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Stranger 2: Episode 6 Recap – Part 2

This is part two of our live recap for the Korean drama Stranger 2!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Yeo-jin follows Choi Bit into the old director general of Intelligence’s office. She asks Choi if they have a new one now?

YJ – One and a half years ago is before you came here right?

CB – Why are you talking about one and a half years ago?

YJ – The time congressman Nam’s son was hired even though he was not qualified at all. It was before you became the chief of police intelligence.

CB – Yes, I was in Nam Yangju branch.

YJ – Maybe you did not know about the senator, but this February seventh, you were here on the intelligence team where all the information is gathered.

CB – February 7th, are you talking about if I knew the drug dealer case?

YJ – Yes.

CB – *steps to her* You said you didn’t see the envelope.

YJ – Yep, when you asked me, I didn’t see it. Because I thought delivering it quickly was the most important thing so I did not delay any time.

CB – But you made a copy. You saw it after you left the National Assembly.

YJ – You wanted me to see it.

CB – We have a different memory.

YJ – It was only usb inside. If it was written, no looking at all, then I would not have. Because me, who should not know what is inside, will know what is inside. But I could have just carried what was in the envelope with my bare hand. ‘Don’t open it, just deliver it’. You told me that on purpose. You did not need to restrict it. You knew that I would see it.

CB – If you knew it then why did you have as planned?

YJ – Why did you involve me?

CB – You were the closest from the south branch.

YJ – *drops arms*

CB – Our reform council is temporary. As soon as we have independent investigative rights, it should be disassembled. have you thought about what’s next? Even if the council is disassembled, I will stay here. Where do you think you will be?

YJ – I will be on the crime scenes.

CB – Detective Han, I did not have much chances during my time. But the worst thing is a youthful person who does not have any big will. Don’t you know how many people wait in line to get promoted?

YJ – Are you talking about using this kind of relationship? It means you are taking care of these people that are waiting? Is that the big will you are talking about with being corrupt?

CB – What do we have to do? Prosecutors are our boss for the last 70 years. Now we want to get out of it. The head of the law assembly will be the head prosecutor. Without his approval, the law cannot even go to congress. Whatever we do with the prosecutor is nothing. We try so hard to put one of our people on the law council. Do you think the prosecutor team will not do anything? Do you think they put that troublesome person to the head of the law council because they are stupid?

CB – The supreme prosecutor office sent two sides a message by putting nam as the head. First, to Nam, we will protect you so listen to us. To us, your investigation does not matter, we are not going to indict Nam Jae-ik. that is the message. It won’t work anyways. So if he is not arrested then we will get all the blame from the public. But in that moment, the southern police department calls.

W see a flashback of all this.

CB – The drug dealer leaked Nam’s son’s name. What would you do if you were in my positions?

YJ – Order to arrest the drug buyer.

CB – Nam won’t step down from his position even if his son is arrested. The head of the law assembly will be our enemy. We will never remove that prosecutor who leads all the investigations from the law.

YJ – I was in Yongsan branch. Itaewon is part of it. We deal with the most drug related crimes. Drug dealers will never talk about VIPs. That is the rule. Dealers only hand over unimportant buyers and the police get their points. Unnamed VIPs pay for the drug dealers lawyer and jail time. the congressman’s son mean VIP. Do you think the dealer willingly told the name?

CB – Do you think it is fake? that he said he did drugs when he didn’t?

YJ – His son is a druggie. The intelligence knew about it. When congressman Nam was appointed as head of the law assembly, then the police arrested the drug dealer. 

CB – You are saying that the police kept it quiet? That is true. So what. Are you going to reveal it? What do you think will happen?

YJ – Are you going to let that kind of guy free who took other peoples jobs and was a druggie who still has not gotten hurt.

CB – Who wants to see it? You know that drug problem doe snot end with one. And the law assembly will end in half a year. Are you that kind of person who cannot wait half a month and will ruin our 70 year wish? if it really bothers you and it gives you a hard time then reveal everything. How can I stop you. Reveal it all.

