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Stranger 2: Episode 14 Recap – Part 2

This is part two of our live recap for Stranger 2!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Yeo-jin asks the student if he threw the body near his studio. Simok is in the backseat. The student says he wanted to play music for a long time. Appa told me if I go to SKY then I can do anything I want. So I studied hard.

Then he sniffs and shakes his head and says there is no end. They followed me around. He starts to cry.

Student – I was so happy when I had my own studio. I felt like I had a reward for everything. But they showed up at my studio. Where do I go now?

YJ – Did you think it would all end when you killed them? That is why you went to the sea? What did you do to prosecutor Seo? The mountain or the ocean?

Student – The mountain…. I just threw him on the mountain. I heard that a letter came and a witness showed up. I was scared so I put him in my closet. I was so scared. I heard the witness so I should do something. I touched him and he wasn’t moving. He was dead.

YJ – You didn’t do anything to the person that was passed out and bleeding? id you give him food or water?

They get to the mountain. Yeo-jin asks where he put the body. The student says no. She says he should know, who else would know. The student says it was dark it all looks the same.

Flashback to him driving up the mountain to get rid of the body.

Student – I didn’t decide it, I just wanted to go somewhere without any people

In the flashback, he stopped the car when there were finally no cars around. Then he took the body out and dumped it on the side.

In the present, he tells Simok and Yeo-jin that it could be this spot so they stop the car. His father pulls up behind him. He asks why he didn’t tell appa. Yeo-jin calls for backup to help find the body.

Day turns to night and the hunt for Seo Dong-jae continues. Search dogs are brought out. A drone with heat sensing camera is also brought out. 

Choi Bit shows up. Yeo-jin says they still haven’t found him yet. Choi Bit asks if she is sure he is here? She whispers it. Yeo-jin says the criminal is not sure himself. Choi Bit curses.

They release the drones to fly around. The news crews are all around. Another drone shows up form a different person.

Simok is back in the office. The secretary typed up what the criminal said. Sa-hyun says people are searching right now and asks Simok if he is okay? Then he jokes that he shouldn’t borrow money from him.


Chi Bit tells her kid to finish her homework. She is sitting in the car. Yeo-jin tells her to go home, she can report to her. 

CB – I shouldn’t say this in a life and death situation, but I did it a lot before. You know the case happens on the site, not on the desk.

YJ – We shouldn’t have ended up here from the beginning. The father of the guy that died on the beach said that he couldn’t even buy shoes for his son. But the son bought the shoes with his part-time job. I should have known that the son would not be able to buy those shoes.

Choi Bit remembers the father telling her the same thing.

But then there is a lot of commotion. Everyone starts to run to a certain spot.

His wife sees the live news feed. She calls her mother to stop her son from watching the news.

At the site, it is too dark to find the body. Choi Bit tells the news crews to come up with all their lights. So they all come up and shine their lights on the area.

A body is brought out. He is covered in a blanket and put in the ambulance. Yeo-jin hops in as well.




The student is put in jail in the police station. Jang Gun comes out to talk to him. The student asks what happened. Jang Gun doesn’t say anything. The student starts to cry.

In the ambulance, They find out that Dong-jae is still alive! (Whaaaat, he is superman!). Yeojin helps untie him and we see that the tie he was wearing is on his wrist. So the tie that was cut is not his tie.

She calls and tells this to Simok.

Simok starts to quickly look into this. He finds out that the tie is a common one and remembers the fake informant. 


Yeo-jin calls Choi Bit. They mention that the letter is fake and the report is fake which means they were targeting one thing. 

Yeo-jin calls the captain to arrest someone.

Kang Won-chul calls Simok.

WC – What happened? Is he alive?

SM – yes.

WC – *reassuring breath* Condition?

SM – Unconscious.

WC – Will he wake up?

SM – Even if he gets his consciousness back, he will have concussion

WC – That is good, good job, good job.

SM – Yes.


The cops go to the apartment of the fake informant. He is there so they say something about there being a water leak in the building and then arrest him.


The student says he thought about changing his mind. If Seo Dong-jae came a little later then it would not have happened.

In a flashback, we see the moment where the kid was in the alley with Seo Dong-jae and saw the brick in the pot.

In another interrogation room, Captain Choi and Jang Gun talk to the fake witness about the fake tie photo. They show him how his wooden floor is similar to the floor from the image and start to interrogate him about that.

He keeps denying it.

The captain asks what his relationship is with policeman Baek. (The corrupt policeman). 

He says he doesn’t now him at all.

So they ask who asked him to accuse someone he doesn’t know.

He says no one, this story is going strangely.

Captain – As soon as you sent it, you claimed yourself as a witness. You pretended like it was an accident but showed the police mark and pointed the police as a criminal. It is not a coincidence at all.

Guy – I told you that I did it for money. Why are you making so much of a fuss about the floor?

Captain – Do you miss jail? Do you want to go there?

The guy smiles but tries to hide it.

Simok comes in and tells the cops that they can be excused.

In the hallway, the Captain asks what is going on with that guy. They mention that he was smiling when he said that he could go to jail.

In the room, Simok turns off the camera.

SM – You remember me, don’t you?

Guy – You were the one that acted with the car license plate.

SM – Acting. Well, I have been a prosecutor for ten years already and am in the supreme prosecutors office. After I acted, I got a strange phone call.

Guy – What phone call?

SM – You don’t have to know our internal things. You know someone on our side.

Guy – Me? I don’t know anyone.

SM – If I touch this, will I be in a disadvantage? I am asking you that. If you have someone that you know on our side, then tell me now. Who is it? The supreme prosecutor office?

Guy – No, I am just a little criminal, you know.

He rubs his thumb, Simok notices.

SM – Okay, you don’t know anyone. If I prosecute you and I have an internal disadvantage then I am going to kill you.

Guy – But someone called you?

SM – What if it wasn’t a phone call?

Guy – Um, well

The guy rubs his face and bites his nail.

Fade Out


Yay, Dong-jae is still alive! He has some kind of body of steel to still be alive, but he is still alive! Whoo hoo! That is really what has kept me watching this show, so I’m glad that I can watch season one without being all bummed that one of the people doesn’t make it through season 2.

I still don’t know what is going on in the main case. Actually, I am more confused than ever. But I do have a feeling that everything will be put together next week since it is the last week. Or at least hopefully they know they have to wrap it all up next week. Don’t end this drama on a cliffhanger!


English Translation

YJ – The person who died drunk driving on the countryside sent money to three women the day before. We have to search people.

SM – Do you have to cover for him?

Woman – I am not covering for him.

YJ – Did that young woman accept it?

Man – They are not giving up their right to investigate, even doing this. The prosecutors.

YJ – If that person is in the law team, then who would be?

SM – Who is the third person in the vacation home?

Woo – YA! *throws something*

CB – Woo Tae-ha, Kim tae-hyun, it doesn’t matter. One of them should be behind the scenes.

Woo – I will show you what it is like to have the right to prosecute in the prosecution office.

Woo – I am going to prosecute you. I will make you a corrupt police officer and make you into an ex criminal.

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