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Stranger 2: Episode 8 Recap – Part 1

Currently worried at the prospects of Seo being alive. A little spot in my heart has opened up for him so…can you throw me a bone? Yes you beat him senseless at the end of the last episode and blood splattered everywhere, but maybe he’s still alright?

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




A car drives up an alley. Yeo-jin and Si-mok are inside. He gets out. She tells him that these things don’t happen often. You know, two of the coworkers, you know…

The leans over and asks, you say he is alive? She tells him, he must be alive. Si-mok says, we will know when we find him.

She tells him goodbye and drives off.

He looks at the ground at the scene of the crime. The blood stain is still there.

On the drive back, Yeo-jin has a call with someone who asks if she is crazy. How can you bring a prosecutor with you to the police station. Yeo-jin says she should  be with the prosecutor to know what they are doing. I just wanted to know them to win.

The person asks, its not like you wanted to be with them? What kind of relationship are you guys in?

YJ – Not in a relationship! I am working this late and you are asking me that, I am sad about it.

Choi Bit is at home doing her laundry.

CB – You were about to  give the ex police superintendent to a prosecutor as a suspect. 

YJ – He had a solid alibi so you do not have to worry. We recorded his work record that day and with prosecutor Hang we concluded that it was impossible for him to commit the crime in that short time.

CB – What did the superintendent say? 

YJ – He want us to apologize.

CB – That crazy guy. Does he apologize to everyone he suspected when he was investigating.

YJ – *chuckles* We have circumstantial evidence that prosecutor Seo asked around about you.

CB – *rattled* About me? 

YJ – No, nothing particular, but he asked around about what you told the family of the college kids. I am going to see him also. I will tell you the details after I meet the family members of the dead.

CB – *nervous* Okay.

They hang up and she puts some pants in the laundry. Then her daughter calls her in the other room.


Si-mok is still working. He is in his office right now. He is thinking about his conversations with Choi Bit and how they could not do anything because they did not have a warrant. they asked for it over and over again but the prosecutor returned it.

Sa-hyun sees him working and asks if he is not going home. Si-mok tells him that he works better there. Sa-hyun says he used to share a room with sunbae Lee once before. Lee Chang-joon sunbae. He was 5th or 6th year and I was a 1st year. Back then people told me I was so handsome to be a prosecutor.

Si-mok is all like, um, yes. Sa-hyun continues and says they had an event where all the prosecutors had to stay together. He was my roommate. Its nothing much. We worked and when we had time we washed our clothes and had lunch, that is what happened. 

SH – One day I was working on the weekend. People told me that Lee sunbae was dead. He jumped out of a building. I saw him like that after 13 years. I heard that you were in the same department as the missing person. So you work harder because a person you know disappeared. Also, for efficiency, you will be the most efficient person. But to me, it was difficult even though i had a 13 year gap.

SH – Not showing is not always a good thing. Tell me if you can’t refuse the investigation because Woo ordered you. It is out of your ability to investigate about prosecutor Seo.

SM – I am okay…About Woo, do you think if you were him, would you investigate about Choi Bit? Not by himself, but asking someone else to do it.

SH – Investigate? To find out the weakness?

SM – Yes. But it is not something critical. Nothing big, just tainting the reputation. 

SH – If you throw jabs continuously then it can be critical. No one can survive from continuous hitting. In 2011, the right to investigate issue, the head of the police was arrested. Of course we didn’t create something he didn’t do. But you saw this time, as soon as the committee happened, the director general of intelligence was arrested. Choi Bit is high enough to investigate. The important thing is not us investigating, it is that they shouldn’t be caught, even if we investigate.

SM – What if we create something if we can’t find anything. No one can survive that.

SH – Don’t you think they also make something up? As chief of police intelligence, she does not have her boss anymore, so she is the boss. You never know, they are even looking at our intestines. We should get ready.

SM – is this to get ready?

SH – Yes.

Starts to grab his things to leave.

SH – It feels a little unclean. Almost one day passed so you should be in a hurry to find the person. But you are asking me those things?

He looks at him.

SM – See you tomorrow.

Si-mo bows and Sa-hyun leaves. Simok gets back to work. He thinks about what Sa-hyun said, but then he has a huge siren go off in his head that he can’t take. He grips his ears in pain and stumbles to the window to open it for some fresh air. He breathes deeply and finally is okay. But he asks himself why.




Si-mok walks to his car and asks someone on the phone to please tell the superintendent. Not by mail. The secretary office can get it and sign for it.

He gets to the building and asks security where the secretary team is for the chairman. It looks like he is at Han-Jo Group’s building. the secretary or security person checks and Si-mok heads inside.

While he is waiting, a woman comes out an tells her that she can deliver his mail. He tells her no thank you. She says she is not fine with that. He says it is an investigation secret, can you step out. She is about to say this is our company, but goes back to her desk.

Si-mok looks thorugh his computer. Prosecutor Jung Min-ha emailed him a summary of the things that Dong-jae was working on. It is a list instead of the entire thing.

