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Stranger 2: Episode 16 Recap – Part 1 (Final)

Stranger 2: Episode 16 Recap - Part 1 (Final)

And here we are at the final episode! Everything has pretty much been wrapped up as of the last episode, so today seems like a day that will be dedicated to the repercussions of it all. Will they open the door to a season 3? Now that I have gotten to know these characters, I would be willing to check it out if they did!


Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




We start with a recap of the last episode where Simok and Ye-jin basically told their bosses they are going to arrest them. 

Then we open with the head prosecutor Chief (who is over Woo) looking at some paperwork and listening to Sa-hyun talking to him in his office. Sa-hyun tells him that Woo Tae-ha tried to threaten and harm a police officer. 

They also recorded Kim Myung’s interview in jail which is a reason for arresting Woo. The head chief looks up at Simok and Sa-hyun in disbelief. Sa-hyun looks like he would rather be anywhere else though he is standing firmly by Simok’s side.

Woo goes to the press conference in the building, but it is all empty. Everyone is at Choi Bit’s press conference.


Choi Bit explains what happened with lawyer Park. She tells the journalists that he had a heart attack as was reported. The suspicion is where he died, not how he died. It is true that the body was moved to a different location. 

All the reporters snap their cameras furiously.

CB – The reason the body was moved was to hide an inappropriate meeting. That is true.

Flashback to CHoi Bit walking out of the police headquarters and seeing Simok walking in. They bow a greeting and then chat. Simok says that Woo can definitely destroy Yeo-jin’s life with his influence and personality. He can quiet us but he will not be able to quiet Myung-hwan. You are the only one that can get him out of jail.

Simok thinks that Woo will drag Choi Bit down with him. She tells him that he learned bad things. So you think I should do the same thing that your boss is doing to Yeo-jin on the police side?

Back to the press conference, Choi Bit continues and starts to explain what happened that night. She got a request from the high official of the police to go to the vacation home to cover up what happened. She saw that a high official in the supreme prosecutor office was at the sight. She moved lawyer Parks body to a local high way with him.

In a flashback, Choi Bit says that whatever she does, she is done. So why are you visiting me? Simok tells her it is because she can choose how it ends. If you keep denying that you are involved, you will be finished by Myung-hwan and Yeo-jin will be finished by Woo.

But, if you reveal everything then you can step down on your own will. Choi Bit adds that she can also save Han. Simok does not respond to that. She tells him that he does not know people. do you think I will kill myself only for Han?

Simok tells her that once he saw Han become super angry because the other person did not use jongdaaemal to you. Not even cursing, Han opens her heart to people well but does not accept anyone or everyone because she also thinks the relationship is not one sided between you two. I trusted Han’s decision and came here. Not relying on my conscience.

In the press conference, Choi Bit tells them that no one else was involved. From now on I will step down from all my official positions and cooperate with the official investigation. As a public official who should honor the law, I am sorry to the citizens and family members.

She ends her talk there and bows to the audience.


Lee Yeon-jae is in her office. Director Park is talking to her and tells her that Choi Bit and Woo Tae-ha lied to her. park Kwon-su did not even leave the vacation home alive.

She calls them stupid and says they didn’t even know they were digging their own grave. Park tells her that no one talks about their company yet. LYJ thinks that the problem is that Lee Sung-jae knows about it. He will happily use it.

Park thinks that Woo has the biggest counterpunch. He has total control.

She wonders about control and thinks she has one person that she can ask for control. He asks if she wants him to order Lawyer Oh to do something? She says she was about to tell him that.

He apologizes for jumping ahead. She says no, maybe you read what I think. You are my person now so it is good, but it would be a big problem if you work for someone else. Make Oh schedule the appointment, but you should deliver the message.

Park agrees and tells her that nothing will happen to her in any case. Then he leaves.


Meanwhile, Lawyer Oh hurries out of a building and into his car which is in a parking garage. He curses, how dare they call me! Do they think I don’t have a job! I used to be a chief judge!

He throws something and then drives off.


In the head bosses office, the boss signs the paperwork reluctantly. He says that they might not have had a good relationship with Woo, do you want me to give you a chance to kill you boss? He holds the folder to Simok.

Sa-hyun asks if he means that Hwan should do the investigation? He looks at Simok and shakes his head no.

But Simok takes it. The chief then wants to have a private conversation with Sa-hyun so Simok excuses himself.

Chief – Is it Woo or is it a fake letter?

SH – it seems like it is.

Chief – He knows?

SH – Yes.


Oh and Wang-chul stand in his office. It looks like it is after their meeting. Won-chul is upset and closes the door. Oh tells him to think about it a good thing is a good thing.

