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Stove League: Episode 9 (17-18) Recap – Part 2

Stove League: Episode 9 (17-18) Recap – Part 2

Here is part 2 for our recap for Stove League!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




2019 DRAFT

Jae-hee, Kyung-taek, Se-young, and Young-soo all go to the draft. The goal is to only lose two of their players and gain all the players they want.

Se-young tells them to pray to their own gods for a moment. The analytics guy is so embarrassed but ends up praying at well and they all leave. The analytics guy also pats Young-soo on the back as they do which means he likes him now! Yay!

Back in the cubicles, we see Mi-sun and Chi-hun talking about how the draft is about to start now.

They get to a step and all take a deep breath as they are about to go in? Or maybe it already ended. But then they see General manager Jong-mu of the Vikings and chat with him for a moment. Jong-mu asks about Seung-soo and also knows that they picked these players to trade later.

He is happy to see how it shakes out. He also asks who Young-soo is. Se-young tells him that he is their number one person for today. Jong-mu says okay and then tells them that he will be happy to see their cards later. Goodbye.

They are all quiet until Jong-mu leaves and then happily celebrate with high fives all around. A reporter takes their photo and the headline is that Dreams was the Biggest winner for the second draft.

The team all goes out celebrating. Jae-hee says that they did not lose any of their players and they got a hitter that they can use right away which is why I am buying all the drinks. Se-young tells him to just sit down. Then she tells everyone that they all worked hard so whatever happens, let’s prepare for a hot winter! Lets go to post season this summer!

The analytics guy, Kyung-taek pushes some food over to Young-soo to eat Young-soo smiles and tells him him good job as well.

Jae-hee starts to ask a question and asks Young-soo why the general manager takes photos of food. Young-soo says that he is sending it to their mother. Se-young asks why?

Cut to Seung-soo’s mother telling him that he looks so skinny. it seems like you eat well recently. Also, you don’t have to send me photos anymore. He smiles and says that he will keep doing it.

At the cafe, Young-soo tells them that Seung-soo feels relieved when his mother worries about if he is eating.

At the hospital, their mother tells him, okay, send me the photos, don’t skip any. He smiles.

Young-soo tells he group that their mother is still okay and still has room to worry about us so he takes the photos and sends them to her.

In the hospital, their mother asks Seung-soo how long he is going to stay there? Seung-soo says he wants to continue resting. But his mother tells him to go on a trip or go home. If you sit down too long then you will not be able get back up. Go back and work hard.

Seung-soo tells her that he has a salary without working and I have nothing to do anyway. She tells him that she does not want him to be there.

In the group, Young-soo tells them that Seung-soo thinks it is his fault that I got injured because he made me play baseball. Se-young mentions it was an accident. Yonug-soo tells her that right after his injury their father collapsed so hyung thinks that was also his fault. 

He left the company quietly with his guaranteed salary. it is not like him but in his situation he had to do it otherwise we wouldn’t be able to save any money due to the hospital bills. So he took care of the hospital bills and hoped I got a stable job and paid for my school. But after our father collapsed, the company that he worked at asked him to leave.

Se-young asks why. Young-soo says that hyung looked crazy back then, like he was about to do something. So they sent an office worker to the Korean traditional wresting team even though he did not know anything about them. And the team was about to disappear. That is how everything happened all the way here. I came all the way here eating his youth.

They all toast to that news as they drink and think that the team dissolves like that and no one protected him. No one.

In the hospital, Seung-soo rests on the couch and tries to sleep.


Se-young goes to the reporter and confronts her. They walks to the stairs where Se-young tells her to read this. She hands over an article and tells her that what she did got an innocent person fired.

The woman asks if she wants her to report this? I just edited Gil Chang-joo’s interview a little bit. Go to another company about Baek Young-soo. That other company did that report.

Se-young says that she knows all that. We are going to announce it publicly. For you, think about what you can do as a journalist.


Se-young is the speaker at the press conference and Kyung-taek is standing next to her. They say that they want to explain the hiring scandal. We did not know that the person we hired was Baek Sung-soo’s brother at the time. Int hat situation, Baek Seung-soo gave the brother the lowest score. But me and the analytics team leader gave him a perfect score.

We followed the rules and decided to hire the person with the highest mark. That is the reason we had issues.

Cut to the two of them getting yelled at by CEO in his office. They tell him that they recovered the honor of their company. Someone shouldn’t have been responsible for what happened. For us, it is more important to reveal the truth.



Seung-soo tells his father that he will be back. His mother tells him to drink his coffee while traveling. The father asks, where is the baby and the mother?

