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Strangers From Hell (Hell is Other People): Episode 7 Recap

Strangers From Hell Recap Episode 7
Episode 7 recap Strangers From Hell

In this episode, Jong-woo bonds with the new guy which makes him think that this goshiwon might not be so bad. We are privy to the inner workings of Jong-woo’s mind and actually find out what happened during his military service. This revelation might put him in the same wheelhouse as Moonzo. Though he hasn’t crossed over into that dark territory yet, with Moonzo by his side, maybe he will.

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We open the episode with Jong-woo sleeping and hearing a voice that tells him to wake up. He opens his eyes and leaves his room to creepy almost religious music singing as he peeps into all the rooms to see what is there. 

In one of the rooms, he sees himself sitting. But it is his back. he asks, who are you. He turns around to see himself. his self tells him to run away. Run away. Then he start giggling like the giggling twin.

Jong-woo falls into bed and wake up again.


The camera scrolls on the pervert from his toes all the way to his face as it looks like he just had a good time with himself and we are privy to the after affects.

Meanwhile, the police officer eats with her parents and grumbles about her tooth pain again. She starts to talk about the creepy ajumma that took all the insurance money. And the fire in the building, it is strange. her appa says that it should have made the news. So the policewoman starts googling it. We see that the orphanage and the dentist office have the same name. She also remembers that there was a dentist office upstairs in that room.

This makes her think about Moon-zo. She rolls over and stares at the ceiling while she thinks about him. Jong-woo also stares at the ceiling as he tries to wake up. He thinks that he should go somewhere.

While in the hallway, he sees the new roommate who gives him back his charger. But he is too loud so Jong-woo tells him to whisper, speak quietly because of the people here. The new tenant asks him if he has been here for awhile and how he likes it here. Jong-woo says that they can talk outside.

So they go outside to talk. the new tenant is a rapper so he takes his things with him. They keep walking away and talking about their ages and how they found this place and all that. Jong-woo tells him that everyone in that place is crazy. Then they run into Moonzo who is at the bottom of the rainbow steps.

Moonzo is his normal creepy self as he asks them questions about where they are going and if this is the new tenant. The new tenant asks him if he is hot in his shirt. Moonzo says he has a wound on his arm. Then he invites him to have a beer later.

Moonzo leaves. The new tenant think he is so handsome and he thinks Jongwoo is so handsome as well, he envies them. He also invites Jong-woo to his performance. JW thinks he will go because he doesn’t have anywhere else to go.

So he goes to an open area to do a street performance of something he just made at the goshiwon. Jongwoo sits and listens to it. The tenant is pretty good actually. A crowd grows as he does his rap. His rap is about how bad his life was and how his parents fought and his mom took all the money and all that. Everyone cheers at the end.

Elsewhere, two girls are walking on the street. one of them sees that something blue is on her stocking so they decide to stop so she can take them off. Cut to the pervert following them and taking the stocking from the trash.


Jung-hwa goes to the dentist office, but this time she is not a bright eyed client. She looks hesitant. Inside, she looks at all his photos on display. When Moonzo comes out, she asks if he knows about the orphanage that has the same name as this office. He says yes, he is from that orphanage.

He mentions his mom like character that runs a goshiwon. He lives there also. She asks why? He says he has a house but its building is delayed. He also wants to live with his mom like person. But he thinks she is asking a lot of questions. She mentions it is nothing and heads inside for her appointment.


The tenant and Jong-woo go to a small cafe to drink soju together. They end up drinking a lot. The tenant asked him what happened yesterday, it was dark and you looked like you wanted to murder someone. Jong-woo says that it was so difficult to live there for one week. then he says that this new tenant is like him, he is from the country with a single mother as well.

Jong-woo grows serious and tells him that they need to leave the goshiwon.


Cut to the goshiwon where the owner ajumma is making even more meat marinade. She takes it to the basement while singing and unlocks the basement door. Inside, we see another surgical style set up and a jail.

OMG, the gangster is there! He is still alive! But he is super tied up and gagged. His body is sprawled on the floor as his hands are tied behind him. She asks him pleasantly, are you hungry? Lets eat!


The giggling twin is not giggling and is looking through someones room upstairs. He holds something that looks like  aflame thrower or some kind of torch and starts to giggle a little.


