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Stranger 2: Episode 16 Recap – Part 2 (Final)

Stranger 2: Episode 16 Recap - Part 2 (Final)

This is part two of our live recap for Stranger 2!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Sa-hyun tells Simok that their adjustment committee failed and they have become the subject of reform themselves. They have no excuse for it. And, you will go back to where you are supposed to be in Won-ju.

Simok says okay. Sa-hyun tells him he can go there starting next week. Simok says okay. Sa-hyun asks if that is it? No more to say? Simok tells him that he should get ready. Sa-hyun chuckles.

SH – Did you really think that I knew about [the fake witness]? 

SM – Well, it was 50-50

SH – What if it was me? You are lucky that it was Woo. What if I was behind [the fake witness] how would you catch me?

SM – I think it was not a coincidence that it was only one person. It seems like he is used to  indulging himself. That habit should not be formed in just one day.

Sa-hyun nods and tells Simok to keep doing his job. As for him, he will work there. He doesn’t know when their law committee will be dissolved.

Simok apologizes. Sa-hyun tells him that they should eat. Let’s go. If everyone is like you and Han then there is no need for adjusting the right to investigate. Sa-hyun said that Woo and Choi also worked together but it ended up differently.

He pats Simok on the shoulder and they grab the assistants to eat something. They pass the chief on their way out walking with his assistants like he’s head of the storm trooper. They bow to him. He keeps marching on.

Sa-hyun asks Simok if he can be a bit quieter when he goes to Kangwando. Simok doesn’t say anything. Sa-hyun tells him that he doesn’t want to but at least you should live differently than us.


Director Park goes into LYJ’s office and tells her that Kang Won-chul is outside. Should I send him away? We just got a report that Kang resigned.

She puts on her jacket and sits to greet him. Park lets Kang in.

Kang is upset, but he sits civilly. 

LYJ – You should be busy with your resignation

WC – You are very fast. You know prosecutor HR on the same day. Han Jo visited us so I should at least visit you at least once.

LYJ – What do you want?

WC – Namnamjoo’s illegal condo bribery case, the supreme prosecutor office will investigate it. You will know that soon. Also, it is reported int he internal investigation team that Han Jo is behind the condo with putting the police and prosecutors together.

LYJ – The internal investigation team, I can guess who that person is.

WC – I am leaving soon, but do not touch Hwang. 

LYJ – You leaving or being dragged down, it is all your fault. Are you here to protect your hubae? Did you think I would be moved and cry?

WC – Lee Chang-joon sunbae was wrong until the end. He said his only mistake was not cutting Park Moo-sung. It was not. His biggest mistake was that he was sold to Han Jo. Meeting you.

Park – You should be excused.

WC – If you didn’t bring Lee Chang-joon sunbae to Han Jo, then he would still be on the prosecutor team and sunbae is not dead and our organization would be in better standing.

LYJ – My husband died. My father and my family, money all the drunk talk for business, all the dirty things, everything is revealed. If he didn’t meet me he would live differently, but I am not sorry to him at all. Do you think his end should affect what I do? Do I have to follow his opinion for the actions I do for the company? No. A better way? It is not an organization if the organization is controlled by one person.

WC – Organizations are people. Companies are organizations. You can realize what he wanted to do. You can change it chairman. How long are you going to do your business like your father did? Bribery and under the table deals. You should change first, that is it.

LYJ walks away. Park tells Won Chul that if he does not step out now he will be dragged out. Won-chul tells her that he does not know what will happen to Dong-jae now, he is partially conscious now but no one knows what will happen. Hwang Simok is the one your dead husband trusted until the end. Please do not touch them.

Won-chul leaves. LYJ is angry at his last words and mutters, that crazy guy. But she is affected by them as well.

Park tells her that she is one step ahead of the fight for ownership of the company against Lee Sung-jae.

She tells Park to find out who is the head prosecutor in the supreme prosecutor office. He says okay and leaves.




Simok prepares the table at a small diner. Yeo-jin shows up with her hair cut short like it was in season one and asks why he didn’t order yet. He comments on it. She asks if it is strange again? He mentions that it changed. He stares at her.