CB – The intelligence information is top secret until we have the next director general. I have access to it. A few years later, you can be here. *puts her jacket on the rack* I thought I found it, the hubae that is worthy of supporting. You make your own goal.

YJ – Why are you reading the report in this room? You know the password, you can look at it in your office.

CB – You really don’t know what this involves. What you experienced is nothing.

She leaves the office. Everyone looks at her. then they go back to looking at their desk. she walks off.


Woo and Simok talk in Woo’s office. Woo says that stupid son did drugs so he is on the police side now. Did she say anything else?

SM – She didn’t tell me anything.

Woo – of course, of course, don’t worry.

SM – Actually, I started it from the southern branch. The envelope said Gangeenamboo (southern branch).

Woo – *clears throat* What about Seo Dong-jae?

SM – He is busy finding out information about the guy from the saegok branch (the corrupt police branch)

Woo – We have a second meeting for the council next Thursday. It is at the same location so get ready for it.

Simok says he will and heads out. Then he gets a text message.

Text – I really didn’t think you would talk about me. Thank you.

Then Kim Sa-hyun walks up. He asks him if he has a backer? Tell me who it is if you do. We should know who we should not crush. Simok says he does not. Sa-hyun asks whose car that is. Simok asks what car?

SH – I didn’t tell this to your boss but I saw everything.

SM – What car?

SH – You hopped into an expensive car in front of the offices, who was that?

SM – Ah, well, I don’t have to tell you.

SH – You should not do this already

SM – What am I doing already?

SH – Don’t you know why we picked you? It is all about your image

SM – You say we?

SH – What?

SM – After I joined the council, you were picked among all other candidates. But you say we? Okay, you were already decided among your friends.

SH – What about it?

SM – You can tell Woo.

SH – Why are you looking at me like that? So what do you want?

SM – Aren’t you going in?

Sa-hyun walks in angrily. Simok walks away confused.

Sa-hyun storms into Woo’s office and angrily asks why that guy is doing that? Woo asks, what guy? At lunch?

SH – No not at lunch. We are all helping each other.

Woo – Dong didn’t come, he text me

SH – He didn’t come but he wont oppose us. By the way, the south branch will work with us to investigate Han-Jo

Woo – Kang Won-chul will do that?

Flashback to Sa-hyun talking to the south branch

VO – It is important to investigate chaebols but the longer the team leads the investigation, the more the prosecutor is doing a good job. We should not share the investigation rights with the police. The citizens will know about it.

Woo – Why are you angry then?

SH – Kang Won-chul, now I understand why you are uncomfortable with him.

Woo – He is too stiff.

SH – Stiff and people from that branch are all like that.

Woo – What?

SH – West branch

Cut to the flashback again where Won-chul asked Sa-hyun how Simok was doing? He is not just used for his face right? You will be in trouble if you use him like that. Sa-hyun says he will make sure he wont’ be in trouble. Won-chul says, I am telling you that using him as a face will be trouble. You have to use him well.

Sa-hyun chuckled and asked, do you think the rest will  be in trouble? Won-chul looks at him for a moment and then says, well, if you think so. then he walks away.

SH – He was strangely a jerk. When I think about what he said, I thought that maybe Hwang had someone behind him.

Woo – he doesn’t

SH – He doesn’t behave and he doesn’t care about others. He may have something behind him so I asked

Woo – You asked him to his face? What dd he say?

SH – This jashik, if not then that is fine but in my time I couldn’t even make eye contact with a senior prosecutor. But he kept talking back to me. He is strange.

Woo – I thought he was strange when he was on TV before.

SH – Then why did you bring him here?

Woo – I thought he wanted attention. Maybe he wanted to go to politics so I would give him the spotlight and we can have his image. I thought he was an easy target to take advantage of. 

