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Strangers From Hell (Hell is Other People): Episode 6 Recap

Episode 6 Recap for Strangers From Hell (Hell is Other People)
Episode 6 Recap for Strangers From Hell (Hell is Other People)

The ish continues to hit the fan, but at least Jong-woo is getting a clue about his situation. He really does not want to go back to the goshiwon and is looking around for other places to stay. The only thing is, he is broke and no one wants to put him up. What kinds of friends are these?

Plus, Jong-woo’s mind is playing tricks on him. He sees Moonzo and apartment ajumma all around, or does he? He has strange dreams/nightmares, and he doesn’t remember things that have happened. He is about to go(shiwon) crazy y’all.

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Recap of the previous episodes that show us all the serial killer like deeds as well as Jong-woo’s questionable dreams and past. We see Moonzo following Jong-woo around and giving him that creepy smile of his, as well as the cat that Jong-woo loved to feed (forget that he’s completely broke), ajumma making the sleep medicine drink, and Jong-woo passing out and going to the police station.


Jung-hwa tries to lightly wake up Jong-woo while he sleeps at the police station. He wakes with a start and she asks him what is going on at that goshiwon? He starts to think about it and grows emotional. He tells her that he is super scared, really scared.

She stands and thinks, then he keeps talking and says that those goshiwon people are all strange people. then his text goes off so he grabs his phone and sees that Ji-eun has gone to his goshiwon.


Ji-eun looks at the goshiwon from outside when Moonzo approaches her and asks if she is looking for someone? She says she is looking for her boyfriend. Moonzo says it must be Jong-woo, you are prettier than he said. What does he say about our goshiwon?

Ji-eun thinks about Jong-woo telling her that everyone is crazy there, but she tells him that he says they are all good people. Moonzo tells her to go upstairs to the 3rd floor.


Meanwhile, Jong-woo is trying to call Ji-eun, but her phone is off (it had a very low battery the last time we saw it). The police are driving Jong-woo back, he is very scared for his girlfriend.

His girlfriend goes upstairs and touches gooey stuff on the railing and wonders what the heck that is? She wipes it on a wall. But then the owner ajumma comes up and asks why she is there? Ji-eun says that she is there to see her boyfriend. The ajumma sees her hand and pulls her into the goshiwon to wipe her hand.

Jong-woo gets to the goshiwon in a hurry and bursts in with the police officers (smart). He runs inside and finds Ji-eun in the kitchen area with the ajumma and the giggling twin and the pervert who are playing jenga.

Jong-woo wants to pull her right out but Ji-eun thinks this is scary and strange, why are all the cops here? He manages to take her outside and wants to take her home, but she is spooked and says that she will go alone. Ji-eun thinks the people there are fine, there are a lot of more crazy people than them.

He says that she just needs to stay there one day to see how they are. She tells him that he should move then! But she says that she is sorry and then gets in the police car to go home. Jung-hwa says that she will take her home safely.

In the car, Jung-hwa tells Ji-eun that her boyfriend worried about her a lot, that is why they came there. But as she looks at Ji-eun, she catches Moonzo looking at them from the rooftop of the building.

Jong-woo goes back inside as Moonzo comes down and asks him if he would like to have a drink on the weekend? Jong-woo tells him that he has a date with his girlfriend. Cut to Moonzo reading the book Metamorphosis. He sees a picture in the book, it is unclear who this picture is of, but one of them looks like it might be Jong-woo.

The camera cuts away to show us that he is sitting upstairs on the 4th floor or one of the floors (the floor he is on is empty).


Downstairs, owner ajumma gives Jong-woo a drink. he says that he is fine but she tells him to drink it, drink it. Jong-woo drinks it out of politeness and then tells the ajumma not to let his girlfriend up here anymore.

Jong-woo starts to walk away but he starts to get dizzy again. He wodners if ajumma put something in his drink? No, couldn’t be. I want to leave here, I want to check to see if Ji-eun is okay….(passes out).


Int he police car, Jung-hwa starts to talk to her partner. Her partner says that Jong-woo is strange. But Jung-woo says that sometimes when the people are you say that you are crazy, then that can drive you crazy, even if you are normal.

She asks him if he nows about the goshiwon? He says he does not know the details, but before she came, there was a big fire. He thought the goshiwon would close, but after the ajusshi died, the ajumma started to run the goshiwon. Not that many people live around here though.

Jung-hwa says that she saw a lot of people living in the goshiwon for her cop exam. People who live there don’t even have eye contact. that is an unwritten rule. You hear them but people keep their distance and personal privacy, but they did not have any of those rules. Did they look like they are family to you?


