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Stranger 2: Episode 6 Recap – Part 1

Stranger 2: Episode 6 Recap - Part 1

This show is keeping my attention and making me want to binge the first season at the same time. Why are you doing this to me shoooooow. I am already barely squeezing in time to watch this season! You saucy little minx, you!

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Yeo-jin walks into the police station. She hands over her card to one of the persons in their cubicle and says that Choi Bit sent her here. She walks out with the package. The man who she talked to called someone.

Yeo-jin walks to her car and gets inside.

Then we fast forward to the present (the end of the last episode) where Choi Bit and Yeo-in are walking up the government building hallway. Choi Bit asked her if she saw what was inside. Yeo-jin tells her no.

CB – Bit you are not asking me anything about it? I will tell you later.

They stop and turn. Woo and Simok have just stepped into the hallway. The two have a stare down with each other. Then Bit and Woo walk away leaving Simok and Yeo-jin looking at each other.

Simok remembers Woo telling him that he needs to find out what Yeo-jin was holding in the envelop.

They all leave. Cut to everyone driving their cars up the same exit way and back into Seoul. Simok does not follow Choi or Yeo-jin. He goes to the police district because he saw this address on the envelop that Yeo-jin was holding.

He goes into the building and looks at the directory on the wall. He scans it and thinks about what Woo told him about the intelligence in Korea. There are more than 3000 people working in intelligence and all of it goes to Choi Bit.

He turns and sees Yeo-jin run into the elevator. It looks like he is reconstructing what happened. He goes inside the elevator and looks at the floor she is about to press–

But then a police man asks him what he is doing. He is still at he board in the lobby. He asks him what floor he wants to go to. Simok tells him he is also interested in which floor.

He goes back into his car and searches online about the branch in Gyunggee-namboo. He looks up the corruption cases involved in that branch and starts to take notes.

It looks like a doctor was arrested due to drugs.

Dong-jae calls him all of sudden.

DJ – I acknowledge that she didn’t just run away.

SM – What?

DJ – Han Yeo-jin told us, why is Anyang jail the next destination. I will find out why.

SM –  Oh, policeman Kim?

DJ – How do you know?

SM – [talks about why it is important to go there]. 

DJ – Not that, policeman Kim is the nephew of the Donguchan police superintendent. We have to catch him first.

SM – The police will be faster than us to find that person.

DJ – What if Han Yeo-jin goes first. See who find him first, okay?

Dong-jae keeps working on the case. He is the only one in the office. A person calls. He looks bothered by it but answers brightly. The person on the line is a senior prosecutor. He calls him to come and drive his car because he drank too much.

Dong-jae thinks, driving? Okay, yes, I can go there right away. He hangs up and sits with a heavy sigh. Then turns off his desk light and buttons up his shirt to look presentable to meet the prosecutor. But he is not happy about it.




Lee Yeon-jae is still looking out the window at the huge restaurant. A man in his 30s or 40s shows up and looks at her. He says this place is big. she tells him that she cleared it out for them.

They sit at the table.

He tells her that she knows who his informer is so why does she want to see him? She says that she was wondering when he started to be this twisted. We usually don’t touch the stock of competitor.

Man – Han-Jo Group stock was at the bottom. This number one company will nto go bankrupt. It will go up. I do not need cash, so I am leaving it alone.

LYJ – Do you think I did not buy Song Moon stock because I don’t have money?

Man – I heard that. You are fighting against the country not to pay the fine for your father. But if you use all your cash reserve to protect your chairman ship then the country will ask you to pay the fine. is it hard pretending like you don’t have money?

she raises her hand. A waiter comes up and pours champaign. Then leaves.

Man – Lets drink, we haven’t seen each other fr awhile.

LYJ – Okay, lets drink first.

They drink.

LYJ – So what do you want me to do?

Man – What?

LYJ – How long are you going to hang out with Lee Sung-jae (her brother)

Man – I was good friends with Sung-jae hyung. Of course I need to be good friends with him, he will be the next Han-Jo chairman.

LYJ – What about me?

