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Stranger 2: Episode 9 Recap – Part 1

They are lukewarm on the trail of whoever took Seo Dong-jae. They ned tips, yo! Basically everyone is a suspect. I am surprised they aren’t suspecting themselves “Hmm, maybe I kidnapped him…?” 😂

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




In the offices, Sa-hyun tells Si-mok that if Seo Dong-jae comes back as a dead body, then it is because the police did it. What if the government still gives the right to investigate to the the police?

SH – We are in a war right now. A local war of police v prosecutors. This local war will become a big war against the citizens. All the regular prosecutors who are not protesting will raise their voice but the government will not be able to do that. This administration won’t be able to touch the right to investigate.

Sa-hyun continues and says he does not want anything to happen to prosecutor Seo. He takes a seat. Si-mok sits with him. Sa-hyun says he lured their chief but he did not catch it. I asked him if he was digging into Choi Bit, but he didn’t say anything.

SM – Did you ask Chief Woo that directly?

SH – That is what you wanted. You wanted me to ask if he was looking into Choi Bit.

SM – Was it that noticeable?

SH – What do you think I am?

SM – I am sorry.

SH – Ah, you apologize. Do you really think I’m a pushover?

SM – No

SH – Ya, well, I also thought that asking him personally would be better. But he was too cranky. Maybe he was worried about it? He asked his hubae prosecutor to do something for him then that prosecutor disappeared, so it is not a small thing.

Si-mok asks if Chief Woo is worrying due to a personal reason? Sa-hyun asks what he thinks. Even for you who was close to the missing person, you are not that nervous. Si-mok says he is not close to him. Sa-hyun all like, what?

SH – Do you think that chief Woo is just worrying?

SM – What happens when someone worries?

SH – What?

SM – I should know the symptoms of worrying so I can catch someones worry. What happens when someone worries.

SH – Why are you asking me? Worrying is just worrying.

The two assistants come in with sub sandwiches. Si-mok has one almost bite of his sandwich but then gets a call from Yeo-jin and takes off immediately. Yeo-jin told him that they got a message from the abductor.


All the cops are looking at the white board that shows Dong-jae’s cut necktie with blood all over it. There is also a note. The captain thinks the blood is old, it is dark. Is this on a table or a wood floor?

They all start to look at it and comment on it. Perhaps it is a wood floor in a normal house. Maybe the blood isn’t that old. Maybe the criminal took the photo a long time ago and is sending it now. But why send it today? What if he didn’t know where to send it?

They keep talking about it and think that the wife’s public message may have spurned this. Perhaps the photo was taken earlier, then the victims life is hmm~. 

They keep talking. The conversation goes to the GPS of the cell phone. Maybe the criminals turned it off but we can try anyway. But what if the criminal is with Seo right now? If he is already buried then he wouldn’t have thought about cutting off the necktie.

They keep discussing it.

Then Si-mok comes in. He walks right up to the white board. Ye-jin asks the youngest cop if there were a lot of bad replies against the criminal? He says yes. Yeo-jin thinks that means he saw the replies and video. That is why he sent us this picture.

They keep discussing the video and the criminal. Perhaps it is revenge? He is getting blamed but he thinks he is the victim. He should take the picture after he saw the video so there is hope for prosecutor Seo.

They wonder if they should show it to the family. Si-mok looks closely at the photo. The note says: I already washed the dishes. Too late. 

Si-mok thinks the sentences are short but why did he use a figurative word dishwashing. Is he showing off?

All the people disappear around Si-mok as he thinks about this. The room goes black. He imagines the criminal taking a picture of the tie and thinking that they are also a victim. This criminal looks skinny and almost woman like. But it is not clear. They can be a man or woman.

Si-mok walks over the criminal taking the photo. He wonders why the criminal needs to explain themselves. Because you are angry? Because that trash like guy became a righteous prosecutor? Or maybe you are nervous because the police are spreading the video? Why a necktie? Is it to prove that it was a kidnapping?

Yeo-jin pulls Si-mok back into the conversation and asks him where to find the HR information of the prosecutor. He tells them the department name. They talk about all the cases Seo did for the last ten years. it would be too much to look through. But what if it is an illegal favor? That should not be in a case file.

Yeo-jin tells them that whatever it is, we can’t search everything. We have to search his case files to narrow the suspects. But do you think the prosecutors will give us the records that easily?

Si-mok says no.

Yejin tells him that they will search the field then and Si-mok can investigate the cases as the prosecutor. Si-mok agrees and asks if they can send him the photo.

The detectives start to murmur and kind of chuckle about something. Yeo-jin gives them a talking to and says that the criminal is looking down on the police. They think the police are a joke and even sent this to us. Aren’t you angry to be treated like this from a crazy person?

They keep mumbling something. The captain asks, so you don’t think this was by the corrupt police? Si-mok gets the photo sent to his phone and walks out. Ye-jin tells Park that he did a good job, we wouldn’t have this without the wife video.

They all congratulate him.




Sa-hyun, Woo, and the assistants wee the necktie photo together. Woo Tae-ho asks the assistants to get the list of places that Seo Dong-jae worked. That is my request. Then he leaves in a hurry.

He mutters to himself, how dare they do this.


