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Stranger 2: Episode 13 Recap – Part 1

I am ready to find out what happened to that poor unfortunate soul Seo Dong-jae. Things really are looking bleak for him. Still holding out hope that heis alive and kicking somewhere, but that is not looking good.

I hope he is alive though because it would be a bummer to watch season 1 and know that he dies in season 2. 😩


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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




In the hotel room, Woo asks LYJ how she knows lawyer Park. He continues and says that lawyer Park was desperate when he talked to him last. Like he would be killed if he did not get this deal. He talked about the Han Jo lawsuit. But I stopped listening and stood up. He was sweating and stopped me.

LYJ says he is the one that left. Maybe he had a heart attack because you left him.

CB wonders if lawyer Park was that desperate? His heart would stop to stop a person from leaving?

Woo says he did not look good at the vacation house, but I did not expect him to collapse. CB asks what LYJ knows.

LYJ mentions that the lawyer didn’t make it, that was all she thought. He didn’t have enough time to get the deal considering the time of death so I did not want to draw attention.

She asks why Woo gave this to prosecutor Hwang.

Woo tells her that he did this so he could control what was happening. He knew what he was doing at all times.

They start to talk about the lawyers wife and how Hwang knows about lawyer Parks case now. Woo didn’t give him lawyer Parks case, he just gave him the missing prosecutor case.


Yeo-jin and Si-mok’s case have been sidelined by the police station and the prosecutors. The white board is moved to the side so the police can easily walk back and forth.

Yeo-jin wonders what will happen with the guy that lied and holds up his photo.


Cut to Kang Won-chul talking with Oh Joo-sun about the secret bookkeeping from Han Jo Engineering. Won-chul asks where he got it? Did your client give it to you?

Oh denies it. But Kang says he works for Lee Yeon-jae. She says they have a big lawyer team. I would not stand a chance.

Won-chul tells him he is looking at detailed data from Han Jo Engineering, do you think this is just a coincidence? Oh asks if he hates Sung-jae.


Director Park listens in on the room with Woo, CB, and LYJ. LYJ tells her that she told her police officers not to make too much noise with this case. She actually did not have to order it at all because it is not an uncommon case.

CB asks if they can ask her questions now? The chairman says yes.

CB asks when she got her name? I am not involved in that lawyer case at all. Why did you contact me through lawyer Oh?

LYJ says someone told her about them. Woo asks if it was Seo Dong-jae? She nods. Woo tells her that Seo Dong-jae should have told her everything so why are you asking us questions?

LYJ says that CB should have been at the country house, but you are denying it. In a flashback we see that CB did go to the country house.

Woo tells them that Seo hops around who he serves. But Hwang is different.

She tells them, at least Seo doesn’t spread things around.

Choi Bit asks if they had a Han Jo person at the house that day? You were wondering what was going on and you should keep security around it.

She asks if she put someone around the house to monitor what was going on? That is strange. Why are you obsessed with whether someone is around the house? 

Woo – for you, you can separate yourself from Han Jo and lawyer Park, but for us, we don’t know what will happen to us for going there that day. Of course no one should see us.

LYJ – Oh, so your questions is because you worry about Woo Tae-ha (yourself). That meeting has nothing to do with our group. It was lawyer Parks personal event. I do not know anything.

CB – No Han Jo people were around the vacation home that day?

LYJ – Are you interrogating me?

Woo – Of course not.

LYJ – No one.

CB – Thank you for answering. I will tell you my answer. Prosecutor Seo takes care of Namnamjoo police station. Because of this lawyer case, prosecutor Seo was giving a hard time to the lawyer (she is basically saying that she told Seo to start the investigation because she was the superintendent at that time). 

LYJ – Prosecutor Seo talked about alcohol.

Woo – That is all taken care of because the family members talked about it. Hwang Simok will not investigate that. Seo and lawyer park have no connection.

LYJ – Well, you two took care of it so nicely. Controlling the family members and Hwang, good job.

Woo and CB stands up and start to walk out. LYJ checks her phone. They both leave though they look exhausted. 

In the elevator, CB asks if Woo thinks they did this because LYJ doesn’t know what is happening or she lured us here. He thinks it could be both. But he also thinks he should have taken care of prosecutor Seo.



In the hotel room, Director Park talks to LYJ about how the expression is a bit strange. He says something similar to Woo in that it feels like this is luring.

LYJ thinks Woo’s expression was strange. Woo kept saying that if Seo was around then they would be in more trouble. (They omit the subject of their sentences in this show a lot.)

She asks what is happening next door. They look at a CCTV in another room. This room is Oh and Won-chul’s room. 

Won-chul asks who the enemy is and why did that person give this to you? Oh says he was given it to find the right person. It is a God given sign. It is meant for you to have it.

Oh continues and says that Won-chul doesn’t have to worry about being found dead on his way to work, like Oh does. But won-chul does not like this.

