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Stranger 2: Episode 7 Recap – Part 2

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Captain Choi Yoon-soo catches up with Si-mok outside the police station. He greets him and says he heard he came back to Seoul for this case. It should be okay this time right? Si-mok kind of nods and heads in.

They sit in a private conference room. Min-ja sent Si-mok a text right then to says she sent him all the information he asked for. The captain comes in and gives him the information as well.

Si-mok looks at all the photos. One of them is about the wire that is hanging. it was from the CCTV inside the car. They think the criminal would have driven the car outside the neighborhood first so that the neighborhood would not be the crime scene.

In this neighborhood, there are no CCTV’s. Perhaps he picked this neighborhood on purpose. So they should be a person that knows about this neighborhood. Most of all…we really don’t have anything. We have to find the person but the only thing we can do is search the scene. So, the reason I called you is because your name is in the phone list.

Si-mok looks at the phone list curiously. he thinks about Woo calling Dong-jae at 10 o’clock. Si-mok says he talked to him about work. It was about adjusting the investigation rights.

The captain asked if there was anything peculiar? Si-mok says Dong-jae told him it was difficult for him because his work changed and he was away from his kids and all that. Then he asks about what this case is? The beach case?

The Captain tells him that two college kids died on the beach earlier. Si-mok says he knows about it. The captain says this kid is the one that survived. Si-mok asks, what? Prosecutor Seo called the survivor?

The kid told him that it was not the first time prosecutor Seo contacted him. The captain starts to talk about the kid that survived who said he would never drink alcohol again. But later he heard that a person pulled the restricted sign out and got away with it because they had a judge lawyer. So he thought it was not an accident.

But that time, a prosecutor from the district called and talked about the case. 

We see a flashback with officer Park Soon-chang talking on the phone to the college kid. The kid said a prosecutor called him and talked to him about the case. At first he thought he called him to help. Soon-chang asked when the first time was that he talked to him.

The boy said it was when everything was in the news about the prosecutor not working properly. But he talked about some strange things. 

Cut to the captain telling Si-mok the strange things. That the friend died, not because of the prosecutors. He asked the kid if Choi Bit came to see him or not. He asked those things.

Si-mok asks if prosecutor Seo if there is anything else. The captain starts to think about it. 

In another flashback, all the cops under Captain Choi talk about the case. Seo Sang-won wondered why the prosecutor told the kid those things. He didn’t say he would sue the prosecutor. They wonder about it. Seo also called the father of one of the deceased college kids. 

The captain says he has a history of calling the deceased parents. It appears that he was looking for reasons to ruin Choi Bits reputation possibly. He said the same thing to the parents. The surviver said he would not receive Seo’s call anymore since he made no sense.

The captain says the kid accepted his phone call again and prosecutor Seo said more nonsense so the kid hung up. 

Si-mok looks over the phone record and starts to make connections. the captain thinks about what Jung Gun said in the car about how Choi Bit asked the family members to talk bad about prosecutors. Why would he investigate those things?

Soon-chang is about to say something. He leans forward and says, if prosecutor Seo disappeared while investigating about Chief Choi, do you think she really would not be involved?

the captain thinks that is dumb, would the police official kidnap someone and beat them up because someone is looking into her? If so then all the prosecutors would be dead by now. Whenever we talked about adjusting the investigation rights, the prosecutors arrested a lot of ex policemen. Why aren’t they already be in jail?

The chubby officer says that if what he aid was true then the cops would have killed all those prosecutors. The magnae (youngest of the group) apologizes.

In the present, the captain continues to talk to Si-mok about the phone records and asks him if he has contact with Han-Jo group? Because prosecutor Seo has a lot of back and forth calls with them. But they cannot confirm it because Han Jo is not accepting their phone calls.

Si-mok says he will investigate it. the captain asks if he can share what he finds with them. Si-mok agrees. The captain pulls out the navigation record for Seo’s car. But they do not have a record for yesterday. They don’t know if he did not use it or if the criminal removed it.

Si-mok tries to take it but the captain says he will make him a copy, this is the original copy. He pulls it back then walks to the room to make a copy. Si-mok follows.

Si-mok sees a persons sketch of a gochujang container that says “we are watching you” which reminds him of something that Jung Min-ha said. (great use of PPL!).

