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Strangers 2: Episode 5 Recap – Part 2

Strangers 2: Episode 5 Recap - Part 1

This is part 2 of our live recap for the Korean drama Stranger 2!

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Flashback to the bad cop instigating the bullying at the cop precinct where Mr. Song was stationed. He was a big ol jerk

This guy is in jail right now and is the person Yeo-jin is meeting. He says they did it to make Mr. Song a stronger person. She says that Mr. Song refused bribe money, that is why he picked on him.

She tells him that the person who did not take the money is the one that died. The prisoner says the team leader is still there.

She asks if the Captain did not know about his bribery case for many years? Are you telling me he is innocent or are you screwing him because he is stupid?

The cop starts talking about all the money he accepted from various stores and how he shared it among their team members. He says everything verbatim as it is on the court report.

She tells him that she came here first before she met the others because she wanted to see what he said first. Tell me what you could not say before.

YJ – Kim had a six month sentence, you have a year and a half. Why do you have three times more sentence than the other man?

Man – Well, our branch is Dong Du Chang. That is why Dong Do Chan took care of the case.

YJ – Why are you defending your team leader? Did he threaten you?

Man – Hey, how can you even think that your co-worker will threaten you?

YJ – Your captain asked you to bully him right? What else did he ask you?

Man – Maybe you also witnessed a lot of good and bad things to be in your position.

YJ – What did he order you to do?

Man – Our work is difficult. We have a lot of temptation. So I understand.

YJ – Who found Song first? You said, our work, our work, what is our work?

Man – You know we are all evaluated and there area  lot of things we should not do. They ask us to help the citizens but our work environment is bad. Honestly, think about it. If you get 1000 a month from people. Then retire after 20 years. You can have hundred thousand dollars for free. But no one recognizes the police if we take that money. No award from the government. Police are humans.

YJ – Ya! Wow, I tried to accept you as a fellow policeman. What the f! Ya!

She stands, her chair flies back.

YJ – You should be ashamed of yourself being in jail! You have s***t on your head! But you brag about it and blame the environment and the country? You should go crazy alone and rot alone. Don’t spread your filth to other people.

Man – I want to rot more, but I am out in two months. You should have come earlier.

YJ – Two months? There is not guarantee. If you did anything else I will find out and visit you first.

She heads out but regrets yelling immediately.


At the same time, Si-mok and Dong-jae wait outside for their meeting. They eat an impromptu breakfast on the benches outside.

Dong-jae thinks he should have eaten breakfast if he knew they would be waiting. He says this reminds him of when they used to work together. Si-mok said they have never done this before.

DJ – What happened to you after the council ends?

SM – Maybe I will go where I was supposed to go

DJ – What about your spot?

SM – Someone will fill it.

DJ – Does the main branch headquarters hire research prosecutors?

SM – I don’t know

DJ – You should have heard something

SM – I heard that to have an investigation department that is more specialized then they will hire a researcher prosecutor

DJ – You heard that so the big boss said that so a lot of people will be hired. Are they also hiring someone to work overseas?

SM – I don’t know the criteria

DJ – How did you get this job? You shouldn’t have bribed anyone How did you come all the way to here?

SM – Ask prosecutor Woo.

DJ – What does he like? What are his hobbies?

SM – I don’t know.

DJ – Hey, you are in the same office, why don’t you know? Put in some effort.

SM – He likes intestines.

DJ – Is your food tasty? Where are you going after this?

SM – Wanju

DJ – You and me are not a spinning top

They keep talking about their job. DJ rotates position every three years and can’t bring his family with him. He wants to see them more. Si mok tells him it is done to prevent local corruption. DJ doesn’t think that will prevent corruption. If they want to be corrupt then they will be. The system makes a non greedy person greedy for promotion to get to the main branch.



They ponder why it is taking so long.

Perhaps the cop captain told them that they were coming. They get a buzz. The inmate refused the meeting.

