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Stranger 2: Episode 13 Recap – Part 2

This is part two of our live recap for Stranger 2!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Woo and Sa-hyun watch the news which is telling the public that Han Jo Engineering is being investigated for corruption.

SH – Maybe Won-chul has a big grudge against Han Jo? You should go there.

Woo – I sent someone already

SH – Hwang Simok? That is why I don’t see that jashik.

Woo – Why is he “that punk”.


Si-mok shows up to Won-chuls prosecutor office where a lot of reporters are outside asking about the investigation. The right hand man prosecutor to Won-chul answers all the questions. Si-mok watches this for a moment and then goes inside.

Si-mok goes into the office. A secretary leaves with three cups of coffee and Won-chul immediately hides a document. He asks if Woo sent him?

WC – Sit.

SM – Did you finish talking to [Jung-sun(?)]?

WC – Maybe we will have another lawsuit for violating bookkeeping. I told you that when Lee Sung-jae was acting out, the next target would be Jung-sun.

They talk about the case and Won-chul asks why Simok keeps coming to his office.

SM – Do you know lawyer Park that used to be a prosecutor. You were in the same class.

WC – Why are you talking about the dead?

SM – Prosecutor Seo was focusing on that case before he was kidnapped.

Won-chul stands up and goes to his desk.

WC – Why, is it connected to that?

SM – Well, someone said he can’t even drink at all. Some people say he used to drink. Something doesn’t match.

WC – He couldn’t drink at all. Who said that he could drink? They don’t know about him.

SM – His wife told me. The secretary was right, then. Do you think it was true that he needed money?

WC – How did you know? It was only among us. 

SM – Who is among us?

WC – Some friends at his funeral. Sunbae’s youngest brother had a big bankruptcy. And one of sunbae’s close friends said that at the funeral, hey think he had a heart attack. Where did you hear it?

SM – Did you say that to someone else? About lawyer Parks money trouble?

WC – I told you that was only among us. It is not nice for everyone to know about it.

SM – The law firms secretary new that the money trouble was caused by the brother. Do you think the dead lawyer told his secretary about his money trouble?

WC – *ho hum* Once, one of the law firms lawyers asked about sunbae. Because that lawyer was taking care of sunbae’s clients case.

SM – Do you know who the client is that came out of lawyer Parks law firm?

WC – I don’t know the details

SM – I will ask him. Can I have the contact for the lawyer that is taking care of Parks clients?

WC – Is this related to Seo Dong-jae?

He thinks about the secret meeting he had with Oh Joo-sun. Then he says Oh Joo-sun’s name. Simok starts to think about all the times he has heard that name.

SM – That was your branch also. It is Oh Joo-sun right? You just talked to someone. Someone who brought the item that will make Lee Sung-jae in trouble. You know best who will be the beneficiary if you attack Lee Sung-jae. You made the deal with Lee Yeon-jae not lawyer Oh.

WC – Not publically. Lawyer Oh and Han Jo do not have a public relationship.

SM – But he works for them, right?

WC – Do not keep asking me that, I don’t know

SM – I will find out.


Simok meets with the secretary again at that same cafe. He apologizes for the short notice. She says its fine she just has a short lunch. What is this about?

He says that she talked about Lawyer Parks money issue before. Did lawyer Oh Joo-sun tell you about it? You told me that after the lawyers death, you knew that he had money trouble since lawyer Oh told you that. Is that right?

She asks him why he says Oh delivered the message to her. he continues to talk about Lawyer Oh Joo-sun and her communication with him. She asks if he is saying that lawyer Oh did not know lawyer Park? She looks confused.

Simok asks if Oh told her that they were good friends? She says yes, he talked about the money issues first. I just assumed they were good friends. Simok thinks it might have been bait and tells her that Oh works for the rival law firm. He should not have talked about the dead lawyer.

She says they are not their rival since their firm is #1 in the industry. Simok thinks her lawfirm should have a lot of trouble since a not even rival law firm took their client. Who was the client.

She tells him no one took their client. He says the client moved to Oh. She chuckles and asks who said that? No one left their law firm. Simok asks if Han Jo is part of their clients. She basically says no otherwise her CEO would be so happy.

