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Stranger 2: Episode 10 Recap – Part 1

Stranger 2: Episode 10 Recap - Part 1

I feel like yesterdays episode was one you didn’t really need to watch. The cops and prosecutors were looking for Seo but they were mostly talking about the clues and getting nowhere. I can see it being really interesting if you like that stuff, but I was bored.

Hopefully all the guessing yesterday was building towards today’s episode and we get some movement going! With how yesterday’s episode ended, that does seem like the case.

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Seo Dong-jae tells Woo that something wasn’t included in his investigation. The family member or something like that did not request it.

Woo walks away from the mystery woman from the end of the last episode thinking about this meeting with Seo Dong-jae. Seo Dong-jae said it was strange. Why did they have to hide this common accident related to a disease.

Woo gets back inside his car thinking about this and also thinks about Simok talking on the phone about the lawyer and the vacation home. Woo curses and drives off.


Prosecutor Jung Mina  meets with Simok and the assistants in one of their offices and gives them information about the lawyer death case. She said it could lead to a big accident, but it did not.

They talk about how busy the road is, the assistants say it is a mostly empty road. Simok asks why someone would go there March 18th. Also, why was his blackbox off on this particular day?

Mina tells them the blackbox had everything except the day of the accident. Simok asks how she can remember that when it happened one year ago. She doesn’t answer. He asks if there are any other reports.

Simok asks why prosecutor Seo ended the case like this? Everyone looks a bit guarded or nervous possible? Simok asks Jung if she was a trainee in this office? She says yes. He asks if she took care of this case?

She tells him that sunbae told her to start with an easy case so she did it. He continues and asks about the heart condition. She tells him it was the heart and the cause was obvious. Simok asks if the prosecutor in charge didn’t have to know where this person was driving to that day? Also, there is no record of their driving history.

She apologizes and says he was busy and trusted her, its not like she didn’t work. Hwang says he is talking about her, but you are defending another person? She is caught aback by that comment. The assistants starts talking and says there was a little issue because the person was an ex prosecutor chief. But one of them thinks it was there when they were asked to investigate it by prosecutor Seo.

Simok asks why Seo wanted to see this report again? They don’t say anything. Simok closes the case report and looks at the back. Then he pulls out another folder and compares them.  One of the assistants says that prosecutor Seo wanted to have three files. She made copies of all three. So there is a green file, a blue file, and a pink file. But the pink file is missing.

Seo asks when this case was? One assistant says March 13. The other assistant says he remembers that there were three folders. The prosecutor tells them that they have one here, Hwang has the other, so where is the last one?

Simok asks why they didn’t tell him? He asked them to tell him anything particular after Seo’s disappearance. So why didn’t you tell me that he was reinvestigating this old case? The assistant says she forgot. It is a bit awkward and uncomfortable around the table. The prosecutor excuses herself. Simok notices that they are hiding something from him.

Jung goes into the hallway and calls someone. The ring goes to an office. Perhaps a police office? Someone answers and listens closely.


Yeo-jin and Jang Gun go to a small diner near the crime scene. It is the police superintendants sister. They asks for something to eat togo and secretly look around at the place.

Yeo-jin asks if people complain about the smell? The woman says no one complains because we are separate from the rest of the building. Yeo-jin asks to use the restroom.

The woman gives her the restroom key. Ye-jin grabs all the keys secretly (they were in a bowl) and goes to the back.

She goes to a courtyard area in the back that is used mostly for storage. She starts to think about the case and where a body can be held and how the entire family could be part of it. Perhaps they are in a private house.

She sees a window and asks if anyone is inside. She hears a sound. The door has a bolt lock on it. She uses one of the keys to open it. Inside is all the rotten food and rats as well. the woman has to apologize.

Yeo-jin tells her that city hall will come. The woman says they will regret that. Yeo-jin asks why? Do you have a superintendent in the family or something? The woman says yes, you should know that that I have someone behind me. 

They scoff and Jang Gun yells, rat rat rat! The woman shrieks. They shake their heads and walk away. She immediately calls her brother.

Outside, Yeojin says there are 30 missing cases a day. If I did not see him then he is one of them and I can search without feelings. Jang Gun asks if she is talking about Seo Dong-jae? Seeing him before is better than not seeing him.

They start to talk about Seo and where they saw him before. They also talk about his kids and how they should miss him. Yeo-jin wonders how they can’t have any trace? We usually get something.

Jang Gun says they have 1/10 in a case that they really can’t find. Seo took a lot of blame and was yelled at so he should live a long long time (proverb).




Simok starts to head out of the prosecutors office. Jung comes up and apologizes to him. She says she was looking for the information he wanted but too much time has passed so she could not get it.

They start walking together. She says that the black box and driving record and GPS were all erased because the lawful time to keep it has passed.

Simok asks if she called the police to see who took care of it? She starts to say the details about the district. Then she says she thought about if she missed anything. She remembers that Seo took the case personally.

He asks if they knew each other? They get inside an elevator. Simok imagines Seo and Jung riding in an elevator together. Seo starts to talk about how the lawyer Park was an ex district chief prosecutor and went to a big law firm. But that kind of guy might still have a lot of stress so he dies while driving on the street? That is why he started to drink?

He thinks he should  be promoted next year so he can at least have a chief position and retire so he can do something later. He tells her that he had a history of being investigated by hubaes. You heard about that right? 

She mentions that someone told her that she wouldn’t learn anything from his office. But it was in a voice mail. Seo ended the elevator ride bucking himself up and saying that he needs to survive. He pointed his arm triumphantly forward.

