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Stranger 2: Episode 11 Recap – Part 2

This is part two of our live recap for Stranger 2!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




In the interrogation room, they ask the captain if he took the picture of the tie in the room? the corrupt captain says no! Why would I release that kind of thing! They tell him that he wanted to complicate the investigation.

The corrupt captain tells him all this is nonsense! They tells him to tell them where the prosecutor is? Did you already burry him? Is that why you cannot say?

The rookie remembers the captain giving him back his electric gun. They ask him if the floor was like it was from the picture?

The corrupt captain pleads with them and says that they saw his will! I have no motive to do this! Shin asks if they had a fight? Did you hit him with a brick!

The captain asks the corrupt captain if he hid the person there? They ask the rookie if he looked in all the rooms? the rookie thinks back to the apartment.

They ask the Captain if he killed the prosecutor? The captain starts to cry. Shin asks why he is crying! Who is the person that wants to cry the most here!

In the other room, Yeo-jin asks the kid if they illegally gambled in that house? The kid says that he cannot say that, if he does then he is really dead. You are supposed to protect the witness, right?

He asks if this is how they treat informers? Is this about money? I lied so you say you do not have to pay me the bounty? The $100k? He asks if he is here for money? He says yes. Is anything wrong? You should not have put up a sign that you gave money. You treat me as a conman so I will say that I won’t take money? it is my right to get the money because I witnessed it with my two eyes.

Simok tells them to give him the money since he needs it and says that they need to tell him where the inn was.

In the interrogation room, Shin tells the good captain to bring some clothes for the corrupt captain because he does not want to see him in these cop clothes. The corrupt cop asks to call his wife. They tell him that Seo’s wife is the one they care about.

The cops all leave. The old team worries about Yeo-jin because she was the one that gave the public briefing. In the room, Yeo-jin shows him the text and says that she is not hiding anything from him.


Woo tells someone good job while talking on his phone in his office. Then calls someone else. This new person is a reporter. The reporter picks up right away. They know each other. Woo tells him that they have a witness.

Meanwhile, cops check the Inn for signs of Seo Dong-jae. They knock on all the door in the hallway the halmoni lives in.

Yeo-jin gets to the gambling house and starts to walk around. She climbs a wall and hops over. But she is startled to see Simok already there. He is holding a broken pot. She asks if he was about to hit her? He says he thought she was from the illegal gambling house. He puts it back down.

They both climb the steps of the gambling house to see if they have good visibility. Si-mok walks to where the car is and Yeo-jin stays on the steps to see if the visibility is good. Yeo-jin says it is , though she doesn’t see the license plate numbers.

He says that the witness also did not see the license plate number. She asks how he knows that.

Flashback to Simok walking with the witness as he left and asking him all sorts of questions about what he saw that night with the license plate and the shoes and lots of things. But he focuses on the license plate and asks if he could see the numbers at all.

In the present, Simok tells Yeo-jin that it would be better if the witness saw the numbers. Ye-jin has walked up at this point. They start to talk about the phone and how they are still searching around. She says she has told him everything she knows and then gets in her car to drive off.


Si-mok goes inside the corrupt captains house where some cops are already there. They take photos of things all around. Simok leaves and goes to the trash. He sees a wall clock in the trash and puts it back down. He takes a call, it is Won-chul. Si-mok gives him an update then hangs up.




The news talk about how there was a witness that pointed that a police officer was a suspect. the  news is all ablaze with this new information.

In Woo’s prosecutor office, Woo tells his team that there is a meeting with the Minister of Law and the Minister of Justice. regardless of what is happening now, they may talk about giving the investigation rights to the police. So you two get your resignation letter ready.

He told that to prosecutor Kim Sa-hyun and Si-mok. They say okay.

Sa-hyun says this feels like the end of everything. Regular prosecutors are angry that a police officer kidnapped a prosecutor. They won’t even talk about the right to investigate at the meeting today. Woo says that if they talk about that then they will all go on strike. The entire countries prosecutors will not do anything. If 2000 prosecutors stop all at the same time then they will not even be able to talk about the right to investigate.

Sa-hyun thinks that they have the criminal but where is Prosecutor Seo? Woo gives them instructions on what to do in the meantime then dismisses the meeting. 