Then they see Yeo-jin come out. They all point at each other like their each spider-man and can’t believe it.

Dong-jae asks her if she ordered that guy not to meet prosecutors? Si-mok ads that Mr. Lee refused to meet them. They wonder what is going on and walk to their cars together.

DJ thinks the prosecutors knew they were looking for him and got her before he could. Simok asks why the main branch is here. DJ says Simok is not from the main branch, he is my assistant. He puts his arm on Simok. She mock shrugs the arm off him (lolol).

They finally start to talk about the death case and think about helping each other out to reveal the truth. She tells him to reveal what he knows first. He says that captain Baek also got money, he is sure of it.

They ask how he knows that. he says he confirmed it with the business owners. But the six members all say the Captain is innocent. Do you think that is loyalty? No, they are scared. Why are they scared?

They ask her what the cop said at the meeting. She shrugs and says he said a lot. He tried justifying himself. But then she gets a call and has to hurry away right away. DJ says to catch her! But Simok just stands there.

Choi Bit is on the phone. She tells Yeo-jin to drive to the south branch. Tell one of the captained my name and he will give you a file. Then take it to the address they give you. Do not open it at all. Just deliver it.

The director of Investigations is with her and grumbles that he does not want to use it now. But how come that crazy guy is suing me?

Cut back to the drive. Yeo-jin wonders why she can’t open it and has to only deliver it.

Back at the prison, DK wonders how Yeo-jin knows that Simok is from the main branch? Si-mok asks if he thought the cops would not know that?

DJ thinks that prosecutor Woo really thinks Simok is the ace. Simok says he talks to him in that way also. DJ looks jealous. Then Simok gets a call. DJ asks what that call is about?

He also asks Simok to say nice things about him to Woo. Simok tells him he does it often. He is going to do it today as well. They get in their cars. DJ asks if he never visited the east branch in Seoul? Lets go there to visit the thief.

But Simok gets another call and answers it so DJ drives off. Woo tells Simok to come to the National Assembly. Simok drives there right away.

Meanwhile, the Sungmoon newspaper talks about how congressman Nam is innocent for bribing. The prosecutors decided it one and a half years later.


Simok gets into Woo’s car at the National Assembly building. Woo tells him that there is a congressman Nam in this building. Simok tells him that he saw the hiring corruption news and that he was found not guilty.

Woo tells him that the congressman sued the police superintendent (Shin Jae-yong). Simok is surprised. Woo says there were rumors that Congressman Nam’s son was hired at a bank. The director general investigated it by himself. He thought the congressman was guilty and forwarded the information to the prosecutors. It was over a year ago.

SM – Why did he sue the director general of investigation?

Woo – it was a targeted investigation. They did not have evidence but investigated the congressman. It was all political.

SM – Congressman Nam is one of the members of the law committee.

Woo – That is why he sued. Because the prosecutor police council. If we make a commitment but the police don’t do anything then it is nothing. But Nam is ex-prosecutor. That is why it is disadvantageous for police. The police tried to take Nam down. Okay? Lets go.

They head inside. A voice over recaps what Tae-ha just said.

SM – So why am I here?

Woo – From now on, you and me will see him and comfort him and ask him to withdraw his lawsuit. But if he does not listen to me, when I give you a signal, you recite the law about overusing power. Even though it is still targeted research, he still had a nice position as a law making head. It will be only disadvantageous for him. His term is not even long so suing the police director will make him kicked out of his position easily. If he sues the police, then the police will investigate even tighter to disprove his allegations. So why don’t you ask him if the hiring bribery really will be revealed. Do what I tell you.

SM – Okay.

They go inside.

Yeo-jin is there waiting before them. A man comes out and tells Woo that Si-mok that it is  not a good time right now. he stops them from entering. Everyone looks at them. Then the man lets Yeo-jin come inside.