The captain tells him that they have something that was not in the file but it might be the weapon. Sim-mok asks what that is.




Yeo-jin is at the crime comparing the crime scene with the photo she took. Si-mok walks up to her. They start to chat.

YJ – How is prosecutor Seo’s parking skills, is it bad?

SM – No, he takes care of everything he has and if he has time, he properly parks the car. 

YJ – That means he parked and hurried out. maybe he didn’t find someone here. There was a blood stain in the alley. Maybe he was someone in the alley, no that he went to the alley.

They both start to picture what happened. Seo parks his car and walks to a person. This person grabs a brick and tries to hit Seo with it. But Seo stopped him, grabbed the brick and hit the guy with it.

They both think about that. Seo is not a defenseless guy, he is a big guy. Maybe he turned his back and the other guy grabbed the brick and hit him with it. That means…

We see this happened in a flashback. Seo is knocked out on the ground. The blood spot is behind the car. The criminal should have stood here. he might have met him on accident, which means that the criminal lives around here.

They should have removed prosecutor Seo’s car first. They should not have left it around the house.

SM – if he doesn’t live here then that means he lured prosecutor Seo here.

YJ – To lure a person in the car, the criminal should have his own car. No. What if prosecutor Seo drove the criminal here and dropped him off?

SM – Dropped him off here? if he did that then he should have parked the car properly.

YJ – What if he was angry at the criminal and just stopped the car.

SM – Do you have any human trace on the passenger side?

YJ – They are investigating it, it will take some time.

SM – Well, if Seo came here in one car, what do you think the criminal did after prosecutor Seo passed out?

YJ – he should have moved him from the ground before anyone saw it.

SM – *shakes head*

YJ – *sighs*

SM – You should move the body by using the car. Unless he went into a house around here with prosecutor Seo on his shoulder.

YJ – What if he did? He should have come out and taken the car somewhere. But what if he had an accomplice? Then it is possible either way. Ah, we have to find him as quickly as possibly, a day almost passed.

SM – DO you know where Dong Doo-chan police superintendent is? 

YJ – *shakes head*

SM – Before prosecutor Seo disappeared, he may have met the Dong Doo-chun superintendent.

They both walk away.


Choi Bit is still in the office working. It is late. She is making copies of something that has a doodle on it then gets a call from Yeo-jin. She does not accept the phone call. She keeps getting the copies out of the machine and starts to organize them. Then puts the file back in the file spot and leaves. The camera zooms in on this file spot.

Back in the alley, Yeo-jin looks at her phone then asks Si-mok why prosecutor Seo meets Dong Duchan police superintendent?

SM – The person that works for prosecutor Seo said that Seo wanted to find out police Kims whereabouts by himself. Of course he should ask the super intendant.

YJ – So he found out the relationship between them?

They both get into her car. She tells Si-mok that she is not coming back here. He says he will take a taxi. She tells him taxi’s cot a lot from Dong Doo-chan to here. He tells her that he did not know they were going to Dong Doo-chan.

She says one of her bosses moved next to Dong Doo-chan. Si-mok asks which district. So Yeo-jin says she is calling her. She calls Choi Bit. But she does not answer. Yeo-jin thinks she is busy.

SM – Your boss Choi Bit told you that the superintendent and cop are uncle and nephew?

YJ – Yes.

SM – She is quick for information

YJ – Of course. She is the top of police intelligence. Before….ahh!

She thinks back to doodling on a report while she was at work. But then she heard the boss coming so she hid it. Choi Bit gave her an address to where officer Kim was. She left. Yeo-jin scratched out her doodle.

YJ – Ah, in order to meet the superintendent, prosecutor Seo should have called first. 

SM – That is the case file?

YJ – Yes, it is the phone record from the desk phone, not the cell phone. Do you have Ooijongbu police on there?

SM – yes

YJ – Maybe that is the place.

Si-mok calls the number.

Cut to them showing up at the police department. they wait in the hallway because it seems like the meeting is delayed to meet the chairman of Han Jo. Si-mok thinks they should go to the company tomorrows. 

Yeo-jin wonders if that should work. They will stop us in the lobby. But then a cop comes out and asks if they wanted to see him? He might be the Dong Doo-chan superintendent?

They say that they have questions about his nephew. He shakes his head and escorts them in. Yeo-jin asks Si-mok, this size? Si-mok says yes. the officer asks, what? But they shake their head.