The twin says he is sick and tired of killing cats, are we here just to do that? The giggling twin tells him not to act up or he will be dead. The other twin leaves so the giggling twin talks to the pervert about someone and how he said he was scared of him. they need to make sure that they outnumber him. Maybe they are talking about Moonzo. The pervert mentions that they can kill the ajumma owner at anytime. The twin says that she is the scariest person here.

Upstairs, Owner ajumma talks to Moonzo about how they are attracting a lot of flies now, they may need to move. She also mentions to Moonzo that he failed once with 302.

They are talking on the 4th floor. Moonzo walks up to ajumma and tells him that he is sure this time, just wait a little bit. He walks away with her saying that she does not worry, otherwise she can just kill them all.

Meanwhile, Jong-woo is dreaming in his room when he hears someone saying, Oppa, Oppa. It looks like this might be a dream. He wakes up and goes into the hallway looking for Ji-eun and sees a woman walk around the corner.

When he walks there, he sees her sitting with all the goshiwon people as they play jenga. Blood is splattering on the floor. He tells her that he told her not to come there! Then all the goshiwon people disappear and Ji-eun’s head starts to slowly turn around, it looks for a faint moment like she might be crying blood, but we don’t get a good look at her face.

Then Jong-woo wakes with a start and kicks his wall accidentally. He grabs his foot in pain and mutters to himself that he has bad dreams every night there. Now awake, he decides to go to the kitchen for something to eat and runs into the pervert who is just looking at him in an uncomfortable way. He is not talking to him.

But as Jong-woo leaves, the pervert ajusshi tells him to be comfortable and bows, then he says that if he tells him to kill him, he will. Jong-woo grabs the perverts arm and tells him, kill me, kill me! The pervert smiles and leaves.

Then the giggling man comes out giggling as usual. So Jong-woo tells him to be quiet you crazy guy. this makes the giggling man really angry so he is about to charge on Jong-woo. But then the other twin comes out and stops his brother. But he glares at Jong-woo.


Moonzo comes out at that time too and goes to the kitchen. He asks, “Do you want to do it now?” Jong-woo wonders what that means, though the other tenants seem to know exactly what that means.

They look at Moonzo as if they are making sure if what they think is what he actually means (which is to kill Jong-woo right now). Jong-woo looks around at all of them.

Moonzo asks them if he can talk to 303? The other twin says yes, it is no fun anymore, we are eager to do things. Moonzo tells him not to talk like that, 303 might mistaken it. The other twin tells him that he is stranger than him, which makes Moonzo slowly walk up to the other twin. He asks him if he thinks this is a joke? I am asking you nicely with a smile.

The giggling twin tells him not to be angry, you should smile. We should all smile. Apologize. It was just for fun, we are all bored. The twins start to walk away.

Moonzo turns back to Jong-woo and tells him, let’s go. they go to the rooftop where Moonzo tells him that everyone is a little angry so it is better to break up the fight. Why did you fight anyway? Jong-woo says that that ajusshi told him that he will kill him. Moonzo says that that ajusshi is strange. Owner ajumma says that he failed his business in China, that is why he is strange. 

But he thinks they yelled at him because he made a huge argument last night while you were drunk. Jong-woo says he did not do anything. Moonzo says he was yelling and banging on the door. Just check the CCTV, you will see it.

Jong-woo starts to walk away, but Moonzo says he liked that more. Don’t put anything in your mind, whatever you want to do, just do it and say it. That is more human. When you are calmer. Moonzo leaves just as Jong-woo gets a text from Ji-eun.

Ji-eun asks if they can meet at night, she has trouble at work. He says it is okay for him, wrap up your work well and see you at night. Then he goes downstairs to look at the CCTV. He says that Moonzo said he made a big mess last night. Ajumma asks if he really wants to see it?

She shows him the CCTV which does show him sleep walking around and bothering the pervert in the hallway, he tells him to live like a human being. But he is definitely sleep walking. The pervert tells him that he will kill him.

Then the giggling twin comes out and tells them that it is noisy, too noisy. So Jong-woo sleep walks over to him, almost like a mannequin that just got this body, he yells at the twin also but the twin runs to his room.

The owner ajumma tells the sleep walking Jong-woo that he has a temper. Jong-woo walks back over to the pervert and yells at him. The pervert just stands there. Then Moonzo comes out and tells Jong-woo to be okay. 

Jong-woo looks at the footage in disbelief. 

In the footage, he pointed at Moonzo and says that he is the scariest guy there. he keeps his finger pointed at him. Moonzo just smiles and tells him that he is super angry today.

Jong-woo can’t believe that he did all of that. The ajumma laughs and says that men can be like this after drinking. Jong-woo thinks about what Moonzo told him about how he likes him better like that. Whatever you want to say, just say it and do it.

