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Stranger 2: Episode 7 Recap – Part 1

Time to find out what happened to Dong-jae! I hope he’s okay. He may be smarmy at times, but don’t hate the player hate the game, right? I actually like him a lot and can feel his pain of not getting ahead even though he does everything he is supposed to do. So good luck Seo Dong-jae, I am rooting for youuu!

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Si-mok walks up a street and goes into a small diner style restaurant. Kang Won-chul is drinking in a booth. Si-mok sits across from him.

WC – It is all done. Just leave it alone. Nam Jae-ik has all the public blame and the son quit his job. It is already in the tomb, why are you digging it up again?

SM – Why do you need why? Everyone has a different starting line but at least the goal line should be equal. That is what senator Nam said. Then he put his son in the bank. The competition was 2800 people, they only picked 15. 

WC – Hey, without him, whoever will be hired will be hired. Whoever won’t, won’t.

SM – If someone didn’t pass the exam to be the judge but becomes a prosecutor because of their father, will you say the same? It is not done yet. Everyone is just keeping themselves quiet.

WC – Woo is also involved in this case.

SM – I didn’t ask him for anything

WC – Okay, you also don’t want anything from me. One of the politicians who put his own brother as an executive did not get prosecuted. Actually, he sued the prosecutors for defamation and [some other things]. Do you know what the prosecutor’s said? They wondered if they had to punish that prosecutor. Do you think you are different? Don’t think about coming to see me for help later.

SM – When you told me to come here, I already threw away that idea.

WC – Yai-ma! Hey, you should know what is going on in your age and experience. Are you happy to make everyone around you tired all the time.

SM – Maybe I made you feel tired? Maybe I did it before also.

WC – You before…ugh. But now we are in different social status.

SM – Maybe I will be the one that never realizes it until the end. The things I should know at a proper age. I am not doing it because I like it.

WC – Then why don’t you not do it? You can just not do it. *sigh* stand up. 

SM – *leaves*

WC – *keeps drinking*

Si-mok drives away. He thinks about what Won-chul said while he is driving away. He also thinks about what he said about not knowing things he would know at the proper age.


Cut to the newspaper owner riding in his car. He sighs and looks out the window.

Yeon-jae is looking out a window as well in her office. They are both thinking about what they said to each other in the restaurant. He told her it wasn’t about her, it was about what situation is most profitable for him.

She tuns and sits at her desk. The paper on her desk says that it is the proposal to separate the chairman and the board of chairs and was voted no. She is happy about that.

She looks at another paper. It is Choi Bit. She starts to read this profile.




Woo and Si-mok walk up into their building. Woo wonders what happened to Dong-jae? He wanted to meet with me so I set aside some time but he did not show up.

Si-mok asks, he did not show up to see you?

Woo says he did not come at all, I can’t even contact him. He isn’t picking up the phone, tsk, that guy.

He gets a phone call from an unknown number. It is Detective Jang Gun. But Jang Gun did not know it was Woo’s phone. Woo starts talking to him and says that he and Seo had a phone call, why are you asking me that? What? He disappeared? Why? Are you sure?


Han Yeo-jin is talking to someone on the phone. Maybe it is Si-mok. But Si-mok says he is on the phone. She apologizes. He tells her it is because prosecutor Seo disappeared. I will call you!

She stands up quickly and looks around. But everyone in the office is quiet.

Choi Bit comes in and tells them all that she had a meeting. Call me after three o’clock. Han runs out of the office.


Woo yells something in the hallway about Dong-jae. Si-mok says he told him everything he knows. Woo yells, so where is her? He is not a little kid, he is a grown up adult!

Si-mok thinks back to a text message and what Woo said about meeting Seo. So He asks him why he wanted to meet with Seo. Woo tsks and heads to his office.

Kim Sa-hyun is there already so he asks what happened. But the two ignore him and go into Woo’s office.

