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Stranger 2: Episode 9 Recap – Part 2

Stranger 2: Episode 9 Recap - Part 2

This is part two of our live recap for Stranger 2!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Yeo-jin looks at the white board in the main office. She is in a conference room and is alone. She is also really tired. She starts to write on the white board.

Si-mok comes in like a vampire. She is all like, how can you walk in sos quietly! He just starts asking her about the white board and the corrupt police.

Si-mok wonders why the criminal took a photo of the necktie. Yeo-jin thinks they want to prove that the criminal kidnapped the prosecutor. Si-mok thinks they don’t have to put blood on it to prove it. She thinks it is to show off.

Si-mok imagines that the criminal should have mailed the tie, not sent a picture of it. The captain comes in and says the criminal wants to show off and not get arrested. Yeo-jin asks why everyone can walk around so quietly.

The captain tells them that sending the mail means that they need to go to the post office. That will leave a trace. But she says they have a lot of post boxes, he could have dropped it in one.

They keep talking about finger prints and DNA on the paper and all that. A photo is cleaner. He says this is the first case in his 30 year police career that shows the evidence. This is only in American dramas. in real life they should be busy hiding. There is not time for this. But why did the criminal send it?

Yeo-jin wonders if it is not showing off. What if the criminal is angry after watching the video? For the criminal, Dong-jae is something the criminal calls dishwashing. But the video shows him as a very good prosecutor. The criminal became trash.

The captain thinks, if that is so then that means they didn’t throw Dong-jae away yet. We should interview people, not look for the dead body. Dead or alive, the criminal should have Seo Dong-jae next to them to take that kind of picture. Unless the criminal collects neckties of victims.

Yeo Jin wonders where kidnappers can hide victims in Korea? Its not like America where you have one house in an empty field. There are so many people here. The captain thinks the trunk of a car is the best place. Ye-jin thinks it could be a trunk. But to tie him up, it should not be at the scene. They should leave first because they do not want to get caught.

So where can they tie up the hands and feet? parking lot? That could still be dangerous. What if they live in a house with a parking garage? That is the best. But to do that they should live alone. They should not share a car with anyone.

Si-mok thinks they could live with someone who is the accomplice also. The entire family could hold a grudge.

The captain thinks it is a standalone house. It is not common to have that kind of wood flooring in an apartment.

Yeo-jin thinks back to the father of one of the beach victims. She remembers his house had wood floors. He also talked about a prosecutor visiting him and talking about nonsense. 

Yeo-jin shakes that idea away and wonders, what if he was killed at the scene right away? Si-mok thinks the dead body should be decomposing right now. If he is not buried then he should be next to the criminal because they have to contain the smell.

Yeo-jin says in family murder cases, they hide the dead body in the bathroom or the closet. They can’t even open the window or the neighbor can smell it. The safest place for the criminal is the place the criminal has 100% control. I think it is not a good way to search around the scene.

They keep brainstorming ideas.

Si-mok does the thing were he imagines the scene. He goes to where Seo is and walks up to Seo’s body. He is blindfolded. He sees the person walking in and putting the scissors to Seo’s finger or maybe another part of him. Then cutting the tie off with the scissors.

Si-mok wonders why it was the tie and not a finger or ear? Could the criminal be scared or afraid? Maybe it is not a revenge case?

Jang Gun comes in and tells them that he ordered food. they start to talk about ddukbogi a bit and mention some funny things about how Yeo-jin loves ddukbogi across fro the station. But it gets awkward when Jang Gun playfully says she didn’t give them any because they aren’t coworkers anymore.

So they start talking about the case again to break the awkwardness. They pull in the handwriting samples and start to discuss them.

they also look at the photo again. Si-mok thinks he sees a reflection with writing so they say they will send it to CSI. Yeo-jin needs results by tomorrow for the midterm report. But the other two don’t like that idea of putting it in the report because they don’t know if it is authentic. But she says it is very important.




The next day, Yeo-jin briefs the reporters on the report. It is broadcast over the air. The wife and youngest son watch on the news. Yeo-jin says all the good things about how Seo Dong-jin was a good prosecutor in child cases.

Woo and team area watching as well. They wonder if Seo was really going to get an award? Si-mok says he doesn’t not know. It looks like none of them knew that. Or perhaps it is not true at all.

But it looks like announcing this publicly will make people stop saying that this was done by the police.

The camera scans all the potential people that could be the criminal as well as people working on the case like the corrupt cops and the beach father and prosecutor Jung Min-ha and other people.

It looks like they still think the corrupt cops could have done it. So they are using this moment to make the corrupt cops feel more secure.

Yeo-jin says it feels like the criminal has an old grudge against the victim. So they will investigate Seo’s past more than focusing on the current suspects.

