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Stranger 2: Episode 10 Recap – Part 2

Stranger 2: Episode 10 Recap - Part 2

This is part two of our live recap for Stranger 2!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





He meets with the secretary at Dal Komme coffee shop. The secretary says that she thought her lawyers case ended a long time ago. Si-mok says it did.

W – So what do you want me to tell you?

SM – Did he have a driver or did he usually drive by himself?

W – He did not have a personal driver but we did appoint one when needed.

SM – SO he drove by himself?

W – Yes.

SM – Why did he go to Namnamjoo on march 18th?

W – I don’t know.

SM – You didn’t know his schedule?

W – It was his off day. I also submitted my vacation day according to his vacation. I was so surprised to hear about his death outside the office.

SM – I didn’t see that he took a day off.

W – I am sure that he took a day off. That is the first day that he took a day off. I remember that.

SM – Did you know that his blackbox was off on that day?

W – I think I heard that from the police. It is not common but it happens when clients ask for it.

SM – Clients want lawyers to turn off their blackbox?

W – It is not about not trusting our lawyers, it is for meetings when they get together. They may have a chance to record their footage so some people really don’t want any video footage.

SM – *leans forward* How did the law firm respond to lawyer Parks death?

W – *pinches her hand* Everyone was sad.

SM – The day of his death, Lawyer Park met a client who requested that he turned off his black box and he should be on the way back since he had a little drink. If the client is a customer of the law firm, do you think your lawyer had to take a vacation day and meet the client?

W – *looks around nervously*

SM – The reason you want to meet me out here is for the same reason right?

W – *puts milk in her drink*

SM – Secretary Kim?

W – We had a little rumor internally that it should be a big big VIP.

SM – The person lawyer Park met in the countryside? The reason?

W – He never drank. He didn’t even drink when our CEO gave him a drink. So everyone was kind of bummed when he had alcohol in the autopsy report.

SM – So even the CEO didn’t know who his lawyer met?

W – *shakes head*

SM – So he belonged to the law firm but behind the scenes they have their own clients. Did he sneak out law firm clients?

W – I don’t know. I heard it later but it seems like the lawyer had a little financial trouble. It seems like his brothers business went bankrupt. But, are you starting a reinvestigation? Why is the supreme prosecutor office reinvestigating?

SM – *leans back* Should I?

Simok drives away and thinks about his talk with the secretary while he is stuck in traffic. His first day off for a client meeting. He should have a low chance of knowing the street so why did he drive on a dark high way without navigation?

He thinks about the lawyer driving and about how his wife said he drunk a bit but the secretary said he never drank. Simok thinks it could be his predisposed idea that he feels that something is unnatural. 

In order to connect the dots, maybe I am not letting these pieces go because I want to relate it to Prosecutor Seo. Even with the sudden pain, he can calmly stop the car. He can drive without navigation even though it is a countryside highway at night. Is that all a coincidence?

When the lawyer died, the superintendent was Choi Bit. More than 200 superintendents are in the country. What is the possibility of these coincidences repeating? Everyone said it was a normal death. Was it normal? It can still all be unrelated with the disappearance. On the fifth day, what if I am waisting my time with meaningless things? What if I am not efficient enough so I am delaying the rescue?

He thinks about Seo wanting him to say nice things about him to Woo. He shakes the thought away.


Woo gets back to his office and asks his assistants if Simok is back. they say he is in the bathroom. Woo goes there and asks him how things went. Simok tells him that he asked some people things but could not connect anything. He found somethings about Seo investigating and ex lawyers death. I was just wondering if he was investigating the case personally, like the police corruption case.

Woo asks if he wasn’t? Simok tells him that he did not find any reasons to investigate as of right now. Tae-ha asks if he thinks Seo is kidnapped and trapped in the vacation home? Simok asks, vacation home? Woo says he mentioned a vacation home. Wouldn’t it be that?

SM- Ah, I put a person following one of the police, but he was circulating continuously so it is difficult to pinpoint the location from the vacation home to the market.

Woo – Okay, ah, so is your investigation ability exaggerated or is it rusty since you were in the sea town? I thought you found something. I even think I should ask someone else like Kim said. 

SM – I am sorry.

Woo – It is okay, your work is something else anyway.

They keep walking.

