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Suits Live Recap Episode 1

Live recap for episode 1 of the Korean Drama Suits starring Jang Dong-gun and Park Hyun-sik
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We are excited for the premier of Suits so we are moving it to the aftercap spot. We will recap Switch right after Suits as a quickcap. We aren’t sure if we will keep it like this, but let’s see how it goes today. If all goes well then that will be the new Wednesday/Thursday lineup for us. ^_^

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How we do this: We update the post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos, but we try to fix all those once the episode finishes airing. Also, there might be updates galore at the bottom (time permitting), so check back in!

Shorthand (Character Chart)
Choi Kang-suk – KS | Ko Yeon-woo – YW | Kang Ha-yeon – HY | Chae Gun-sik – GS | Chul-soon – CS | Hong Da-ham – DH | Kim Ji-na – JN | Sae-hee – SH | Cho – Cho | Lawyer Seo – Seo | Lawyer Ham – Ham

Airing Time: April 25th, 22:00 Seoul, SBS
How to Watch Live: myKBS (may or may not work and it needs flash player)
How to Watch Later: Viu (Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Hongkong, Thailand, and Indonesia. Thank you Gabriel M!)
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We open on a rainy day and at a jail. KS walks into the jail with operatic music playing. He opens a door and walks into the room in slow motion. There is a person in the room, but we don’t know who that is. He turns, it is YW. YW and KS look at each other.

VO – what decides your fate is not coincidence…it is choice.

Time goes backwards, the rain drops fall to the sky.


GS watches the lively activity of his law firm. He says that whatever you say, it doens’t mean anything. he walks into HY’s office. they talk about everything they expected happening with the merger case. Everything they say is all about the merger and how one company wants this or that. HY asks where lawyer Choi is. GS says he won’t be at work this late. But HY says that she doesn’t wnat GS on this, she wants KS.

KS is at a lounge. He is playing with cards and we hear a voice over about cards. Someone says that he isn’t cards, he wants to be the one holding the cards and shaking the world. First the left one. Ace of spades. An old man says he didnt’ choose his card yet, he still has a chance. he knows he is competitive. KS wants to know if he will be their client. They talk about being careful because choice takes responsibility. If he loses, he will donate money, he doens’t want to lose, but he is not a coward.

KS flips over the card, it is a joker. The man tells him not to do magic. KS says if you can’t do this much magic, then you can’t shake the world. the old man asks him when he will get his scholarship statement.
Back at the law firm. A man in a nice suit yells about his case. GS tries to calm him down, but HY tells GS to leave. It looks like this conversation has to do with firing someone. HY wants to make the guy a chairman in name only.

Outside the room, KS shows up and hits GS on the back. they have a small conversation. two companies merged so the man wants to remove that other companies chairman from the company. KS goes into the room cooly. KS says he never had any troubles (?). The man thinks he doesn’t know what is going on. KS starts teling him that this is hunting, but hunters are usually respectful of their pray, but this guy isnt’ a good hunter, he doens’t respect his prey.

The man asks him if he is trying to teach him something. KS says that he is just giving him advice. The man says you take my money doing this? KS shows him his phone and says that money came in. ( a lot of money). KS says, if you dont’ like what I say then just sue us, but we know what we are talking about as lawyers. We have something.

The lawyers are cool and collected and the man is irate. KS tells him to finish up his merger while he still has power. the man storms out.

HY tells KS that they shouldn’t make enemies, how can she make him happy again. KS says they have the merger, she doens’t have to soothe him. Ah, it looks like KS lied, that wasn’t money for the lawyer. HY tells him now isn’t the time to be bluffing. KS says he can’t stand anyone that looks down on HY (that is why he bluffed). Then he asks if he is qualified to be your partner?

YW goes to a club where his friend CS is. The club has a lot of people there. They go into a room. A man is there and asks if that is that guy? Someone says he remembers everything. YW says the mans license plate number for all three different cars (or same car with three different numbers?). The man is happy and says that they should play a game. he asks a difficult word. YW answers it so he gets a bill.

Another question about physics. YW answers it and recites everything about it. He takes another bill.

Another questions about an Italian cook. he answers it and takes the last bill.

the man says he is cool, he envies him. But then he leaves and the man asks valet parking where he is going. YW says he told him not to bring him somewhere like this. The man pours all the water/ice out of the wine bottle. he tells him, if you drink this then I will give you some money. He throws the money on the table and says he is giving him this chance becaue he showed him some fun thing. he laughs and says that money is the most scary thing.