Man – What about you? What do you want me to do?

LYJ – Look at mea s a business person. As you said, it hit the bottom after abogi got arrested. I survived everything.

Man – I know.

LYJ – We hit the best sales profit ever. ‘We have to make her bow to us’ and ‘Why is she acting out so much, she should keep herself quiet as a widow’ and ‘ajumma, you are watching dramas all the time, do you think business is easy’ and ‘you are dating your younger director’ 

Man – Stop

LYJ – ‘I don’t understand why we have to be on the owners side just because she isa  woman’ ‘she stepped down before she becomes a joke to the country’

Man – Just stop, why are you reading those things!

LYJ – That is in your newspaper! They are comments on your newspaper articles! Your articles that say I took Sungmoon company from my father with my husband.

Man – That is something stupid people say, why do you care so much!

They stare at each other for a moment.

LYJ – You said investment, so that means you need to get a profit. Look at me as a business person and evaluate me as such. See if Sung Moon newspaper is better with me or Lee Sung-jae. As a CEO of a company, you decide.

Man – *scoffs* Your lips are too red for me to see you as a business person.

LYJ – *scoffs and smiles then wipes off her lipstick and makes up it is all messed up like the joker*

Man – *raises his hand to stop her but stops* 

He looks at her then walks to the window and looks out. 

LYJ – How is my father? 

He looks at her like she just told him his puppy died.

LYJ – What is his condition?

Director Park is sitting outside. LYJ comes out with her make up ruined but her head still held high. He gets the elevator for her. He also calls the driver and tells them that he will take the chairman home, you can go home.

Some other people get on the elevator so he steps in front of Yeon-jae so they wont see her.

In the car ride home, she wipes the rest of her lipstick off and thinks about the newspaper man. He asked her if she wants to go back to that time she had a husband. He says he has those moments where he wants to go back.

She asked him, when? Then walked  up to him and gave him a light hug. He took his hand from his pocket. His fist was clenched. But it loosened the longer she hugged him.

In the car, Yeon-jae tells director Park that her father has a stress related illness. Depression plus aggression to others. He can’t control his anger. He had good self control before. But maybe he thought he was unfairly arrested. How can people see him? Do we have to instigate this to reveal that he is not normal? I feel sorry about this. 

Find out how he is now. Is he throwing things or yelling? The best image is when he gets the most angry with Lee Sung-jae. There should be a moment when he walks in and out of the house. Find out his doctor and what treatment he is getting. Everything.




Woo looks at the news that is mentioning that the law was dropped against Shin Jae-yong (Director general of Investigation). Kim Sa-hyun is looking at the news with him as well. In the news, Shin Jae-yong mentions that the prosecutors are part of this. 

Kim Sa-hyun wonders why Shin Jae-yong is doing that. Did Choi Bit attack the senator with something critical?

They start to talk about it and wonder what that thing could be. Sa-hyun says Simok does not have human skills so he cant get anything. Woo says Hwang Simok yelled at him at the National Assembly. You should have seen it. 

Si-hyun thinks Si-mok is good at saying those things. But Detective Han Yeo-jin leaking that to us? No, no, no. Not even husbands and wives would leak that information.

Woo mutters, why isn’t Si-mok contacting me?


Si-mok goes to the head prosecutors office in he Suwon branch. He gives him his card. The man says that he heard someone from the main branch came without notice. That is why I wanted to see you.

SM – It is informal, just checking.

Man – if it is an easy thing then you should not have come here this late. Do you want me to connect you to the person in charge.

SM – I just need to check some documents

Man – At least the prosecutor in charge should k now that the person from the main branch is checking his case. I will connect you to him. How many cases.

SM – Eighteen cases.

Man – What?

Si-mok starts listing them all.

SM – If I don’t find the information I need then I will look at older cases.

Man – What are you looking for?

SM – I will find it first then tell you.

Man – *chuckles* Fourth floor, the public records for court.

SM – No, maybe it did not even make it to court.

Man – Who is your boss?

SM – Woo Tae-ha.

