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Stranger 2: Episode 12 Recap – Part 1

It is not looking good for Seo Dong-jae. Though I would be very happy if Seo escaped, gifting us with an episode cliffhanger.

Also, this Seo storyline has gone on way to long, and I’m ready for something else to happen, and hopefully it will happen today.


Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




In the opening, we get a small recap of the team finding out that the witness was wrong and arranging a trap for him. They show all this chronologically.

Choi Bit voices over that the witness knew that a police officer was a suspect so we gave him his in. He will pick one even if they did not wear their police uniform.  That crazy guy, he does not know what he did. We have to take that kind of guy to a prosecutor? We should take care of him.

She is talking to Yeo-jin on the phone. Yeo-jin says that is why everyone wants to get the right to investigate. Choi Bit tells her good job. She also tells her to thank Hwang but then she changes it and says to tell him god job.

Simok is talking to his boss also. Woo tell shim good job. But then he grumbles when he gets off the phone and looks stressed.

Yeo-jin tells Simok that her chief said thank you and good job. He says okay and starts walking away. But she stops him and asks if he would like to have a drink?

Meanwhile, Choi Bit starts to head out of the office when she gets a buzz on her phone. She goes to meet Woo in a park. He is on a bench and has a coffee for her. She sits.

Woo – If you drink too fast then you will have esophagus problems

CB – Its cooled down, why are you worrying about my esophagus?

Woo – Ha

CB – Why did you call me? I thought you would be angry because of Hwang

Woo – I just wanted to see how you looked since you were in hell and got out

CB – It will hurt your feelings since you were in a radio interview

Woo – I should do anything no matter what. 

CB – What did you call me? 

Woo – Do I have to confirm it with the lawyers wife? What did you tell prosecutor Hwang? Maybe it is too much to ask her?

CB – I don’t actually worry about [the lawyers] wife. If my husband’s hubae came and told me that actually your husband was wiping the a** of rich people….you know your husband told you about HanJo group. We knew about it one year ago at he time of the accident, but your husband was dead already and the lobby failed and his prosecutor was a sunbae, that is why we did not reveal it too much.

We go to a flashback or flash forward of Woo telling the wife this exact thing. Woo says that they have a rumor about her husbands death and are having an investigation about it. So listen to me carefully, you should not talk about HanJo or anything. For your husband and for the prosecutors that kept it quiet back then.

She says that she thinks about it, of course.

Cut back to Choi Bit who says that if she was her then she would never speak about it. She takes a sip of her coffee. Woo says the lawyer is not there and the wife’s mouth is shut. Han Jo won’t tell Hwang what happened all of a sudden. So what do you worry about?

She says there might be one more person who knows about it. Do you know Oh Joo-sun? The ex lawyer?

Woo – Why are you talking about him?

CB – Not that long ago, he introduced himself as the lawyer of the director of intelligence (who is now in jail) and talked about the car accident.

Woo – After seeing you?

CB – He said that when he heard the word Namnamjoo, it reminded him of the dead lawyer.

Woo – Who is the dead sunbae?

CB – I don’t know. But, lawyer Oh wanted to defend the director general of intelligence.

They keep talking about a dead lawyer but they might be talking about another dead lawyer. She mentions that lawyer Oh called her two more times. Woo asks why he keeps calling her? He is upset about it. She says that Oh Joo-sun may have heard something. She wonders if she should call him. But Woo thinks it is better not to scratch this and make it worse.

They walk off together. He sys he will throw away her drink. Woo thinks he should have removed Simok from the team. Choi Bit thinks that they would have never known that the witness was fake. Woo wonders why she doesn’t keep investigating everything. It seems like if one of them knows then the other one knows.

CHoi Bit stops walking. She tells Woo that they should open their committee first so they can focus on something else. He asks if she is going to torture him about investigation rights? He chuckles and walks off.




Simok and Yeo-jin go to a restaurant to drink and eat together. Though Simok doesn’t really drink. They are having makgoli. Yeo-jin complains about the kidnapper. She wants to know when he will send another photo, that coward.

Simok reminds her that it has only been two days. She cant believe it’s only been two days. Simok wonders if she really thinks the photo is from the kidnapper? Yeo-jin tells him he asked one question but that is actually two questions. is this a fake message like the fake witness, or the police watch was in the picture so….