Jong-woo tries to explain to the tenant that the gangster ajusshi thought they were all together. Perhaps they sell body parts of something. With you coming, the goshiwon will at least look like a place where someone can live. The gangster thought someone was going into his room and packed up and left.

The new tenant says he likes detective stories, maybe they should investigate. Jongwoo does not think so. Just leave it alone. But the 4th floor bothers him the most. They might be hiding something. I keep hearing something up there. the tenant says he will go there. Jong-woo tells him not to, don’t do it, ever. Then he asks how long he will stay. He says 6 months. He needs to find a part time job.

Jong-woo wants him to take a photo of someone breaking into his room if possible. That ajumma works with them. She can open the door for them. I feel it. The new guy says he will take all the pictures when things look suspicious. Jong-woo thanks him and says that they have to think about leaving that goshiwon. But neither of them have money.


Later on, they both talk on the street to say goodbye. Jong-woo is going to see his girlfriend. The tenant says he is going to go back and sleep. Jong-woo tells him to make sure he locks the door. they say their goodbyes.

While walking up the street, Jong-woo stops and looks up at a skyscraper.

VO – Not sleeping yet?

he texts his girlfriend to ask if she is sleeping. But then he hears her and turns his head. He sees her on the level below talking to his boss. It appears that they went out drinking together.

But then he gets a text from the new tenant showing the pervert in front of his room. He gets another text of the perverts face as if he is in front of the perverts door! Jong-woo texts to see if he is okay, but then Ji-eun calls.

Jung-woo takes off running and flags a taxi.


The new guy talks to Jjong-woo while on a rooftop and says that he was so scared, he had to make an excuse and go to the roof. Jong-woo is in the taxi and tells him not to instigate them, you don’t know what they will do. Go back to your home and lock the door. You never know when they will just stab you.

The new guy says okay, though it seems as if he does not believe him and thinks it all as a joke. Jong-woo thinks this new guy is being too crazy.


Jong-woo gets back. While waking up the steps, the giggling twin tells him that 303 is all because of him. Jong-woo asks him what he is talking about. The giggling twin says the new guy is on the rooftop.

Jong-woo goes to the rooftop and meets up with the new guy. he tells him not to do anything strange. The new guy says he found something in his room. He holds out the wallet to show the gangsters ID. he found it on the bed. How can someone going to their hometown not take their money with him?

Jong-woo tells him that the police were looking for him. Just don’t do any more, okay?

Jong-woo starts to talk about how he wants to leave this place right away. how can he live somewhere where someone holds a knife in front of my room?

They keep talking about how broke they are and how these people are crazy here. Jong-woo says that Moonzo is the weirdest calling is jaygi and all that. They are all weird.

But then Moonzo comes out and walks right up to him. He tells him that it is so nice to say all that you want to say. If you want to say it, just say it, if you want to yell, just yell, and if you want to kill, just kill. Be careful, don’t fall off the roof.

He walks away.

They realize that he probably heard everything. Jong-woo asks if he wants to take a shower together? he is too nervous to take one alone. So they both go take a shower together.

They actually have a fun time joking with each other in the shower, but the camera scrolls away to show the pervert watching them .

Jong-woo and the new guy go to their rooms happily. Jong-woo tells him that after he came, he feels like this place is normal.

Inside his room, Jong-woo gets in bed to sleep. But he has to pee. he thinks that she should have done it, in the bathroom. He reluctantly goes out to the hallway to pee and locks his door, but it looks like it unlocks itself.

In the bathroom, Jong-woo sees chewing gum on the mirror and grumbles that this place is so dirty. While walking back, he sees the pervert ajusshi in front of his door with the knife. He decides to take a picture first and then call the police. But the owner ajumma talks to him loudly about boiled eggs which scares him and upsets him at the same time because he lost the photo.

The new guy comes out to see if everything is okay. Jong-woo explains it all and says he could have gotten the evidence. It is all because of the ajumma. She turns upset all of sudden and starts to talk sternly to him about if he is sure. Are you sure! Are you sure! You are the witness, okay!

She walk to the perverts room and then slaps him across the face and yells at him that everyone is scared because of him! Everyone is uncomfortable because of you! The eggs fall on the floor.

The giggling guy comes out to ajumma tells him to search ajusshi’s room. The giggling dude goes in there and we see trash everywhere.

Ajumma asks jong-woo what he is going to do if the knife is not found? What will you do?