SH – But not everyone goes to Yoido (like going to DC). We brought him here, his finger prints should be removed (by rubbing his hands together in thanks).

Woo – Do you like hubaes like that?

SH – Aigo, no. 

Woo – *smirks*

SH – it is just funny that everyone is bowing and he is the only one stiff. I don’t like it.

Woo – He shouldn’t have anyone behind him.

SH – maybe not. I have two bosses now.

He heads out. Woo Chuckles. But then he grows serious and calls someone. 

Woo – Its me, congressman. is everything cleared? Do you want me to see you?




A drone is flown illegally around the rich house. the secretary sees it and the drone backs up.

Someone in a skyscraper, takes photos of Han-Jo group that is in another skyscraper.

In front of the former chairman’s house, a fake electrician sit on a perch on a wire and checks who is coming in and out. he takes photos with a huge camera. 

Cut to director Park telling Lee Yeon-jae that they found out about the doctor, but he is not cooperating with us. We did find out the name of his disease. It is obsessive compulsive disorder. 

She asks, compulsive? How compulsive?

He says, to find it out we have to make him explode.

She sighs and then tells the director Park that they need to announce that her brother and father should come to the board meeting in person. Not with a representative. If they do that then she will be there in person as well. And we need some kind of protesters. 

He asks how they can get it in front of the protesters. She says they need a lot of noise in front of the building to welcome her father’s homecoming. He says he will do that.

Meanwhile, the newspaper guy gets briefed about the former chairmans disease. he thinks back to his meeting with Yeon-jae when she asked about her father. He asked if that was the reason she called him.

He tells her that he is depressed. She asks if he thinks she hears nothing? I thought you went to meet him after my father was released. She sighs. He tells her that he has some kind of stress related disease. he sometimes explodes and throws things. I heard he has a difficult time controlling his emotions. He is up and down.

In the car, the newspaper man listens to his assistant reading a newspaper article about what he told Yeon-jae. The other newspaper article says that there is a rumor that the father gas a mental disease. No one can confirm who will be the chairman.


Yeon-jae smiles as we see the protestors outside to great all the VIPs. There is a section blocked off so the board members can walk in. The former judge who is now a lawyer drives up for the meeting. One of the cops tells him that he needs to step out, they will valet his car for safety.

The former judge thinks this is nothing about safety, she just wants to embarrass her own father. Sigh, the behavior of chaebols. 

Director Park fills her in on what is happening. Both the son and father sent a representative or the meeting. As well discussed. The chair of the board pushed her father. Yeon-jae says to disassemble the protesters.

The meeting starts. All the executives are there. None of the family members are. Director Park voices over that a SongMoon newspaper representative came as well.

They start the meeting. the first topic is changing the internal law by Lee Sung-jae. There is an opposition in the audience. A woman stands up and starts to say her peace. Another man stands up and yells at her. she yells back  and tells him she has the right to speak.

Soon everyone starts to yell at each other. They take a ten minute break.

VO – When it is yes, they will vote for the new chairman of the board. If the ex chairman really comes it should be after they vote yes. if he comes and they vote no then he will be embarrassed.

A woman tells the newspaper man that he needs to pick a side. He is on the phone with her.

VO – The important thing is SungMoon’s 7% of share. 

The woman asks the newspaper man, Kim Byung-hun, what she should do.

Everyone goes in and votes. The Newspaper representative votes on behalf of Kim Byung-hun. She bubbles in 34 then looks at the section where she should vote yes or no.

Lee Yeon-jae gets a text from Seo Dong-jae, he tells her that he is sure she will have good news, call me if you need anything. She tells him that she has one more thing for him to do.




Woo finally gets a chance to meet Nam. He sits in his office to talk.

Woo – Was it early February when Choi brought something that was still warm?

