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Stranger 2: Episode 14 Recap – Part 1

They have finally found the person who has Seo Dong-jae! And with a big twist, it was the beach kid! So time to find out what was going on in this beach kid’s mind. Not that I want to be in his mind or anything, but you know, it comes with the territory of suspense. But waah, just don’t make me sympathize with him!


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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Yeo-jin yanks the door open and lunges into the room. She covers her nose immediately. She opens another door and starts to look around. It definitely looks like someone has been kept here.

She runs out and hops in her car and takes off.

Meanhile, the chase continues with the college kid and Simok. While he is running away we see his real life with his friends where he was the kid that was bullied by his friends.

He actually made them drunk and put them in the water. He actually might have held them underwater?  He took off his friends shoes and put them on the beach and he is also the one that called 911.

Simok finally catches him at the same time that Yeo-jin stops the car in front of him. They handcuff him and tell him to tell them where Seo Dong-jae is.

But he is not speaking. Simok checks where he drove on his GPS.

Cut to all the cops showing up. They say that the strong smell is Clorox. 

Captain Choi Yoon-soo starts to ask around to all the neighbors if they noticed anything. One of the neighbors says that she smelled Clorox very strong in the house. It was yesterday morning.

Jang Gun is working on the black box in the car. He talks to the captain about it. He thinks the information could all be erased. The captain tells him to work hard on it. He threw away a person that was almost dead. Or maybe he was dead and he threw him away. Go, now.

Inside the CSI team is getting to work. There is a different wood pattern and there is no glass table.


Yeo-jin and Si-mok interrogate the kid but he is still not talking. Simok tells him that he has a new car so even if the blackbox is turned off, they can still find out the information from the car company because the information is transmitted there.

They tell him to tell them before they have to look for it. Tell us where he is.

Flashback to Seo calling the college kid when he walked on the street. It looked like a call after they talked once.

In the interrogation room, Yeo-jin tells him to tell them if Seo Dong-jae is dead or alive. But he is still not talking at all. 


Simok calls Woo and tells them that they do not know if he is dead or alive. This is why he cannot go back to the office. He asks for a day off. They ask him where he is. He tells them what neighborhood he is in. It is the place where the suspect lives.

Woo tells him he isn’t taking a day off, just bring his confession.

Woo hangs up and mutters that he can’t say that he will kill him. Sa-hyun asks, prosecutor Hwang? Because he caught the criminal even though you told him to stop investigating?

Woo says no, the criminal. Sa-hyun says that the criminal was somewhere they did not expect. But it ended anyway, we got him.




Simok goes to a woman’s house and asks if she knows the college kid or the other kids coming to that house often. She knows the college kid but not the other kids. She tells him that he lived there for a couple months then left without notice. He just left. I didn’t even know he left.

Simok asks if she knows why he left? She says it was the coldest day he left. It was too cold to live there. Of course it is cold in winter, that is what the landlord said. But she should fix the house when the tenant says it is cold.

Simok asks if there are any good delivery places? The woman says yes there is a chicken place.

Meanwhile, Yeo-jin listens to a recording that another person gave. She is asking if the kids that died were those kids? He was a quiet guy from a nice family. Were they middle school friends? I am actually surprised to know that they talked to each other in college.

The father bursts in looking super military and aggressive. He asks why they took his son. He also starts to yell at them that this is all nonsense. He is only 20. How can he murder people and hide dead bodies? He didn’t even go to Seoul University but he went to Yonsei Engineering with a full scholarship!

Simok tells him that this is an investigation. An adult does not need a guardian. The father asks who is leading the investigation. Simok says he is. The father says he is the father and the lawyer also. Then he sits at the table.

Yeo-jin and Simok sigh and look at each other. Simok sits and pats Yeo-jin on the arm to sit as well. So she does reluctantly.

YJ – When you were in middle school, you told your teacher that you were bullied. But the teacher put the three of you together to be good friends. So 15 year old had to be together with bullies all day. The same ones that hit him. This week with one and the other week with the other.

Father – Who is bullied?

Yeo-jin plays a woman’s recording for them. She says that in retrospect I think the teacher warned those two bullies that she knows what is going on and is watching them. Because Ho-jung told the teacher so everyone knew about it. That was the teachers plan but what about the one that was bullied, how can you be friends?

YJ – You never became friends, ever.

Father – Why are you talking about this? So let’s say there was a bully case. Why are you talking about the beach kids?

YJ – i am not talking about the kids that died, I am talking about kids that were murdered in water. They were not friends, they were enemies.

Father – Tell me, where they friends or enemies? *grips his shoulder*

Student – F-Friends.

Father – See, they were friends.

YJ – Why did you get another room after one month?

Father – We just moved, we thought it was a good place but it wasn’t so he moved. Was that a sin?

YJ – I heard you ordered food often. Garlic chicken.

Father – Why are you talking about garlic chicken!

Simok – Did they come to your place all the time?

A delivery guy starts to talk over the recording about how that place was the worst place. They came all the time to deliver. Girls and guys where there. Sometimes the student wasn’t there when I delivered the chicken. Other people accepted the food.

Student – I let them be there.

YJ – Did you tell them that you moved your studio?

Student – No.

His father grips his leg to stop him from talking.

YJ – You said you were close. Why didn’t you say that you moved your studio overnight?

Student – Whether they were friends or not, what is wrong with that?

Simok – It is not about responsibility, we are asking him to find out the motive. Where where you at the night of [the kidnapping]. 

Father – Yay!

Simok – Did you take prosecutor Seo Dong-jae to your room?

Father – Prosecutor Seo Dong-jae?

Officer Seo Sang-won walks up the hallway and hears that father yelling from up the hall. He enters the interrogation room.

