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Stove League: Episode 9 (17-18) Recap – Part 1

Stove League: Episode 9 (17-18) Recap – Part 1

I love this show. I love everything they are doing with it. That is all.

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!





The CEO claps and gets everyones attention in the cubicle area so that they will all listen to Kyung-min. Kyung-min tells them that the person who is sitting on the corner has to leave the company.

He tells them that Baek Seung-soo hired Gil who tainted their company reputation and hired illegally using his power. So that is a good enough reason to fire him.

Se-young is about to say something, but Misun tells her to do it later, privately. Se-young is about to say that none of this was illegal hiring and why talk about Gil Chang-ju now?

Misun asks why fight in front of him right now. You  need to have a good reason. The process is the most important right now.

Kyung-min tells everyone that until Baek Seung-soo finds another job, we will pay his salary for volunteering to quit himself.

Misun thinks that is funny, why talk about that here.

KM tells everyone that they will have to work hard, but they all can fill the void of one person.

Afterwards, Se-young goes to the CEO’s office and tells KM and the CEO that it is unfair to ask for responsibility of Gil Chang-joo right now. It was also fair to hire Baek Young-soo. We knew about it.

KM tells her that she should focus on getting the team back to normal. Se-young tells him that she does not know what he knows about. He says that he knows that she is loyal to Baek Seung-soo, so do your job to make the team normal.

She tells her that she is the temporary General Manager. She asks why she should do it? I can’t even make the team normal or be a temporary general manager if I don’t understand what is going on.

He tells her that Baek Seung-soo agreed with this and we still kept his brother here. So if you do this, who will suffer? What if the brother is fired also because of your righteousness?

Se-young leaves and calls Seung-soo but she is not connected. Then she gets a call and answers. She tells this person that it is not decided yet, I will take care of it.

She also asks, how do you know about our team news? What?!

She goes to Chi-hun, the marketing person’s desk and asks if he has team loyalty. Chi-hun says he has no power. So Se-young asks how they have this report that SS is volunteering to resign 10 minutes after we got the news? unless you prepared for it.

Chi-hun tells her that they do that with the players also! So should I not do it because he is the general manager? We can also be fired like this. if I do not release the source, then I will also be like that.

All the managers look at him. Se-young tells him that it was an order, fine, so follow the order. She leaves his cubicle and looks around at everyone else in the room.

She tells them that she will say it again, it is unfair to fire the general manager like this. Will you other guys keep it quiet? He is not a kind person, but who thinks it is fair?

Se-young goes to Seung-soo’s office and is surprised to see him there. She asks why he is not picking up her phone calls. He tells her that he was busy. She asks if he knows what is going on?

He let’s out a heavy exhale. She asks, if you know it then why are you still here? He tells her that he is emptying whatever he has in his head. She asks, where you okay with this?

He ells her, it is okay for you to leave this office or stay here quietly, which would you like? She takes a seat and shuts up.

He finishes what he is doing and puts it in a data file that he gives to Se-young. He tells her to give it to the new General Manager. She asks him if he is really quitting like this?

He tells her, honestly, I watched the Dreams team and wondered why they were always last with no feeling of urgency. Once I thought, they are just stuffed pigs. But it wasn’t that bad.

Sometimes you guys work hard. More than I expected based on the teams ranking. But sometimes you all showed more then working hard. You were sweating hard and it looked good. Please be the temporary general manager.

She tells him that she does not want to do it. You are not my boss so I am not listening to you. He tells her it is temporary. She tells him, even though it is temporary, if KM asks me to do something, can’t I say no?

SS tells her that that is the only thing KM and I agreed on. It was his order and my last suggestion.

He starts to leave and says that he has no attachment to Dreams, it was just work. And actually, this was the right thing to do.

He walks out with his box of things. Everyone looks at him from their seats. They all look like they would want to say something but they don’t. 

Flashback to Seung-soo walking out of another job with a box of things.

VO – You did not do anything wrong, why are you demoted to the traditional wresting team?

VO2 – Well, after his brother got injured, he is just broken.