Nam thinks back to Choi Bit sitting in his office and talking about that case with his son. She told him that they were looking at his son for awhile so they have a lot of evidence to prove. I did not know that I would see you this soon though. I was about to see you when the law committee was assembled.

Nam asked her about his son? What about him, that is nonsense. She told him that was outside, let it in.

In the present, Woo tells Nam that he is a big sunbae for them and a righteous person. So you will not be one-sided. But, you know, I am getting older so I worry.

Nam asks Woo about if he knows what his wife did? Early February I remember something. That time when the cyber coin trade was closed. It w s before. they new about it internally even before the news. The cyber currency would collapse and the law department would close it.

You were out of it ahead of time right? Did you sell anything? Lawfully that is good because that thing never happened But regular people didn’t even know their money became quartered. But the supreme prosecutor office chief had internal information and made his wife sell it and got away with it. Do you think  people will understand? 

if those people that became bankrupt new about it, they would throw rocks at you. Senators are not those people that just waste money. You know what happened between me and the police. So the police should know what happened between you and me. 

 I have to tell them about the cyber currency closing so that the police and the prosecutors are equal. 

Woo looks at him for a second.

Woo – The current prosecutor who was involved in speculation. As you said, it never happened.

Nam – *chuckles* That’s right.

Woo leaves angrily.


A man enters Kang Won-chuls office and tells him that, because of senator Nam’s case, someone contacted prosecutor Yoo. 

Won-chul asks who contacted them? The police?

The man says no, Simok did.

WC – Why are you saying his name again?

Man – He checked if prosecutor Yoo was the first person that investigated Nam’s son’s illegal hiring case and he said he would visit.

WC – No, no, no, no, no tell him don’t come. Did you tell him that?

Man – I did but you said they wouldn’t listen.

WC – Okay, I will take care of it.

Won-chul sighs, when is he going to give up his habit.


Cut to Si-mok laying in bed. He hears some sounds from his dorm. Perhaps someone is taking a shower. He sits up when he gets a phone call. it is Won-chul.

Won-chul asks him if he is at work or at home. 

SM – I am at the dormitory.

WC – why are you–. Can I see you now? I will text you the location.

SM – Okay.


Elsewhere, there is a police investigation going on with Yeo-jin’s former team. They are at the scene. 

The captain goes into the car and sees some strange things. There is also an ID that is interesting perhaps? His eyes go wide.

He goes outside to show the others. One of the guys says, this is his car. Seo Dong-jae’s.

They all look at the ID and then look at the blood on the ground.

Fade Out


I just love it when Si-mok is on screen. He always bewilders everyone which is a delight to behold. 

This case is complicated y’all, and the lines of right are so blurred and filtered. I feel like only our two main leads are on the side of the people. 

Enjoying seeing it happen though!


Man – Why is he missing?

Woo – Are you sure he’s missing?

Choi – Kidnapped?

YJ – I think so

Man – They picked that neighborhood on purpose which means they know the neighborhood

JG – because she is a prosecutors wife so maybe she is brave?

SM – Why did you want to meet prosecutor Seo? Was he not picking up the phone or the phone was off?

Woo – Are you interrogating me?

Man – The missing person’s phone record looking like Prosecutor Hwang.

Choi – He doesn’t know IF he is a prosecutor or not

JG – Can you contact Han Jo Group?

YJ – Where were you last night?

SM – Eui-Jung Boo prosecutor office can be the starting point.

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  1. Sarah
    August 30, 2020 / 4:31 pm

    You really need to watch the first season, V. You’ll love it. This season just gets better and better. The scenes between Yeon-Jae and her former fiancé (she dumped that man to marry Simok’s former supervisor) were incredible. Simok is always wonderful, and it was a relief to see him and Yeo-Jin together processing their dilemma. Also, who knew watching a stranger fill out a scantron could make my heart race?

    • V
      August 31, 2020 / 8:12 am

      I am so tempted to binge it simultaneously. I just hope it won’t make me confused with both seasons!

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