On the radio the news talks about an interview with Woo Ta-ha then they call Tae-ha. They ask if it is true that the witness pointed the cop as the murder suspect? Tae-ha says yes that is true but it is still under investigation, so we can’t say that he did the crime.

the reporter starts to talk about police corruption and how this case is involved in that and if it is true. If it is true, then our listeners worry about the right to investigate. If they have that right then they can finish the case.

Te-ha tells him that even if the police can finish the investigation, it still has to go through the prosecutor, we will make sure that the citizens accept the report.

The radio continues to talk to Tae-ha and says he worked hard and all that stuff. Tae-ha tells him that his coworker is still missing, they need to find him. The news person thanks him for the interview.

Woo hangs up, happy with the interview. One of his assistants comes in and says that some people want to congratulate Woo. Woo heads out. The assistant mutters that they didn’t find Seo yet but they still want to congratulate Woo. Si-mok wonders about that.


The captain has been interrogated all day. He gets a chance to rest but then is called back to speak to someone else. This time it is the wife. She asks the captain where her husband is. He says it wasn’t him. She pleads with him and says, if he is dead, at least bring his body back to me.

She starts to cry and asks what more they have to do? Please, how can we live like this?

He says it is not him, he is also going crazy. He just wants to finish things and for them to find out what happened. He also does not know what happened. He didn’t do anything to the prosecutor, believe me, it was not me.

She pleads with him to tell her. He continues to say it wasn’t him.

The wife leaves. Yeo-jin has her sit for a moment to compose herself. She sits next to her. The wife asks if he is the real criminal? Yeo-jin says she can stay at home and wait. She will update her as soon as they hear anything. The supreme prosecutor office will lead the investigation. We will also keep investigating.

She asks, you are sure the witness saw him, right?

Yeo-jin nods.

The wife thinks that whatever they saw are all lies. Yeo-jin asks her if she heard anything. The wife asks, what if he keeps denying it? Yeo-jin says they will keep asking and they will also keep searching.

The wife’s stands and says she has to go home for her youngest. Yeo-jin asks if she is okay to drive. The wife says yes and leaves.




The next day, Yeo-jin answers the phone at her desk and answers some questions. Then she starts to think about the case and curses the captain for all his denials. Si-mok calls her.

She goes to meet with the witness and tells him not to worry, no one is in the gambling house right now. They look to the side where Si-mok is backing up the car. She asks when he should stop. The witness tells her so she signals to Simok to stop.

The witness asks when she is giving the money? She says they have to confirm the scene first. He wants to know if it is always like this? She tells him it will end soon, they got the DNA evidence in the car.

Si-mok gets out. He asks if that is the police mans car? She says they have to return it quickly so be quick about it. She starts to ask him all sorts of questions. She asks if he can see the plate number? He says no.

he also says he didn’t have any room in his mind to pay attention, he was shocked because he kicked some bottles and had to crouched.

She types it all out and asks if that is all she should report. She asks if he is color blind? Then calls Si-mok to tell him they are all done.

Si-mok removes the black and white plate to show a green license plate. She asks the guy why he didn’t see it? He says he might have been too busy to look at the person. Or maybe too surprised. She asks why he did that?

they start to walk down. Several more police officers show up and surround him. He asks why they are here? Is it because I pinpointed a police officer? What should I do? Should I say it wasn’t a police officer? that it was my mistake?

They ask for his phone. He says they need a warrant to get it. They tell him they have someone here that can issue it, then Simok comes walking up. He takes his cell phone.

They use face recognition to open his phone and find out that he was not here on that night. Si-mok asks why he did this? the witness looks at him and curses.

Si-mok keeps looking at him.

Fade Out


This episode flew by! We didn’t find out where Seo Dong-jae is (and I am actually getting tired of this storyline) but at least it was an exciting episode.

Honestly, this storyline feels like a detour to the actual storyline, but the preview makes it seem like everything is going to come together in the next episode because it appears that the Han-Jo Group is involved possibly?

I don’t know, but see y’all next week to find out!


English Translation

SH – If the police are the real criminal then everything will change.

Park – Everything went well, they are just poking the case now so it can mess up everything

SM – We will have a second meeting.

YJ – What?

CB – Are you still with prosecutor Hwang?

YJ – Why did the investigation end? We don’t eve know if he is still alive.

Woo – When I see you guys, if one person knows then the other person also knows.

CB – Let’s open our committee first.

SH – The rest of them are in the cloud.

Park – Choi Bit wanted to meet.

LYJ – The police shouldn’t contact us for no good reason.

SM – I am not talking about not trusting the police

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