VO – So he has nothing to do with that sport

VO2 – That is what I am talking about

In the present, Jae-hee grabs Seung-soo’s box and carries it to the elevator for him. 


At the elevator, he asks if he has a secret plan? you have a way where you can come back and surprise everyone right?

Seung-soo tells him that there is no reason to do that. Even if he does not work, he keeps his salary. Jae-hee tells him that he doesn’t just work for money. Someone who works for money doesn’t work that hard. Why did you give us hope?

Seung-soo tells him that there are some people who could only do just enough. I also don’t think that working hard brings good results.

Jae-hee asks, what about you not having good results? You always win the trophy.

Seung-soo grabs his box and thanks Jae-hee for the farewell. Then he gets into the elevator and leaves.

In the offices, Chi-hun tells the analytics guy that their general manners way of working was too rough. He should have yielded more to the executive. By the way, is he good at work.

He looks at Baek Young-soo.

The analytics guy says that he is good. Chi-hun thinks that if he is good he should go to another team.

The analytics guy says that they knew everything and hired him. Chi-hun thinks that Young-soo should quit in this situation too. But the analytics guy tells him that they should leave.

Chi-hun wants to keep talking about Yong-soo but the analytics guy basically tells him to shut up about it and get back to work.


Se-young and Jae-hee meet with all the coaches to fill them in on what just happened, though they already know. She tells them that she brought them here to fill them in on what is happening on he field of play. They have the players list.

Young-soo is also there and starts to say all the details about the players and their statistics. One of the coaches tells the analytics guy that this date is different than what is happening on the field.

Kyung-taek tells this coach that this is different than what you think, not what is going on. He also tells him not to use banmal at the meeting, even though you are older.

They ask Young-soo who he is, is this the brother guy? They start to complain about the numbers and asks if they have to listen to him? This is all messed up. it is nice to try new things, but I do not like it. They all get up and leave.

After the meeting, Seung-soo gives Young-soo a drink and apologizes to him for the coaches. Young-soo tells him that his hyung told me he would kill me if I quit. Se-young thinks it is weird that he said a human thing like that.

Young-soo tells her that he should not quit in this situation. if we both quit then we are both trash. The brother that lost his job because of nepotism and the brother who took someone else’s job because of nepotism.

Suddenly, Gil Chang-joo knocks on the CEO’s door, but he had left so he runs after him but he can’t catch him. Kyung-min stops and rolls down his window at Gil. Gil asks him who he is?

KM tells him that he must be the American guy. I am the Deputy Owner of the baseball team. Gil asks him if he is the one that fired the General Manager? Please cancel it.

KM asks him what right he has? Gil says it was all his fault, he should not have given the interview and I did not live my life well. He is suffering from my misbehaving.

KM tells him that he will give him a better idea. When the season starts, do a good job in baseball, that is it. Gil asks if the General Manager will come back? KM tells him no. But at least we will remember him as a Good General Manager. that is good enough.

He tells his driver to go and is driven off.

In her office, Se-young opens the USB file that Seung-soo gave her. The file has all the data that the new General Manager will need. There is a ton of data there. There is also a file that says the Plan to Win the 2020 season.

She calls Seung-soo and meets with him outside his home. She tells him that she had given up everything but after opening this *usb* I could not not come here.

He asks if anything is wrong with the USB?

She tells him that he had a big plan to give up like this. You had a plan to win the cup. He tells her that everyone works with that goal. She says that they may not speak kindly to each other, but at least we have comradeship. We will work hard so come back, general manager.

He tells her not to call him general manager anymore. Just call me Baek Seung-soo. 

She asks, can’t you even say, please do it. You have to have at least the will, then we can do at least something. he says no, just do the work for Dreams. I keep my salary.

She asks why he is saying that?

He say that this is the best time to prepare for my next job while I am getting paid. You like Dreams, Lee Se-young.

She reminds him that he said she was a fed pig. F-you. 

He mentions that was before….

She cuts him off and tells him that she knows that he is good at working on whats coming. Pigs are good at eating what is in front of of him. 