Jong-woo asks owner ajumma if he can get part of his rent back? He wants to move closer to work.


Ji-eun works hard and then leaves work. But CEO Jae-ho is there to see her. She is a bit taken aback to see him. But starts to talk to him casually. She says that she is meeting with Jong-woo and that he has been acting strangely lately. they keep talking about Jong-woo. She says that she is meeting Oppa tomorrow. So the CEO asks if he can meet with her another day?

Ji-eun doesn’t really want to, but she says that she will see him and talk to him. She walks away.

The next day at work, her assistant manager boss asks her if she can introduce that oppa to her? Ji-eun says that the CEO guy is busy. The manager looks at her with a smirk and says that she is actually controlling her fish well (like all the fish in the sea for men). then she leaves while smiling.

Ji-eun doesn’t really know what she is talking about and gets back to work until she falls asleep at the table.



The camera scrolls in on Jung-hwa sleeping on her halmoni’s lap. She asks how halabogi was. Halmoni says he was a good person. A really good person. Her husband told her that if you believe that a person is nice and good then that person can be an even better person than you believe.


Jong-woo walks around the goshiwon. He steps on gum or something and sees that the perverts door is wide open. He sees him printing a sexy photo and sees the police ankle bracelet. Jong-woo thinks he is really trash and he really wants to leave.

At home, Junghwa looks at the old home videos of the twins while they were at the orphanage. Then she asks her appa about how people are disappearing at this goshiwon, she feels like it is related to a case. But it is only her guess.

Her appa says that it is only a goshiwon. Don’t get involved in others business. But then he says that it should not be only one person. Think about it. Goshiwon’s have a lot of CCTV and there are a lot of people around working alone. it is difficult to hide crimes. They should have a leader. Think about it.

She says to just tell her. So he sits up and says that group murder cases all gather around the strongest one. That person just shares the work and each other them does their part. that is why there is no evidence. They should have a leader who is the center.

He then sees the image on the computer and thinks it could be this woman? She says that it could be someone else. But this woman is related. Thank you appa! She hurries off and says that she forgot about the movie reservation!


Elsewhere, Jong-woo is looking at another goshiwon that look so much better than the one he is in right now. It even has its own bathroom inside. But he has to buy now.

He goes to a different goshiwon that looks like it is all gangsters, but still so much better than the one he is at now. But he has to buy now.

He goes to another that also looks good. But someone comes up to him and says that he should not live there. He closes the door and tells him that a halabogi died alone here. Jong-woo looks a bit spooked. The guy says that the cleaning company came there and cleaned everything. Jong-woo asks if he thinks the price can go down because of that? The man says that someone died, you still want to live here? Jong-woo says yes, if the price is lower.


Meanwhile, Jung-hwa is out with her appa shopping at a Sephora like place. He appa wants to go to the movie already. She tells him to help her, especially because he is a legendary police officer. he says that was a long time ago.

Jung-hwa looks out the window and thinks that she sees her dentist standing there. But he disappeared. She tells her dad this. He thinks it might be a good boyfriend candidate, but Jung-hwa says it is not like that. 



Jong-woo sits on a bench in a crowded street area and wonders if he should ask his CEO friend for an advance? He can’t afford the goshiwon’s right now with his salary.

Then he overhears a couple talking about her friends boyfriend who does not have a house. They start to talk about how that guy is a loser. Jong-woo glares at them enough to make the couple leave. they think he has super crazy eyes.

Jong-woo follows them with his eyes and then sees Moonzo standing outside. But he disappears. that is when Jung-hwa and her appa come out of the movie theater. She sees Jong-woo, but her appa pulls her away to get something to eat.

Jong-woo think she is going crazy, why is he seeing Moonzo? He does not even notice his girlfriend walk up to her and starts talking about Moonzo when she does. She wants him to stop. He is not the only one living in a goshiwon.

They get into a little argument because Ji-eun does not want to listen to him at all about his goshiwon. She walks away. He tells her that she only wants to hear what she wants to hear. She turns back and says to have a good rest.

Around the corner, we see Moonzo looking at them.


Jung-hwa’s partner is investigating the owner ajumma and calls Jung-hwa to tell her what he has found out. She married twice with no kids and both her husbands died with accidents and the parents died with an accident so she inherited all the insurance money. Close to a million dollars. then she built an orphanage with the money. But the orphanage had fire insurance so she got paid a lot. And she inherited her husbands goshiwon. Sunbae, I think we should give this case to the investigation department.

Jung-hwa wonders if they should but also says that they don’t have any evidence yet. She thanks her partner and hangs up. her halmoni is watching her.