His mother asks what he is talking about and asks for Seung-soo to leave. So the father asks if it was time for the birth yet? Seung-soo looks at his father for a long moment, pretty startled. His mother tells him to just leave so he heads out.

Flashback to Seung-soo at the hospital where he gets the news that they sad news. he goes to the door to see his wife crying in her hospital bed. 

Seung-soo gets home and is greeted by Young-soo who asks how umma and appa are. He says he should visit them, he only calls them. Seung-soo tells him that he did a good job.

Young-soo is all like what? So Seung-soo tells him that he is not telling him twice. He goes to his room. Young-soo thinks about it and smiles.


Reporter Young-soo tells everyone that the winner of the second draft is Dreams. Everyone is happy about it. Everyone thought that Dreams would fill their weaknesses but actually they took al the big players that people did not expect would get picked int his draft.

The reporters think that the team is more solid due to the players that they picked. reporter Young-chae says that the person who contributed the most in this draft was the person that was related to Baek Seung-soo.

Actually, the new hire worked at a baseball site under the name of Robinson (like Jackie Robinson) as an analytics person. So the news is out and a lot of articles are up about Baek Seung-soo’s brothers shocking background history that fits baseball well.

All the comments talk about how if Young-soo is the Robinson analytics person then he deserves to be there, not because of his brother. Why is the general manager out, he should come back!


Young-soo and Seung-soo both get calls at the same time while at home. Young-soo turns on the news.

On the news, Young-chae is interviewing Gil Chang-joo live and apologizes that their editing gave him a hard time. She tells him that it seems like he wants to clear things up? He says yes because her program is the most popular among baseball fans.

Because of my Nationality, I gave a lot of people the feeling of loss and made people worry. But I want to stop being a coward. I also talked to the direct office. After this season I can recover my Korean National citizenship and serve in the military. I will play hard for Dreams this season and fulfill my active duty obligation. I will be a proud husband and father. I just had a little boy. 

The reporter congratulates him. He says that he already discussed with his general manager that he can play one season and then become a Korean again and go to the military. I am really sorry to him and thank him.

Cut to Kyung-min talking to people about hotels. But then his uncle, the chairman calls. He answers reluctantly.

On the news, Reporter Young-chae asks why he did not reveal this at the time of the press conference? If you revealed it then, then things would not be this bad.

Seung-soo calls Se-young while he is calling. His number is saved as Former General Manager.

Chang-joo mentioned that he was a coward back then and he also needed time to think about it. Baek Seung-soo general manager is innocent.

Se-young answers and Seung-soo asks, what happened, why is Gil Chang-joo going to the army? She tells him that they can talk later. Her mother asks if she is meeting a man??? What man? She tells her mom that his is unemployed and leaves.

Her mom is all like, well at least you are meeting someone.

Seung-soo and Se-young meet at a coffee shop. Seung-soo asks, if he goes to the army like that, then what will happen to his family? Se-young says that it is a good choice for him. He wanted to be a proud father for his new baby. But maybe that is not fully it. Maybe he also did not just want to leave you like this.

Seung-soo looks a bit touched but he is his normal emotionless self. Se-young tells him to come back. He asks, so Gil Chang-joo comes to the army so I can come back now?

Se-young says that Gil Chang-joo will go to the army late. You should come back, not as a guilty feeling about what happened. But as your responsibility for the team.

Seung-soo asks if anything changes if he goes back? She asks if he knows why they are always last? We thought we had a chance and tried to get it. That opportunity was actually the thing that dragged us back. When we thought we had a chance, it broke our hearts. Because we did not have someone to prepare for what was coming and protect us.

Seung-soo asks, so if I go back, do you think I can prepare for that and prevent it? She says no, I want you to add to it because we will also work hard.


Seung-soo sits in Kyung-min’s office and tells him, Do you want the media to say that because of the trouble with the company the General Manager that worked well had to leave the baseball team and now we are in a mud fight? Or, the General Manager whose health declined all of a sudden got a recommendation from the company to rest. But the General Manger came back after his sense of responsibility. It can end nicely like that. Pick one.

Kyung-min asks, what the f? Why do I have to pick one. Seung-soo tells him that he knows their company worried about the local citizens a lot because you sell a lot of things that are related to day to day life and rely on the local citizens. 

You should not do anything that will hurt your company more than running the baseball team.

KM tells him that he was under attacked with hiring corruption. Seung-soo tells him that this office looks so nice, but don’t you have the internet? he looks around. Then he asks, or do you just ignore the publics opinion?

