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Stove League: Episode 8 (15-16) Recap – Part 2

Stove League: Episode 8 (15-16) Recap – Part 2

Here is our part 2 recap for Stove League!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




Nice hyung only signed for $200,000. Jae-hee tells him that he knew he would do that, but honestly he did not want him to do it. Nice hyung tells him not to say something he does not mean.

Jae-hee asks if he wants him to take the contract? Nice hyung tells him that he will shred it and tells Jae-hee to leave already, I am already regretting it.

He shreds it up and then gets back to working out.

In the offices, Se-young tells Seung-soo that they have done everyone except the catcher. SY says, why didn’t you tell me! I did all that because I thought I would never see him again!

Then the catcher comes in, though on his best behavior this time and lookin a bit sheepish. He tells Seung-soo that he was not considerate. it happened , but…please make a good rational decision.

Seung-soo asks him if he thinks their first offer was good enough? The catcher agrees and they hand him the contract. he signs it and gives it back politely then leaves.

Jae-hee comes happily in right then with the nice hyung’s contract. He tells them that it happened just like the general manager said, he signed it for $200,000.

Seung-soo gets up and starts thinking. He asks what they think the players think of them? Maybe they think we are thugs?

Seung-soo says it was just the order we followed. We had no choice. Seung-soo asks, did we understand Kyung-min because he also was following an order?

Jae-hee tells them that they should just have a drink right now since we finished the deal. i will buy. Se-young thinks that is great. Seung-soo tells them that they can go.

Jae-hee wants him to come with them, but Se-young pulls Jae-hee out to leave Seung-soo alone.

Seung-soo calls a reporter. He tells him that he is the general manager of Dreams. The reporter sits up a bit straighter. Seung-soo tells him that he wants to report a very heart warming story.

The reporter says he wants to hear it first.

Seung-soo goes to the old players restaurant and asks him if Jang Jin-woo is being trained by him? The hyung says yes, but right now he went out to see the location he is going to open. he will not be back today.

Seung-soo asks, well, if he opens a restaurant, does that mean that he does not have financial reasons to quit because of the $50,000 salary? The owner says that he does not know that much.

Seung-soo thinks, if he quits like this, then he will not be able to enjoy his memory of baseball.

The owner awkwardly says, okay, enjoy, and he steps away.


Kyung-min goes to see his uncle Kwon Il-do who tells him that he ordered his slaves to move the hay, is that important or not important? Km tells him it is not important.

His uncle says, while moving the hay stacks, it caught on fire do to a mistake. Then you lose the house. What is this situation? he turns the computer screen to him.

On it is a news article. There is a bad rumor that they have trouble running the baseball company. The chaebol owner looks pretty upset. He stands and asks Kyung-min if he thinks that there is a reason to work with him if he makes a big mistake while doing small work?

Do you think I am all the way here because I trust people? I am here because I do not see people as people.

KM tells him that he will take care of it. Il-do tells him to put everything back by tomorrow. KM bows him out as Il-do leaves. 

The son comes up to him then and tells him that he is the slave and Dreams is the hay stack, you know that. I didn’t say it, father said it. I will understand you if you make some mistakes. So survive while you are young. Now, you should get back to work.

He walks out as well.


Se-young shows Seung-soo the newspaper and asks Seung-soo if he is using his own money? Do you have a lot of money?

He tells her to look at the computer. On the computer it shows that Seung-soo gave up one year of his salary for the players. So the JaeSung Group stock crashed because people think that they have trouble now.

Kyung-min comes bursting in and tells Seung-soo to correct this. Seung-soo tells him that he does not know what is up with reporters. it was my good deed, but they do not believe it.

Se-young is asked to leave them alone to talk, so she leaves. Seung-soo then asks if how he uses his salary is monitored?

KM tell shim that his little play has shook their company! Do you know how much loss our shareholders had?

Seung-soo asks, is it more than 30% (LOL)?

Km tells him, hey, general manager Baek Seung-soo, when you talk to me take your bone in the world away or you will be in big trouble.

Seung-soo tells him that it was only 9% when he checked it, but our salary cut was 30%.

MK reiterates that they were last all the time! of course they should get cut!