The captain tells his team that Si-mok wants the wife’s phone records. They wonder why he would want that. Jang Gun tells them that Si-mok asked the wife why the criminal is not asking for ransom money. Perhaps he is suspecting the wife because after she did the video, the picture came.

The captain tells them that the wife was home with her kids right? Jang Gun tells them that he need Park.

The captain feels bad for the wife since she has the most pain but also the most suspicion.

Park and Gun talk as they walk away about all the work it will be to surveillance the missing person’s home. But working with Hwang is advantageous because each rank has its authority. We had to work hard to find something out before, but once Hwang says something all the prosecutors have to take care of it.

They drive off and keep talking. They mention that Ye-jin talks like a high official now.


Yeo-jin sits at her desk and writes the criminals message on her notes. She covers up the dishwashing part so we can only see “too late”. Perhaps it is searching now is too late? Maybe you guys are to late? Which one is right.

Choi Bit and the Director have a meeting about the bloody necktie as well. They think that this criminal might have a long grudge against the prosecutors. Choi Bit says she will report it to the public in front of reporters. But Shin thinks it could be a lie.

Choi Bit says they will find it out after they catch the criminal so we can think about it later. Right now the entire police force is shredded.

Shin wonders, what if it is a fake message from the corrupt police to show that it is not them? What you are worried about the most is the right to investigation, but I am the head of the investigation which is in charge.


Chief Kang eats with another prosecutor when he gets a message on his phone. He mutters that they have things that are supposed to come. He puts his phone back down and stops eating.

Cut to Simok walking into another building. he asks prosecutor Jung for handwriting samples for the corrupt police officers. Then he asks if she knows if prosecutor Seo had a sponsor? Or did you witness anything when you were being trained by him? She says no.

He asks if he had any corruption requests or any personal relationships? She holds the barrister. 

Scene change to Si-mok meeting with Chief Kang Won-chul. He asks if Dong-jae had those things? Maybe she didn’t tell you because she is a direct hubae. Si-mok says it could be true. I saw him three different times and he was wearing the same watch. At least two times he was wearing the same shoes. It is not normal when I think of how he was before.

They wonder if he was a bit depressed. Kang mentions that the director of the West gave him an order to reinvestigate all of Seo Dong-jae’s cases, especially the controversial ones. No one can avoid dirty things with that. And it is Seo Dong-jae, people know what work he did before so his reputation will hit the bottom. What prosecutor office will like him?

Si-mok asks if they should consider his reputation? Won-chul says humiliation is nothing if he can come back safely. They need to rescue him soon. He wanted to come to my office, I met him a while ago but I refuse his request.

Si-mok asks when that was. Kang says he doesn’t now. He showed that we were close but I didn’t even consider it. He should have felt humiliated.

Si-mok thinks about what Han-Jo Group director Park said and realizes that it was a lie.

Kang tells Si-mok that he needs to find Dong-jae, it is in a hurry. Si-mok wonders how prosecutor Seo was after Si-mok was sent to the beach town. Won-chul asks if he is asking him if he did something that Si-mok does not know about? Si-mok says yes.

Kang crosses his arms to think about it and says that he sent him to the juvenile crime case department. He actually did well. He was angry about the cases a lot.

Si-mok tells him he will leave. Kang starts to walk him to the door and asks why he isn’t asking the police to investigate the suspects. Why don’t you dig up that side? Si-mok tells him they are just suspects.

Kang thinks that is good for Woo Tae-ha. Our people are also saying that if the police did it, they will raise their voice.

Si-mok leaves. Kang looks a bit fretful.




Lee Yeon-jae talks to lawyer Oh Joo-sun. He says he met Choi Bit today and she was cooperative. Director Park is standing on the other side of the room.

The lawyer says he will find out more information. LYJ thinks it is strange that Choi Bit was kind to him even though the police are a suspect. The lawyer doesn’t answer and says that he has a meeting with Won Chul also. They get off the phone. 

LYJ looks up at Park who walks to her desk. He gives her a file and talks about the lawsuit for taxes. She says it is endless. He says he got the reason why Lee Sung-jae was quiet after the board meeting. It has to do with Han Jo engineering and government oversight. he says he will get ready with not getting involved with Han Jo Engineering. She smiles and says that it is good that seh does not have to talk to him twice. He looks slightly concerned about that.


Jang Gun shows the wife the bloody necktie at the wifes house. She begs him to save her husband. He looks around and then asks her to sign some paperwork. He is not comforting to her.

He leaves and then hears something suspicious through the door. So he starts to text that they need to check who the wife talked to March 29 at 2pm.

He goes to meet with officer Park SC. SC tells him that the youngest went to the Hogwan at one time and then the oldest came back later. So there is a 3 hour gap in Umma’s alibi. He also does not have footage of her leaving the building.

They walk and talk. Jang Gun mentions a realtor halmoni disappearing and there is not CCTV footage. They think the youngest saw umma in the house at one time. The oldest saw umma in the house at another time. So they probably think she was there all night. Its not like she asked them to lie.

Jang Gun wonders if he trusts her as a mom? Do you think she has mental room to still have a manicure? My wife’s manicure still pulls off after one or two days. But Seo’s wife puts her manicure on every night. They talk about nails and nail art for a moment. Perhaps she asked the shop to move it because her husband is missing, but that is also strange.


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