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Stranger 2: Episode (2-4) mini review and Episode 5 Recap – Part 1

Strangers 2: Episode (2-4) review and 5 Recap - Part 1

We are back and all caught up with Stranger! We watched the episode on netflix to catch up yesterday and wow, this show is getting good. The first episode was slow as molasses to get everything going, but now the tap is at a constant tickle. Our mini review is below. The live recap is under that.


The rich guy who pulled the sign out, gets off easy because he hired an ex-judge who is now a lawyer. This leads the cops to get upset aboutthat So Choi Bit instigates an investigation on the prosecutor due to this and is using this case to get a warrant on the prosecutor team.

So the prosecutors start to look up dirt on the cops. This all leads to the prosecutors and cops forming a reform council for the cops to have the right to investigate something without needing the prosecutors permission.

No one from the main national branches can be on the team. So Tae-ha, Si-mok, and Sa-hyun are on the prosecutor team and Choi Bit, Yeo-jin, Jang Gun, and another cop are on the cops team.

In the background, they are investigating a suicide cop case so the prosecutors will have the upper hand in this negotiation. The cops catch wind of this and start their own investigation to it and they know more about it anyway. So they findo ut the information faster.

Meanwhile, HanJo Group Chairman, Lee Yeon-jae is about to be removed. her own brother is kicking her out. So this is a ‘who’s going to control the company’ war. Dong-jae finds out information for her. Mostly that her father is suffering from PTSD from being in jail due to an unreleased drug he found in the family trash. Her father is also being kept in the family house by the brother, so she can’t even see him.

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Yeo-jin sits with the young officer in her car. He recounts that the victim was bullied by cops. They knew about bribery after the officers suicide. How could they connect one with the other? Moving to their local branch was very difficult for him (the officer). 

People said that there were rumors around that he was a trouble maker that turned in his own boss.

Yeo-jin thinks to herself that she wonders why he was moved to that branch.

Cut to her telling all this to her boss, Choi Bit. Choi Bit asks if everyone knew the reason why he moved? (she may have said that instead of Yeo-jin thinking it, actually).

Yeo-jin asks, do you mean that detective Song moving to that branch was not a coincidence? Choi Bit asks if he was the one that gave the dead a hard time. He is also the one that Seo Dong-jae is looking for. He is the nephew of Dongdoojung branch chief.

Choi goes on to say that she dug it up in an old report and found out about their relationship. If the report mentioned the chief then that means they suspected homicide. But his death does not have much of a report at all.

Yeo asks how they don’t know this? Choi says they are the information department, but someone has to tell them in order for them to know. it is not like our people are everywhere.

Yeo asks what happened to the chief after he kicked the cops leg? Choi says he was demoed and moved to the next branch. So if he sent Mrs Song to that place where his nephew was, if that is true then….the super intendant general of that branch is also part of it?

Choi says yes, this can be a big headache. She asks what Yeo is holding. It is a report. It is a report that Yeo has to understand what happened before for when she meets the officer. She went to the courthouse first. She asks if she can come to work after visiting the jail tomorrow.

Choi asks who is there? Yeo says the officer that was the most senior after the chief. He is still in jail. She couldn’t find the other guy yet. She says she will find Kim for her. She also says this does not hav to be bad. But if it is really suicide, then they have to use it as their advantage. A counterpunch. While we had council, the prosecutors dug up a two year old closed case and made it their advantage. they are saying police are killing each other. What if the result is not a crime?

This investigation is targeted to hurt us. We can attack them with a lot of things too. It should not be a homicide. Yeo says okay. Choi asks if she can leave a copy of the court hearing? You did a good job visiting the courthouse first.

Yeo leaves to make the copy.

It is late in the office. No one else is there.

She thinks back to the young cop telling her that the cop that got kicked is from an influential family. The superintendent was too angry and forgot about that fact. The super intendant was de-promoted and moved to the neighbor branch because that young officer was the son of a rich family.

Yeo asked, so he couldn’t do anything to that cop, so that is why he targeted the other cop. She rolls her eyes. Of course he would have depression. But this cop said that Song told him their boss only bows to power and doesn’t like someone under him to be against him. So he sent him to the other branch. Song was worried about that. He thought they shouldn’t act that way as police. I thought he was a trouble maker, but he was actually thinking a lot.