He tells her that her saying this will not change his decision.

She tells him that she does not have that ability. But I had the goal of making Dreams strong. What is your goal? Money?

He says, yes. Though it does not look completely honest. But he puts on a straight face and says that he came to Dreams for the high salary. is it wrong to think that money is important?

She tells him, at least you realize your goal. My goal is that I have to realize my own goal. Thank you for making me have a Dream Baek Seung-soo. She leaves and he goes back inside.


She gets home and sits with her mom while she peels dried anchovies. Se-young asks her mother what her dream is. Her mother says it was not cleaning anchovy poop. Se-young asks her why she is doing this then?

Her Umma snaps, it is because an already cleaned one is expensive. SY asks, not that, your life goal. Her mom snaps again, are you going to help me clean or not! Se-young sighs and starts to clean.

At home, Seung-soo loads up his luggage, but the wheel breaks off. He puts it in the car anyway and starts to drive off somewhere.

He gets to a hospital and goes inside. A halmoni leaves a room looking worn and spent. Seung-soo almost says something to her but follows her instead.

He watches her for a moment as she makes herself something to drink and lets her notice him. Then they both go to a bed with possibly Seungs-soo’s halabogi or some halabogi.

He goes outside with the halmoni and tells her that he already ate on the way. He wants her to eat all the meal herself. He also tells her that he can come more often. She asks if a bad thing happened? He says no, I was just fired.

She smirks and says that she thought something big happened. He says that is big. She says, if you are not injured or sick, then it is not big. If you are fired, then why are you here?

He tells her, if I don’t come now, then when can I come? Really, I just want to rest, that is why I came.

Meanwhile at the company, Se-young works hard with the upcoming season. Misun gives her something for the general manager to sign but that means that she should sign it.

She also gives him the advertising teams things to sign because Chi-sun is to awkward to give it to her himself after she yelled at him. Chi-sun nods in her direction.

Jae-hee also goes up to her and tells her that he can take some of her load off. She tells him to stop. With your rank, should you look at the documents for the managing team leader?

He tells her that she worked so hard and skipped lunch. She tells him that she is eating the sandwich that he gave her, so don’t do anything out of your authority. He asks if she needs help? She says he can do his job, she is fine.


Meanwhile, Seung-soo is sleeping at the hospital. His m other wakes him up and tells him that they should go see his father. So he goes into the room. But it seems like his father does not recognize him and is overall quiet.

His m other says that he does not remember him because he does not come often. So Seung-soo holds his father’s hands and tells him that he is here. His mother lets him know that he does better in the afternoon.


Se-young, Young-soo, the analytics guy, and Jae-hee meet with the coaches to try and convince them about the baseball players to pick during the second draft.

Young-soo tries to convince them with statistics, but the coaches do not want to listen to him at all. They think the stats are just nonsense and ask Young-soo if he can hit the ball if it comes at him.

Se-young asks the coaches what they are doing? The head coach tells them that they should leave right? The analytics guy asks the coaches if they make any noise when the coaches make a mistake picking players? What he says is something that I agree with! I didn’t see pitching close up!

The batting coach tells him that he crossed the line. Se-young tells them to just leave. But the Head coach says that he wants to hear who they will pick.

Young-soo tells him that they want to pick three outfielders. The coaches all sigh and yell at them about not knowing what they want. Then get get real sarcastic and say that they will leave.

Young-soo tells them that he thinks the other teams will know what they want. So I want to pick a good player, not the player we want now. I want to use them as a trade card.

This catches their attention.

Young-soo tells them that a lot of good outfielders are available now. The teams want outfielders from the first and second round have players that we really want. When I saw the trend of trading, I saw that people are more eager to trade back up players than real players. A good example is the third draft from the Sabers because the Red Ox’s main player.

The coaches listen a bit more and the management team puffs out their chests at how great Young-soo is with stats.


Seung-soo checks in on his cell phone at the second draft things. he thinks about Jae-hee and Se-young’s last words to him about how he works hard and gave them hope to win the cup and he also planned for it as well.


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