Simok finishes and says it can be coincidence or it can be intended.

YJ – Maybe it is something totally different because we just don’t know.

She asks for more cabbage since Simok is eating it all.

SM – A car can be hit by a deer sometimes, you know a lot of things can happen on the street. This much of wine, what do you think will happen when you drive?

YJ – Did you know someone who drove drunk and was hit by a deer?

SM – The wife said her husband drinks. The secretary says he can’t drink at all. And that person died.

YJ – bad wife and husband relationship?

SM – I don’t know about couple relationships

YJ – y husband died with drunk driving. The wife says her husband can drink. It is not like the husband said they had a lot of trouble and it was a good chance to give a lesson to him. Not like this, right?

SM – There is an ex prosecutor called Park Hwang-su, last April he died while driving in Namnamjoo. He had some alcohol. 0.018 level. 

YJ – Well, that doesn’t sound like that is much alcohol to give someone a heart attack.

SM – he had heart trouble and had a stent before.

YJ – So he died with his disease, so what is the problem?

SM – Prosecutor Seo took three files out before he disappeared. The corrupt police case, the corrupt superindentant case, and Park Hwang-soo. 

YJ – I know the first two. But what is Park Hwang-soo?

SM – Maybe it is not important.

YJ – So it bothers you right?

SM – The first two he brought to Woo Tae-ha, but he left the last one in his office. He reviewed it and maybe thought it was not important.

YJ – Why did he even review it? Why would it be that important? A man had a heart attack on a country highway….oh, is it Namnamjoo again? That thing? My boss was superintendent in that town. Maybe they want to mess up my boss and say that she did not handle that case well. Like how Seo asked about the beach case?

SM – I don’t know if he really targeted your boss. Seo would have definitely brought the case.

YJ – Park Hwang-su

SM – Do you think it is a waste of time?

YJ – His heart attack came early.

SM – He was only 56.

YJ – He is class of 25.

SM – If it took him some time to pass the exam, then yeah, twenty five.

Simok calls Won-chul and asks if he was in the 25th class. Won-chul is all like, who are you? Simok has to apologize and say it is Simok. Won-chul tells him, I know that i-ma (like something an older person would say to a younger person. Kind of jerk or whipper snapper).

Simok asks if he can see him tomorrow. Won-chul tells him, whatever. CLICK.

Woo Tae-hae sends a text right then to Simok to tell him to get ready for a second committee meeting and to get ready. He asks Yeo-jin if she heard anything about the second committee meeting. She sys no. 

She calls Choi Bit and asks if they are having another committee meeting. She says she was going to tell her tomorrow, who told you? Are you still with prosecutor Hwang? Yeo-jin says yes, but to have the committee we are busy with this investigation….

Woo remembers what Woo said about how if one knows something then the other will know. Choi Bit tells Yeo-jin that it does not overlap. Yeo-jin asks why the investigation ends there. We don’t even know if it is life or death. What about the missing person?

Choi Bit says the field people will take care of it. The police are not involved. We were part of the investigation just in case the police where involved. Now it is independent of the police, we proved that. It should be a regular missing case now.

Choi Bit voices over, while w see Dong-jae get his blind fold taken off, that, just between them, there is no hope. This fully grown adult man is missing. You know what will come of it. Before people blame our headquarters for failing, we can give the case to them.


Simok meets with Woo and Kim Sa-hyun. He asks how he can just give the case away at this moment. Woo tells him that the district involved will take care of it. Simok think that changing the district involved is not a good idea. Woo says he should have taken care of it then, what did you do for a week?

Sa-hyun says it is not just about prosecutor Seo, we might lose everything. The minister might change. I saw the list. We will be in big trouble.

Woo tells them some more stuff and says they are concentrating on the rights to investigate. He dismisses the meeting. Simok goes to his desk and gets another stack of reports to read. They tell him the rest of the reports are in the cloud. He starts to check his computer.


Yeo-jin calls Jang Gun and secretly stays involved in the investigation. Jag Gun is letting the Captain out of jail. He tells him that they found out that the witness is not a real witness, so you can go.

The Captain leaves and thinks that he should have stopped them back then. They shouldn’t have taken money.


