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Stranger 2: Episode 12 Recap – Part 2

This is part two of our live recap for Stranger 2!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Sa-hyun tells Simok that they would be more in trouble and that his report would not be good to submit. The Woo grabs the report and asks what they are talking about changing the law. He flips through a bit of the report and tells them to come to his office.

Woo starts to read the report and crosses out what he doesn’t like then tells Simok to redo it. Simok says they shouldn’t be tied to politics. Woo yells, ARE YOU TEACHING ME? Good for you that you know a lot.

Sa-hyun tells Simok to leave and then asks Woo why he is so mad. He can have his own opinion. Woo yells YOU LEAVE! So Sa-hyun leaves as well. He tells Simok to come to his office.

The assistants are all like, does that prosecutor never get angry? Good for him. Everyone around him is feeling uncomfortable.

Inside Sa-hyun’s office. Sa-hyun tells Simok that he did a good job, but to that sunbae, you ruined everything. Also for me. No one wants you to be responsible for anything, but for us in the manager position, if we are not successful then we will be the one targeted for punishment.

Simok asks if he should apologize. Sa-hyun tells him not to make it to personal. It would be difficult for someone who never had a failure. It is like that for Woo. Simok understands. Sa-hyun tells him to get back to work.

Simok goes back to his desk and asks one of the assistants if they have everything about the witness? I heard he had a criminal record so I wonder which prosecutor office he went through. She looks up all his small crimes quickly. There is one in Songnam. He asks which department that is. She tells him.

Simok thanks her and starts to work, but then he thinks about what Sa-hyun said. If the police is the kidnapper, then everything is different. that would be a big win for us. To Woo, you ruined everything.


Yeo-jin and Choi Bit talk about how prosecutors forgerize statistical date and prosecutor corruption. CHoi Bit asks her to find something even worse than that that will make people curse when they hear it.

Yeo-jin goes back to her desk to try and do that.




The police talk about a case about a guy that tried to run away to another country while they are meeting with the prosecutors. the police caught him but he was found not guilty because his little brother was a prosecutor.

Yeo-jin keeps talking about this case and how prosecutors all stick up for each other.

Sa Hyun brings up a case that is negative to police. It is a police corruption case.

They start to argue about how the police will become too powerful if they have the right to investigate.

Sim-mok says something about what the police did and the argument continues.

Congress says he feels like he is watching congress, y’all just keep arguing no matter what, no matter what the issue is.

Woo says that they should have a break.

But then Simok gets that weird headache and tries to stand up to leave. Yeo-jin notices. Simok is just barely able to stay composed and walk out. Yeo-jin runs after him and helps him sit in the stairwell.

She texts someone. 

Simok doesn’t go back to the meeting and neither did Yeo-jin. They wonder what happened and why she was the one to go to him. That is pretty strange.

They also think that this committee meeting will never work.

Choi gets a text.

In the stairwell, Simok starts to feel a lot better, he lifts up his head. Yeo-jin takes a deep breath and says that she was worried that she might have to take him to the hospital. But you look much better now, good job.

She asks if he would like to drink something cool like a cola? He says yes so she says she will be right back, don’t go anywhere. She runs off.

In his car, Woo gets a call from Choi to meet tonight at 8pm. They think it might be nothing. But what if they ask why we are doing this together? Woo says they can just say hi, he is our sunbae.

She asks if he is worried that she will leak his information tot he lawyer about what they did? He says he worries about her. She asks, you worry about me? What happened to you. He hangs up.

Then Woo gets a text.


Back in the stairwell, Yeo-jin gives Simok the cold drink. He drinks two big gulps and thanks her. But she tells him not to hurry to stand up. They all left. I told them that you have a digestion problem so maybe they thought you have big diarrhea. 

He asks, me? She says it is better than she has diarrhea. Can I drink som? She takes it and guzzle a bit then tells him she was so worried something might happen to him. He tells her he is sorry.

She asks why he is so serious and hits him hard across the back.

