with YW. YW tells him that he won’t think of anything else until he becomes a real lawyer. They walk off together.

KS gets a call just then. It is about the DNA result. The result is that the DNA matches the rich kids blood that was at the scene.

KS says that a scare makes people betray.

the friend sees a picture on his cell phone of two people meeting (the friend and the officer?). It makes him nervous. The rich kid threatens the friend and tells him not to think of unnecessary things. He breaks a bottle and tells him that next time his head will break, not the bottle. The rich son leaves the friend trembling.

The friend walks out alone and runs right into the police man, KS, and YW. They tell the friend that the rich kid saw that he met with the police officer. he will be upset at him. They tell the friend that this is about to get worse. The friend wants to know what he should do!

YW tells him that he can confess and have less than 5 years in jail. the friend is scared and asys he won’t survive 5 years. KS mentions that an innocent person survived 12 years. YW wants him to think about what is right and all those things.

The friend mutters that the rich son killed MJ in front of him.

Flashback to the rich son killing MJ. he lookslike a complete psychopath. the friend runs out, he is covered in blood. The rich son runs out chasing him. They run into PSH who sees them covered in blood exactly like what PSH said.

The reason the rich son killed MJ was because he didn’t want to date him. The polcie officer takes the friend away.

KS and YW talk about the case. YW wants to know if KS would take on the case if the rich son wanted him as a lawyer. KS says he would take it if he is offered a lot of money. Do you think I am like that US lawyer, David? I have different things in my head just like you and that lawyer from your childhood are different.

PSH gets out of prison. YW and KS are there to meet him. KS asks him if he still wants to kill him. PSH says not to worry. he is contemplative as he sighs. He says that he didn’t think about what is next. YW hands him a bag of tubu. He starts to eat it. Then he gets choked up and thanks them.

Later on, The car accident son turns himself into the police.

HY gives KS his own goomganggo (GGG) bracelet. It looks like they are friendly again.

But just then, the woman prosecutor gives KS a call she wants to know when she can start working there and if she can release YW’s true identity.

Someone died.

HY says that Ham is coming back.

Fade Out

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  1. Lalaboom
    May 25, 2018 / 1:17 pm

    They talk so fast and hop back and forth so much! I am enjoying this show though. Mostly because ot is way differemt from the usual Kdrama.

    • V
      May 25, 2018 / 10:53 pm

      It is definitely a unique structure to the typical Korean drama. 🙂

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