Woo says they can come in together. But the man stops Woo again. Woo says, congressman, it is Woo Tae-ha. The congressman yells, Don’t let them in!

Woo walks off angrily. He asks Simok if he knows her, right? You were on the same team. She shouldn’t have come alone, she should have brought something. Find out what was in the envelope. Find it, okay? Answer me!




The chief prosecutor, Kang Wu-chul, talks to another prosecutor about the case. Kang says prosecutor Nam was on the budget committee and his son was hired at a bank during that time. But he was not qualified. Do you think that really didn’t happen?

the guy says prosecutor Yoo got a phone call from a lot of places. first all the people said he worked hard but later they told him not to do anything. Kang asks when that was. The prosecutor says it was last July.

The prosecutor says this trouble should not come back to them. He also told him not to tell anyone that he got a phone call from someone. Kang mutters that is why kids don’t learn anything. Not investigating the congressman will make the congressman keep his job and his son will also keep his job and the supreme prosecutor office can control them. It has nothing to do with us, the end.


Lee Yeon-jae gets beautified either at her home or at a posh salon. Wherever she is, it is a private room.

Cut to a restaurant preparing for an important meeting. The entire huge restaurant is closed. And this place is HUGE like the size of a hotel.

Yeon-jae walks in. Everyone bows to her. She walks to the window and looks outside.


Woo is still angry. He tells Simok that in this tiny land of Korea they have more than 3000 police intelligence working. All that information goes to Choi Bit. Not only that but National Security and everything. Civilian surveillance and everything. 

I don’t think Choi Bit is in the room. I am not meeting someone to arrest them. Choi Bit asked Han Yeo-jin to deliver something. Something that is Nam’s weakness. Whatever it is, find it out. The police shouldn’t have the head of the law.

Basically, whatever decision they make, if the lawmaker stops it, then it doesn’t matter at all. there are many other ways to pass laws. A lot of ex prosecutor congressmen are there, but only seven ex policemen.

SM – How much are you going to do for Nam? You should meet reporters now.

Woo – *looks at him*

SM – You should tell everyone that Shin is sued by the congressman. I think you should not stop the lawsuit. You should encourage the lawsuit.

Woo – Shut up.

SM – You said adjusting investigation rights is invading our territory. If Shin is sued then our council will be stopped. Then the territory problem will sink, right? We can even stop it all together. The law is progressing and we are performing a new investigation and even the senior prosecutor was covering up the congressman. This was not onerous but naturally cancelled.

(So basically, if Woo Tae-ha and Shin Jae-yong are in trouble then there is no committee anymore)

Woo – Ya!

SM – You were part of the congress for Nam’s innocence. That is why the director general of investigation that is sued did not run here right away but you had to come here.

Woo – *stares at him* No. *calms down a bit*

SM – When the police are threatening, they choose to threaten congressman Nam. Then the prosecutor decided to corrupt him a long time ago.

Woo’s phone goes off. He mutters something. then Yeo comes out. They see that she does not have that document anymore. He tells Woo to go use his connection ability.

Downstairs, Choi Bit asks Yeo-jin if she saw what was inside. Yeo-jin tells her no.

Then Woo and Si-mok come to the hallway.

They have a stare-off from other sides of the hallway.


This show is good, but Lord is it tiring to recap. I am spent. Impressed, but spent. About to take a nap 😊.


English Translation

Man – He will be a troublesome person to use in that way.

Man – You have to use that hubae well.

LYJ – Lets welcome abogi back

SM – If you don’t see it now then I will have to see the older one.

WC – What are you looking for?

WC – Are you happy to bother other people around you all the time?

DJ – What if Han Yeo-jin is ahead of us again. See who is first this time.

Man – For Han Yeo-jin, she is leaking the police information and betraying her boss. What do you think Si-mok can sneak out with his skills.

Choi – Are you going to reveal it outside to see what happens?

SM – Thats why you left the investigation team?

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