She asks, ah, you are angry! he says no. She says you are pissed! he says no and starts to walk off. But he holds his back like it hurts.




They drive off together. She says she can drop him off at the prosecutors office, but she is going to somewhere. He asks if she is going to Yong-san police branch? I also need to go. She asks if he is okay. He says they are not under the supreme prosecutor case, but stopping by should be okay.

She says its not about that, it is about your head. You should go home today. He says he is fine. She mentions that if there is anything knew then Jang will tell us. Going there might be strange. Sometimes people comeback after awhile so don’t worry too much.

They keep chatting about Yong-san and how Simok worries about so many things so that is why he had a headache. She asks if he had headaches in the beach town. He says no, he didn’t.

She jokes that they were arguing back then but now its funny.

He says it is not that he doesn’t trust the police. She tells him it is also not like she thinks police taking care of it will solve everything. He asks why she doesn’t say that. She says that is something to say later. He tells her she is not that kind of person to say things later.


Woo and Choi Bit meet in a huge hotel in order to go meet Lawyer Oh. But it also looks like HanJo group is arranging this meeting because men in black are all around directing Woo and Choi where to go.

Ah, yes, we also see Park alerting someone that Choi and Woo are about to go into the hotel room.

Woo wonders why this is so secretive as they walk up the hall. Choi thinks it is weird since they wanted to meet in HanJo hotel. Maybe he works for Han Jo?

They get to the board and are checked for wiretaps. They are also asked to turn off their cell phones. Then they are let into the room.

They expect to see Oh, but when they look around, Lee Yeon-jae is sitting there. 

The lawyer is actually meeting Kang Won-chul in a smaller room. 

Woo – Why did you want to meet here?

Oh – Because it is not a small thing.

Oh sits and looks like he is fretting. Kang sits as well.

Oh – Well, I tried to ignore it but I shouldn’t.

WC – is it a headache?

Oh – Just a headache is good, but this could chop my head off.

He goes to a side table and grabs a sheet of paper. He puts it on the coffee table.

Oh – I thought you could do this.

WC – *looks at paper* Is this about book keeping? Whose books?

Oh – *whispers* HanJo engineering.

WC – *looks more seriously at him*

In a voice over we hear Park talk about Woo and Choi Bit walking up to Yeon-jae. then we see a flashback with Seo Dong-jae talking with Yeon-jae and Park.

Seo – Do You know Choi Bit? After death is the questionable thing because [the lawyer] could not drink a sip of alcohol. But after the autopsy we saw alcohol in his blood. But Namnamjoo police superintendent buried it.

Int he present, Woo introduces himself to Yeo-jin. He says he was at her husbands funeral. Woo introduces Choi Bit and says she is the chief of police intelligence now. Yeon-jae says that she did not hear anything about her, but she did hear about Woo from Lawyer Park. You have a long relationship.

Woo mentions that Park was the one that recruited him to headquarters. 

LYJ – Yes, he recruited you but I don’t know how you are involved police superintendent. Why did lawyer Park die?

In another room, Park is recording the conversation between LYJ, Choi, and Woo.

Woo – Actually, we wanted to ask how you know lawyer Park?

LYJ – *deep breath*

They all stare at each other.

Fade Out


Okay, this episode ended on a bit of a womp womp. I get that lawyer Park is important but I also don’t understand the stakes of why he is important so I’m just kind of like, okay.


LYJ – Why did he give the case to Hwang?

Woo – Because I can control him.

Reporter – How did you get the book keeping corruption?

SM – Maybe now you have something that Lee Sung-jae can’t deny.

YJ – I want to investigate the missing case

MH – Seo had a middle school bully case. Do you think the kids can be suspects?

SM – It seems like he told personal things to the hubae.

YJ – Why? Do you also suspect her?

CB – if you investigate here and there with suspicion abotu everything then the meal you already have will be dumped.

YJ – Seo Dong-jae

SM – Where are you?

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