Simok asks what Oh asked her about the dead lawyer. She says he asked her if the lawyer was under a lot of stress before his death and that he could not believe that his friend could be under that much stress.

He asks if they met recently? Not right after the death? She tells him it was a few days before she met with Simok. Layer Oh visited her so she thought it was strange that two people visited her back to back. She thought something might have been strange about her lawyers death. Perhaps they are reinvestigating.

Simok thinks about that deeply for a moment. He thinks back to conversations he had with Won-chul and things he notices with lawyer Oh and Han Jo group and Director Park and all that stuff.

He starts to put all the clues together while he is sitting at the cafe. In the end, he wonders: what if Han Jo is not the law firms client, but secretly hired Park? But why?

In a flashback we see lawyer Park meeting with Director Park on an empty country highway. It looks like this might be Simok’s imagination of what happened. He thinks that Director Park turned off the black box for lawyer Park.

He thinks Lawyer Park should not be seen in public with Han Jo since he is secretly hired. For Han-jo, they should have a lot of secret places, even in Seoul.

In the flashback, the lawyer bows to the car in front of his car. Director Park also bows to a person in lawyer Parks car. 

Simok continues to think that parks death might have been forgerized and Seo knew about it. But he wonders if that is really true.

He starts to google the country highway and thinks about the law person that Han Jo contacted through lawyer Park.

(he thinks about a lot right here)

His conclusion is that he doesn’t know about this law person which is where his hang up is. That is why he is losing this game right now and cannot find out the answer.

Si mok starts to imagine who could be in the car. He thinks Won-chul could have been the person in the car. 



Simok calls Prosecutor Jung Min-ha. She asks if he is talking about a golf club near lawyer Parks death? She tells him there are no restaurants or things like that. But there are vacation homes.

She also asks if he has time today? She has questions she wants to ask him about prosecutor Seo’s disappearance. 

He asks if she is taking care of the case? She says no, but actually her question is on who is taking care of the case. Can I go there and talk to you about it? It could be nothing.

He tells her okay, call me when you leave.

She goes to meet with him right away in his office. He tells her that everyone went home. She gives him a canned coffee. He tells her to tell him what is on her mind.

MH – Prosecutor Seo had a middle school bully case. 

SM – Yes his last case before he disappeared.

MH – Yes, about that, those bullies are arrested again because they sneaked alcohol into the norebang. The owner caught them but they attacked the owner from the back and threw him in a room and left. The way they did it bothered me so I looked at the school bully case, it was similar. I could not take the document out, but I have the pictures. They hit the victim in the head first and then put the victim in the restroom and hit him again. the teacher gave these photos to me and said that they have no bullies int he classroom, they are all good friends.

She shows him photos of the kids all happily playing and hugging.

Simok points to one of them and asks if he is the victim? She says yes. Then points out the bullies. She thinks Seo’s kidnapping was similar to this. He was hit from the back and trapped. I researched what they did the day of sunbae’s disappearance. Itaewon is close.

Simok says it is, only a ten minute walk. 

They start to talk about the kids bus record and how they could walk there and all that. She wonders if they went too far though. Simok asks how they could have met and starts to think about it.

He imagines Seo seeing the kids from his car. But he doesn’t see how the kids could end up at the crime scene. he asks her how she got here. She says she took the subway.

They keep talking about Seo and the kids. She says she doesn’t think he had an appointment with them so maybe they wouldn’t have kidnapped him. Simok grabs the phone records and says that if he was supposed to meet with them then he would have called them at least once.

But she doesn’t have the phone record memorized. She apologizes. She is taking care of the bully case now and someone else is taking care of the disappearance case.

Simok asks if that person did not listen to her ideas about suspecting the kids? She says she also thought it was strange but there were some overlapping similarities. My sunbae at least listened to me. 

Simok thinks that if that person listened to her then she wouldn’t be here. Maybe that sunabe didn’t take Professor Kim’s class.

They walk out together.

SM – After the Crime and Punishment book, that professor talked the most about how crimes are hidden in tiny things.

MH – So I didn’t go too far. But that professor talked about the same thing for many many years. You should have taken the class a long time ago.

He gives her a sideways look.

They take the elevator together. He sees her subway pass. He asks how old she is. She asks, huh? He tells her never mind. She says 28. Thank you for today. She heads out.