Won-chul holds him around the arm and asks if he still says what they told him? Can you still speak for Han Jo after hearing what they said?

Oh hangs his head and tells him that, to him, he only lives for one thing. After kids go to college then I will retire and go to an island in the pacific somewhere and live there until I die with all this money. We worked hard so we can have that kind of good life later.

He removes Won-chul’s hand from his arm and tells him that to do that, they have to endure for now, okay? Then he leaves.

Park is walking off int he hallway so Oh catches up to him. They also see the right hand man prosecutor to Won-chul. Oh tries to introduce him to Park, but Park keeps walking off. So Oh tells the hubae he will talk to him later. Park stands smugly at the elevator and looks like he doesn’t want to talk to Oh at all.

Back in his office, Won-chul thinks about the meeting he had with Park. Park told him to stop investigating Han Jo. If you keep investigating us then we will release that you illegally got Han Jo’s bookkeeping information. We have Oh as our proof. I am telling you that it is less than 5 year sentence for using personal information. I wonder, if you and our group fight, which side will your coworkers in the prosecutors office be on?




Choi Bit goes to her office and looks around. then she answers her phone. Woo asks her if she is happy to survive alone?

CB – Am I surviving?

Woo – I at least wanted to sneak you out. Back then, it was the worst moment of my life. The person who said he would be back, didn’t come back at all. The dead body was next to me. (switches to banmal) and you came. You didn’t know what was going on but you came because of your bosses phone call. Not even thirty minutes that we saw each other back then. In that short moment, we were perfect allies. I still have that memory. I wanted to sneak you out with me.

CB – You used me.

Woo – Used you? Did I involve you? Tell that to your boss.

CB – You sent kids to jail on purpose. If they meet Myung-hwan then they will hear Choi Bit’s name. He ran away like that one year ago. He will not hide my name. You used Myung-hwan to say it instead of yourself. And maybe you were waiting until Han came out from jail to use me this time because you need me to threaten Han. If you really wanted to sneak me out, you shouldn’t have mentioned my boss.

Woo – What about me? If I don’t talk about him then I am the last one! Why should I take all the blame!

CB – You shouldn’t and you didn’t, that is how we ended up here.

Woo – That is the end, I am not going to end it here.

They hang up. Choi Bit looks at the desk and thinks about what Simok told her. He asked, what if I told you that this is your last chance to serve as a police officer? The fake witness will not open your mouth so long as Woo is in power.

She asked if they needed to step Woo down first in order to have that person open his mouth? Simok told her yes. She asked, so you want me to do it? He told her that she is the only one who can do it. Because the person who moved the body with him cannot be denied.

Choi thinks about that while taking her jacket off the coat rack. She walks out, everyone stands up in the offices. She tells them not to do it, people will talk bad about it. They salute her as she walks out but Yeo-jin does not, she just stares at her disapprovingly. 

Choi Bit looks at Yeo-jin and then leaves.

The two guys that always talk bad about Yeo-jin look at her and say something bad about her. Their entire role is talking bad about Yeo-jin, lol.


Simok meets with Woo in his office. He puts his cell phone out for their interview so he can record it.

SM – Tell me if you have anything else to say, if not then I will take it that you do not have anything else to say. How do you know [the fake witness]

Woo – It was perfect without Seo Dong-jae. If we didn’t have to investigate Seo Dong-jae then Park Hwang-joo wouldn’t be on the surface and it wouldn’t have spread to me. It would not have been a problem.

SM – Do you acknowledge that you created confusion in Seo Dong-jae’s kidnapping case?

Woo – Hwang Simok, don’t act up.

SM – [starts to talk about if all lot of things didn’t happen] So what is the difference between the kidnapper and you? The kidnapper at least had a motive of bullying, what is your excuse?

Woo – *hits table and stands*

SM – Would you like to continue tomorrow?

Simok gets a text just then.

Cut to him walking inside the head chiefs office.

Chief – Are you happy now? Do you know why I gave Woo’s case to you? Have a seat.

Chief – I am not telling you twice. Just make it as Woo’s personal case. He made a mistake. Lawyer Parks case if very wrong. But the chief prosecutor forgerizing a case because of the investigation rights law, that is a different league. I can fire him if you want. Let’s just finish his case with the dead body.

Chief – What, are you worrying about the police causing noise about the case even if you keep it quiet?

SM – No.

Chief – Yes, you shouldn’t. I was caring about you a lot. If it was someone else, I would have already fired them. I am  not doing this with just the prosecutor. If Woo was the one that forgerized the police as a criminal, then the right to investigate will really fail. The police are doing the investigation, are you okay with that?