The cops head out in their cop car.  One of them sees the assistant prosecutor following them around and gets out to yell at him. But the other good cop pulls him back in. The young rookie detective switches with this assistant and keeps following the cops.

In an elderly facility. One of the corrupt cops changes the channel from the news report. His boss is suspicious of that.

The prosecutors also turn off the TV. Woo thinks that Choi Bit is going too far.

Yeo-jin meets with Choi Bit and Shin and tells them that the public opinion is mixed. But at least they aren’t talking about the cops doing it anymore. The trouble is that people will think that headquarters can’t even find him. Shin thinks that is a problem. The letter thinks humans are something you can put in a drain. Do you think he is still alive?

Choi Bit thinks they need a suspect to guess where the dead body is buried. 

Ye-jin gets a message. Shin asks if it is something related. It is a text from Jang Gun who mentioned corrupt officer Kim. He worked at a restaurant that was 150 meters from where Seo is missing. The store is owned by his uncle.

CB – What? The superintendent guy?

YJ – Yes, they both have good alibi’s.

Yeo-jin says the nephew has a good alibi. The superintendent worked an overnight shift. But they think his work record can be faked. Perhaps they can confirm it somehow. Yeo-jin tells them that she will confirm it. They tell her to keep it quiet.

They say some old fashioned ways to check a fake work hour. Ye-jin tells them the new way that people fake work hours. Now they go home and then come back later at night. Shin asks how she knows this so well? Do people get money doing this in the field.

She says not only on the field. He asks if they should dig up the case for everyone? 

Choi Bit tells her that when they go to her office (but she is talking about the Director of Intelligence office) she says that they will find the police organization chart. Yeo-jin says she will bring it from her desk.

She leaves to do that.

Shin starts to say something to Choi Bit but then Choi Bit realizes something and runs to her office Quickly. She tells Yeo-jin to leave, she will do it. Go to the field, okay? To the uncles restaurant.

Yeo-jin is startled but says she will. She leaves. Choi Bit takes in several deep breaths. Then she looks at the file and sees the scribble on it. she hides that file and lets out a nervous breath.




Si-mok checks his mail in his office. It is the internet search for Seo Dong-jae. The assistant might have sent it to him so he looks over it. Seo Dong-jae searched a lot about Park Kwon-su lawyers death from drinking too much.

Si-mok searches the keyword “Park Kwong-su” and gets 9 websites on the list. He starts to imagine Seo Dong-jae looking up these websites and reading all the articles. Si-mok calls the investigative secretary in Dong-jae’s office and asks her about the ex lawyers death. 

Woo comes in and tells Si-mok that its lunchtime. But he overhears him talking on the phone about the dead lawyer. Woo stops in his tracks. He pretends like he is waiting for Si-mok. All the other people say lets go to lunch. But Woo is looking at Si-mok.

Si-mok tells him that they can leave for lunch, this will take some time. Woo says okay, but he looks nervous. Sa-hyun notices this. The secretary says she will text Si-mok the address of the restaurant.

They all walk out. Woo ends up telling them that he has an appointment. Then he leaves suddenly. Sa-hyun looks at him.

In the office, Si-mok asks if there is black box footage from that night. The person says that night is erased. Si-mok asks if that makes any sense? Then he asks if the place they died is [countryside address]. 

The also looks at Seo Dong-jaes navigation destination list. He went on that local country highway. Si-mok asks the assistant to find that case please. i am going there right now.

Si-mok leaves right away.

We see a flashback of Seo Dong-jae driving to the country as well.


Meanwhile, Woo meets with a mysterious woman. He bows a greeting to her. She looks hesitant.

At the same time, Si-mok drives to the countryside. He imagines the dead lawyer (or somebody) driving this way as well.

it grows dark. A truck drives up the street. It screeches on its breaks due to a car stopped in the middle of the road. He honks his horn. It looks like this is the car with the lawyer in it. So the truck driver stops and gets out to see if the person needs help.

The emergency team comes and pulls the lawyer out. They check his vitals.

Si-mok looks at the photos from that night.

Fade Out


Okay, not gonna lie, this episode was so painful to cover. There was sooo much talking and it was mostly about just considering things that already happened. It feels like an episode that you don’t really need to watch expect maybe the last five minutes. 

If they wanted us to feel how detectives work and think about cases and consider the evidence and second guess their thoughts, then they did a good job because I am so bored.

Hopefully the next episode picks up.


English Translation

SM – Did he mention anything else except the corrupt police?

Woo – Only the police

SM – have you heard anything about why he went to the countryside on that day?

Woman – It should be a big VIP

SM – What is the reason?

CB – You know why I called you.

CB – It is highly probably that you know that street does not have any CCTV around.

Man – The death of prosecutor Seo and the lawyer case one year ago, is there something related between them?

YJ – My boss was superintendent over there.

SM – If it was targeting Choi then it should go to the supreme prosecutors office right away.

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