He takes the elevator to get his car. He sees her walking outside and gets her attention. She goes to his car so he asks if he can have the kids pictures? She says yes. He asks her if she heard anything about the beach case? She says no, not much. 

He tells her okay, thank you. She says she can ask prosecutor Seo’s office people. He waves and then drives off. She wonders why he is asking her about the beach case.

While driving away, Simok thinks about the beach case.




Simok shows the kids photos to Yeo-jin. Yeo-jin thinks that if she did not know that he was part of a school bully case then she wouldn’t not think it was like that. But now she looks at the photos differently. She wonders why he is talking about this case.

Simok says boys can have hirearachy even among friends. She asks if he saw it in college? Simok says he didn’t see it at the begining, but it looked different to me recently. After he saw the kids case.

They compare the beach college kids photo to the middle school kids photo. They also start to discuss Seo.

Yeo-jin asks Simok if he thinks the friend of the dead beach kid is a suspect. Simok doesn’t know. But he has been thinking about it recently. He thinks it could be nothing, but he still has to investigate it.

Seo was investigating school violence cases. After he sees these pictures, it reminded him of something.

We see a flashback of Seo looking at the bully photos an then looking up information on Choi Bit.

YJ – So the reason he called the [beach kid] was because he thought they were not regular friends. So for the [beach kid] that lived. His world might be collapsing right now, especially if a prosecutor calls him.

SM – Prosecutor Seo’s office said Seo did not talk about the beach case much.

YJ – You said Seo did not share the information with the people that worked for him.

SM – His hubae prosecutor, it seams like he talked about a lot of things with that hubae.

YJ – The one in the CCTV that had the last meal with him? Where they close? Do you suspect her also?

SM – They are one year different.

YJ – Who? With you? *chuckles* Did you compare your ages?

SM – Yeo Eun-soo. When I saw prosecutor Seo’s hubae, I thought about this. What is Yeo Eun-soo did not become like that. He should live similar to her in some prosecutor office. On the beach or a small city, they should live somewhere like that. I thought it was very simple.

YJ – What is?

SM – Someone living and dying.

YJ – It is. It is a fraction of a second. That is why it is even more sad. *pulls out phone* Lets see, what should I investigate first. Those kids?

SM – yes, it seems like they went to the same middle school but different high school and college.

YJ – So visiting the school is too late.

She asks about the beach kid and where he lives. He lives far away. They start to think about the beach case. Yeo-jin wonders why he took middle school friends to the beach after they became college students.

Simok thinks it could be nothing. She thinks there are no mishaps in investigations. They were super wrong about the corrupt police.

She asks if chief Woo knows that Simok came here and mentions that she needs to go to city hall since it is almost one. He says no. She tells him they are not doing anything improper, they want to catch the criminal. 


Simok gets back to his desk. He asks the assistants if Woo is back yet. He is not. Yeo-jin calls him from City hall and says she looked up some addresses. The college kid actually lives in [the neighborhood where Seo disappeared].

Cut to a blue car driving up the road. The beach kid gets out and opens a garage then pulls his car in. 

Yeo-jin shows up and looks at him.

YJ – Kim Jung shi/

Kid – Who are you?

YJ – *shows badge* Can I talk to you?

Kid – *Looks around* WOuld you like to come in?

He starts to clos the garage which would lock them both in. But then Simok stops the garage door with his foot. He looks at Simok raise the garage again.

Then he remembers Simok from the beach. We see a flashback from the beach where the survivor friend saw Simok. He got into the police car and hid a scratch on his hand.

In the present, they ask him if he knows about prosecutor Seo?

The kid takes off running.

Simok chases him. Yeo-jin runs into the building. She covers up her nose from the smell.

Fade Out


Aw man, y’all. It looks like Seo might be d-e-a-d somewhere. They got the bad smell going and everything. Hopefully he is still alive? Maybe he is somehow surviving? I know I am just grasping at straws at this point. We shall find out tomorrow.

Tomorrow we will also see an uncharacteristic outburst from Simok in the interrogation room! Is that the first time he yelled? It is definitely the first time this season. Though I think that is actually good for him, it might keep those headaches at bay.

So get all your aggression out Simok! Better yet, start dating Yeo-jin and y’all can get your aggression out together. 😎

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