Yeo continues thinking about this as she makes the copies.


Si-mok goes to the chiefs office, Kang Won-chul, to talk. The chief asks if a prosecutor did not issue the warrant for the rental fraud? Si-mok says the fraud guy will be released in six hours.

The chief asks why he is here? You should go to their branch. They have their own chief and boss. Do you want me to pressure them?

SM – The fraud guy with a lot of crimes, do we have to release him?

WC – Simok, I am the axe. You want me to give pressure to that branch. So if I call them and says I used to be that branch’s boss, do you think that’s right? Of course it is right that Nam In Tae is making trouble against the police. But that….hey, you stopped me from going home yet you are not even listening to me.

SM – Yes, that is true.

WC – You really didn’t listen to me?

SM – No, you were in that branch before you came here. Maybe I thought coming here was the biggest thing to solve the case.

WC – Yes, I am your direct boss, but….

SM – No, I take for granted honoring the previous prosecutor. I also asked for a favor from the previous boss.

WC – Why are you talking like that. It is not for your own benefit.

SM – Other people are the same. The person who pulled up the restricted area sign. He went looking for the ex-judge lawyer. He didn’t think he was doing a big crime or anything. He only looked for someone who could solve his problem the best. Like how I came here.

WC – You thought you were not that kind of person at all, yourself?

SM – I think I never thought about it at all. I didn’t think about me asking a favor to change the result.

WC – Hmm, if that really becomes a bad thing then I listened to your favor and granted it and yelled and Nam In-tae and the police got the warrant. But later I am in trouble so I ask you a favor. Hey, do this for me, save me. Will you do it for me? I listened to your favor before and had a hard time to do that for you. And tap tap tap. Hmm.

SM – No.

WC – See, its nothing. When you hear about honoring the previous favor. it sounds bad. But actually, it is a natural thing.

They walk out together and down the hall. Simok thinks about what he said about the prosecution removing the chance of corruption and how police won’t block the pressure of power if you have a warrant.

WC – Do you have anything else to add for Songmoon Newspaper? I will do it for you.

SM – You did enough.

WC – Hey, they tainted our name. One time is not enough. I will crush Lee Sung-jae from Han-Jo Group until the end. Good?

SM – Han-Jo main branch will be happy.

WC – Tomorrow, we will have a second news article about it. So provide a reply.

They leave the building together. Simok bows a farewell and heads off. Won-chul is about to call the other branch boss, but looks at Simok and decides against it. But then he decides to call.




Lee Yeon-jae is riding in the car with Director park (her right hand man) and the driver. Director park gets a call. It is from Dr. Jo. He hands the phone over to Yeon-jae.

Jo – Sorry for the late reply, it took some time to find out about the drug you asked.

LYJ – is it not a normal thing?

Jo – The drug does not exist

LYJ – Can I see you?

Cut to the doctor coming to the house. Director Park lets him in.

We see Yeon-jae sitting at her coffee table with a drug bottle, she is shaking it. Someone voices over this scene.

VO – This is a new drug that is not released yet. Maybe it was sneaked in from America secretly. It is PTSD treatment. In my opinion. It is because the chairman was in jail for 8 months so he had some after effects. PTSD has a lot of symptoms. So only having this drug does not prove much.

Director Park comes in.

LYJ – Sneaking in this unnamed drug, do you think his symptom is bad? It should be. The son is using him as someone who can come back to work anytime? Do you think that jerk will send aboji to the hospital? What if he only hides him in the hospital out of sight. Even if the best doctor comes in and out, being cared for in the hospital would be better. He is his son, why does he do that? 

Park – The important thing to us is whether the chairman is just physically uncomfortable or mentally affected.

LYJ – He refused to see me so I can’t ask him.

Park – We hold a risky fact about Lee Sung-jae but I do not know if we can use it since we do not know the former chairman’s position.

LYJ – Post on our company website about Lee Sung-jae’s proposal. he tries to separate the CEO and the board of chairs. Han-Jo motors wants to change the chairperson of the entire Group.

While she is talking the camera goes to what is happening in the company.