YW walks up to him and takes an ice. He crumbles it and says that he doenst’ look like he is human. The man says, how dare you say that. YW says that dogs don’t bite their owners but dogs can bite other dogs, especially someone who doesnt’ know how scary that human is. YW leaves and the ma throws the ice all around.

YW goes to a cak room. His friend sits with him. he says he thought it was his lucky day, but he mde a mistake. YW says, another mistake? CS says he didnt do anything good, money is the most important thing. YW says, that is why you are involved with a druggie guy?

A girl comes in that CS hugs. The tow talk about him being drunk and making mistakes after drinking. CS tells the woman that YW beat a chaebol son (the man from earlier). CS gets a call and leaves. the woman asks him what he did today. He is smart and kind and different than CS, that is why she is sad for him. The friend apologizes and says that it is all his fault. The man has a condition, that guy has to deliver it.
Later, YW goes to the hospital and looks at a woman lying in a hospital room.

Later on YW finds out about the delivery, he just has to deliver something and get the money. CS tries to convince him, it isn’t only for him, YW needs money as well. CS stumbles over to him and says that that guy is a nice guy. YW doesnt’ care about that guy, he says he is leaving. CS says it is a good opportunity. YW says, just throw it away.

Meanwhile, KS is going about his daily activities. Cut to GS recording something about how HY is like a lower and he will wait for her until she comes to him. But then he says, no no no no, I shouldn’t be weak.

He goes into the office and tells HY that he works a lot, he only sleeps like 4 hours on average. She tells him he works hard. He says he wants to help with the other case (?). KS comes in and says he only works 70 hours a week and gets better results than him. they start competitively arguing back and forth. HY tells them both to stop.

GS tells her to look at him, he is like….this. KS – Why do you pick a top school kid? GS says they are the best. No top college means they are not good? Of course. KS says they shouldn’t pick anyone. partners should have associates. So KS is promoted to senior partner and can hire his own associate.

HY tells KS not to have mistakes, if a senior partner makes mistakes, then they are done. KS moves to a senior partner. DH has his name plate changed to show he is a senior partner and knows when he is coming down the hall. She tells him congratulations on the promotion. he thinks it took 6 months, but now it has happened. DH says she doens’t have man and money love, she only has work love. He playfully says that his promotion was delayed because of you….they start to make a raise deal. and go back and forth between raise percentages. He says he didn’t want her to use what he tought her. She says that is why she stopped at 18% and not 20. He agrees, she says sign and hold out her hand. He signs her hand and she smiles and leaves.
YW meets with his grandmother to talk. She basically donst’ want him to worry about her. He says that he will make it so no one messes with her (?). they laugh and talk. But afterwards, the nurse says that it is the end of the month. he says he is sorry, she says he shoudn’t be sorry to her but to his halmoni. So it looks like he owes money to the hospital and has to pay until the end of the month.

YW gets tells his friend that he will deliver the bag.

Cut to the lawfirm. DH tells KS that she will see him tomorrow, Choi Senior partner. He says, see you tomorrow. She leaves and he looks at his new office.

GS is in his office and talks to his fish. He says that appa will leave late and will be a good lawyer, don’t look at me like that, go to bed. On his door it says, Junior Partner.

SH helps YW put on his tie. He lied to her and told her that he is going for an interview, but he is going to deliver the drugs. She makes sure he looks good for the interview and tells him, fighting!

There are lines of candidates in the hallway. KS gets to the interview and puts lady justice on DH’s desk. He should give him a sign of whoever notices the lady justice statue. She will ask them, they have to now it.

YW gets to the hotel to deliver the package. He is very nervous as he rides it up. The hallway blurs as he looks down it. He takes a few breathes and then walks down the hall. This is a pretty long walk. He sees a maid and a man at a door. This makes him pause. He walks up to them, they are at the room he wants to go inside. He remembers that these two don’t work at the hotel even though theya re dressed in hotel clothing. He asks them if the sauna is downstairs, they say yes. But the sauna is actually closed today. This clues YW in that they are not employees. He runs down the stairs, but he drops his luggage. Then he gets a call.

The man says he is not arrested yet, he is teaching him a lesson on how scary money is. He will be okay because he is a good citicen, but YW is delivering the drugs, he can only just bark, he is dead. YW yells, YA! But then the fake hotel people come in to the stairway and want to talk to YW. He takes off.

DH screens all the candidates. None of them know Lady Justice. They say it is the statue of Liberty or something else. YW runs in there, but he is lost. She asks him if he knows what it is. He says it is Kairos, the god of light. DH gives KS the signal and YW goes into the interview.

