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Stranger 2: Episode 15 Recap – Part 2

Stranger 2: Episode 15 Recap - Part 2

This is part two of our live recap for Stranger 2!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Simok parks in a parking garage and starts to head into the building, he goes to Woo’s office. Woo is talking on the phone but beckons him over.

Woo – How dare you come in [without permission].

SM – Did you know that Han Jo organized that place?

Woo sits back.

SM – Because lawyer Parks heart stopped so quickly, you did not have a chance to talk about Han Jo. 

SM – You don’t ask me about why Ii am talking about lawyer Park and Han Jo together as a group?

Woo – I don’t know anything. What are you talking about?

SM – [he says all that Woo did]

Woo – hey

SM – What is your excuse now?

Woo – You should be grateful that I answered you, I should have just wack. Hey. Everyone drinks so what do you care what I do?

SM – I am going to prosecutor you for buying sex

Woo rips his phone out and throws it on the ground.

Everyone outside wonders what is going on. 

SM – if you don’t like buying sex, then how about throwing away a dead body?

Woo – It wasn’t me!

SM – So you didn’t wait until he was dead because you can’t call 911 from the vacation home?

Woo – *exhale* I know why Lee Chung-joon died. Did you do the same to him? You pushed him enough for him to kill himself? I know everything sunbae so go and die. Did you say that? You are scary Hwang Simok!

SM – Comparing yourself to him will not make your crime any less.

Woo – i did not kill anyone, he died in front of me. This was just an unlucky thing, okay?

SM – If you didn’t go to the vacation home from the beginning then you will not have to think about being unlucky or not. You knew it wasn’t a normal meeting. Why did you go all the way over there, what did you expect?


SM – No, you are the one that makes the law. You shouldn’t be hiding behind anyone. But you keep making excuses. And went all the way there with lawyer park. Did dead fingers press 911.

Woo – I told you, it wasn’t me, I did not call.

SM – Who was the third man in the vacation home.

Flashback to the third man being the former Director General of Intelligence, Kim Myung-hwan (MH). MH told them that he would drop the call girls off somewhere far away and then come back. Just look after him okay.

Then MH drove away with the women. 

Simok asks Woo who the person who came later was? Woo says it was Kim Myung-hwan. Simok asks, the policeman? Woo nods. Simok says he will arrest all the people related and make it a public investigation.

Woo yells, YA!

Simok leaves. Sa-hyun looks at him leaving and starts to think about all the moment Woo acted strangely. He starts to connect the pieces in his mind and sighs.




Yeo-jin drives up the road talking to someone on the phone. She says that her director is in jail in the south, why? We do not hear the conversation on the other end. She puts on her blinker.

Back in his office, Woo Tae-ha looks busy erasing information or looking up information. It isn’t completely clear. He might be looking up information that Simok interviewed who is the call girl. He writes down her information and leaves.

He goes to his bosses office and tells him that he is really sorry, chief. My department prosecutor knows about what happened with Park. I can control him, but I have to tell you. I am sorry. Do you remember the lawyer thing I told you about last year?

The chief cleans his glasses and asks why he touched the dead. He tells him not to be too formal, it makes him too nervous. He asks if it is that guy Simok? He doesn’t know things, just remove him or fire him. Just quiet it down.

Woo apologizes and says he will clean it all up and come back. He leaves.


Simok puts his cell phone in a locker. Yeo-jin comes up and puts her cell phone in the same locker.

They both go talk to former Director Kim Myung-hwan who is in jail. Yeo-jin says he is he third person that went to the vacation home. MH tells her that he told her he acknowledged that he went there because his classmate asked him to. I also want to chop off my own feet. But you also should have heard that I left with them first.

Flashback to him dropping the call girls off in a city. They quickly catch a taxi. He leaves and thinks about driving back. He says he really did not want to go back to that place where Kwang-soo died. He did not plan on it from the beginning, but he could not think about going back so he went back to Seoul. 

Simok thinks Woo Tae-ha was left alone there. However he would have to drive two cars at the same time if he did it alone. Lawyer Parks car and his own car. It takes 15 minutes from the scene to the vacation home. Woo would have had to walk all the way back. Fifteen minutes drive means a 2 hour walk. You can’t even call a taxi on the country road. Would Woo do that? No.

MH says he does not know what happened. Yeo-jin asks if he left the prosecutors to take care of everything? How did you trust them? You should have thought that you would be blamed for everything.

Yeo-jin thinks he went there again. You dropped off the women then went back and forgerized the scene. Woo says that you were the one that pressed 911.

MH says he heard about that later, I already told you that.

Simok asks who the other person was? MH says he sent one of his people to take care of the scene. Yeo-jin’s eyes go bright. MH says he asked his person to take care of it, but not that way. I didn’t do anything that day. When I saw him last, Kwang-soo was dead in the living room. I have nothing to hide from what happened.

SM – Who did you send?

MH – I asked that person without a lot of details. I just told that person that someone was dead and to come. That is why they came.

