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Stranger 2: Episode 15 Recap – Part 1

It is the final week so all the secrets should be revealed! I am looking forward to everything coming out because it has been a long intriguing yet convoluted run for the last few episodes.


Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




We open with a review of what happened in the last several episodes. Then the show starts with Choi Bit telling Captain Choi Yoon-soo to go get the fake witness right now. She says that fake mail and fake witness are not coincidences, there was only one goal in mind.

Cut to Hwang Si-mok in his office. Sa-hyun comes in and says that Seo Dong-jae Survived. Simok stands up and says okay. Sa-hyun asks Woo Tae-ha, who just emerged from his office, if he is going somewhere.

Woo says of course, I am going home. The two of them leave. Simok bows them out of the office. He stays.

Woo goes to meet with Lee Yeon-jae at her place. He tries to make small talk and says that her place is nice. She smiles and agrees that she has a place like this. Then she tells him they need to cut to the chase.

LYJ – It took me one year to have this occasion again and I already lost the first trial. What are you going to do with the second?

Woo – Why are you talking about Han Jo’s trial to me?

LYJ – You are my person now

Woo – Am I?

LYJ – Yes. How much do you want? Are you uncomfortable talking about money? I am good about talking about money. It’s what I do. Your inlaws are rich so enough money is not enough. Tell me the amount.

Woo – I make enough money.

LYJ – Okay, your cool.

Woo – I waisted time because the lines I formed are all disassembled. 

LYJ – Back then?

Woo – Park sunbae said he would work with Han Jo a year ago. He told me that Han Jo asked him. I thought it was not asking for help, it was an order. That is what I thought. I did not point it out when I met him.

LYJ – What did you point out?

Woo – If you tell me without any bribes, who would like it? Childhood friends are still friends because they have seen everything about each other. Do you know why people go to private bars with women? Or the saunas together? It is because people cannot pretend that the other person is only clean and pure.

LYJ – So it was your idea to gather people together in the vacation home?

Woo – Yes, it was me. I did it, not even that, I was making future plans also. Way before you talked about money in front of me.

LYJ – Why?

Woo – I wanted to be in politics.

LYJ – Haha, politics.

Woo – Last year things became noisy with the investigation rights. I was wondering who would be in that noisy case. Then I heard that I would be the one. This time it won’t happen as the prosecutors want. I thought maybe I would get fired. But Park wanted to see me. I told him “I am not going anywhere sunbae tells me to go” So he started to talk about Han Jo. I thought I had a way to survive, that is what I thought.

JYL – The supporting politicians take a lot of effort, but that is not bad for us as well. But lawyer Park said he did everything. 

Woo – Even I wouldn’t say that a hubae gave me the order and I followed his order.

LYJ – Of course.

Woo – If I matter with the trial then I can’t change much for your case.

LYJ – I am not asking you to turn everything over. I just want to pay the tax with the fine from Lee Sung-jae’s money. That is right, right? He did it.

Woo – To do that, we have to take everything from them.

LYJ – To get everything, I need bullets.

Woo – So the fine shouldn’t be charged first?

LYJ – That is why Kang Won-chul’s east branch bothers me a lot. It seems like they talk about Han Jo whenever they have a chance. It is not a big crime, it is business. 

Woo – The high crime department is in the police department. But I understand what you are talking about.

LYJ – Do you like it here?

Woo – Yes.

LYJ – I only see a few people here.

Woo – Okay.

LYJ – Woo, you just come here from now on. Places like hotels are so bothersome.

Woo – If you call me, then anytime.

LYJ – Goodjob.

He gets up and starts to walk out.

LYJ – Why did you have an argument?

Woo – Excuse me?

LYJ – You didn’t argue with him? Then why did he die?

Woo – We had an argument. I left before Park sunbae. I didn’t know it was his last moment. You saw that the criminal was caught, that was a dun deal. From tomorrow prosecutor Hwang will be busy with the investigation rights case.

He bows and leaves.

