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Stranger 2: Episode 8 Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our live recap for Strangers 2!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Jang Gun asks a shop owner about policeman Kim. She says good things about him. He asks her if she knows that he has a criminal record? She says they knew, it was in his resume. He asks if they can see his resume.

Cut to the man who walked into the police office. This might be officer Kim. Yeo-jin is interviewing him. She asks him about a certain day. 

He starts to think back to that day two days ago. He thinks, that day…

At the small business, Jang Gun also asks about that day. She says that Kim went to the bath. She also went to the bath with him. 

In the station, Kim says they all go to the bath together as a group. They do it twice a month.

In the small business, Jang Gun asks why they go to the bath house at 9pm, not 7pm? The owner tells him that they cannot move easily so the bathhouse does not accept them during their work hours. So we have to go there right before they close. That is something because a lot of places do not even accept with money.

Jang Gun asks if he really came that day? She says yes. They needed a male hand. They can take care of halabogi’s diapers but they cannot go into the male bathhouse. It takes at least a couple hours.

In the station, Kim is kind of crying and says it was all his fault. Maybe he was crazy back then, his uncle didn’t ask him to do anything. If I didn’t do it then it wouldn’t have happened to him. My Captain tried to stop me.


Prosecutor Jung Min-ha interviews the corrupt captain. Si-mok is there as well. The corrupt cop says that they tried to help the cop Song deal with his mental issues. Their team members worried about his a lot. They heard he was taking a depression drug so they tried hard for him not to have an event.

She asks when his last time was seeing prosecutor Seo Dong-jae. The cop says there was no last or whatever. When he saw him here was the first and last time. He scratches his hand. Si-mok notices.

MH – March 26, can you tell me where you went after work?

Cop – I went home and stayed home right away.

MH – Right away? You didn’t go anywhere else?

Cop – I went home right away.

MH – Did you go to work right away from home the next morning? No where else?

Cop – Yes.

MH – Who can prove it?

Cop – My family. My kids and wife.

MH – Your family members are the only ones to prove your alibi. what do you do if you meet this kind of suspect?

Cop – Suspect? Why am I a suspect? I didn’t get any money.

MH – We are talking about prosecutor Seo Dong-jae.

Cop – Why do I do anything to a prosecutor. Your sunbae said in this building that I am not guilty. I did not take any bribery. So policeman Song did not investigate anything about me at all. So why do I have to harm a prosecutor? Are you saying that your sunbae’s were wrong? Are you going to turn over your sunbae’s work with your own hand.

SM – What was the name? Of the person who said a young person like me studying law is more beneficial to society while he was killing a pawn shop ajumma who was no good to the society and selfish.

MH – I don’t know what you are talking about.

SM – Investigating their own brothers wrongdoing and turn them in. Murdering this selfish policeman Song is better for the group. Sacrifice one and save the team. Was that it?

MH – I still do not know what you are talking about.

SM – Did you understand prosecutor Seo? Did he say, how can you do that to your own team member?

MH – You can find out yourself what I said, you should have recorded everything.

SM – i was there.



Cut to policeman Kim talking to Yeo-jin. He says while in jail he joined a church group and regretted what he did. He realized that it was just like he killed policeman Song. I am sorry. He keeps crying.

YJ – Samchon warned you right?

Kim – *looks up*

YJ – I met your samchon and said you and your nephew planned this together and sent policeman Song to the saegok branch and kidnapped the prosecutor. After your samchon listened to that, he didn’t even contact you at all?

Kim – Me and samchon underwent hardship so we don’t talk to each other anymore.

YJ – Samchon didn’t say anything to you and you don’t talk to him, but the guy who hit the fellow officer is still in jail after one year and eight months. But the nephew of the police superintendent only served six months, why? Because Dong Doochun (a bigger district) investigated Sae-gok which was still under Dong Doo-chun You can’t deny that right?

Kim – Well, back then he already moved to another place.

YJ – So you are saying that your samchon’s influence did not work at all back then? Is lying part of your family history.

Back in the other interrogation. The cop says he is not a little kid that would kidnap that prosecutor.

