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Strangers 2: Episode 1 Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our live recap for Stranger 2!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Si-mok goes to the beach and pulls up one of the fence bars that is holding the warning signs in place. Someone yells at him to not do that. He puts it back then walks along the beach.

He finds another post on the beach with a warning line attached to it. He pulls this line out and sees that it was cut off or burned off.

The man who yelled at him before starts to yell at him again to leave that alone! Don’ touch it!

Si-mok runs back to the side and asks him if he can borrow a lighter. He burns the end of one of the other ropes and compares it, then calls his department to find out which cops are taking care of the beach case.


Jang Gun and Yeo-jin hang out outside a building. It might be the Instagram guys building but not sure. They chat about work and how it was before when she worked in his group. They both wax poetic about old times.

He asks her when she will come back? She says they always say they are almost done but it has been two years already.  Her team was formed to adjust the investigation rights. But she is doing nothing.

He tells her that she works and has a lot of ideas. She sys it doesn’t matter, the prosecution team is not even listening to them. He tells her to tell parliament that the police have all the rights to investigate. Even if you have a lot of arguments with the prosecution to come up with an idea, if the parliament says no then it means no.

He gets a call from the team leader and says he is always looking for him. But he doesn’t answer. It looks like he might text him though. 

They change the topic to whether this Instagram guy will be proof? Even if he moved the line, it might not have anything to do with the deaths. At the most it is damaging public property.

She thinks they will know when they see him. He will either think we’re nothing or he will think, ah, the think I was dreading has come. Jang thinks the guy should have the original photo in his cell phone even if it was erased on Instagram.

But she gets a call so they both head out. She tells him not to worry, she can take care of it. he tells her that she makes him worry! they get in separate cars and drive off.

Right when they drive around the corner, the white sports car with the same license plate number shows up. It is the guy.

Jang drives back up and asks if he is Lee Yong-wan? The man asks who he is? Yeo-jin comes back up to. The man sees her ID. They watch him to see if he is nervous. They asks if he went to that beach last night.

He asks if there is anything wrong?

But in a flashback we see that he lit the rope with his gold lighter.

He says he went to the beach just to have fun. They ask why he went all the way there and came back over night. He asks what they are doing? Why are you checking my background.

In a flashback, we see that he and his girlfriend were at the scene of the crime when all the cops were there. They looked worried. They actually threw the rod into the water.

Yeo-jin asks why he took the rope out. 

The man yells, I DIDN’T!

Jang tells him that he should come with them. If you are not cooperating then we will arrest you for a history of removing evidence and get the warrant later. But if you cooperate the maximum time will be six hours and you can go home at anytime. But if we arrest you then it is much longer. Which one would you like to pick?

Cut to Si-mok. Yeo-jin calls him and tells him that they are taking the Instagram guy to the station.


Jang asks Instagram guy all his question in the cubicle area. All the other cops walk around him with disgusted looks. The detective asks how much photo shop he does since his real face and regular face are different.

The other cop, Seo Sang-woo says no one does photoshop anymore, they use apps. Maybe he used a hundred apps. They all chuckle.

They ask him why he cut the line? Wouldn’t you think someone would get hurt? 

Instagram guy says it was already like that. Jang gets a text and asks him if he used a lighter?

The Instagram guy calmly calls his father and asks for a lawyer.


Yeo-jin goes into Choi Bit’s office who is the Chief of Police Intelligence. Two other cops are there as well. Choi Bit asks what important thing she was doing to be later? Yeo-jin apologizes and says it was about the violence team. 

CB asks if she wants to send her back? Do you miss it? Yeo-jin apologizes again.

One of the other cops brings up three things in the portal that people talk about. One is confusion in releasing criminal information. They question what the criteria is to release this information.

Another top search is police corruption with the club industry

The third one is the lack of professionalism for police who take care of long term missing cases.

There are a lot of negative posts recently after they started talking about prosecutor corruption. So it appears that someone is behind this. It is very detailed so it could be released by the prosecutors.

The boss mentions that the long term missing case is actually a targeted report. The other cop starts to say a lot about the prosecutor corruption case and the trouble with it.

The middle cop talks about drunken cops that fight and another one is the real-estate corruption case. The chief asks for more information about the corruption case. She tells them to act like local media published it first and the main media picked it up. As soon as you get it, put it high in the search.

Yeo-jin does not look happy about that.

The chief tells them to ask the reporter directly about that report. Find out who gave that kind of bait to write that kind of report right now. We have a lot of sources for people who want to have a targeted investigation.

She continues telling them what to do to improve the police image. Then she starts to talk about Han-jo Group. There is a newspaper that had a special report about the Han Jo Group. The first report has nothing to do with them.

Han Jo’s chairman should know what her husband did. She used her husband to slash her father and step brother and became the boss. That is the first report. But when they have the first, they should have the second also. 