Woo starts to ask Si-mok what Seo was involved in that could get him in trouble? Investigating gangsters or conmen? Seo asks why Woo wanted to meet with him. Woo said Seo was begging him. Si-mok says Woo contacted him first this time.

Woo – Are you interrogating me?

SM – If I am interrogating you then I would ask you if it was true that you did not see prosecutor Seo last night. So why did you contact him?

Woo – Do you know something?

SM – Me?

Woo – You’re sunbae who stuck with you until yesterday disappeared. What is your behavior? You would be more surprised if your neighbors dog disappeared. If you did not know this is advance, how can any human behave like this? Did you plan it together?

SM – What time where you planning on meeting on meeting him?

Woo – I-jashik, ten o’clock in Yeoido. The think I talked to you about and the thing I talked to him about were different. Do you think I would only talk to you. He did not come.

SM – He did not receive the phone call or the phone was turned off?

Woo – It was off from the beginning.

SM – As you said, this case could have been started from Oo-i-jungboo branch. Nothing to do with Seo investigating Saego police branch. 

Woo – You go to Ooijungboo prosecutor branch.

SM – I don’t have a right to investigate Ooijungboo because you said the supreme prosecutor office won’t do our own investigation.

Woo – Cham, just go when I tell you!

Si-mok leaves. Woo calls the Ooijungboo branch. Sa-hyun sits on his desk and listens. Woo tells them he has a problem with a local prosecutor so the supreme prosecutor office should lead the investigation.

SH – You should give the work to an appropriate person. Hwang is not the person for it.

Woo – Why! *to another person* Can I come see you now?

Meanwhile, while walking away Si-mok remembers that the police chief also received money. He confirmed it with the business owners. He starts to think about what Dong-jae told him about the case.

He hops on the phone and tells the person that he wants to be updated on the list of cases that Seo took care of. He also calls Jang and tells him to update him with the cases. He wants everything they have.


Someone voices over that the couple that owned a bar came home after midnight and saw the car parked in front of their house. 

The couple looks at the car and wonders who would park it in front of their house. Then the wife sees the blood on the ground.

In the hospital, Jang brought the wife to find out if the blood was her husband blood. They are getting DNA samples of her son. The cops think that the wife is brave, she is worrying about the son first.

Jang went back to the offices and called the person on the phone. It ended up being Woo Tae-ha. jang told him that he was in this person’s phone list. Jang calls someone else as well to talk about the list.

Then he gets a call back saying that the DNA came back in. It is Seo Dong-jae’s blood. He has two phones up to his ear. Yeo-jin asks to see the photo of the scene. Jang says she is technically an outsider so he can copy it. She thanks him and says she will be there.

She is at the scene right now and starts to look around. There are a lot of cops there looking around. It is a packed crime scene.



Back at the police department. The cops try to figure out if the crime happened somewhere else and was then brought there. With his body size, one person should not be able to move him.

They are all frustrated because they can’t find out anything. But the boss says that is a good thing, that means he could still be alive. But his cell phone was disconnected at 8:50pm. So he had one hour and fifty minutes from when he left the office to when the phone cut off.

But it is difficult because there are so many houses there. It would be difficult to search them all. Lets go out and search. 

They head out but Jang Gun makes a secret copy of their report and leaves it under his computer. Yeo jin comes and picks it up. She takes photos of the pictures and looks through the report.

She goes to the TV room where everyone is looking at CCTV of Seo’s route. They need to find out. There are three ways to enter that scene, but there are no CCTVs. Choi Bit calls her right then so she has to run off quickly.


Si-mok gets to a prosecutor office. Prosecutor Jung Min-ha introduces herself and walks with him. She says their chief worries about the case. She is about to tell him but he says later. What did he do last when he entered the office?

Flashback to what Seo Dong-jae was doing before leaving. It was a school bullying case where a student was locked in the bathroom. This kid was one of the bully’s. So, Dong-jae was asking him if that was the way a person should behave?

The kid doesn’t really care so Dong-jae tries to talk some sense in him but the kid says he is under 14 so nothing can happen to him. Dong-jae is frustrated. The two other adults in the room can’t believe that they keep having more and more kids like that.