SM – Sometimes you cannot separate poop and pee. In case someone was relieved after two years, believing that their crime was all covered up. But then you met someone that was investigating it again.

The mans fists clench.

Cop – I told you many times already. I was demoted because I did not properly take care of my team members. Not because I accepted money. I have no motive.

SM – Is it itching? You are doing that a lot.

Cop – I can’t even scratch my own nose?

SM – When your capillaries do not have enough circulation, the tip of your fingers and nose can have itchiness. Maybe your brain and your heart have the most blood now.

Cop – I don’t know what you are talking about.

SM – i am telling you that lying takes up a lot of energy. The brain that squeezes out all the lies uses up a lot of blood from your fingertips

Cop – I only saw prosecutor Seo once. I told him that policeman Song was a suicide case, not a homicide. if you do not believe my alibi, what can I do. Do whatever you want to do.

he sits back.

In the police station, Kim is still being interviewed. Yeo-jin remembers what the young policeman said about Kim behaving the worst out of everyone. She looks at him skeptically.

He leaves the station and gets back in his car. He drives off. Detective Seo Sang-won followed him. 

When the captain leaves the prosecutor office, a cop follows him.

MH – Kidnapping and hiding a person somewhere, they should at least see him once. Especially since he is under this interview. Maybe he feels a bit nervous.

SM – I hope so.

MH – Sunbae, did you take law philosophy as a freshman? You were talking about Crime and Punishment (By Dostoevsky). He also said that.

SM – Yes.

He looks at Min-ha suspiciously?


The cops look at the CCTV of Dong-jae. He filled up his car at 12:48 and he went to a restaurant at 12:42. He met prosecutor Min-ha at the restaurant. 

The captain sees this and starts to mark it.

Meanwhile, they start filming the Dong-jae’s wife so that they can put it on SNS for help to find Dong-jae. It is broadcast everywhere. She asks for the citizens help and talks about her husband being a good father and a prosecutor who follows his vocation. if you saw him with another person, or any tiny thing, please contact the police. We are looking for any tiny thing.

Lee Yeon-jae looks at the news. She touches her collar. Then she looks at her secretary who nods. They head out. She tells Park to stay there. Another driver comes with him.

Park asks the secretary where they are going and what she was doing. the secretary says she was watching a video. he asks, what video?

He follows the chairman in another car. She goes to someones house. Another car drives up and goes in.


Cut to Woo and Choi Bit meeting at a quiet lounge. 

CB – You should be feeling lost because the person you used as your hands and feet is gone.

Woo – *stares at her*

CB – You should ask me. Then you do not have to check on me behind my back. What did prosecutor Seo tell you about me.

Woo – do you think I asked him to do it?

CB – Maybe

Woo – Well, I didn’t. I didn’t ask that to Seo Dong-jae or anyone else. if I did it, I won’t tell you about the Park Hwang jae case that Seo Dong-jae brought to me. So don’t talk to me about it. In Namnamjoo, who leaked the information to Seo Dong-jae about my boss asking to catch the murderer about the lawyer?

CB – I found out who did it. Namnamjoo traffic investigation team leader. I checked on Seo Dong-jae’s recent phone record and interrogated him. He told me. But what he told the prosecutor was nothing.

Woo – Let me know what that nothing thing is.

CB – He just said the cause of death was a heart attack, but the prosecutor was bugging him so he said my name. My superintendent also asked me why this case was still dragging, it already ended. That is why I also finished it for the person investigating the case.

Woo – the former boss is investigating, so what would the police say? Okay, I told everything to the prosecutor? They may not say much in front of you, but you don’t know what they talked about between the investigation captain and Seo Dong-jae. We will never know.

CB – Why will we never know? If you don’t trust the policy side, then why don’t you find prosecutor Seo and ask him directly?

Woo – *drinks his drink*

CB – Well, you may not be able to ask him even if you can find him.

Woo – Why not? Do you think prosecutor Seo is dead?

CB – Two days for a grown adult to be missing. From my experience…

She gets a phone call. She steps to the side to answer it. It is from Yeo-jin.

Yeo-jin is walking down some steps.