She asks for makguli or soju? He says soju so she orders one soju and pagan (Korean style savory pancakes). He mentions that her hair is like when he first saw her.

She says, yes, isn’t it? I did not change at all. She shakes her head happily and her hair swings around. She asks why he called her.

SM – I have to go to Kangwando.

YJ – What? When?

SM – This weekend.

YJ – That soon?

SM – I am only here for the adjustment committee. The committee is gone so I do not have to be here.

YJ – So who will work on the things you worked on if you leave this suddenly?

He tells her that it went to the supreme prosecutors office so they will work on it. Their drinks come. She pours them drinks and says she did not think their committee would end so suddenly like this. I spent a year and a half only for this.

YJ – Do you think that while I am catching bad guys outside, the water on top will be cleaner now?

SM – Why do you put two together?

YJ – *looks at him* Your eyes are red and look tired.

SM – I woke up in the middle of the night but I couldn’t go back to sleep. I had a dream.

YJ – What dream? Was it a scary dream?

SM – No, it was about the West prosecutor branch.

YJ – Your company showing up in your dream is the worst and your boss showing up is the worst worse.

SM – I had all of them in the dream [he names all the names].

YJ – So what did you do?

SM – Everyone went somewhere but Seo stopped in the middle. The east branch chief went another way.

YJ – [calculates it] SO there are five people except you and Seo stopped. He woke up today. Won-chul went somewhere else, he quit the office. Three of them went the same way. Lee, Young, and Yun.

SM – They disappeared at the same time.

YJ – Well, so, you move on the weekend, you won’t have time to go somewhere.

SM – Yes.

YJ – Okay. *pours a drink* Farewell. *she holds it up* We always talk about this, goodbye, farewell.

SM – Farewell and have a good life.

YJ – Yes, I will.

SM – Do you have the possibility of not living well?

YJ – *shakes head* No Gambae.

They toast. The owner brings in their food. Yeo-jin eats happily Simok looks at her.




Hwang packs up all his things in his car and moves out.

In the hospital, Seo Dong-jae’s wife massages his legs as he sleeps in bed. Then the Han Jo Group Chair comes in. The wife greats her.

The wife says that if she has something to say then she can say it. he can hear. Or, I think he can hear. She closes the blinds to give them privacy.

LYJ sits next to Seo Dong-jae.

LYJ – Our promise that we should eat together – if we leave it now then my husband will be angry and say How dare you come so angry. People say that my husband trusted Hwang until the end, but not me. I heard that in person. He also liked you a lot. That hubae lives well alone but somehow I care about him. He is the one that I can not see for a while but not for ever. Come back quickly, like before. You should be polished and cool.

She leans in close.

LYJ – Seo Dong-jae is the last one that can connect me and the dead lawyer. I took care of the lawyers family.

She sits back up.

LYJ – Be well.

She opens the curtains. The wife thanks her for visiting. LYJ lets herself out. the wife sits back by Seo Don-jae’s side.


Yeo-jin meets with the guy in jail from season one. His name might be Yoon? He tells her that she came back. He tells her that he saw the news that Seo Dong-jae was found safely.

She tells him that it is not safely yet, he is not 100% conscious. He asks if she has something going on here today? She tells him she knows who sent him the package. he asks who. 

YJ – Park Kyong-wan, Park Moo-sung’s son. 

Yoon – Maybe this is a mistake?

YJ – No, there was a good reason. 

Yoon – What reason?

YJ – Well, I saw those thing sometimes from the victims. They sent something to the accuser who went to jail. If they do that then they think maybe it will make them feel peace. So you surviving means something to Kyong-wan.

Yoon – is he coming here?

YJ – I still think your choice was wrong. But that does not explain the person Yoon Sae-won. Sometimes you might get a package with the senders name. Also, maybe some day the sender will sit here. Are you going to wait for that time? I think I will be back here in a couple months and see you when I come, okay?

He doesn’t say anything.


Jang Gun tells the fake witness that Woo has been fired and they have a new warrant for this witness. They will search all around him. Why did you ask that thing in the dishwashing or whatever.