YJ – My chief? 

YJ – Choi Bit?

MH – Think about it. For me it makes perfect sense because she is the superintendent. She will know best.

YJ – Is that why she had that promotion and became chief of intelligence?

MH – Everyone does it.

Yeo-jin thinks back to Choi Bit telling her that she does not even know what is getting dragged here. What you experienced is nothing. What do you think you will do if I am arrested, do you think you will do nothing?

Flashback to Choi Bit being the person that helps Woo on the side of the road with the body.

In the locker, we see Woo send Simok a text saying to come back. Yeo-jin also gets a text but it is hidden.

They both check their texts. Woo text them both to meet with him right now. So they both go to meet with Woo. The offices are all empty and dark. Woo opens his door and lets them in.

He takes their cell phones and puts them in his desk.

Woo – You covered up the senator’s son’s crime. DO you think the drug case is a joke? I will show you what it is like to have the right to investigate. I am going to prosecute you and make you serve your sentence as a corrupt police officer and I am going to make you into an ex-convict. It is easy for me to bury someone like you even if I am fired. Do you like it, Hwang? Hey, you shouldn’t look at me like that. I am going to save your boss. You saw it in the jail. MH made his hubae cover up what he did and ran away. That kind of person will not protect their hubae. And who suggested to move the dead body? Who suggested to change the location and called in lawyer Parks phone? It was all Choi Bit’s plan. If you do not believe me then go and ask your boss.

SM – You coward.

Woo – What the….

SM – So you were angry because MH ran away alone so you hold  grudge?

Woo – He is guilty, we have to give everything to someone who is already guilty. Han, do you really have to involve Choi Bit? Do you really have to take her down?

YJ – Did you talk to my boss? Did she agree with this?

Woo – Han, do not make your boss disappointed, you want to protect her. My hubae does not have any will to protect his sunbae. I can protect you. Hwang I can send you to Ganwangdo and not prosecute you for not listening to an order. Let’s see….Hwang, you protect detective Han. Detective Han, you protect your boss and I protect me. That is a good story right? The two of you just need to be quiet, that is it. That is not a cruel murder case or bribery case. A person died with his own disease. He died there, that is the only story. You should not destroy a lot of people’s lives. 

Woo – i am  not bragging but I am the chief of the supreme prosecutor office. I have a lot of places calling me even if I quit now. 

SM – Why don’t you do that?

Woo – Because I can destroy both of you. Today is the last day I will tell you nicely.

He hands their phones back to them.

SM – Where you worried that if you ordered it over the phone then it could be recorded?

YJ – We were worried that you would do it over the phone.

Simok shows a photo from his phone. It is a picture of Woo in the care with the call girl. Flashback to Yeo-jin’s police team taking the photos.

Woo – *shocked* Hey, what did you learn! Korean prosecutors are all in one. You made them follow a prosecutor!

YJ – *smiles* This is obvious but you are embarrassed. How did you live your life?

She walks away. Simok also walks away.

Woo – Okay, whatever happens you don’t care? Okay.



In the hallway, Simok tells Yeo-jin that Woo was not joking when he said he will make her into an ex convict. She tells him that she knows he can do that. They mention that sending him anywhere is not his own decision. Yeo-jin says, maybe he already talked to people up there.

Yeo-jin stands on her balcony at home and looks over the city. She is drinking her favorite drink. She leaves her can on the balcony and goes somewhere.

Simok sits in his apartment, checks his watch, and leaves. 

At home, Choi Bit parks her car in the parking spot and starts to walk in. Yeo-jin is there on a bench meeting her.

YJ – It took you a long time. I heard you left the office awhile ago. I wanted to drink until you came, but you are late.

CB – I met someone.

YJ – Oh, you should have heard everything from Woo.

CB – Are you here to blame me? You are blaming me for the senator son case so Woo has your weakness.

YJ – We shouldn’t have done it, we should have pushed forward. I am not blaming you. Back then I really thought you were right. People should have a bit of flexibility and not just act with principle. I will never do it again.

CB – So for this case I am involved but you will still follow your principles?

YJ – You did it all? Moved the body and called 911?

CB – Yes, it was me.

CB – Haven’t you thought about it? This is you and my turn. I can hold your hand and pull you up–

YJ – WHYYYYY? Why do you do that and make yourself cheap! Without doing that you should have been promoted to a good place! You could have become what you wanted to be. It was a few years faster but now you will always think that it was done by others and not you!

YJ – I don’t know, if we talk about that vacation home thing then maybe it will disappear but if you are damaged with that then I don’t know if I will end up like this. I never knew that I would end the person’s career of the first person that I looked up to in my career.

CB – You don’t know me. You will never be able to finish me with your hand.

YJ – I should stop here. I am starting to be afraid that you will become dirty like someone else.

She walks off and catches a taxi. Choi Bit looks at the drinks Yeo-jin drank and picks them up.