In the car driving away, Woo thinks about what she said about him arguing with the lawyer and why the lawyer died like that. Then Sa-hyun calls. He answers. Sa-hyun tells him to turn on the radio.


Shin, the director of Investigation, CHoi Bit and Yeo-jin walk up the hall to the press conference. Shin tells them that they will see if they get the warrant. Yeo-jin opens the door for them.

Tons of journalists and are at this press conference. Shin takes the podium and tells them that it sounds complicated, but they need to find out who did it. Of course the investigation rights is important for prosecutors but for a department that is not part of it, do you think that a local prosecutor will think “I need to keep the investigation rights” so they sent a letter and pretended to be kidnapped?

He continues and says it is also difficult for anyone to try this because the missing person was a prosecutor. You see this photo (of the tie). This is the evidence that the conman sent pretending he was the criminal. What did we get? A police mark was in the photo. 

We got the original tie from the prosecutor that we rescued today. (he holds up the original tie). Shin starts to tell them that they proved that the floor and the table were all taken in the fake witnesses place who argued that this was done by the police.

Yeo-jin whispers to Choi Bit that they did not prove it yet.

Shin says everything was all fake. Who do you think made it up? That this countries police kidnapped the prosecutor and sent a bloody tie to the police. Who is the beneficiary for this?

Prosecutors did not want to give up their right to investigate and even did this. It is easy to prove if we get the warrant and look into the fake witnesses phone and bank account. 

Yeo-jin asks Choi Bit, if that person is on the committee then who do you think that person is. Choi Bit says that it does not matter who that person is, as long as one of them are behind it, then we win.

Shin continues and tells the reporters that if the committee people say that they are falsly accused, then they need to issue the warrant. This is our current reality that the warrant that we need to get, we have to ask for it. 




The news starts to report on this issue. A panel of three talks about the prosecutors pushing the police to the edge and still not giving up their right to investigate. One person thinks it is nonsense, what kind of prosecutor will work with the criminal?

The other guy says that prosecutors have done a lot of nonsense things already. The one in the middle tells them that they have an official response from the prosecutors, lets look at it first.

They turn to the screen where Sa-hyun and Woo talk in separate speeches where they deny everything.

The middle reporter continues and says that the prosecutors on the committee denied the allegation. But we just had a report that normal people like us cannot understand. Why was the warrant denied? It does not make any sense.

The man on the right wants to know why the prosecutors do not reveal the truth after investigating the case? The one on the left thinks that they did not deny it, they need more investigation to reveal the case. So the police should do more to prove it.

The right one says they need the warrant to investigate more. That makes no sense.

Choi Bit looks at the news and turns off the TV. She is in her office and answers the phone. Shin is on the phone and asks her if she knows about any weakness of Woo Tae-ha or Kim Sa-hyun. She tells him she will look into it.

He hangs up.

She starts to think about the dirt she has on Woo about the vacation home and Han Jo Group. 


One of the assistants gives Sa-hyun a file. He goes to his office to read it. The other assistant asks her why this is so secretive? She says it is the warrant. As soon as he came to the office this morning, he asked me for it. 

The guy assistant says they had so many cameras this morning so he did not even notice the warrant. She asks, it shouldnt be, right? It would have gone too far. 

Inside Woo’s office, Sa-hyun, Simok, and Woo talk around Woo’s table. Woo tells them about their bosses plan. But Simok is not listening, he is thinking about the fake witnesses interrogation. 

He also starts to think about all the suspicious things about Woo and Sa-hyun.

SM – The [fake witness] is released because he never talked. So they will follow him to see who he will meet. 

SH – Do you think he will meet them right away? Not unless he is dumb

SM – Not if he is dumb, he shouldn’t have anyone to meet if the case was a personal vendetta. It is possible that the fake witness was holding a grudge. But the report was about the criminal being a current police officer and nothing else. How do they know that the suspect is the office her wants. How did he know about it?

SH – Maybe they have a way to know.

Woo – Who are you talking about?

SM – 2017 the fake witness was arrested for having a con job in Sonnam branch.