Woo – The most important thing for us is to find out if prosecutor Seo was kidnapped by the police. If the kidnapper is something else then it is a normal crime case so the supreme prosecutor office has no reason to be involved. So you investigate the corrupt police. Who was the dead lawyer?

SM – Lawyer Park Kwang-soo

Woo – I will investigate that case. I will be faster than you.

Woo asks if he should ask the prosecutor office? Simok tells him he left that office more than 2 years ago. Woo asks, family? Simok says he met his wife. Woo asks, already? What did she say? Simok tells him she didn’t know much.

Woo bites his lip and heads to his office. Simok stares at him. Woo asks what he is doing. Then he walks inside.

Simok follows but still looks at him curiously. Then he goes to his desk. He gets a text from his mother asking him if he is in Seoul.

He says yes.

She asks, do I have to hear that you came back in the news?

He texts that he is sorry.

She tells him to come by when he is not busy.

He says yes, though it was hard for him to press the button to send it.

Simok goes to Woo’s office. Woo is looking at his phone and puts it on the desk to talk to Simok. Simok tells him that he was going to investigate lawyer Park so here are two files from prosecutor Seo about the lawyer and the corrupt police.

Woo tells him to take the corrupt file with him since he gave it to Simok. He takes the other one. Woo starts to flip through the other file.

SM – You heard something else that day.

Woo – What?

SM – When prosecutor Seo first saw you. Not only about Saegok (corrupt case) but something else.

Woo – What did I tell you over the phone?

SM – You said no.

Woo – So why are you asking me the same questions?

SM – You told me that if the police killed their fellow police then this was the best timing. I thought you would not be angry about the Saegok case.

Woo – Was I angry?

SM – Yes. You asked if you thought the supreme office was a gambling place to Seo.

Woo – *looks at him*

SM – Sorry, maybe I have the wrong memory.

Woo – Ah, where did I put it, let me see.

He looks at his shelf. Simok comes up and pulls out the pink one. 

Woo – Ah, that is it. What is this?

SM – You already know, it is about the superintendent who sent Seo to the local branch.

Woo – Okay, it is related. I forgot about it. Why was it not submitted to me? It seems like these are triplets. There are only two, are there more twins somewhere else?

SM – Maybe he did not think that lawyer Parks case belonged with them. 

Woo – If he thought it was not a strong enough case to submit to me, then what did you say about the case that prosecutor Seo was investigating? He didn’t care about unsolved cases, he only cared about what he could present to me.

SM – yes.

Woo – You are right, it is not related in finding Seo.

Simok takes the case and starts to walk out. He asks Woo if he isn’t coming? Woo asks where? Simok says maybe he is not in a hurry and leaves.




The angry cop comes barging in. The two cops that don’t like Ye-jin ask who he is. But then Yeo-jin says that the angry cop can come into her office, so he walks to her.

The other two wonder what this is. We do all the work but she gets this. Good for her. (sarcastically).

the angry cop (the superintendent) goes into Choi Bits office with Yeo-joon. He sarcastically tells her that it is nice to see her again. She crosses her arms and looks at him.

We go to a flashback where they were the same rank before. But she was the last of the three ranks. Now she is a lot higher than him. He looks at her ranking and her desk. He is shocked.

She walks to him, arms still crossed and sits. he reluctantly sits as well.

CB – You know why I called you.

Cop – I am not here because you called me. I am here to tell you what I want to tell you.

CB – You don’t work overtime but you take the money?

Cop – I didn’t know this intelligence agency was this useless to investigating about overtime work?

YJ – Do you agree with recording the meeting?

Cop – If I disagree you won’t?

She records it and puts it on the table.

YJ – On March 26th, 2019, where were you from 1900 to 2400?



he starts to stand.


He sits but he is glaring hard.

YJ – This is the entrance of the branch. *shows his picture* on the same night at 10:32 pm. 

Cop – Hey, our work is not just sitting in the office. OKAY!

CB – From his office to prosecutor Seo’s crime site, how long does it take?

YJ – Including everything it is enough for 3 hours.

Cop – What? Hiding the crime!

YJ – We have a high possibility that there is no CCTV around that district.


YJ – I heard you called Yangsan police branch early this year by yourself. You were yelling that there were so many robbers around but you couldn’t catch any. that is where you sell lunchboxes.