Then the secretary tells him that he can go inside Lee Yeon-jae’s office.

Si-mok goes in. LYJ tells him that she could have thrown him out. He thanks her for not throwing him out.

SM – You should be busy so I will cut to the chase. Prosecutor Seo Dong-jae is missing.

LYJ – I know

SM – I am following his trail. I noticed several phone calls and visits to you. 

LYJ – Your taking care of the case?

SM – What was it about?

LYJ – Around our board meeting, he just came and said that he supported me and those thing. You know he is good that that.

SM – *hands her a document* Prosecutor Seo’s phone record. Not the day he disappeared, but a week ago he had five phone calls between Han-Jo group. Was he supporting you five times?

LYJ – *quiet*

SM – Did you kidnap him? Otherwise, don’t let me waste my time. If I have any tiny little evidence then I need to go out and search. Already two days past.

LYJ – He helped me with finding my fathers condition. It was all personal. We mutually agreed.

SM – What about the day he disappeared. Han-Jo called him first.

SM – Chairman.

Director Park comes in and walks to Lee Yeon-jae. He apologizes for coming in but asks if he can give the answer.

SM – What did I ask?

Park – I called Seo the day he disappeared. I am sorry I did not report that to you in advance. Is that a good enough answer?

LYJ – Why did you talk to him without me?

Park – I am sorry. I asked him a favor to find out something we should know about the East branch.

SM – Something good to know?

Park – We are having trouble with the East prosecutor branch with our taxes. I suggested it to him. It was not an order from the chairman.

SM – So, you wanted to have an advantage for the lawsuit? Something to attack the east branch prosecutor office?

Park – Not to attack. Just something we should know.

SM – So what do you know now?

Park – Prosecutor Seo said he will look for it. But we don’t have anything. that is what the phone call was about before he disappeared. He said it would take more time. He had to meet the chief of the branch. That was the last thing.

SM – Did you really talk on the phone only? You didn’t meet together?

Park – We only talked. I can tell you everything about what I did that night if you need anything for an alibi.

LYJ – He is this confident so he should have prepared all the alibi he needed. Hwang Si-mok, I think it will e a waste of time.

Si-mok starts to leave.

LYJ – I had a promise with Seo. After everything is taken care of we will sit down for a meal together. Please find him so I can keep my promise.

Si-mok leaves.

LYJ – The chief of the east prosecutor branch and the guy that just left and the guy that disappeared all went through the same era. they were together in the prosecutor’s office. Park, you made that kind of person a betrayer to his hubae and sunbae. Now someone who can’t even defend himself.

Park – I am sorry.

LYJ – Whatever, your lie can not be useful at all because that guy is taking care of the case.

Park – I think he understood what we told him.

LYJ – If he is that kind of person, [my husband] wouldn’t have died, leaving everything to him.


Si-mok thinks about what Park said while he is walking through the parking garage. He also thinks about what Dong-jae told him about not visiting Kang Won-chul, the chief of the east branch in Seoul. Lets meet him together.

He gets a call from Woo’s office. The assistant says that his warrant was refused. Woo comes out of his office and asks if she is talking to Hwang? The assistant asks Sim-mok if he is at a certain branch. Then she tells Woo that he is on his way there, he stopped by Han-Jo first.

Woo lurches over and grabs the phone. He asks why he went to Han-Jo! But then he calms down and says that he can tell hi when he gets back. The assistants are all like, what just happened?

Woo and Kim leave. Kim Sa-hyun asks if Seo had something to do with Han-Jo? Woo doesn’t really answer, he just kind of averts and says maybe, could be? Kim says he heard that he was close with  Lee Chang-joon sunbae. If he was close then he could say hi.

Woo says, maybe, maybe so.

SH – Hwang should be in despair now because none of the people he had to interview are easy to find. the police and Chaebol…why was Seo’s last footage the police agency.

Woo – What?

SH – Don’t you know he was background checking Choi Bit also?

Woo – Who said that?

SH – I just assumed that he pocked around everywhere. *chuckles*

Woo keeps walking.



A man pulls a crime board to the front of the police room. It has information about Seo Dong-jae on it to aid in his disappearance. These two people are detective Park Soon-chang and Detective Seo Sang-won.

Detective Jang Gun is in another room talking with Seo’s wife. She asks if it is a public search? Will her kids be involved in it? He tells her that if anyone says something bad to them then they can investigate it.

She asks if the family information can be released? The kids are already in shock. What if the school finds out.

He asks, are you not agreeing with the search? If you do not agree then we cannot do a public search.

She says it is not that. I heard about the golden time stuff. Forty eight hours. If we can’t find him in that time.

JG – That is average. Do you agree with the public search?

Wife – Yes.

JG – His clothes when he was missing?

Wife – *quiet*

JG – I will write it down after checking his clothes from the CCTV. Excuse me.

Si-mok looks at her through the one way glass. She starts to check her phone. He goes into the room.

SM – I am prosecutor Seo’s hubae, Hwang Si-mok. Can I ask you a few questions?