SH – *flicks pen nervously* I don’t even want to ask you that you remember everything that happened in your own branch. I don’t think it is a grudge.

Woo – Then why did you push that way?

SH – Why do you think so? Why don’t you do anything, chief? You should be the one that is the most angry. Who is screwing us up, we have to find that person.

Woo – What if one of us really did it? I would support them. We should appreciate that sacrifice.

SH – How can you say that?

Woo – Freedom fighter for us, for Japanese, they are terrorists.

SH – Hwang Simok, can you excuse us?

Simok leaves.

Woo – Why did you excuse him. What important thing are you talking about?

SH – Hyung-nim.

Simok grabs a file and heads out.

SH – Hyung-nim, according to your plan, Seo Dong-jae should be dead. IF we still suspected the police then he is dead because we did not search. But he didn’t do it so he could not even confess. Then Dong-jae is dead. Even though his bones are broken and he was unconscious, he came back alive. What about the police guy that was accused?

Woo – Hey, he was corrupt.

SH – The guy who doesn’t even regret killing the prosecutor, we would give him the maximum sentence. The person you should appreciate was not the person who tainted the prosecutors, it is Hwan Simok! If he didn’t filter out [the fake  witness] then you are a murderer now. Two families are destroyed!

Woo – *calmly* Someone should have started like this first. The prosecutor disappeared so that person should worry about it, but the situation looks like the best chance they can have. This is nuclear bomb size. Do you think he shouldn’t have done anything? Don’t you think that person shouldn’t have known it could be troublesome? But still, they moved forward for everyone. No one died.

Sa-hyun is angry and storms out. He looks at Simok’s desk. The assistants say he went to the bank. Sa-hyun sighs. 

In his office, Woo goes and looks out the window.




Simok goes to the bank and talks to with a bank representative. He is trying to get banking information from April 16, 2018 and one month before that. The banker says he will have to wait, it is not common for them to search the bank information requested by an investigator.

He excuses himself to go talk to his superior about it, but he asks him one more question before that which is to have an agreement from the dead family member. Simok says yes. The man leaves to go get the information.

Simok remembers that Woo was interested in the dead lawyer all of a sudden when Simok mentioned it. He thinks about other times Woo ignored lawyer Park and said that they do not need a file to find Seo.

Simok also thinks about the wife of the lawyer who was talking about the prosector. This flashback might have happened an hour ago. She asked why he needs this now that the lawyer is found. Simok asks why she is talking about that lawyer?

She said that he said before that this was because of that missing person. 

SM – You knew I would come here that day.

Wife – No.

SM – The first thing you told me was, tell me. Even though I just came out of the blue and asked about your husbands death. You didn’t ask me about why I was investigating it now, again and what was going on.

Wife – Did I?

SM – Yes. Someone else came here before me that day. He should have told you that I would come here and ask you about your husband. Also, you already heard that this was about Seo Dong-jae.

Wife – No. Excuse me.

SM – Why did you send me to the law firm secretary?

In the present, the banker comes back in with the information.

In the past, Simok tells the wife that she knew that if he saw the secretary he would have more questions. She starts to walk away. He says that she didn’t believe the person that visited you. I also do not believe him.

She asked what he wanted her to tell him.

In the present, Simok checks the bank information. A lot of money got deposited or withdrawn one day. Simok highlights three women’s names and sends it to Yeo-jin.

Yeo-jin secretly looks at it at work and texts him about it.

Yeojin: The person that died after drinking on a country highway sent $2000 to three women each?

Yeojin: It sounds familiar to me.

Simok was about to say that he shouldn’t have drank on the street. Woo walked out of his office right then.

Simok: He shouldn’t have drank on the street.

Simok: I thought if I got the call girl company information then I could go to the place.

Yeojin: We should interview the person. But it is difficult for me to do it now. My boss is super angry.

Simok: Me too. Both of my bosses.

Yeojin: I will do it when I have a chance.

Simok: thank you, me too.

She sends a cute dancing emoji He is super confused about it and closes it.