YJ – I just met the family members of the college kids. Prosecutor Seo contacted them.

CB – Anything else?

The judge lawyer is sitting in the lounge as well. He is thinking about what Yeon-jae told him. To find out what kind of relationship Choi Bit had with the Lawyer Park. He kind of stuttered over it and says that he did not know them personally. What kind of relationship are you talking about?

She says she was asking him about it. He said, oh, yes, but if you give me a hint then it would be easier to find. She asked, don’t you want to be independent? He told her that he liker where he was instead of having a headache being independent. She asked, do you think we won’t give you enough work?

In the lounge, the former judge thinks he could make tens of millions easily.

Choi thinks that the prosecutor did not have anything to do with it.

The judge wonders what he should do. He mutters that he should have known about Choi Bit.

Choi Bit hears him? It seems like it. She walks back to Woo. Woo pours her a drink. he says Seo Dong-jae went to HanJo.

CB – How much does he know?!

Woo – Of course HanJo won’t say any truth to him, so that is okay. 

CB – But do you think HanJo did it?

Woo – if they really touched Seo Dong-jae….ugh.

CB – Well, if they did it, I would not be surprised if we do not find the body. If I did it do you think I would end it half cooked? If I am the criminal.

Woo – Are you luring or confessing?

CB – Luring.

Woo – Why are you luring me?

CB – You suspected me, right? You are suspecting me now.

Woo – *leans back* You are suspecting me.

CB – Here, there are two people who believed everything was underwater. But a third person floated it again and disappeared. One or the other, right? But it is not me.

Woo – I don’t know if you are the person or not, but it is not me.

CB – You aren’t and I am not. If one of us are involved then the other will be dragged. People will know everything and we will be destroyed.

Woo – People won’t know and we are not going to go under, forever. If we keep it quiet then HanJo will keep it quiet and who knows.

She drinks her drink he pours her another one.

Woo – If Hanjo really did it. But I didn’t tell anyone about HanJo, and we can’t find Seo Dong-jae forever….

CB – You just told a police officer. 

Woo – It’s your chronic disease.

CB – What?

Woo – Embracing….being embraced….this time, my guiltiness….back then….the same

They both drink.



The video of the wife is played somewhere. It looks like it is at the bad guys lair? A lot of comments are about how bad the criminals are and how innocent the wife looks. Why did they do that to the prosecutor?

This guy leaves a reply as well. He starts to type, it is someone you betrayed on conscience. But they erase it.


The former judge goes to the jail to meet with Kim Myung-hwan who was the Director General of Intelligence. He is a prisoner now. He tells the judge that he has a lawyer

The judge says he knows, it is your lawyer who got your arrested and has kept you in jail. The man asks how this big law firm knows about it.

The former judge manages to convince him to change his lawyer to him. He says he ran an internet reply team. Who knows what you did? Myung-hwan says he has a person that knows everything.


Chi Bit gets off the phone and tells the director to take care of himself. Then wonders why he called her like this.

Yeo-jin comes in right then with a file that is the interview record of the missing kids father and policeman Kim. Choi Bit asks if the nephew is a big guy like his uncle. She says no, he is different. She sees the name Oh Joo-sun.

Choi Bit says that back then the superintendent said they did not use violence against the driver, he just kicked the leg. But I remember that with his body size it was fortunate that he did not break the leg of the driver. The person who broke that news was Policeman Song.

Yeo-jin tells her that she is going to work from Yong-san. She leaves and sees Lawyer Oh Joo-sun come in (the former judge turned lawyer).

Choi Bit has him take a seat. He apologizes for coming without notice. She says it is okay and asks what he needs.

JS – I heard that you two know each other for a long time. I heard that you were in Namnamjoo branch before coming to headquarters.

CB – Yes.

JS – Where you still in Namnamjoo branch when the director leaked the information to his hubae?

CB – No, I was here. That is why I know things.

JS – Ah, that is good. Namnamjoo gives me a bad memory. It reminds me of one of the sunbae’s I knew. I couldn’t contact him too often because of our busy lives, but last year he had a car accident–

Her phone rings She apologizes and takes it.

it is Yeo-jin, she is calling from the elevator maybe and asks if she knows who that person is? Oh Joo-sun?