Simok and Jung step out of the elevator and start to walk to the exits. They stop outside the metal detector. She asks if they have anything on Seo disappearance? it’s been 5 days. Simok tells her that most of us usually don’t call the police when we miss something because it reveals that they made a mistake. The police will be involved during the future investigations as well.

She says she thought they were working together. Simok tells her to work hard and leaves.

Simok calls Woo Tae-ha and asks if Seo brought him other cases when he talked to him. Except the police corruption case. Woo looks nervous but says nothing. It was only about the corrupt police. He turns his lighter on and off and stamps on his cigarette buts.

He is in an alley street. He looks around at the tall buildings around him.

Meanwhile, Simok gets into his car and continues thinking about Seo. He asked Seo if the policeman moved to a local office for depression? That is a rare case right since he was a detective before? Seo told him that prosecutor Woo didn’t tell you I made a separate file about him that explains it. Simok told him no. Seo thinks perhaps he really liked the corrupt branch case. I gave him two and he didn’t even look at it.

But Woo actually told Simok that Seo didn’t give him any other reports. So it looks like Woo lied.

Simok ends up driving to the countryside. He imagines Lawyer Park driving that day with belabored breath and suddenly stopping his car. He gets to the location where the car was and takes some photos. He looks around the area all night. Morning comes and he is still there.




Simok goes to the police traffic department and talks to the person that Jung called earlier. Simok tells him that if someone had a heart attack and tried to stop the car then they should have turned the wheel and tried to stop on the side. But this image shows the car stopped perfectly straight.

The man says it might have been sudden. Simok tells him that if it was a sudden stop then he should have slammed on the breaks. It was an empty local highway so he should have been driving more than 60-70 km an hour. You can see this much tire tracks if you stop at 60km and hour. But you think this was just a normal death?

The man says this is a case where the dead person called 911 directly. In the 911 record it says he called but did not say anything. He might have passed out. But he was able to call 911 so it wasn’t like he was unconscious or anything.

Simok thinks he should have stopped it when he was conscious. The cop says he was drunk as well. Maybe he didn’t think about stopping the car on the side or anything. Simok says, yes, that is possible. The man says this happens a lot. He also had surgery so it wasn’t anything strange for us.

Simok asks for the navigation record. Do you think that person drove this street a lot? The navigation does not have the destination. He shows the picture of the navigation. The man says he must not have put the data in. Simok tells him that the persons house and work are in Seoul so how come he knows the countryside so well that he doesn’t even need to turn on navigation.

The cop says he uses his cell phone navigation a lot. If he uses his cellphone then he might have a phone holder-but he doesn’t, hmm, maybe he knows the street well.

Simok asks if he knows prosecutor Seo Dong-jae? The man says he has seen him once. Simok tells him that in his phone record, he called you on March 18, what did he say to you? The man says they had a car accident case so he might have asked about that.

Simok asks what they talked about with the lawyer Park case with him on that phone call. The cop shrugs and tells him he didn’t talk about it. Simok continues and mentions that Seo went to the scene that day after talking to you, but he didn’t talk about anything?

The man says he would remember it. He asks if this is related to Seo’s disappearance? Simok says he does not know. He stands to leave but also tells the cop that the dead persons alcohol in his blood was less than one cup of soju. Do you think someone had enough consciousness to call the police while parked on the street with no emergency light?

The cop says a lot of things happen on the street. Simok lightly smirks and heads out.

As soon as he leaves he starts to google a car accident case that happened on march 17th. Three cars crashed that day. The cop looks at him and then calls someone.


Cut to Choi Bit talking on the phone. She tells him that going to the countryside is bad, but his questions are worse. I don’t know how much he knows.

She is talking to Woo who is driving. Woo tells her that the detective that he is talking about is not the guy that Simok met today. The guy that leaked the information that you wanted to close the lawyers death case.

She says that was just one mistake. He was too busy answering the navigation and was tired and all that.

Woo tells her that he will remove Hwang from the team. He should not investigate further. She thinks taking him out now is more strange. He tells her he does not care. When I tell him to quit then he will quit.

Yeo-jin peeks her head in and says something about work then leaves. Choi Bit gets back on the phone and tells Woo that she will make her kids take their hand off the case. i will call you later.


Si-mok meets with the mystery woman who is the lawyers wife. They meet outside in the hallway since she has a guest. He says he has questions about her husband. It is about the local prosecutor branch disappearance case.

She asks, Okay, but what disappearance?

SM – Do you know why your husband went to Namnamjoo on the day of the accident?

Woman – No

SM – How long has he had heart problems?

Woman – A while

SM – Is he a drinker?

Woman – Just a normal amount

SM – Did you go there often

Woman – No! He doesn’t know anyone.

SM – What kind of work did he do in the law firm

Woman – I don’t know the details, he didn’t talk about work at home

SM – You saw the details about Seo Dong on the news?

Woman – Yes I did. Is there any progress? Hopefully he is okay.

SM – Do you know him well?

Woman – No. Just once.

SM – After your husbands death, did he visit you?

Woman – He came to the funeral, not here.

SM – You remember him? A lot of prosecutors should have been there.

Woman – I remember him because he told me that he took the case.

SM – You should have had a lot to talk about because he is the prosecutor investigating the case.

W – I wasn’t myself and I had a lot of people visiting. Maybe I don’t remember it too well.

SM – When your husband drives, does he use navigation?

W – What?

SM – Navigation.

W – Navigation?

SM – Do you still drive that car?

W – The accident car? No, I sold it.

SM – Was he under a lot of stress in the law firm?

W – *turns her head to a kids crying sound* Yes he was under a lot os stress. He was almost partner level. Would you like to go to the law firm? Maybe he had a secretary. That person would have a lot more to tell you than me.


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