In a new scene, the officer flips a chair in anger and tells them that he did not send him to Sae-gok (the corrupt place where Song died). 

YJ – Did you tell prosecutor Seo the same thing?

Man – What?

YJ – Another person contacted you with that old story right? What did you talk to prosecutor Seo Donjae about?

Man – I didn’t talk to him, I don’t even remember, I have 100 phone calls a day.

YJ – What did you say?

Man – Are you not listening! I don’t remember! Our department is so busy with all the planning and money!

YJ – We receive many phone calls a day as well. But your department is a department where a prosecutor calls directly. I thought you were pushed to the side.

Man – AISH! Yes, I was pushed out from the ladder. But I am still your superior. *looks at Si-mok* You shouldn’t come here like this.

Si-mok is abut to say something. Yeo-jin stops him.

YJ – Lets go to our headquarters if you don’t like it here.

Man – headquarters? Are you showing off? Yay! You work for Choi Bit?

YJ – *stands in anger* Don’t call names.

Man – So what? She and I were once superintendents. So I can’t say her name?

YJ – F-you, you are demoted because of your violence and she is not Chief of police intelligence. If you do not behave then I will say your name.

SM – You saw the news? Seo Dong-jae is missing and we think it is kidnapping.

Man – *huffs and curses* I can’t even say this straight, are you saying i did something to the prosecutor because I talked to him on the phone? So I am a kidnapper?

YJ – You said you didn’t talk to him.

Man – What? i didn’t even see his face. Am I crazy! Why should I kidnap him! I am a policeman!

YJ – You sent police Song to Sae-gok branch and you knew that he was depressed because your nephew was bullying him.

Man – What you were talking about the prosecutor and now you are talking about the Seo-gok branch?

SM – We had suspicions about the former Dong Doochan superintendent.

YJ – What?

SM – You were punished because of Song. But is that a big enough grudge to kill a person? The police superintendent held a grudge and asked his nephew to kill a person, like that. This is less of a motivation for a murder case. I thought the superintendent was a little less suspicious for a murder case.

YJ – What if something unexpected happened? Even if the uncle did not know that the nephew was taking bribery money from the bars. And police Song that you sent to be bullied found out about the corruption and investigated the case and the nephew killed Song. And on top of that, a prosecutor wants to dig up this case after two years. If he knew that the nephew was the criminal then this guys heart should drop.

YJ – He is worrying about his nephew or if others find out that he ordered it

They were talking about him like he wasn’t there. Then the superintendent flips the table and we see a flashback of the superintendent hitting the prosecutor with the brick.

The superintendent tells them he will bring it! Stay right here and wait for it! He throws some tables and walks out. 

YJ – He is bringing an alibi?

SM – He was prepared.

They look off at him walking away. The superintendent calls someone when he goes into another room.

Cut to Seo all wrapped up in tape and blinded with something around his eyes. He is on the floor. His forehead is still bloodied.

A person walks in with a bottle of water. But Seo’s mouth is taped as well. he leaves the bottle there though Seo has no way to drink it.

Seo is able to kind of move a little bit towards where he thinks the water might be. But he is super tied up and crawling on the floor. This causes him to sneak peak a bit under his blind fold.

He sees the bad guy come in again. he kneels in front of him. Seo kicks him a few times like a mermaid. But the guy stand s up and hold a gun to his head maybe? Or a bar or something and hits Seo several times. Blood splatters on the wall. The man drags him away, blood drags behind him.


Oh no! I hope Seo is still alive! he really got beaten across the head or face or something so things look break. But I really like him because he works so hard! Argh, well, I guess we will find out tomorrow but it looks like all signs point to his body disappearing and never being found again.


English Translation

SM – Alive?

YJ – He must be alive.

Wife – I heard you have things like golden time.

SM – Why is the kidnapper not asking for ransom money?

YJ – In this moment, the missing person might be dripping blood somewhere. Lets find him.

SM – The brain creating all those lies is drawing blood from your finger tips.

YJ – Kidnapping someone and putting them somewhere. They have to visit at least once to see them.

LYJ – Prosecutor Hwang was in the case.

SM – What did he come here for?

YJ – To hide it, they could have done anything. If the other person is a prosecutor.

JG – Are you taking care of police man Kim’s case?

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