Yejin starts to say everything about his sisters store and how he quieted down that the restaurant was dirty but couldn’t do anything about the CCTV?

He asks if she is talking about the restaurant now?

YJ – We have video evidence and testimony that your overtime record is fake. You are forgerizing your alibi on the night that prosecutor Seo Dong-jae disappeared.

He tells her to stop.

Cop – I only saw the prosecutor once before he disappeared. He talked about policeman Song in front of me so I did not see him at all after that BECAUSE HE WAS TALKING ABOUT NONSENSE! DO YOU THINK I KILLED A PERSON TO PROTECT MY NEPHEW!

CB – Protecting your nephew or were too angry and could not think straight.

Yeo-jin gets a text.


CB – I want to see your nephew also. His uncle said yes so I should see him quickly.

Yeo-jin looks at her text message and shows it to Choi Bit. Choi bit nods so Yeo-jin leaves. The corrupt cop is shocked.

Yeo-jin goes to her desk to look up something. It looks like she is looking up comments on an article or something. One comment says that they were at the site of the crime scene at the time of the crime. They want to report it now.

Cut to the prosecutors office where Woo’s secretary heads out quickly. She tells Sa-hyun that they have a witness. They need a warrant.

Sa-hyun goes into the office and talks to Simok. They look at the comments. The person says that around 10pm they saw something putting something in the car. It looks like a male person.

We see a flashback of this. The person accidentally kicked a can over the side and had to hide. He says he saw the person’s face.



Everyone starts to head out on this lead. Yeo-jin gives all the cops something to do. 

Seo Sang-woo from her old police office head off to get the warrant and then goes to a company that does video surveillance possible? Or maybe they are searching for where the comment was sent from.

All the cops in the old department go to a computer person to try and figure this out. They look at the CCTV to find out who was there at the time of the comment.

They get the credit card record and then go to the credit card company. The manager ass if they have a warrant. the person says yes. So they look up the credit card information.

Then they talk to Yeo-jin about it over the phone. Yeo-jin says this person has a criminal record of gambling and conning people. He will run away if we approach him. The cops says okay and then grumble that they did not feel good about the report. they wonder how they can approach him.

They have the youngest call him. He says he is a delivery, are you at home? The man says no he is not at home. The man says he is a credit card company, you should accept it. It is not a card, it is from the credit card company.

The man says he cannot accept now, he will receive it alter. He hangs up. The cops all grumble. But they do realize that he is not at home, they should great him at his home.

Meanwhile, at the CSI area, they get a lead on the picture of the bloody tie. The image they were wondering about is a clock or watch perhaps. They zoom in and stars to clear the image. Perhaps it is a flower? They aren’t sure. But it could be a police watch. The captain looks at his watch and sees that it is a police watch.

They are both like, wow, this is horrible.

The captain heads to the hallway and starts to text Yeo-jin. He says the picture is not a reflection of the light, it is a watch. It is a police watch.

Yeo-jin talks to Si-mok and tells him that the cops are going to the witness place but he has a long criminal record. She gives his ssn number. But she stops and checks her text message from the captain. Then she calls him.

On the call, she asks what he means.

In his office, Simok tells the assistants that he is going to the police headquarters.

In the headquarters, Choi Bit gets yelled at by Shin. He tells her to call the local branch guys right now!

Fade Out


Okay, this episode was so much more interesting! Lots of tiny new bits of information coming out. I loved the conversation with the lawyers old secretary. That was so interesting in the amount of tiny bits of information she could provide. The biggest one being that the lawyer did not drink and that they would turn off their CCTV when meeting with a huge client if the client asked them to.

We shall see if Seo is still alive. It seems that the cops might kill him just so he can not finger them. Or if it was them at all. 


English Translation

Shin – Where did you hide the prosecutor. 

Shin – We have four suspects. If one doesn’t have an alibi then he is the criminal.


SC – Our policemen will take him.

JG – You reported on the crime scene.

Wife – I will just say where he is.

SM – We will find out the authenticity.

Man – We have the witness.

Man – Do you see who?

YJ – You saw him in the house right?

SM – Yes, he can see him. He said he saw him leaving.

Woo – Write your resignation letter

SM – There is something that I have to know right?

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