Choi gives Yeo-jin a ton of work including 9 years of data to keep her busy. She tells her that all the numbers should match, okay? Yeo-jin leaves looking defeated with the amount of work she has.




Yeon-jae is told about all the positive growth in their group. Park is the one telling her. He says all the numbers look good so congratulations. She wonders if she should fire Lawyer Oh. 

LYJ – if it is still quiet that Choi Bit is involved in [the lawyers] death case then we do not have to continue it. I agree.

Park – Also, the person that brought the name Choi Bit is gone. Everything goes well, but poking around now may draw attention to us.

LYJ – *looks suspiciously at him* Tell lawyer Oh to stop contacting the police headquarters.

Park – Yes. Everything goes well as you said. Why don’t you go home early and rest today. You worked past midnight recently.

LYJ – Do you have a busy schedule tonight?

Park – It is not about me.

LYJ – Okay.

Park – I will get your car ready.

He leaves with a smile. It feels like an evil smile. He tells the secretaries that she will go home early, get the driver ready. But then he gets a text and goes back into her office.

Park – Lawyer Oh called, Choi Bit wants to see him. Oh said that he worked hard and it became fruitful.

LYJ – No. It was bluffing. I heard men’s bluffs my entire life. the police should not contact him for no good reason.

Park – Should I see lawyer Oh.

LYK – Yes, take money with you just in case the police really want to see Lawyer Oh without any other purpose. Don’t talk about the vacation home. Tell him something important except the vacation home. That we are sorry about the death. But do not mention Seo Dong-jae’s name.

Park – Yes.

He leaves urgently and goes to a room that is filled with stacks of cash. Yellow bills are $50 and green bills are $10. He takes a ton of green bills that are bundled possibly in groups of $200.


He meets with Lawyer Oh in his own car. Oh asks why he didn’t come to the office? Park smiles and gives him a bag of cash for his work. Oh thanks him but looks hesitant. He asks Park to thank the chairman.

Park – you said Choi Bit talked about it first? You said it was because of your hard work. But what do you think the main reason she contacted you was?

Oh – There is no real reason. I asked Choi to give me information about your director.

Park – You remember never to tell anyone about you and HanJo’s relationship, even your wife. Anyone. Right?

Oh – Yes.

Park – Lawyer?

Oh – Never.

Park – You told your wife?

Oh – No. *clenches leg* I did not tell my wife but also this was not related but you said I needed to investigate Park Kwang-su and Choi Bits relationship. To find that out, I had to know something. How else can I ask about the dead? Chief prosecutor Kang of East Branch is in the same class of lawyers.

Park – East Branch chief?

Oh – I am not a dumb person, I was the chief judge

Park – What did they say?

Oh – I shouldn’t talk about the dead without anything.

Flashback to Oh drinking and talking with Won-chul over a meal. he asked about Park Kwang-su.

Park relayed this to LYJ in her office. She asks Park how they will not talk about it between themselves! Won-shul will wonder why Oh Joo-sun and [someone] asked the same thing!

They are nervous about this. Park apologizes about it. LYJ tells him to tell Oh Joo-sun to have a meeting with Won-chul. they need to have an insurance policy. Park says he will take care of it.


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  1. Sarah
    September 20, 2020 / 11:20 pm

    It is consistent through both series that Yeo-Jin is the only one who feeds/nourishes/sustains Si-Mok. On another note, the show keeps giving us these stressful little cliffhangers where it seems like Yeo-Jin is going to ignore Si-mok’s call, or work without him, or hide information from him. It forces you to hold that possibility for a few beats and breaks your heart, then suddenly he’s there because duh, of course he is, and they’re as smooth as ever. That reverse heartbreak makes my affection for their bond THAT much stronger. Finally, Woo Tae-ha and Choi Bit either are or were lovers; their bond is as strong as Si-mok and Yeo-jin’s, but Tae-ha takes care of Bit

    • V
      September 30, 2020 / 7:12 am

      My comment below was supposed to be a reply here ☺️.

  2. V
    September 30, 2020 / 7:11 am

    I really need to watch season one because I do love the dynamic between Yeo-jin having a lot of pressure to not tell Simok everything and then telling him everything in the end. I also really like how she helps him out with his headaches but doesn’t make a super big deal about it to their colleagues. I just love those two, they are faves.

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