Seung-soo asks, you said this was a joke, our salary is already low and we cut it more. I just wanted to help them even though my salary is low as well i thought you would compliment me because I gave up one year salary. Did you think it was a joke? No one in the world hates money. Everyone needs money. Can you work for free for a year?

You should reconsider the companies financial situation which was shaken by my action.

KM yells, why didn’t you say that from the beginning? Seung-soo tells him, I told you and during the negotiation process I got even more angry. Because of that nonsense cut you made, the people on the bottom are fighting in mud and I am angry that I won that mud fight.

KM tells him, I will add as much as your salary to the players, so correct this report! you will be paid and work!

Seung-soo asks, huh? The money that you can throw at me on demand caused a lot of fights during negotiation. It ruined our pride. Think about it.

KM asks, how much are you going to gabul? (gabul – act up)


Seung-soo leaves the office and tells Se-young and Jae-hee to increase this amount of salary, he gives them a sheet of paper. They look at it, it looks like the lowest players have gotten a pay increase of $3,000. They are all so happy to sign their new contract.

Min-ho also gets bumped up from 27,000 to 30,000. She tells him he can consider this above the poverty line for baseball. You can use it to buy equipment and next year you can brag that you demanded more money. He happily tells her okay and signs.

In the locker room, Jang Jin-woo packs up his locker in the locker room. He thinks about what his hyung told him about how $50,000 does not mean that they want to release him. I think if you quit like this, when you think about baseball, you will only have regret.

Jin-woo tells him that he already told his wife that he will open a restaurant., she is happy. I am not like Kang Du-ki (the star pitcher).

He gets pulled from his thoughts when Min-ho comes into the locker room and talks about how he got a little increase in pay so he is going to buy beef and celebrate with his grandmother.

He also asks Jin-woo if he can teach him how to grip the slow curve ball. I want to learn it from you. So Jin-woo shows him how to grip it on the spot and gives him lots of advice about how to throw it with the back of his hand.

Cut to him walking up the hallway of Dreams, Se-young sees him.

On the news report, the new news article says that the Group thinks that the heartwarming story with Seung-soo offering his salary was wonderful so they promised bigger support for the baseball team and reiterated that the company does not have any problems with their business. They just gave the baseball team a hard time because they were last in the league.

Seung-soo is reading this article when Jin-woo comes in to sign his contract. He signs right away.

Elsewhere, the pelicans general manager talks to someone else about who Dreams will trade to them. But then he gets a call from someone else saying that he should give up his dream. The catcher signed with Seung-soo.

On a news article, it shows that Dreams completed their salary negotiations very quickly.

In the CEO’s office, the cEO says that it is good that salary negotiations closed quickly. SS might not behave, but he is good at his job.

KM tells him that, to me, he does his job well, but he does not behave. (tiny play on words with what the CEO said). KM then ends by saying that they do not need people like that.


Reporter Kim looks at Gil Chang-joo’s interview and cuts out important parts to make the narrative how she wants it. The first question is why he did not do well in the major leagues, is it because of your elbow? She cuts part of that answer.

The second question is about the youth team winning for the price of his elbow. he says no, everyone worked hard. Without me, they could have won. But she cuts a lot of that answer out.

Her editor asks if she thinks they can do it? It is too bad. But she tells him to keep going.



Seung-soo tells the managers team to prepare for the second draft. make a 40 saved player list and then check with the coach to see if he wants to add to the list. 

The marketing person says that Gil Chang-joo’s interview will air today, please watch it.

Elsewhere, on the way out, the CEO and Kyung-min see Young-soo riding along in the hallway. Kyung-min asks who he is. The CEO tells him he works there.

KM asks if he actually works? The CEO says he should. Km thinks he looks familiar to him. Ask him his name. So the CEO runs after Young-soo and asks his name.

Young-soo tells him his name. This might ring a bell with Kyung-min or it might not. But Kyung-min does look very happy in his car as he listens to heavy metal music.


Reporter Kim starts to talk to the camera about how she saw Gil Chang-joo at the news center. Se-young and her mother watch it from home. The mother really likes this reporter and say how much she looks like a good girl. Like her friends daughter (which means that she is top in the class).

The interview comes on and it is completely edited together to make what he said completely different. This woman edited words around.