He asks his assistant if she found an address for him. She says no so he says he will find it and heads out. that was his last moment at the office.

In the present, the two assistants say they do not know where he went to investigate. They also cannot check the computer because they do not know the password. He also did not officially start any reports about this case. So our chief said we should be quiet about the reinvestigation case to the police until we have something. that is why we didn’t tell them when they came here to interview.

They wonder if that is the cause of this? Si-mok asks if they have any other guess? She says no. The tech guy has been working on the computer all this time and opens it for them. So the assistants look through it for any clues.

Captain Choi Yoon-soo calls Si-mok when they are looking at the computer and says that his number was in Dong-jae’s last phone call list. Do you remember why you called him? Hello? Hello?

Si-mok says he asked their team to send the case file to him. Did you do that? The Captain tells him that he is outside the office, but he will send it to him when he gets back. Si-mok tells him that he will come there now.

Si-mok tells the assistants to check all the web surfing history and all the cookies. He will look at it later. he gives them the names of all the cops from that corruption case and what to do in the meantime.

Prosecutor Jung tells him the corrupt captain from the police department is on vacation for a few days. Si-mok tells her to contact him. She asks if he is going to request a search warrant?

Si-mok says they can request it but it will not be accepted because the courts will think it was difficult to prove the necessity of the warrant. She tells him a prosecutor disappeared so the courts should consider it. But Si-mok doesn’t think so.

She asks him if the supreme prosecutor office is taking over the Sae-gok police corruption case only or also including Seo Doong-jae’s disappearance as well. 

he tells her both. She thinks that is good since they do not have to do it. He asks if she has a lot of work. She says it is  not that, it is that if we investigate it then the Dong guchan police department will do it. But if you investigate it then a different police department will do it. (Basically, their own police people will investigate their own corruption case).

She thinks it is still cops investigating cops so no one will do a proper investigation. She says Seo was a good prosecutor, she spent her training period under him. Si-mok tells her, me too. He heads off.

Elsewhere, the captain gets a call. They think they found the weapon used. Cut to a woman telling the cops that they had four of something all the time but they only had three today. Jang Gun tells the captain that a brick might be the weapon. They always had four bricks, but today it is just three. They are bricks she uses to do something with.


Yeo-jin is late to the meeting. the two men talk sarcastically about her being late. Yeo-jin ignores them and tells Choi that she needs to talk to her in person. Choi tells the two men to leave.

YJ – Chief

CB – Is it kidnapping?

YJ – I think so. 

CB – One hit?

YJ – Yes. The blood stain belongs to the car owner.

Choi looks though the information she gives her. 

CB – A lot of things happen. A crazy guy can follow on the street and mug. They do not know that the other person is a prosecutor or not. It shouldn’t be. You ever know. What if the prosecutor team did it to put us in a corner? I went too far. Han, prove that police Song’s death and prosecutor Seo’s disappearance has nothing to do with the police.

YJ – I hope so, but what if it isn’t?

CB – i am not asking you to catch the criminal or find the missing person. The detectives will do it.

Choi gets a phone call from a superior. She asks why they are delaying the committee all of a sudden. One prosecutor disappearance is not related to the committee at all. I will tell them to follow our plan, we cannot delay it anymore.

But she hangs up looking upset about the outcome.

YJ – Even if it is disadvantageous to the police, I cannot do things like I did before.

Choi – What things?

YJ – If the Seogok branch is involved with Prosecutor Seo’s disappearance, we need to investigate it.

Choi – Hey Han, if I say that then you would turn me in. You should not treat me as a boss, if I use someones death for my advantage. Find the truth.

YJ – Yes

Yeo-jin leaves. Choi calls someone and tells them that she heard they cannot open their committee because one prosecutor disappeared. But then she grows alarmed and asks, when was it?

Choi Bit stands up and looks at Yeo-jin at her desk. She still has the phone to her ear.


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