VO – Put a pop up so that anyone connected to the company, even the factory workers, can see it. an outside force will not try and control our family decision. So not speak out of emotion, but say we have this kind of proposal. it is difficult for all of us to attend. Please use your right with electronic voting. Put a poll up saying that anyone can vote for chairperson approval.

All of this happens in the company. Park tells a secretary to type everything up and put it up on the website. Everyone in the company sees it and takes the poll. But the manager tries to take the polls for some of the employees.

The poll is anonymous but you have to log in. All the employees start to vote. They try to do it secretly so their managers don’t see.

back in the house, LYJ asks Park how many shares they have. He tells her the share on their side is not enough. They need 67%. But they have 38%. She yells that he needs that much to kick her out. Park says that he has 41%. the problem is the 7% that the newspaper company has. Where they go is the biggest thing.

She asks if it is them again? Post that I am recruiting and ex IRA person as an outside executive. He nods and leaves. she puts her hand to her head in exhaustion.


Si-mok drives up the road. All his books are still in his car. He turns on the radio and listens to a report on the prosecutor council. They talk about how this is the last chance. They had their first meeting and they are directly connected to Woo Tae-ha right  now.

Woo Tae-ha comes on the radio. He says the meeting was a good start. They meet each other so that is important. Of course they had trouble but that is the process of getting an agreement. We are listening.

Cut to Seo Dong-jae in his tiny apartment. he is listening to the radio as well. Woo Tae-ha talks about the members of the team. Dong-jae listens though he isn’t that happy with Tae-ha talking about Simok.

Tae-ha says Simok is the best person to be fair and objective. Dong-jae mutters, good for you ace, why are you so lucky? he lays back in his small bed.



Simok finally goes to a place with his luggage. It looks like someone already lives here. There are tons of soju bottles at the door as well as bags of trash and shoes. He goes to his room. the light flickers on and off. He turns it off.

He has a view of the courtyard from his room. it looks like he is staying in a dormitory style apartment.


Yeo-jin goes to the jail to talk to that cop. She looks at the list of everyone who met this guy. One of the jail people say if the person is not on the list then they did not meet him.

Yeo-jin thinks that this person is not a regular person. He might not have signed in.

They look at the CCTV of the prisoners coming out. Yeo-jin recognizes one of them and asks who that person is.

Meanwhile, Dong-jae and Simok go to a police station to ask around. Dong-jae does most of the talking to find this one officer. It is the same person that Yeo-jin is meeting who is in jail. (So they are most likely at the prison too  now that I think about it).

Song-jae grumbles about how he should have made an appointment. Simok says he made an appointment yesterday.

Cut to Yeo-jin running  to the prisoners to ask to see a certain prisoner. all the guards look at her. The one she recognizes looks at her too. She is able to take him to the side to talk to him.

She also gives a signal to him while they are talking because there is a guard nearby.

YJ – Ahem, do you know Lee Dae-sung, one of your inmates who is an ex-cop?

Man – I heard we have an ex cop here.

YJ – How is he? Does he bully your inmates?

Man – I don’t know he is in a different room. We don’t say each others names. Sorry.

YJ – Sorry but can you be a little distant? *to the guard*

YJ – You don’t have to be sorry, I am visiting you all of a sudden.

Man – I haven’t sen outside people in awhile.

YJ – How long? Three years?

Man – yes. How were you?

YJ – Yes, okay. How about you manager Yoon?

Man – How are….oh no, you did it. You were promoted?

YJ – Yes, back then.

Man – Congratulations.

YJ – I am sorry.

Man – Did you send me the things?

YJ – What kind of things?

Man – The long johns and stuff

YJ – No. You don’t know who sent it?

Man – It is unnamed.

YJ – Maybe that person, your ex-wife

Man – It wasn’t her.

YJ – You should be strong and take care of yourself.

Man – You too

YJ – I am strong

Guard – i am sorry, do you want me to cancel your meeting?

YJ – No.

Guard – That meeting will end soon.

YJ – Oh.

Man – See you.

The guard takes him away. He points her in the direction of her meeting. She mutters that she should have asked him if he needed anything.


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    I remember the inmate from Season 1 but forgot why he is in prison. Does anyone remember?

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      I am super curious as well just in case anyone knows!

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