The knife is not found by the giggling guy, so Jong-woo goes in to search for it. He flips the room over looking for it and also looks a bit insane while doing it so the new guy tries to pull him away. Jong-woo tells the pervert to talk off his clothing. He even holds scissors to his neck. So the pervert drops his pants.

The giggling man starts giggling and Moonzo comes out. We see from Moonzo’s perspective that the giggling guy has the knife tucked into his pants.

In his room, Jjong-woo practices stabbing someone and sits up all night long. He wakes to his alarm, while still in a sitting position, possibly the worst night ever.

He slowly makes it to work and barely talks to anyone. His director talks smack to him again and asks him if he wants to hit him? Then the CEO comes in and complains about his back hurting, he wishes he had a girlfriend that would take care of him.

Jong-woo turns his head and says, shut up before I kill you. But it was just his imagination.

In the bathroom, the director tells Jong-woo that he pretends like he is a good person but talks badly about people behind their back. Don’t talk to me. Let’s see who quits first.

VO – I realized that hell is not the goshiwon or at work, it is the people around me.

Everyone in the office goes out to eat lunch. Jong-woo decides to stay. Then the new guy calls him. He says he went out to drink, but the pervert was looking at him. Maybe he is really crazy. Jong-woo tells him to be careful, he might really be crazy.

The day goes by with Jong-woo staring at his computer. The day ends with everyone leaving and Jong-woo staying there, staring at his computer. When everyone is gone he picks up his directors keyboard and throws it across the room, then stomps on it, breaking it into a million pieces. This is caught on CCTV.

Jong-woo then walks up the street looking like he is in a daze. There is a street performer, but he does not stop to listen. Then he gets a call. It is the new tenant. He asks if he would like to have ramen and soju when he comes back? Jong-woo says he will be back late.

he goes to a gaming place but is bothered by he other people there. he gets some of the high schoolers kicked out for the day. One of them knows that Jong-woo did it, so they wait for him to leave and surround him with their motorcycles.

The high school kids confront Jong-woo about why he told the owner that? They start to push him and laugh and get in his face about it. Jong-woo tells them not to smile like that. he starts to grow more and more nervous and angry.

But then we cut to Jong-woo beating them all up to a pulp. One of the kids runs away, another one of them is being beaten on the ground. Another guy looks like his leg is broken. Jong-woo has blood all over him. He gets up and falls against the wall.

This sends him into a past memory where he is in the military and told that one of the guys has trouble. He is not answering them, perhaps he will listen to you. Jong-woo doesn’t want to deal with this soldier, but has to, so he goes to find him.

This guy is punching another kiss on the ground, so Jong-woo grabs his arm and sees the new tenant on the ground. the guy beating him had a rock and was pounding him with it. Jong-woo remembers Moonzo and looks around.

But then he is pulled right back to this memory and starts to punch this soldier relentlessly. The soldier tells him, don’t kill me Jong-woo.

Later on, the soldier that told Jong-woo about it, tells him that he is sorry. He should have handled it. But Jong-woo says he does not regret it, it felt good. He was about to find him when he got discharged from the army. With those guys, if you don’t do anything, then they think we are scared of them.

The soldier says that they will support him because everyone knows how that guy is. he will go to the medic now. Jong-woo nods and looks at his bloody fist. He smiles and thinks that he should have killed him.

In the present, we see Jong-woo breathing staggardly against the wall. he is still all bloody. Moon-zo comes walking up to him and asks him if he is okay? Jong-woo can’t really respond. Moon-zo tells him not to say anything, you are injured. But don’t worry, I am next to you.

Fade Out


Jong-woo has finally let the dog out. he beat those high school fools senseless and possibly beat himself senseless at the same time. I mean, did he bite one of them? Head butt them? Or did they get a few good hits in before they became terrified? Whatever it is, I like that he has let his anger out. I had a feeling he was a bit crazy and now it seems like it is confirmed.

Jong-woo is not crazy like Moonzo. He has his own mental issues and anger problems that makes him behave in the way he does and also keeps him as a good person. It seems like his upbringing was normal for the most part, with a loving family. While Moonzo just had a serial killer lady bringing him up so he became extra weird.

So now, I kind of wonder if Moonzo will want to groom Jong-woo into a killer (like the US TV show Hannibal which was so super duper creepy) or if he will still want to kill him for the fun of it.

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