Oh keeps pleading with Won-chul to take this paperwork. He mentions Lee Sung-jae (LYJ’s brother) and how Won-chul should not miss this opportunity all because of Lee Yeon-jae.

Won-chul still is not convinced, mostly because Oh keeps giving this long explanation and only gave him a tiny piece of information. Oh tells him to decide, then he will give him more information.

Won-chul says okay and stands up to leave. Oh tells him that he is not sure who will die. Lee Sung-jae or you. Won-chul slightly bows and leaves. So it looks like his decision was to leave and not take the information.

While he is walking away, we hear a voice over from Park who says that Won-chul will bite. Otherwise he would have left the room at the beginning.

Won-chul presses the elevator door, but does not get in. The door closes. He opens it again and gets in.

Director Park says he is sure that Kang Won-chul will contact them. LYJ lays back and says she is tired, this is hard. How did [no subject] do it all alone?

Someone voices over her name. She closes her eyes.


On the drive back, Woo thinks about Choi Bit. Woo asked her why she called. Choi Bit said that she didn’t want him to stay on the road for too long.


Meanwhile, Kim Sahyun and Simok run into each other at work. Sa-hyun asks him how his stomach is doing. Simok doesn’t know what he is talking about for a moment, then he says he is fine.

They start to talk a bit of case business about Seo’s case. They know that it is true that they found a police watch in the photo. So the police should still be a suspect. Simok thinks it could be possible.

Sa-hyun walks off. Simok looks at him and starts to think. he thinks about the cases and starts to connect a lot of clues in his head.

He goes to a break room or storage room or something like that. or maybe it is Sa-hyun’s office? He looks at the photos in the office and compares the floor with the floor in the bloody tie photo.

But then Sa-hyun goes into his own office (there is a bit of tension here with both of them noticing each other). Sa-hyun asks what he is doing searching his office? 

Si-mok apologizes for it. Sa-hyun tells him to give him an excuse. Did you steal anything or did you want to be the chief in the future. The guy that put Woo and Kim under your foot?

Si-mok says yes.

Sa-hyun asks if that is it? What are you looking at? Si-mok apologizes. Sa-hyun tells him to go away. Then Sa-hyun starts to look around his office to see if anything else is missing.

He remembers Simok looking o the right once as he left the office. So he also looks to the right and sees his family photo.

So he goes out and asks Simok why he went into his office and not the bosses office? Why my room?

Si-mok tells him that 2 years ago he was in Sangnam. Where you in the investigation department? Sa-hyun tell shim he should make an excuse for what he did, but he is interrogating him instead?

He sighs and starts to walk away but then he tells him that he was in the investigation team. What are you going to do about it!

SM – I am sorry I went to your room without your permission. *Bows slightly*

Sa-hyun leaves angrily.




Choi Bit and Yeo-jin are at work talking around the water cooler. They are talking about the fake informer and how they treated him as a VIP because they released him.

Choi Bit asks who said that? Yeo-jin says prosecutor Hwang told her. And Song’s letter was a will that he wrote.

Choi Bit mentions that Woo called her. They shared a coffee. Yeo-jin is shocked. Choi Bit says they can have a coffee. Or are we having an affair and you are having a romance (with Simok). Yeo-jin says Noooooo!

Choi Bit basically says it’s a joke. They both sit to drink their coffees.

Choi Bit tells her that one sides love affairs are bad. Prosecutor Hwang is still a prosecutor, don’t trust him too much. Woo is not just a cup of coffee.

YJ – Do you really also think it was a roller coaster ride? Like someone is controlling everything?

CB – Be careful. If you poke around between the prosecutor and the witness, it will ruin everything. For us, we have to take things from them and if nothing happens then it is good for them. To drag them out for talking, we have to make sure everything is right. But keep an eye on the witness. If anything goes wrong then get ready to take him to our side.

YJ – Wow, you have plans (quote from Parasite movie). *she chuckles*

CB – *smiles* Okay, leave.

YJ – Chief, I want to continue investigating the missing person case.

CB – No.

YJ – *begs aegyo style* Please Chief!!!

CB – Are you talking about what will happen next after our committee ends? You won’t be a chief and the captains are all filled with sunbaes so you want to lead the investigation team to show how important you are?

YJ – Nooo, I never thought about that. I want to catch the criminal!

Yeo-jin leaves bummed and pouting.


Won-chul is talking to the other prosecutor that he talks to all the time. The prosecutor says that they can easily prosecute Han Jo engineering with this information. he goes through all the crimes that Han Jo Engineering made. This would be enough. Also, he will give us the rest if we decide?

Won-chul says yes. He would have to ask Lee Yeon-jae for it. The prosecutor says this would be a done case. I really think we can put Lee Sung-jae in jail this time.

They keep deciding on whether Won-chul should do it or not. They know this is a lure. But they think, whether they do it or not, the result of one of them (either LYJ or Lee Sung-jae) being out will be the same.


Prosecutor Oh Joo-sun leaves a building talking on the phone with Won-chul. It looks like Won-chul is in now.


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