YW holds the statue and explains the satue to KS. But he looked nervous. He gets normal as he talks though and says this teaches about chances and is prejudice. The covered face is a trick, you see the scale so you think she is Lady Justice, but the face is covered to show prejudice ( I don’t understand this part).

The maid comes in and says she is police. DH is all like, huh? Drugs?
YW tells KS that he is there becaue of drugs (?). KS thinks he doesnt’ know how serious this is. But YW just starts spitting all the knowledge he knows about hos serious drugs are. KS is impressed. YW says that he has a photographic memory so he memorized the law books, he wanted to be a lawyer. DH tells him that they have a problem with police.

KS talks to the police about the drugs. DH says this guy is his law hopeful. The police want to see everyone with a suit and a suitcase. DH tells them that they will have a ten minute break.

The police look at YW with KS in the room. KS tells him to defend himself since he wants to be a lawyer. The polcie are all like, uh….we can just check his ID. But YW starts to defend himself with his limited experience. He says a lot of law things like there is no evidence. The police tell KS that they are doing public work. KS asks YW if he has anything else to say to defend himself. YW goes through his mind and finds something else to say. He talks about police law and being able to deny something and having the right not to agree with the police, he goes on and on and on. He says that what the police say is against the law.

KS tells him, good….your highered.

then he asks the polcie if they have any other questions for their new lawyer. The police want to open his briefcase. They can get a warrant for it. YW goes over to the case and opens it. There is nothing inside. KS smiles.

The police leave.

Ah, all the drugs fell out of the case and YW put them under the couch. KS asks him how he knew they would check his case. YW says he just thought they might. KS asks him if he went to college. He says he did it with someone elses name. Flashback to his friend telling him this will be good opportunity. No one will pay for his lawschool, how will he pay for his grandmother? So basically he took the college exam for someone else. But he didn’t feel good about it.

YW – Money is a powerful thing, my parents died at the same time, I didnt’ have any hope, I just needed money.

KS – that is a good story, your defense is good. But we only have elites.
KS – what was the result?

YW says that he answered one wrong on purpose. If it was perfect then people will suspect it. But his life is all messed up. KS wants to know if it was becaues of his parents?

YW says it was because of his own choices.

KS asks him if he gives him a chance to reverse his choice, would he take it?

YW says he can do it.

KS asks why, based on what, your memory?

YW – i want it more than anyone else, because I already made a wrong choice. I want it more than any other person.

KS – You are hired, this time for real. You can memorize the entire law book, but I can read people.

YW leaves.

VO – the sword and scale means that if you have a good chance, you need to decide it without hesitation. You want to be a good lawyer, that is what you decided?

YW throws all the marijuana in the toilet.

VO – you want me to be your joker?

KS – No, I don’t need any card. it is for you. The joker is like you now. It can be an ace or meaningless numbers in the future, that is your choice. Remove that briefcase first, it all started from there.

YW walks on the side of the road and looks at the Joker.

Flashabck. If you pick one card, what card will you pick? (he picks the joker) why the joker? The kid says, I am nothing now, but i can be anything int he future. YW thinks back to saying that if he is given a good chance, then he can do it because he now knows how harsh the wrong choice is.

YW puts the birefcase in a subway storage container. Then he walks off and gets to studying Kang & Ham law firm and reads all the lawbooks. He has a barcode on his wrist that the camera shows us for a moment.

YW sits on the floor with books all around him.

The next day, he dresses in his suit

VO – man, when man leaves home you take a pair of shoes and one lie/bluff.

YW rides his bike to work. He carried the bike up the subway steps. It is raining so he waits. He stands next to Ji-na as seh waits also.

YW – what decides your fate is not coincidence, but choice.

He leaves on his bike, but accidentally shoots mud at Ji-na. She tries to get his attention about it, but he has already ridden off.

YW gets to the building and sees all the lawyers walking around. He looks like he literally has Imposter Syndrome as he holds his backpack tighter.
Cut to YW waiting on a sofa in an office. He looks at the certificates and diplomas. Harvard law school. Pictures with famous athletes. KS comes in. YW says hello, he has a good view and good interior decorations. KS tells him that he shouldn’t sit, he should go home. YW asks home where? KS tells him to go home, he is fired.

Fade Out.

Wow, they talk a lot, which I guess is common for lawyer dramas? This is our first lawyer show so we are getting used to it. I recognized some of the storyline from the one episode of the original Suits that I watched. But it already looks like they are veering from it in little ways. For instance, I think the original guy had a steady job of taking the law exam for people, but it looks like this version has YW only taking the test once? I’ll have to rewatch to make sure. Overall, this show has a beautiful style that I appreciate. I think watching it for style alone will be fun.

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