SM – I am not okay.

Chief – See, chief Woo and the right to investigation committee is a totally separate thing. Okay?

SM – I can’t.

Chief – Hey, I am not dealing with you, this is an order.

SM – Sorry.

Chief – Do you want me to make you the one that gave up the right to investigate in our 70 years of history?

SM – If I am the one that sold it then there is a person that put it up for sale. People who made the 70 year old right into a negotiation tool by overusing it and not holding it properly.

Chief – *stands up* Who are you saying that to?

SM – *bows*

Simok walks out. The chief mutters, what the f? Then he yells but Simok had already left.




Simok walks around the corner and is in heaven suddenly? He is in Heavens hallway. It is bright white all around and he walks up a corridor.

Some people talk and laugh at the end of the corridor. Several people are chuckling at the end of the hallway, these are all people from season one. Some of them are in season 2. The two people on the left are dead the two on the right are still alive.

Dong-jae pats Simok on the shoulder and walks around him to stand with the group of four. But the man on the left holds his hand out to stop him.

Dong-jae stops midway between Simok and them. They all turn and look at him. Simok nods at the older man who died last season. The man nods back and walks away. Then all of them walk away around the corner. The woman stops and turns back then walks off up the hallway.

Cut to Simok sleeping in bed. He wakes up and grabs his phone. He answers sleepily. His old chief says his name. Simok hops up and says, yes, chief?

Won-chul is in the hospital’s intensive care unit. He thinks about what secretary Park said to him about not investigating Han Jo and never talk about their group name.

WC – Hwang….

SM – Yes, what is going on?

WC – I am busy, I will hang up

He hangs up. Dong-jae gets wheeled to the intensive care unit to be worked on. Won-chul runs off to the waiting room to see if Dong-jae’s wife is there. She isn’t in the first waiting room he goes to so he runs off looking for her.

She is actually at Dong-jae’s side holding his hand. She says he gripped her hand, he knows we are here, he can hear us. The nurses tell her that the doctor is coming. Won-chul looks in from the doorway.

At home, Simok looks out the window. It is still night.


Jang Gun grabs some coffee for the team and heads to work. he gets a shock to see the Captain basically looking like he slept there all night and emerging from behind his desk.

The Captain tells him that they aren’t continuing with the police and prosecutor adjustment team since two of the head officials are gone. He complains that they are the ones that need the right to investigate, but the higher ups ruined it.

They both start to grumble about what’s wrong with this entire situation. But Jang Gun does says that some things are getting better, like bribing traffic police $10, that is all gone.

They think they should have a drink to celebrate that the committee is all over. The rest of the team shows up and thinks that’s a good idea. But they wonder if it is something they should celebrate. The Captain angrily asks if they don’t want it! They are all like, no, its okay.


All the people at headquarters stand for a meeting and says that the prosecutors used what Choi Bit id as a weakness. We do not have an adjustment team anymore. The government and the congress thought we do not deserve to do this. Their team will also be disassembled. Until then, report to him.

Shin goes into his office. The two annoying cops ask Yeo-jin for a meeting. She goes into a conference room to meet with them.

They are annoying as usual and ask if she really has to stay at headquarters. She tells them that she doesn’t care about where they go, but they care about her. They say she caused all this mess so who do you think will welcome you?

She asks if this is about getting promoted? They say getting promoted in headquarters is all bout connections. The chief was your connection. I am telling you this for you. She tells them that she didn’t say anything because she cared about them, but now you crossed the line.

They ask if she is challenging her? She asks, what are you going to do? Do it. I will show that you are right, that you tried to harm my reputation was right. I will show you that I can get promoted without connections.

They tell her not to cry when they work for her later. She chuckles and says that they are so childish. They tell each other to not talk to her then leave.

She stays in the conference room. Jang Gun calls and asks if she can join them for drinks tonight? She gets all teary eyed and tries to hold it in. She asks if they are not busy? He jokes that they would have to close if a police station is not busy.

He tells her that the kidnapper went to jail. He said he was unlucky and everything got messed up with the picture and all that. He asks where she is and if she is okay. She says he is fine. She needs to leave but she will call them back.

They hang up. Jang Gun tells the team that she doesn’t sound too good. The Captain says of course, they are making Han Yeo-jin the sinner, not Chief Choi. They are worried that people are giving her a hard time and think she should just come back to their team and not experience all those bad things.

Choi sniffs and tries to get herself together in the conference room. She wipes her tears and then finally heads out.


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