Wife – Yes.

SM – How long have you been separated from your husband?

Wife – Huh?

SM – Your address and his workplace is far away. Did you commute everyday?

Wife – Well, when he works overnight he was in the room in the office. 

Jang Gun comes back in.

SM – He said he barely saw his kids faces.

Wife – Well. Between couples, what it seems and what happens can be different. Don’t say it like that.

SM – When was the last time you saw your husband.

Wife – W-Why are you asking me these things? D-Do you think I did that to my kids father?

SM – Other people don’t know what is between couples.

Wife – *looks away*

SM – Why isn’t the kidnapper asking for ransom money?

Wife – How do I know

SM – Who did you just text?

Wife – My mom! My youngest will be out soon!

SM – Do you date someone?

Wife – Me? Hey, you should not do this to me! You should find out what he was doing out there!

JG – What did he do?


The other officers go through all the facts and data they have in order to fine Seo Dong-jae. They are in the office area of the building. But then the chief comes in with Yeo-jin. 

The chief tells them that this case is a special case. Headquarters will take care of this case. Han Yeo-jin senior detective is in charge.

Everyone murmurs. The captain looks a bit embarrassed that he is not in charge. The chief keeps saying all the good things and leaves.

Yeo-jin comes in and asks if they are happy to see her again. They all chuckle. She tells them that they know each other so they don’t have to introduce themselves. We will have two teams for investigation. One team will look up about his work and his footage. 

She asks the Captain if he can take care of the footage. He nods. She tells them that the second team will take care of one of the branches (the corrupt branch). She will pick three people to take care of that.

She puts up some more information on the white board. The captain awkwardly uses jongdaemal and asks if these things are related.

Then Si-mok comes in. No one is happy that a prosecutor is there. But they all nod their heads in a bow to greet him.

Detective Seo Sang-won thinks this case is a grudge case against the prosecutors. Yeo-jin says the prosecutor department is investigating the cases that might have a grudge against him. 

Another officer says that even though they have a blood stain, for a grown adult we accept the missing report after one week. What if he put his own blood and is hiding somewhere now. That is not the first time it has happened. Like not to pay money or disappear from a personal relationship.

SM – He wanted to be promoted to the supreme prosecutor office. The missing person wanted to be promoted to the supreme prosecutors office and he wanted to meet the chief prosecutor in the supreme prosecutors office. the day he disappeared was the day he finally had a meeting with the chief. That kind of person would put his own blood on the ground and pretend to be missing?

JG – What if he shows up dramatically? People will support him and cheer for him.

SM – Are you saying that because you really believe that?

JG – He can. Who hasn’t experienced prosecutor Seo Dong-jae in our department. We were happy that he moved to another department. He went far away but talks about police killing each other and then is gone.

SM – Where did he go?

they are all quiet like they think he’s dead already.

Yeo-jin tells them that they need to get to work to find him. In this moment, the missing person could be losing blood. Here is no time to evaluate his life now. Lets find him.

Detective Park says they need to make a video of the missing person’s wife to ask publicly for help because they need more people to help them. they can put it on SNS.

The captain asks if they are going to film her face? That is too much exposure. Sang-won thinks that if something happened to a married person then 8 times out of 10 it is by the spouse. they all agree.

Park still talks about how everyone will watch the video. That is better than spreading papers around. Yeo-jin says they can ask the family. if they agree then okay.

They all start to head out. Si-mok tells the captain that he met Han-Jo group. The captain asks about it. Si-mok says that they wanted to find out about the ex-chairman.

The captain wonders why Han Jo Group is asking about their ex-chairman to prosecutor Seo? Si-mok tells him it looks like the father and daughter do not have a good relationship.

Si-mok sees a file or something like that and asks Ye-jin if Detective Jang is going to meet policeman Kim? Yeo-jin tells him no. She is. She called Policeman Yoon here. I hope it is not a waste of time. Si-mok asks why she worried about wasting time?

YJ – I want to go out and find him. I feel like I shouldn’t do things here. It is over 40 yours missing. But this is also my job.

SM – What will you do if you do not do this?

YJ – You know, just go out and find a mountain or something. I will feel better.

SM – Being comforted by doing those things is for field police. You wanted to be an office policeman right? If policeman Song’s case is homicide, then to these people *points at criminal cops* it is a whole different grade than a bribery case.

YJ – If they can cover it up then they could do anything. Even if it is a prosecutor. What if it was really suicide?

SM – We are just narrowing down the suspects. We can’t convince [someone] that after three days of prosecutor Seo missing that we don’t see any trace of him.

YJ – Who do you convince?

SM – *pauses* I am going to Lee Jung-boo

YJ – Why?

SM – To see team leader Baek (corrupt police team leader)

She asks if he brought his car today? She chuckles. He says yes, I am not taking a taxi. Then he walks out. But he sees one of the cops walking in who are being investigated. He looks worse for wear. Si-mok directs him where to go and looks at him for a long time.


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