Yeo-jin explains that what Han Si-mok prosecutor said on TV about the case of the deceased prosector Lee was said only to embrace their own people. He said the deceased person had an under the table deal with prosecutor Hwang who is the hubae. I think the second report is about that.

While they are talking, we see the report being made at the newspaper company.

Yeo-jin keeps talking and says the prosecutor was in the corner and chose to kill himself, but don’t touch the wife. Make him a hero for getting the information about the group. Si-mok made the ex prosecutor into a hero after he got information about the Han Jo Group.

The chief tells them that this is not bad for us. Yeo-jin says it is not true. They all look at her. The chief says that is none of my business, I just need to get the fruit. Yeo-jin tells her she is part of it as well.

The chief says that is why she gave the case to her, she does not want her to involve her emotions in it.

Ye-jin tells her that they did not make up the story and they should not tell lies. The boss asks what they have. Ye-jin says a person saved a kid whose retina tore. Yesterday the Ulsan police found a son after 14 years and sent him to his mom. These are responsible reports for long term missing cases.

The chief asks, so you will decide? Yeo-jin apologizes. The chief tells them that she is going to fo to the Intelligence agency for awhile so you three take care of the department. They are dismissed.

Yeo-jin hangs back and tells the chief that she is never late. The chief nods but doesn’t look at her. Yeo-jin heads out. that is when the chief looks at her through the window.


Yeo-jin gets a call from Jang telling her that the Instagram guy is released. He got a good lawyer named Oh Joo-sun. This case is all over now. We have an ex head judge involved in a rope cutting case. I sent the picture to Tonyong. It took a long time to only get the picture.

Cut to Si-mok looking at the Instagram photo. He remembers seeing the couple at the beach that night. he starts to inspect the photos and circles several things on them.

He gives the photos to his secretary and tells her that he heard room 303 is taking care of this case. Can you give this to them as additional information? First, whether the victim smokes or if they have a fire with them. If the couple in the picture reserved the room or if they actually planned to stay there for a few days but cancelled it after they saw the victims. Or if it was just overnight from the beginning.

Everyone lives in Seoul so the case will move to Seoul. Tell them that Seoul people do not know about the landmarks in the town so all the information should be very detailed. The police said the man was so drunk so he can’t remember anything so investigate drunk driving because he drove back the same day.

Also, the yongsang police station will send them the exact time the wire was cut to compare that to the time of death. They started the case but it will move to Songpa since the victim lives there.

He then asks the manager to ask 303 to leave a copy for them. Also, update me with the information after I leave. The manager says he will send it to Yong-ju. The secretary asks if they should leave the motive as blank? 

Si-mok tells her that the person wanted to leave the best picture of their life. 


Elsewhere, the couple is driving and arguing with each other. The girlfriend thinks he shouldn’t have given the photo! But he says that police saw it all and know that they were there! What was i supposed to do!

The lawyer is driving them around. 

She tells him that he should have removed her!

He asks how he can remove her?

He asks who complained that this wasn’t cool?

She says that he pulled it out!

The lawyer stops them and says they shouldn’t hide anything from him. Did you see the kids at the beach? The guy says no, no one was there.

The woman says, even if anything was there we couldn’t see anything due to the mist.

Lawyer – Did you know that one student survived alone? If he says that he saw you two cut the wire then things will be more complicated. It will be a very different story of you taking a photo where someone else cut it. You need to talk to the student and get an agreement before he says something to the police.

Girlfriend – Do you think we can get an agreement with him? His two friends died.

Lawyer – You can have an agreement with someone who killed their own son, there are many situation.

Guy – Yep it always works.


They meet with the friend at a cafe or some place like that. Though they aren’ the most coddling. The guy tells him not to pretend like he is the victim. I am the one that is the victim!

The lawyer has to stop the rich guy from speaking so loudly.

Guy – If you two didn’t die being drunk in the water then I would never have visited the police station. You are also guilty. You shouldn’t have been drunk and passed out. You should have protected your friend.

Kid – If you saw them then you should have stopped them.

Guy – Wow, this guy

Lawyer – Wait, did you not see them? is that right? You didn’t see them, that is why you said this. You stayed in the B&B for a long time then came out?

Kid – If I see them then they should see me, so why are you asking me? Ask them.

Guy – *says something loudly*

Lawyer – Be quiet, I am talking. Hey, I am just telling you this as a man your fathers age. If this case goes deeper then you let them die.

Kid – me?

Lawyer – Didn’t you see the reply? A lot of people ask what the friend did. You didn’t see these two yesterday right?

Kid – *shakes head*

Lawyer – Can you say yes or no?

Kid – I didn’t see them. *gets up angrily and leaves*

The lawyer recorded it all. The couple smiles. The woman brings out a huge envelope of money and says she didn’t even get a chance to use it.

The lawyer leaves and looks back at the couple taking a photo in the cafe. He sighs, shakes his head, and says he would be disgusted if he saw them as a judge.



