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Stranger 2: Episode 11 Recap – Part 1

I am expecting to find out who has Dong-jae this episode because the ruse has been going on too long for my nerves! Put us out of our misery and tell us already!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




The police duo, Seo Sang-won and Park Soon-chan from Ye-jin’s old group are both in a car, headed frantically in one direction. A siren is on the top of their car.

They other teammate, Jang Gun is in another car looking for a crime scene. The informer is Jung Gi-hyuk. Jang Gun called him and said that they do not have time for delay, they know his address so if he does not say anything then they will go to his house.

The police are all on high alert because in the last episode they found out that the reflection was the police watch.


The angry cop goes into an empty conference room. Two of the bad officers from the bad police station come in and are motioned to sit. They all sit next to each other. Then the door peaks open and the nephew comes in.

The bad superintendent starts to think back to his phone call. Perhaps he was the one that he called. The nephew sits at the end of the group of four.

The captain comes in and looks at them. He asks Seo Sang-woo where their guys are. Sang-woo whispers that some of them went out to find the corrupt captain but he is missing. Sang-woo heads out.


Meanwhile, the youngest on the team, Park Soon-chan is in an alley looking for the corrupt Captain guy. He sees him and calls his name. But the captain does not hear him. The captain is walking with a crowbar to a shop. He goes in and buys some Clorox or something. He bought a huge container of it. The ajumma tells him that he has to make sure to dilute it, you know that right? He says yes.

The rookie follows him. 

The captain walks with his huge container of bleach and his crow bar and heads to a house. The rookie follows him. The bad guy might feel like he is being followed because he turned back to see who was behind him. Then he went into a building.

The rookie, still unspotted, followed him into an apartment.

The rookie goes to the same level but does not know which door the cop went into. He listens to each door to find out. But then the captain leaves one of the doors which causes the rookie to hurry out. The captain completely leaves so the rookie goes back to that door which was all the way on the opposite side of the hall.

He breaks open the door and holds out his weapon. There is a body under a blanket. He pulls the blanket off and sees that the person is an elderly woman. He lowers his weapon. But then the corrupt cop comes back and starts to fight with the rookie. 

The old woman also fights with the rookie causing he rookie to lose his electric gun. The corrupt cop grabs it and holds it to him.




All the high ups go into the conference room where the corrupt cops are sitting. They stare at them.

Shin Jae-yong is glaring. He asks the nephew if he was cleaning blood in the bathtub at his job. The nephew says no, he was working from morning until evening. Someone says that is true, it was proven.

Shin asks another guy if he worked with his mother? If you left work for a few hours then your mother will say that you worked. The guy says he worked until late, everyone knows that. Shin asks what day? The cop says it was the day the prosecutor disappeared.

Shin says if his mom wanted, she would vouch for him. The bad cop asks what he is talking about? They had customers.

They keep talking about the day that the prosecutor disappeared and their whereabouts. 

Then Simok comes in and everyone silently grumbles, except Yeo-jin. He takes a seat. The director asks one o the guys what it was like to got o his hometown? The guy says he worked all day and submitted his work record. He lived in Ulsan, he was not even around Seoul the day of the crime. You should have a good reason to call me all the way up here. I am not a cop anymore and I don’t have to answer the orders of the people here.

Shin angrily walks to him and asks if he doesn’t se what is going on. When did you come to seoul? Did you come here to talk about the crime? The guy says they asked him to come.

Shin says there are a total of six. Three are here and one is in jail and the guy that immigrated is gone. Where is your captain?

Choi Yoon-soo speaks up and tells Shin that one of his guys was looking for him to bring him back. Should I call him? Shin sarcastically tells him that he doesn’t miss anything at his age.

Shin tells the ex-superintendent that the other guys have alibi’s so it must be the guy that doesn’t have an alibi. Then he starts to give the ex-superintendent a bad time and told him that he even kicked the shin of the grandson of a huge foundation. So with your temper you killed a prosecutor?

The ex-super says he went to the sauna. But he is nervous. Shin yells, WHAT SAUNA! The ex-super tells him it was Golds sauna. Shin tells someone to confirm it.

Simok asks if his overtime was fake? When did you know? Choi Bit tells him that they just knew. Simok asks when they knew about it. Ye-jin says they had some time to investigate. Simok thinks that if they finished the investigation then they should have had time to notify the prosecutors in the district. 

They all sit nervously. Simok asks, so it seems like I should know something right? Yeo-jin thinks back to when she found out that the watch was a police watch.

The ex-super suddenly yells, WHAT DID I DO THAT WAS WRONG! He stands and asks, if getting money without working that bad? I paid for a lot of investigations with my own money out of pocket. I was chasing criminals with my car and it wrecked and I had to pay out of pocket! I Took overtime all day when I was in the field, did you pay me! 

The nephew says, UNCLE. But the uncle tells him to shut up and says he is quitting. The director yells YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF! 

The rookie comes in with the captain. We see a flashback of the captain giving him his gun back. This woman is one of the cops mothers or grandmothers. So it looks like this cop is doing some house hold work for her. He gets back to doing that work.



The bad captain tells them all how they started to gather up money for their squad so that they can pay bills and things and help one of the guys mothers who was very sick.

The other cops still defend the captain and says that he did not take money. We kept taking the money but the captain did not know that. The captain says he knew, but he couldn’t say anything about it.

They all keep talking about how they took the money. 

Yeo-jin asked where he was when Dong-jae disappeared. he says he was at home. The nephew starts to take something from his pocket. The cops quickly stop him because they think it’s a weapon. But its a note.

Choi Bit reads it. Then she asks him if he thinks they are stupid? Do you think we will think it was a suicide since you have the will now?

The guy says he found it on his desk after he died. Choi says it was all there that they got bribery money and bullied him and yet you still held it and did not throw it away. Who would believe that?

The nephew says he could not throw it away because he was afraid. If he burned it then he felt like Song would come and haunt him. He was hiding it. The ex-super yells angrily at his nephew.

Simok looks at the note. The nephew asks, so if we didn’t kill policeman Song then it is true that we didn’t kidnap the prosecutor. It is a suicide case so what can we do?

Simok says they will investigate the authenticity of the note. The captain stands and says they have a witness. Shin tells the cops that if everything they said is true then they do not have to worry about anything. Let’s finish this. He storms off.


They all start to walk up the hallway in search of the witness who is in another room maybe? But they are all questioning whether there is a witness or not. All the guilty parties look back and forth to each other in silent question about this witness.

They take them to a mug shot area to all stand in line and look to the front. The witness is behind the mirrored glass.

He comes in, this is the guy that confessed that he saw someone put a man in a trunk. The witness looks at all of them and says he sees him. the tension goes up in the room. He points to one of them and says it was that person. But we don’t actually see the person he points to.

Yeo Jin goes in and excuses all of them. Except they keep the captain in the room. the captain yells that it is not him. But they pull him back in regardless. They all sit around a table with him.

The cops ask what the distance is from his steps to the car. He doesn’t know. They ask what his eyesight is. He says he has good eyesight, it was close. But they wonder if he can see things at night?

Choi asks why he is stepping up now? The guy says he thought what he saw was right so he searched through all the articles and when he saw the video of the wife asking to find her husband he felt sorry for her.

They think that if he saw the news then he should have also saw that the suspect was a police officer. Then you saw someone with a police uniform so you pointed at him, right? the witness says no, he was also surprised that the person he saw wore a police uniform.

Simok might think otherwise. He asks the witness why he went to the place that night. The guy says it was his friends place. They ask for his friends address. The witness ays that if they don’t trust him then he can just say he didn’t see anything.


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