KM asks, you left the company when I guaranteed your salary. So what do you want now?

SS tells him that he will do what he always does. Winn the cup.

KM calls him crazy and tells him that the Chairman called him to hire you back, but I will refuse the chairman’s order for the first time in my life. I have big pride. A lot more than you think.



Seung-soo goes back to the company and walks in. Confetti is burst right as he walks in and everyone sings for him with party things all around. They even have a cake. He blows out the candles and then walks off.

Everyone is all like, wtf? He should have said something. Se-yong thinks, um, well, maybe he is happy to see us all enjoying the cake. Everyone else has something to say to.

Maybe he is busy catching up on all that we missed…

But we worked so hard in bringing him back….

Ugh, his personality….

Yong-soo tells them all he is sorry. They all look at him and say, no no no! Not like that Young-soo! We didn’t forget that you were here at all! Ha ha ha! 

Back in the office, Se-young goes in to meet with Seung-soo. She tells him that they are going to have a group dinner to welcome him back. He says okay, but I will miss it. I have a lot of work to do.

She asks, so…you are not coming to your welcome back party…okay.

She starts to leave. He tells her, excuse me. She turns around. 

SS – Can you tell them thank you for me?

SY – *stunned* Okay, I will.

She turns and leaves. He smiles.


KM makes the CEO a drip coffee. The CEO asks, are you okay that the General Manager came back like that?

KM tells him, ah, that? The Chairman asked me to allow him to come back. The CEO is stunned that the chairman asked him to. He also asks why he is so happy about it?

KM tells him to find someone dumber that Baek Seung-soo but that listens well as a new General Manager. The CEO asks, but he just came back?

But KM tells the CEO that Baek Seung-soo changed his contract. On March 28th, when the 2020 season opens, Seung-soo will resign for personal reasons.

The CEO is pretty stunned at this. KM is happy.


The team all celebrates that Seung-soo said thank you and all toast while out drinking. They are amazed that Chi-sun wrote the article in 10 minutes and distributed it to all the media people.

Se-young tells Young-soo that he looks super happy. YS tells them that he hopes that his brother experiences a day like today as well. A day where someone protects hyung also. He is always someone who always protects others so it would nice if he knew that someone protected him as well.

Cut to Seung-soo meeting Gil Chang-joo at his house. He asks him why he did that. Gil says of course he should do that. But Seung-soo tells him that he is a father, but then you will leave your family for two years?

Gil tells him that they are not in America, she has her family here and my family. And I have a salary because of you. Seung-soo asks if he is joking, you should take care of your family.

Gil tells him that his family is so thankful to the general manger and my wife also agreed to it.

His wife comes out with the baby and says that she agrees with it and told him to do it. Seung-soo looks at the baby. She asks if he would like to hold him?

He has a flashback to his wife in the hospital. She is sleeping and he is sitting next to her with tears in his eyes. 

In the present, Seung-soo tells them that he can’t hold babies. He also tells them that this baby is pretty. Gil tells him that he makes him sad, just please hold the baby.

Seung-soo holds this super cute baby for a moment. Then he starts to cry as he holds the baby and tries to turn away from Gil and his wife. Then he tearfully asks, does someone like me deserve to hold a baby?

He starts to straight up bawl as he holds the baby but manages to hold him warmly as we get a photo of him next to the stars.

While he does that, a song starts to play.

♫ Even though sighing is difficult
When I wanted to collapse
I remembered the time I was 
Shooting for my dream
My little wishes that I forgot
I just felt it…♫

Fade Out


Love this show SO MUCH. Imagine me singing that last part of that sentence. this drama is so good, so heartfelt and so baseball. It is so strange. I don’t watch sports much at all, but I can watch a sports show. Especially one done as good as this one! Goodness!

That ending was so beautiful and they built it nicely over this episode and actually possibly the last few episodes with his wife showing up and now, y’all, I want him to get back with his wife. I want them to mend that relationship because they both seem like good people who still love each other and want the best for each other, sigh. Will this be that kind of show?

One thing I absolutely love about Stove League is that it is not falling into the genre tropes of Korean Dramas so it does not actually feel like a Korean Drama, it feels like a Korean TV show. VIP was the same way and I loved that about it.

Keep tabs on SBS, y’all, they are doing good things. Stove League, VIP, Fiery Priest, The Last Empress…they have had so many hits recently, its amazing.

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  1. Jane M
    January 20, 2020 / 6:49 pm

    I agree with all you comments 100%. The ending of this episode was so well constructed and played. I love this show!

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