The chief of Intelligence goes into the Director general of Investigation’s office to talk to him about the current situation. He tells her that they know what they want and what their motive is but in public, the director general of intelligence leaked out their information to the hubae.

Chief Choi asks him to arrest her director (or take her director). He asks if she wants him to arrest her director? She asks him to release that he has another thing about the director general of intelligence so the police will investigate it.

Shin asks, do you want to give him even more trouble even though he is already in trouble?

Choi – He can deny it later. Nothing came out after that investigation. We should stop the prosecutors from taking him anyway and find out a way later.

Shin – Do you think the prosecutors will let us do it? They are just doing this not to give away their investigation rights.

Choi – I am telling you this. One more favor.

Shin – One more what?

Choi – Director, you suggest to the commissioner general that the police and the prosecutors sit together and adjust the right to the investigation. And the commissioner general suggests to the minister of law directly–
Shin – No. 

Shin – The police and the prosecutor are subjects of the reform. Not the one reforming. 

Choi – We are the subjects. The police are dumb and corrupt and don’t deserve investigation rights. That is why. To make the point, the prosecutors are doing this. If we can’t finish the adjustment, don’t you think the prosecutors won’t touch the commissioner general?

Shin – Do you think they will come to an agreement? Even if the police and prosecutor sit together?

Choi – I will make it happen. I will make the plan for the adjustment. Okay?

Shin thinks about it. She steps back, perhaps she went too far over the line.


Prosecutor Hwang Si-mok is cleaning out his apartment. Boxes are all around. He gets a call from someone asking if he needs help. Si-mok tells him that he doesn’t need help. 

The person tells him that it has been two years, time goes by fast. By the way, the beach case is already decided. They are not arresting them.

Si-mok asks, what? The case just went to Soul yesterday. The man says that is what he thinks too, it was so fast. Si-mok hans up and thinks about this.

He goes to his office that night and looks into this case. The things he is scrolling through say things like – he cut the line but didn’t intend on killing anyone. He is not suspicious or guilty.

Si-mok checks all the signatures. The chief prosecutor, Kang Won-chul, is one of them.

Cutt o flashbacks of everything that happened that night and Kang Won-chul signing the paperwork at his desk.

Fade Out


So far so good. I am not blown away by it but I do like it. I also really enjoyed how layered this story is so far. All the acting is great but the first episode was kind of slow. It was suspenseful and had secrets all around it but still slow. I am intrigued.

It feels like this show is out to show prosecutor corruption and how they are a good old boys club with too much power in Korea. So this could be interesting to watch from that viewpoint alone!

I feel a tiny bit left out from not watching the first season because it seems like the relationships are carried through to this season and some things are touched on briefly from last season. But I don’t think that interfered with me understanding anything that went on in this episode. it just made me want to watch the first season ☺️


CB – The ex judge lawyer took the case and the case was closed in a few days. That is the current reality of Korea prosecution.

WC – That is all a show

DJ – Nice to see you, I am prosecutor Seo Dong-jae from Eui-jong-bu branch.

Man – You should stay there a little bit longer, prosecutor

SM – Do I stay in Tong-yong?

SM – Hello, my name is Hwang Si-mok

TH – Soon, the prosecutor police adjustment team will be formed.

YJ – So Kwang Si-mok became the supreme prosecutor?

DJ – Why do they have to hide a common case that happened on the street?

DJ – Me and Hwang work together? What kind of work do you want me to do?

WC – For this case, we need someone that will only protect our given rights.

YJ – Attending the police adjustment team?

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  1. Marie Johnson
    August 15, 2020 / 4:26 pm

    saw the first season and I am not disappointed by the start of season 2. It’s not necessary to watch the first season but it helps to understand the inside jokes. Looking forward to the next episode.

  2. noor
    August 16, 2020 / 12:54 am

    V you have got to watch season 1!!! That was good. I had high expectations from season 2, but it looks to me like some kind of bureaucratic tussle between prosecutors and police heads with juniors caught in the middle – cue, lots of dialogues around who is right or wrong! – and you are right, episode 1 was slow, I didn’t see Shimok and YeonJi working on the case together, and unless those 2 kids were working on revealing some government corruption, their deaths look accidental. So not a great start like the first one, where a whistle blower is killed in his locked house and Shimok was the first one on the scene. The BGM is still great, chills down the spine, but not a good start, for me, at least.

    Thanks for the recap.

    • Anonymous
      August 19, 2020 / 12:41 pm

      Where is flower of evil recap today

      • V
        August 19, 2020 / 1:20 pm

        Hi anonymous, we have a crazy day with work due to today being back to school/work so the recap is delayed 😩. You can follow on twitter for updates. I try to make sure I let everyone know what is going on via Twitter if a recap is delayed! https://twitter.com/dramamilk_

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