Q: you failed the major leagues because of you elbow injury?

A: That was a major factor

Q: was winning the youth champions for the price of your elbow?

A: My family suffered a lot

Q: If you go back, will you play on the National Team?

A: For the team, I should not be there

Q: if you go back, will you immigrate?

A: Yes

Q: What is the reason?

A: I can’t tell you the reason, it is my personal reason.

She thanks him for the interview and the reporters start to talk about it. They mention that he must regret his current situation more than the previous one. Another announcer says that he is Robert Gil not Gil Chang-joo. he is a mercenary. No mercenaries have a Korean name.

Reporter Kim says that he is the Robert Gil that is here for the new season trusting general manager Baek.

Se-young asks her mother what she thinks about this interview. Her mother says maybe Se-young had a lot of hardships. Maybe it was difficult for him. Se-young asks, do you really think he thinks it is unfair? She thinks yes, he might have a lot of regrets, poor guy, young people should not regret like that.

Se-young tells her that she feels strange about this interview. She calls Seung-soo. Seung-soo does not even have her number saved to his phone. But he answers.

He tells her to wait a moment and then looks online on Naver. Gil Chang-joo is first on the search so he looks through that. All the news is super bad about him.

Seung-soo tells Se-young that he checked it. But it is common replies when we lose big during the season. We can just do our job well.

In his office, Kyung-min checks the news too and then calls someone. He asks them if they saw the issue? Then he smiles.


Chi-hun is pretty embarrassed that he signed up Kim for the interview. he says that he met with her and tell her that she should not do an interview like that. She said she is sorry.

She says that the general manager should have a meeting with her and resolve the misunderstanding. Then they will air the unedited version with your permission. Mi-sun says that she played with them to get this interview with the general manager.

Se-young tells Seung-soo that if he feels uncomfortable, she will go out with him. He tells them that when he was joining Dreams he thought the only thing that would be comfortable is that everyone should be okay to get yelled at.

Is it  not like that? At the end of the season you all get yelled at and hurt a lot. When we do well, the public opinion will change anyway. So don’t worry about it. he asks the analytics guy about the 40 secured players.

The analytics guy tells him that he has 34 and will share it with everyone. Seung-soo asks if he needs more people? The analytics guy says that he does not, they have enough with the current group.

In the break room, a woman says that it is crazy that the CEO knows about this. Another man asks Jae-hee about the wheel chair guy. Jae-hee tells him not to call someone like that.

The man says that he is the general managers brother right? We just heard about it.

In the CEO’s office, Seung-soo gives him the list of the protected players for the 2nd draft. The CEO asks how the preparation is. SS tells him that it all should be okay.

The CEO then asks him why he makes so much noise. SS asks if it is about Gil Chang-ju. The CEO says that they did not get a lot of phone calls because of that.

Cut to the offices where everyone is talking about the brother of the General Manager. The internet search hot topics is all about how SS’s brother was illegally hired. But it is all nonsense.

In the CEO’s office, Kyung-min comes in super happy. He tells Seung=soo that he has really good news. We had a two year contract with you and promised to give it to you for two years even if you did not work.

Seung-soo asks what he is talking about. So KM tells him that he will give him the reasons he is about to fire him as General Manager.

1st – You really want to hire Gil Jang-joo who betrayed the country and did not do his military service which made our already bad image even worse.

Seung-soo says it ws the best choice for their team.

2nd – Your brother who could not get a job anywhere, you gave him a job in the analytics team and you were an interviewer during his interview.

Seung-soo has to take a deep breath on that one. he starts to talk but is cut off.

3rd – You do not behave. Not just badly, but very badly. That is off the record though. With the first two reasons, I decided that you should quit by yourself. Pack up i-jashik-a.

Fade Out


Wow! What a way to end this episode! I did not see a firing coming, though I thought he was definitely giving enough reasons to be fired. Bringing the pitcher in from America was probably enough of a reason.

But of course, this is not how it is going to end for Seung-soo. He has some kind of idea up his sleeve, right? I Mean, his brother having his dream job is enough reason to fight to stay. And it is a job that his brother got on his own, so Seung-soo should feel pretty guilty about that, guilty enough to not go out quietly.

I can’t wait to see what he will do!

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