Fake Witness – I just wrote something there. I heard the police mark was the most important thing but it shouldn’t be too obvious.

JG – Did the prosecutor ask you to do it? How did you two know each other?

Fake Witness – I was under investigation for fighting.

Jang Gun leaves and tells the Captain that the prosecutor said the witness will not be prosecuted for small crimes anymore. The Captain mutters, does he think he owns the law or something?

Then there is a commotion because a new person comes in. Yeo-jin’s desk is being taken over by him. The new team is pretty sad about it but they great the new person nicely.

Yeo Jin goes to a new office and everyone ignores her there. She stands and greets them all anyway. But everyone ignores her and leaves to have coffee. 

Yeo-jin looks to the side and sees that Choi Bit is the chief of this group. Though Choi Bit is not there right now due to going to police reform.




Simok greets Won-chul who is fishing at a lake. It looks like Won-chul invited him there but didn’t expect him to come possibly?

WC – I will go to Heaven because I didn’t kill anything (which means he did not catch any fish)

SM – You eat fish soup a lot for lunch.

WC – Actually, I was planning on catching something and making fish soup. You can eat it.

SM – I have to leave today *there is no fish in the net and he most likely wont catch any*

WC – You move around a lot, sit down.

Simok sits with Won-chul

WC – Woo Tae-ha is not arrested after doing all those things.

SM – At least he will be investigated.

WC – He won’t be able to join a law firm later. But it is temporary.

SM – I heard you refused all the law firm offers.

WC – if I join them right away then it is dishonoring prosecutors. How long do you think I should be like this until all my influence disappears?

SM – It doesn’t matter how long you are here. Your career is not erased.

WC – You cold guy.

SM – Is it about Han Jo?

WC – it is about me.

Won-chul sees Simok off. But we hear his voice over as the car drives away.

VO – it is about honoring the former law person. I ended the Tongyong case quickly (the beach case). If I looked at it one more time then I would have noticed that it was not about the people who pulled the warning sign, but that the crime itself was a little suspicious. If I did that then Dong-jae wouldn’t be like that. I don’t know how many victims and sacrifices that I could have prevented. You told me that as time passes my career will not disappear. You are not talking about my career. What you really wanted to say was that what Kang Won-chul did as a prosecutor will have a long shadow. That is what you wanted to say.

Simok drives off to where he was supposed to go in the first place.

Back in Seoul, we see that Simok sent a letter to Prosecutor Jung Min-ha. She opens it and reads the note which says that the Saegok police branch has systemic bullying. The police will try to hide it. I am sent to another branch so you are he one that should take care of it since it is in your jurisdiction. You should continue the case.

She looks at the will of the officer that might have committed suicide or might have been killed then looks at Seo Dong-jae’s office and heads to her office.

VO – Moving towards truth and duty is an endless process. As soon as we stop, it is failure.

VO – Moving towards change is like my foot becoming a needle and holding thread and walking endlessly.

Simok gets to his new building and parks. He hops out and puts on his coat.

VO – A little hope is better than endless despair. Not stopping until the end.


The big boss walks in and greets all the people in the police station. Yeo-jin stands just like everyone else.

This big chief walks up to Yeo-jin and says that Chief Jae told him a lot about her. Lets do good work together Han Yeo-jin. He extends his hand to shake. Everyone looks over in super surprised.

She shakes his hand He smiles in appreciation. they all bow and start to work. She smiles. 


A car pulls up to a building. And Dong-jae gets out! He has a cast and strap holding up up. Otherwise, he is dressed well. Almost like he is ready to work.

All the press starts to ask him questions. He motions for them to be quiet then looks at his wife inside. She nods to him and smiles.

He turns back to the press and smile cockily then walks inside.

He sits for an interview with  maybe a prosecutor or police. They ask if the dead lawyer Park is related to Han Jo?

Seo Dong-jae leans in and is about to say something but the scene cuts right there.


Seo Dong-jae walks up the hallway when a man runs up to him excited. He asks if he came to Hwang ju? I saw your name, that is not a common name. I did not expect to see you here.

They talk about what rooms they work in. They are right next to each other in rooms 506 and 507.