Yeo-jin goes to the call girl company and asks a secretary about the person who received money from Lawyer Park last year. She says the women’s names and asks if she knows them? 

The person says no, they do not use their real name when they work. Yeo-jin tells her that they had to know the real names to get the money. So she should know them. The woman smiles in defeat. Yeo-jin tells her that she sent the names to get the money. The woman says no, they do not do those things.

Yeo-jint ells her that she is asking her one more time. You sent three girls to Namnamjoo after the lawyers request last year.

The woman suddenly remembers and says that it was for the party. Yeo-jin asks where it was in Namnamjoo.

In a sitting room, Simok asks one of the women if it was common to go to the countryside for a job? It looks like he might still be in the building somewhere. He also mentions that she says she doesn’t remember that she went. She says they never leave their workplace bars.

Simok shows her a photo of the lawyer and one of Woo. She looks at them.

We go to a flashback with the wife again. Simok told her that only two branches knew that he was going to talk to her. Seo Dong’jae’s branch and Woo tae-ha’s branch. It is the law committee right?

In the present, he asks the woman if she saw one of these persons again. She asks how she can remember a person she saw once last yer? He asks if she saw him once?

He says they have banking information, do you really have to cover up for him. She says she is not.

Cut back to Yeo-jin talking to the owner at the front. She asks her about hourly and daily work rom the girls. She asks how many hours 2000 dollars would be. The woman asks why she should send people, they should come to my club.

Yeojin reminds her that she said she sent people. Then Yeo-jin takes a call from Simok and starts to talk to him in front of the owner about the woman saying that she went to the countryside because the manager asked her to.

The manager asks, what? I said that? Yeo-jin tells her that they all went in one car to the address you said. The manager says no, they sometimes have calls where they need people for parties. Some of these women have college singling competitions so they are really good.

Yeo-jin asks her if she has text messages? The woman asks why she would have text messages that she sent to a dead person? That is scary. After she heard from the kids, she was a little scared. But she stopped. Yeo-jin asks what she heard.

Cut to the girl talking to Simok. She says the place was a vacation home. Woo was there and the other person came later. Simok asks who the other person was? She tells him that she doesn’t know. He pulls out his phone and holds it up. It is a photo of Sa-hyun. She says no. 

He asks what they called each other? She says Oppa or CEO. He says no, what did they call each other? She tells him that she really doesn’t remember that. She saw them once a year ago, how can she remember what they called each other?

He tells her that it wasn’t a little bit, it should have been for at least a few hours. How long were you there? What time did you go in and what time did you go out?

She tells him they came out quickly. He asks if they told them to leave? Did they refuse call girls? She points to one of them and says he was so busy with his hands as soon as he set down.

Simok asks how the lawyer was when she left the vacation home. She says it is something they told her to keep quiet about.

In a flashback, we see that lawyer Park had a heart attack at the vacation home.

The owner tells Yeo-jin that the kids came back scared because they didn’t know that a person could die so easily like that.

The woman tells Simok that the men told her to bring digestive medicine, but it was less than one minute.

The manager tells Yeo-jin that on the news is said that he died on the street.

The woman says she thought he died at the scene, but I did not imagine what would happen next.

Yeo-jin mentions that the other woman said the same thing.

Flashback to Woo driving the lawyers car to the spot on the road and making it so that it appeared that he died in the car while he left the party. He wiped all his finger prints and got all the hair off his collar and erased the navigation and called 911 using the lawyers finger on the lawyers phone.


Yeo-jin thinks that Woo set up everything on the sight. What the woman remembered the best was that Woo made them clean the table so that they wouldn’t leave a trace. It seems that based on that they did not want to throw away the dead body from the beginning. If they moved the body and quieted the women then the vacation home would not be of interest at all.

Simok is in his car and reiterates what Yeo-jin said. Yeo-jin says the last person that joined took the women somewhere far away and dropped them off. Simok asks if they remember the car license plate number? Yeo-jin says even she would not remember that.

Simok has one more request, he needs someone else to help, someone who never met Woo before.


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