Officer Seo asks why the student turned off his black box in the car. The father says the black box is personal property. We don’t have to submit it.

Seo – There are blood marks everywhere in the room and in the car. Why are you saying we are blaming him!

Student – I hit a dog. That is dog blood.

YJ – Take it to the vet, not in your closet.

Student – I took it to a vet, they said I had no hope so I brought it home.

SM – Where is the dog?

Student – Dead

SM – Where did you bury it?

Student – Actually, I threw it away.

SM – Which hospital?

Student – I don’t remember.

YJ – Hey, we will know everything when we run the DNA test. Now is not the time that you do this! Where is Seo Dong-jae.

Seo talks to Simok and Yeo-jin in the hallways and says the Clorox removed the DNA evidence in the blood. Simok thinks that the need to separate the son from the father.

In the room, the father asks if they read him his miranda rights and tells his son that he needs to not say anything no matter what they say. Appa will take care of everything. Even if they ask for a warrant they do not have much evidence so it could be denied. No, I will make sure if is denied. You will not be prosecuted so don’t say anything, that is your right. Okay? The son says yes.

The cops take the son away. Yeo-jin asks the father if he believes that the blood is dog blood? The father says he believes what his son said.




Choi Bit talks to someone on the phone and asks a favor. She might be talking to a judge or something. She says that she never called them with a favor before. We got the criminal but he is getting away with his ex prosecutor lawyer father. We shouldn’t let him go. I don’t want to hear that DNA results is not clear so the police lost the criminal. Please? Thank you.

They hang up.

Woo is also on the phone. He says that he heard from Hwang. They are not overusing their power but…. He walks into Sa-hyun’s office angrily and says that he will tell him to be considerate. I am sorry to make you worry. He gets off the phone then curses.

Sa-hyun asks what they did? Woo asks if he knows judge Kim? The suspects father went to judge Kim and made big noise. The judge asked the warrant judge and the warrant judge called our director asking what to do.

Sa-hyun asked, whose father? Woo says Seo Dong-jae suspect’s father. They are saying the student was wrongly accused.

Woo is angry about it. He thinks they won’t release the warrant. The father is actually their sunbae so they are in trouble. They call another judge they know. Sa-hyun calls a senator ex judge but this person is on the side of not releasing the subpoena. 


Si-mok and Yeo-jin search google maps to see if they can find the location of where “the body” might be. Yeo-jin is no longer saying to find “him”. But then they get a lead because they get a call with the driving record.

Yeo-jin says the student moved somewhere at 3am so that was the best time to do it. They grab Officer Seo ad start to drive to all the location. But there are a lot of locations so they have a lot to search.

They go to an alley street first.

Simok starts to break open a lock on a clothes recycle deposit. The box smells strongly of something. He tries to break open the lock with a rock and his hand. He ends up cutting his hand. The captain takes over and starts to kick the lock to break it open.

The finally get it opened and find a plastic bag that is filled with bloody clothes that have been bleached.

The captain tells Jang Gun to get all the driving records. hang Gun says it took many hours to get these driving records. But the Captain yells for him to do it!


Simok sits on the opposite side of the student. No one else is in the room.

SM – Did prosecutor Seo tell you when he started suspecting you?

Flashback to the phone call with Seo and the student. The student says he told him everything. Seo said he just wanted to confirm one thing. Shall we meet at your place? The kid said no, Itaewon.

SM – It is not common for the bully case to be violence against violence. Most times the victim kills themselves. Some people say it is mental distortion but I think they are waiting for the last help. Thinking that it will end after graduation. When I leave the house then it will end. They are waiting for that day even though they are hurting themselves.

Flashback to the bully friends finding the student and telling him that they are sad and ask if he thought they wouldn’t find him. Then they go past him and into his new place. He falls to the ground and sits.

SM – Now you got a full scholarship from a college your father is proud to tell people about. But what changed from you as a bullied kid? You did not go one step forward at all. You don’t have time to wait so you decided not to wait.

Flashback to the bullied kids messing with the student again. They asked for his car keys. The student asked if they sold his PC? They are basically like yeah. The student said he bought them shoes. (The expensive white shoes). And asked where his computer is. He needs files on the computer.

The kid says he is going to the sea on Thursday. The guys say they can call the girls. But the kid says he is not good at driving yet. The bullies say they can meet up with girls there. Then they take his car.

The bully tells himself that he will take them with him.

SM – How did you feel finishing them off with your own hands?

Student – I am not the person.

SM – Is prosecutor Seo dead?

Student – I don’t know

SM – *grips paper* What did you do? *leans in* Stab him? Strangle him? Chop him up? We didn’t find the body and the suspect denies it. But there are many cases where the criminal was proven with circumstantial evidence. We found blood in your room and you ran away as soon as you saw the police and we found your clothes and at 3 am you drove 8 km and threw things away in random places. We also have evidence that you tried to remove blood marks. What did you do with prosecutor Seo?

SM – *hits table* WHAT DID YOU DO JASHIK!

SM – *composes himself* I am going to prosecute you and put you in jail. No matter what your father says I am going to do it. You have one chance left. There are three murder cases. One can be an attempt. If Seo is still alive yesterday then it can be an attempt. Did you kill him? Did he die a long time ago? Did you throw away a person that was conscious?

Student – I don’t know

Simok stands up. Yeo-jin comes in and pulls the student away. She tells Simok that they got his internet log. He replied to the public search and the video.

The father comes up and ask where they are taking him! Simok holds him back. Yeo-jin tells the student that he did this to ask for attention. You put that message there. The guy says it was not him.

Yeo-jin tells the father that if he does this one more time then it is obstruction of justice. You are prosecutor sunbae not my sunbae.

Simok gives the father a picture of the Cloroxed clothing. The father looks at the clothes and then hops in his car to follow.


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