The man calls Woo Tae-ha and tells him that a person is here looking for records. Si-mok adds that it was about the thing Woo asked him about today. So the man adds that to the conversation but says Si-mok is not telling him what it is.

Woo must have corroborated it because the man gets off the phone and tells Si-mok to go ahead.

A woman lets him into the room. He says she can check one side and he will check the rest. These aisles are sectioned off and each have their own slidable door so you can’t get into an aisle without a key. hey start going through their first one.


Yeo-jin is relaxing at home when Si-mok calls her. He is driving. He asks to see her and says he is driving to see her now since he heard she moved to Namsan.

She asks if he is busy tomorrow  morning? He tells her if she can’t come out then over the phone is fine. She tells him that she will text him her address.

Simok gets there, she opens the gate for him and looks from her balcony as she walks up.

Then she thinks back to the file that she was not supposed to open. She opened it and saw a USB inside. She put the usb in her computer as she was driving. She copied all the data there.

Simok gets to her balcony. She hands him a drink and looks out over the city.

SM – Five guys in their twenties who illegally videotapes a locker room were indicted last summer. Right after new years day during a drunk driving check, thirty seven people were indicted.

YJ – Was it one of them? Which one?

SM – Gyunggi namboo district. They arrested a drug dealer in February. From that dealer, if the police had something big that could even threaten a congressman, then that should be on the news. But the result became nothing. It did not even make it to the court. Five young guys who recorded the kids locker room, it was obvious that they rotated filming, but only two people were taken to court. The others went to Soowon district. 

SM – So you think congressman Nam’s son was one of them? But even though he was not arrested, the police report should have his son’s name. It was difficult for the prosecutor not to know it at all. Maybe congressman Nam was driving drunk. The police can remove his name if they want to.

SM – But is it that threatening for a congressman that is the head of the law making council? The director General of investigation was sued so to counterattack Senator nam, maybe drunk driving could be strong enough. But he son problem was a different matter.

SM – The son is already having issues with illegal hiring. But drugs on top of that? The drug dealer had a big history of drug smuggling. The person that was arrested was the insurance policy. An easy target to turn into the police. No VIP.

YJ – Ah, that happened?

SM – I have to go back again. I only saw last year cases. I will search again.

YJ – How much are you going to dig up?

SM – I don’t know.

YJ – You shouldn’t have come to me. You should have asked your boss. It is obvious that Nam asked for illegal hiring. But it wasn’t the police that buried the case so you should ask your boss first.

SM – I asked him.

YJ – I didn’t ask my boss. I am not going to ask her tomorrow.

SM – Do you draw anymore? When I saw that the restriction line was removed (on the beach) I thought it would create an accident. then I passed it. I didn’t do anything.

YJ – Why not?

SM – It was misty and night time. If someone went into the water on a day like today, it meant that they wanted to die. So the restriction line or not, it didn’t matter. I remember that I thought about that.

YJ – So because you had that idea, you wanted to take care of it more?

SM – I can’t prevent all the suicides.

YJ – But this result was not suicide.

SM – Yes. I knew that something went wrong and I didn’t do anything.

YJ – Prosecutor, are you saying that you and me have a responsibility to look at the shoreline?

SM – We can say that.

YJ – You can’t prevent the mist, even if you look at it. Also, you can keep arresting but there is no relief of bad people. I catch one here and two are born there.

SM – Is that why you left the investigation team?

YJ – I did not leave. My spot is still there.

SM – Okay.

He starts to leave.

YJ – Prosecutor. You brought your own answer (but it could mean the drink he has).

He looks at his drink and then nods and walks away. She thinks thaT she will go to bed, not sleeping won’t change anything.


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  1. cynkdf
    August 30, 2020 / 9:34 am

    Hi many thanks for recapping.

    I’d read rave reviews of Stranger season 1 but didn’t start it until a few weeks ago. Then I marathoned all 16 episodes in two days! Best K-drama I’ve ever watched (admittedly I watch very few Kdramas).

    • V
      August 31, 2020 / 3:28 pm

      I need to marathon it! So jelly!

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