She thinks about a flashback to that night. Choi Bit called MH but he wasn’t picking up. Woo is pacing and thinks he should have called the police right away. He wonders if they should just leave him there? But what abut the phone record? I should be the last one.

Choi Bit is thinking. She asks which car is his? The black box is off in your car. But he says that car is not his. So they find out that it is the lawyers car.

So they drove his car and left him there. She says she wanted the police to find him quickly. She didn’t want him to be in the street like that too long. 

He drove them back to the vacation home and Choi Bit got into her car. They both drove off.

We see the vacation home for the first time. Then the sun shines on the vacation home to show us that it is now the present time. Lots of reporters are around the home.

One reporter says that a prosecutor and high official hid a body to hide that they met here. They also knew that the senators son had drugs in his system but stopped the investigation.

Cut to Yeo-jin in SHin’s office. He tells her that she should have told him first that she was going to break this news. She tells him sorry, but I reported it. Shin asks if telling Director Choi was the reporting part? That was just telling her. You should have gotten approval.

He sits and tells her that he is going to make it wrong and that this was all done by prosecutors to involve us. Okay? Just don’t say anything or contact the outside at all.

YJ – You are proving why I did not ask for approval.

Shin – Listen to me Han

YJ – *balls fists at her side* I am sorry.

Cut to Choi Bit getting off the phone after saying that she understands.

In the prosecutors office, Woo tells his team all the lies to type about how he id not recognize the vacation home and did not recognize what is being said about him and the senators son case is something the police knew about and they were investigating it.

Simok shows Sa-hyun his report. Sa-hyun is just like, wow, how can you bring Woo’s arrest warrant to me?

SM – Should I take it to Woo?

SH – Don’t you hear this? You are screwing me up.

SM – You don’t have to do anything. You are approving it. You are the chief.

SH – Hey, don’t do this. Don’t ask for the warrant.

SM – We need a warrant because he already tried to hide the evidence and is not cooperating with the investigation.

SH – As a chief I cannot do this.

SM – Okay, I will get the signature from the person who has the power.

He leaves. 

SH – What the f–

He quickly grabs his jacket and runs out. The assistant looks on super concerned and stunned.

Woo prints out something and goes to the press conference. It is super duper packed. Standing room only. Choi Bit walks in. 

But actually, no one is at his press conference, it is empty. Everyone went to to Choi Bits press conference

Fade Out


Okay, now it is all coming together and it is super interesting, which makes me a little annoyed that Seo Dong-jae’s case laster for as long as it did.

Okay, for anyone who does not know, this case is highlighting a case that really happened in Korea about some head prosecutors and head police who were invited to a sex party at a vacation home in the countryside. One person accidentally died at this vacation home during this sex party and the entire thing became a cover up. 

In this drama, Han Jo Group represents Samsung and Woo, Kim Myung-hwan, and Choi Bit represent the heads of the justice and police departments. Everyone in Korea can fill in the blanks on this case since it was all over the news a few years ago and is still a big topic, but international people might not know the specifics of it and be confused on why this is a big deal.

So this vacation meeting is a big deal because Han Jo was buying off all the Chief cops and prosecutors in order for them to grant favors to Han Jo Group (in real life it was Samsung doing all this). 

The annoying part is that I want to know more about this! I’m happy that Seo Dong-jae is alive an all but that case went on for way too many episodes and feels unrelated. However, from the preview it looks like they are about to bring Seo Dong-jae’s storyline back in, in the final episode.

See everyone tomorrow to find out how everything fits together! I expect a Harry Potter-esque monologue at the end to connect all the dots.


English Translation

CB – As a public servant who should honor the law….

CB – We have to bring down Woo first.

Head Chief – Should I give you a chance to destroy the boss you don’t like?

Park – We will see which side your prosecutor friend will pick in the end.

WC – After hearing what they say, do you still defend them?

LYJ – It is not an organization which is controlled by one person.

SM – Chief Choi can decide how it ends.

LYJ – Seo Dong-jae is the last person.

Woo – Dead is the real end. I am not going to die.

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  1. avo
    October 4, 2020 / 7:27 pm

    Woah I had no idea that the storyline was based on something true! what year did that happen? I couldn’t see any articles about it

    • V
      October 4, 2020 / 9:41 pm

      Crazy, right! It is related to the prosecutor drama that is currently going on in Korea right now but the actual event happened back in 2013 under their former president. It happened in Kangwondo. They had drugs and witnesses and video and pictures as evidence and the police also said the person in the image was the prosecutor but the prosecutor got off because the other prosecutors said he wasn’t guilty and there wasn’t enough evidence. The prosecutor supposedly tried to sneak out of Korea with a body double, lol. But people caught him.

      • avo
        October 5, 2020 / 2:03 am

        wow thats so unbelievable! intially I thought it wasn’t that big of a deal cause it wasn’t like they killed the lawyer but the context really makes it all make sense, thanks so much for the great info!

        • V
          October 5, 2020 / 8:58 am

          Anytime! 🙂

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