Jong-woo goes to a convenience store and looks into buying a box cutter but then buys a big knife. He takes it home to the goshiwon and slowly goes inside.

Inside is all empty. Jong-woo looks up the hallway and holds his knife inside the bag as he walks up to his room.

VO – This is strange, why is it so quiet today?

He opens his door while looking around and slowly goes inside.

He starts to write while inside when there is a knocking on the door. It is from a new guy. The new guy asks him if he can borrow his charger?

Jong-woo opens the door with the knife on his back. he shuts the door on the new guy. But he does end up giving him a charger and tells him that a convenience store down the street sells chargers. The new guy thanks him and says he will give it back to him right away.

Then the new guy goes to his room and starts to write something. But he actually already has a charger on his desk.



The twins and the pervert are on the fourth floor cleaning up the mess they made of the poor old ajumma. they complain about it a bit and also make pretty big ruckus about it. Enough for Jong-woo to hear them downstairs.

They also talk about how they can just kill 303 soon, so it doesn’t matter. You were so timid earlier. The other twin asks him, was I timid? Me? Do you want me to show you?

Meanwhile, Jong-woo’s fool self is running up the stairs to look at the fourth floor. He goes inside with his knife wondering what these noises are. And, like a dummy, he asks if anyone is there.

The three killers here him. the other twin says that he must have come there to die, so they can finish things up now. he starts to walk with a mission to where Jong-woo is.

Jong-woo is still looking up the hall like a dum-dum lollypop on a stick. His cell phone goes off so he answers it. The other guys wait for the other twin to come back. They have their tools ready.

The other twin goes back without Jong-woo and sits. Then blood starts to come out of his mouth and he falls to the floor. The other two look at him like WTF?

Cut to Moonzo walking up.

MZ – You now, our rule is to keep quiet in the goshiwon. You have lived here for a long time. I like this so much, so I will not tolerate it whoever wants to touch my work. 

the giggling twin is not giggling now he looks very serious. Moonzo asks him if he wants to leave now? The giggling twin starts to giggle a bit as he talks and says that he does not want to leave, he likes this work so much.

Moon-so asks the giggling twin if he can behave well? Ajusshi? The giggling twin is serious and scared and says yes, he can (though he still giggles).

Meanwhile, Jong-woo’s mother is talking to him on the phone. She says that she had a dream about him and wonders if he is okay? She is actually very worried. She tells him not to trust people, people are scary, the scariest thing. He tells her not to worry. So she asks if it is difficult? 

he tells her not to worry about her. She tells him not to open his window even if it is hot. He says okay and hangs up. He is still wondering who went to the 4th floor. But he tells himself that he will forget about it.


Jong-woo wakes up after hearing a sound. he starts to walk around and opens a door to a room that is super bloody and there is someone sitting with their back to him. he asks who this person is. So the person turns around and it is him.

other JW – Run away. Run away.

Then the other Jong-woo starts to giggle.

Jong-woo is freaked the F out.

Fade Out


We are all caught up! Which feels so good because so many shows are about to premier soon. This show is still keeping me spooked and simultaneously screaming at my screen for all the things that everyone on the screen does. They aren’t all dumb things, just aggravating things, like how the coworkers are or even how Ji-eun, Jong-woo’s girlfriend is. Why won’t she just listen to him? Of course she has a hard work life as well, but still, your boy is having problems and appears to be crazy. Don’t tell a random sunbae to take care of him, you go check on him yourself.

I love that Jong-woo said that he does not want to go back to the goshiwon and appeared to turn that “does not” into a “will not” if it weren’t for his girlfriend showing up there. But at least he was able to take the police officers with him to the goshiwon to get Ji-eun. However, why did he sleep there again? I would not have been anywhere near that place. He might not have enough for a new goshiwon dorm, but he should have $10 for a jimjilbang (overnight spa). Take your butt there.

At least, now that he decided to go back to the goshiwon (due to low funds) he has bought himself a knife which has turned him into the thug ajusshi that warned him about these goshiwon people in the first place. And to make it come completely full circle, there is another wide eyed resident who just started staying there. Argh, I just want to tell that little bunny to run while you still can!


JW – Can you take a picture if someone tries to go into my room when I am not there?

Giggle man – 303 ajusshi is all because of you

New guy – Save me….

Owner ajumma – Lets eat.

Junghwa – Do you know about Sento Orphanage?

MZ – That is the same name as my dental office

VO – Are you crazy!

H.S. Kids – Hey, because of you I have nowhere to go, ajusshi

JW – Don’t smile like that


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    Thank you for the recap! Lots of crazy people in the drama!

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      So many crazy people!

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