They start to talk about inspector Choi and how he went to his hometown. The guy asks if he knows his hometown so Simok says this guys hometown. The guy says he is the same! He chuckles. 

Simok smiles which makes the guy chuckles. Simok asks what his hometown is. The guy stops and then starts to think and says all the city names. Simok smiles and keeps walking. 


(or is it?)


Oh wow, they can’t end things like this! I need to know ow things are going to progress for our team! it feels like everything got disrupted at the end and is prime for being rebuilt. Is this how season one ended? 

I am already about to binge season one as soon as I have enough time to dedicate all my attention to a show (you know how it is with Korean dramas, you have to literally be watching the screen at all times or you’ll miss something, especially with smart productions like this one). So I might not be able to binge it for a month or so, but I really want to!

I found this season interesting until they let the disappearance continue on for too long, then I got bored, but they brought it all back around at the end. Though, since they spent so much time on the disappearance, it did feel like the ending was rushed a bit.

Honestly, I don’t care since Seo Dong-jae ended up living and had that same cocky attitude at the end that he had in the beginning. I don’t know why I like Seo Dong-jae so much y’all. Perhaps I won’t after watching season one? Who knows, all I know is that he holds some kind of clue to Han Jo Group which means he will play some kind of role n season 3, if there is one.

Please let there be a season 3, even if it is only six episodes, let’s make that happen team.

Alright, how did y’all like this show? This drama was quiet on the comments, though I know several people were out there watching and following along. We are happy to recap this for you so you can be all caught up on what is going on and have to place to rave or vent to your heart’s desire. Hopefully I will see you if they have a season 3! if not, then see you on the next drama!

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  1. Anonymous
    October 4, 2020 / 7:09 pm

    Thank you for recapping this! Your recaps are so much more nuanced than the Netflix subtitles. While season 2 is not as compelling as season 1, I still enjoyed it nonetheless. I think this ending is priming the audience for a season 3, fingers crossed!

    • V
      October 4, 2020 / 7:42 pm

      Yes, I think it is priming us too! I actually tried to watch the first episode of season 1 and was blown away by the opening images, lolol. I had to stop because I knew I would get sucked in right away. But I do plan on binging sometime soon!

  2. Sarah
    October 5, 2020 / 3:04 am

    Thank you for your hard work recapping such a densely-packed show! It helped me catch details and understand meanings I didn’t catch while watching, or, sometimes I would cheat and read before I watched (I can’t handle tension). This season wasn’t as good, but it was still excellent (wear comfy clothes when you watch season one, because you won’t want to move). The characters are so real and nuanced, I even sympathized with Choi Bit. Like you, I have my fingers crossed for a season three!

    • V
      October 5, 2020 / 10:58 am

      Ooh, I will make sure I have my super comfy clothes on and some snacks! I am so excited!

  3. Arlene
    October 5, 2020 / 7:12 pm

    You must watch Season 1. Season 2 will be so much richer to you if you do, especially in Season 2’s last episode. I felt very emotional during the moments that touched on past characters, storylines and personal growth from Season 1. Thank you for including Asian tv shows in your reviews and website. You are sharing the quality of these dramas for those who just think they are Asian soap operas (like my friends).

    • V
      October 7, 2020 / 10:02 am

      Thank you, Arlene. I love our Kdrama community 🥰

  4. Harrison
    October 7, 2020 / 8:14 am

    Your recaps are so fun to read and provide a richer context to the subtitles on Netflix. Thank you!

    And yes, Season 1 is a must watch. I don’t like to compare the two seasons as they are geared quite differently and have different strengths. But I agree with the comment above that if you watch S1 you will be able to connect with S2 better, because of the history of the characters in S1 that is hinted at in S2. In any case, I was satisfied with how they all tied the various plots together at the end of S2, plus the relationships formed along the way between the characters.

    I really felt the emotional pull of the characters, from Yeojin and her police team, to between Simok and Yeojin, Kang and Simok…the list goes on.

    • V
      October 7, 2020 / 10:05 am

      Thank you, Harrison. We really try to give some additional information so it’s nice to know that it helps! I definitely have to check out season 1 and am super invested in doing that now! Hopefully this month!

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