Choi Bit leans back and asks, so?

YJ – He is the Beach case lawyer, the ex-judge. 

CB – Okay.

She hangs up. Then she asks the lawyer what he wants her to say? I have a meeting. She goes to her desk. he stares at her then smiles. 

Yeo-jin gets a call from Jang Gun and asks, what came?


Cut to the police station where there is breaking news about the missing prosecutor. The suspect is a current policeman. 

The cops all read this. It is top ten on the search. The cops aren’t picking up the phone anymore, they are looking at the news. 

In Choi Bits office, she is on the phone with someone and says, last night you said you felt guilty but are betraying me like this!

Woo – i didn’t do it!

CB – Someone leaked it, that is why we have this kind of report out!

Woo – Saegok team leader, Oojumboo, everyone knows that the captain was investigated. Of course they will talk about it. One of their people disappeared and the police came for an interview. You should have asked us for the interview secretly.

CB – Are you talking about me asking to keep the interview secret also?

Woo – i am also looking for where the information leaked. Wait, I will call you back.

he hangs up and goes to someones office. A woman’s voice answers. He goes inside.

Meanwhile, The assistants in Woo’s office are analyzing the reply. A lot of reply’s are that the police are makjang. But the police say that it is all forgerized.

Si-mok is workin at his desk and Sa-hyun is listening to the assistants. Sa-hyun asks Si-mok, do you really think the policeman are criminals?

Si-mok says that they all have their alibi’s. I am checking one by one.

The assistants leave.

SH – Do you really think the police kidnapped prosecutors and dragged him and he is still missing? The right to investigate deal is already done. No one will say we should give the right to the police.

The assistants left to get a sandwich delivery so they come back in with it.

Han Yeo-jin calls right when Si-mok is about to have a bite of his sandwich. He hurries out.

Yeo-jin got a message from the criminal. It is part of Dong-jae’s tie. On the message it says: I am going to wash the dishes. But it is too late.

Fade Out


Okay, it looks like he might still be alive? Hopefully? I hope so. I love how a big twist was thrown today with Woo and Choi Bit talking to each other about some secret thing that happened years ago. So they are on the same side about something? Or they are forced to be on the same side about something? Either way it is interesting.

See y’all next week! Also, we plan on squeezing Park Bo Gum’s new drama into our schedule. He has signed up for the military and might have gone already, so his drama is fully pre-produced. Hopefully its a good one!


English Translation

YJ – You guys can’t catch me. How much this criminal looks down on the police to send this kind of message.

JG – I wonder if these kind of people get hurt with bad replies.

SM – have you heard whether prosecutor Seo has a sponsor?

CB – Whoever says it, just release it.

WC – Did you request to gather all those unfortunate events?

SM – Are you telling me that I should care about the public reputation?

SH – If Seo Dong-jae really comes as a dead body

Man – We should interview around, not try to find a dead body.

SM – Prosecutor Seo was investigating that person’s death

YJ – How can he even smell anything?

YJ – Usually we find something when we investigate around it

YS – I think the house is a single family house

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  1. Sarah
    September 6, 2020 / 11:52 am

    Ack! Ack! Ack! We didn’t see any footage of Dong Jae in his current state, so I’m going to hope he’s alive… it was sweet of Yeo-Jin to take Si-Mok back to his car after telling him she wouldn’t… Choi Bit calling out Yeo-Jin for wanting to play with her friend was funny… I’m actually not surprised she’s a mother… I wish Yeo-Jin had said something to acknowledge/reassure the captain when she took command of the investigation from him… What’s going to happen now that Director Park has lost Yeon-Jae’s trust?.. did Choi Bit and Woo Tae-ha have an affair on top of all their corruption?.. Lawyer Oh is so slimy… will poor Si-mok ever get to eat? I wish he would call someone (preferably Yeo-Jin) when he has a headache

    • V
      September 6, 2020 / 12:21 pm

      “Will poor Si-mok ever get a chance to eat”

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