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Stove League: Episode 8 (15-16) Recap – Part 1

Stove League: Episode 8 (15-16) Recap – Part 1

Stove League is hitting all of my script loving spots. I looove how this story is evolving and keeping me on my toes at it does. It mixes the “yeah, okay” scenes (the scenes you see coming) with the “oh snap!” scenes that you didn’t see coming at all.

It has me hook line and sinker. The only thing I would change would be to recap it on the same day it airs so we can all talk about it together! Argh! But we are a bit too busy with upcoming deadlines to prioritize it.

It is a wonderful show though so hopefully it is finding its audience. Okay, enough of me rambling my love, let’s get to it!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




Se-young and Seung-soo go to the private room where the catcher, Seo Yeong-ju is with two other women and lots of drinks.

Seung-soo thinks that Se-young should leave because it might be uncomfortable but Se-young says that she will stay as the managing team leader. Seung-soo also tells the catcher not to drink alcohol with his hemorrhoids. Which embarrasses him so he tells he ladies to leave.

The catcher pretends to pour Seung-soo a drink but pouts the liquid on his knee instead and says that this is how it feels to have water in your knee. If you agree then you should bring another contract.

Se-young grabs the glass and throws it at the wall breaking it. She curses at the catcher and tells him that he has crossed the line! There will be no contract! We will not offer anything else to you!

She storms out. Seung-soo tells him, that is what happened. And leaves himself.

He goes outside where Se-young is calming her fuming. He tells her that she can be angry, but don’t do anything to hurt our players. She says that Seung-soo only has one pair of clothes and he poured alcohol on them. 

He tells her it is not expensive. She tells him that she knows, it looks so cheap at first sight. But then she bites her tongue. She asks if he is going to trade him? He tells her, let’s go.


Seung-soo goes up to Se-young’s desk and tells her that their will not be any salary negotiation today. Just focus on the second draft. he will go to Seoul. 

She tells him that they have to finish up the salary negotiations. he tells her that it is important, which is why he is going to Seoul now.

Seung-soo goes to Seoul to meet the Vikings general manager, Jong-mu.  he talks to him about his back up catcher second tier player. Jong-mu asks him, do you have a PhD on our team? How do you know our second tier players? Jong-mu asks him if he has anything else going on today after lunch?

Seung-soo tells him that he is meeting someone. Jong-mu asks if that guy is more important than me? Tell me who he is. Nevermind I know you will never say it.

Cut to another meal with the Pelicans team manager Oh Sa-hum who took Miles away from Dream. They joke about that for a moment and then get into business about what Seung-soo wants from Pelicans.

Seung-soo says that he wants the second backup catcher. Sa-hum tells him that they have so many, is that it? Backup catcher for the outfield? Seung-soo pours more tea and starts talking about some more players who are backups.

Oh Sa-hum asks him if his deals are not going well? That is funny. Okay, let’s put our cards together. They toast.


Se-young tells the analytics manager that they need a list of the 40 players who are drafted. All the managers and scouts are here discussing it. Jang Wu-seok starts to send a text to someone. Everyone watches him.

One person asks what he is doing so he takes a selfie with him. But actually, this looks like it was fake information that they gave? 

Se-young calls Jae-hee to her desk and asks if the information was true that they gave? Jae-hee says it was true, I don’t make up things. She asks if he saw Wu-seok sending texts right when he told the information? It was so obvious.

Jae-hee asks if he should arrest him now. Se-young asks him if that was the position for the people who did not take the deals? if they hear this then they will be in a hurry now.


Cut to the team members who are represented by Se-hyeok who do not have deals right now. They are all meeting with him at a lounge and tells him that their positions will all be filled first for the second draft. The scouting team told us.

They talk about all that they have heard about Seung-soo meeting with pelicans and Vikings to fill their positions. Se-hyeok tells him that Sa-hun and Seung-soo are enemies, they will not come up with a deal.

A player asks about Kim Jong-mu. Se-hyeok says that he is having a hard time because he traded Duki, so he will not trade. The players are still concerned. Se-hyeok tells them not to think like a slave, you need to get the money you deserve.

A player says that if they go to another team, they will not be able to play at all. We are only regulars because we are in Dreams. Another player says he just bought a condo and has a young kid. If I move to Seoul, then I will be the only one there, my family is not moving.

Another player says that he came to this team because he had trouble with the Vikings coach. if I go back then I will have to retire. Se-hyeok has a big problem on his hands.



Seung-soo tells his brother that he should eat rice and then goes to his room. His brother is eating ramen. Young-soo tells him that he will do his best so that people will say that they rocked in the second draft.

Seung-soo kind of smiles a little bit.


Se-hyeok walks to Dreams to meet with Seung-soo, but Jae-hee is there. he tells him that the general manager has other work to do.

Cut to Seung-soo running around the river. He runs up to one of the players who is walking his dog and tells him that he has so much time now. This player is one of the players who was at the meeting yesterday.

Seung-soo tells him that it is difficult to see him because of his agent. The player says that he is sorry, but he should not speak with him even though the deal is not going through, he is my sunbae.

Seung-soo asks him, why do you think Se-hyeok is only representing our team members and not the free agents?


Se-young eats at a table at a cafe and speaks loudly enough for one of their players to hear who is eating there. So she hops up to eat with him and makes small talk. 

She tells him that she can pay for his meal. She says he can pay for his and then asks what is going on with the negotiations? She smiles.


Jae-hee talks with Se-hyeok about the players and their salaries. Se-hyeok mentions that another player gets a lot more than $150,000. Jae-hyeok asks, so that player will not be able to close the deal below $150,000? Se-hyeok says never.

Cut to the player with Seung-soo signing the deal for $110,000 while still at the park with Seung-soo.

In the office, Jae-hee asks how much he would like for the other player. he shows him the numbers. He offers $90,000. Se-hyeok tells him it is too low and crumples up the paper.

But the player with Se-young signs for $70,000 while at the cafe. She tells him that he has a nice signature and thanks him for signing.

Back in the office, Jae-hee gets Se-hyeok his americano but Jae-hyeok says that he just wants an iced Americano, even if he freezes to death. So Jae-hee tells him to live long.

Se-hyeok tells JH that he grew up a lot, are you drinking formula now? Jae-hee moves on and starts to talk about the salaries and how their evaluation has changed a lot.

Jae-hee gets a text with a photo of the image and signature. Se-hyeok tells him that he does not have manners in front of the adult. Jae-hee tells him that he doesn’t have manners or the power to get the deal.

Cut to Seung-soo with a different player while at a restaurant. he gets him to sign and Se-young meets with another player while working out who signs for her. She tells him she understands, work out hard.

In the offices, Jae-hee tells Se-hyeok that he does not have power, so perhaps you should meet the general manager. i will tell him what we discussed today.

Se-hyeok gets up angrily and asks what he is doing calling a busy person there? He moves to leave and knocks over his hot coffee.

Jae-hee stops him and says that he does not have the power to close the deal. But he is here representing the general manager and manager. I will tell him your opinion.

He walks through the spilled coffee and tells him that his emotions should not be his behavior, what are you doing right now? Se-hyeok pats him on the shoulder and leaves.

Then he gets a text from a player saying that he is sorry, but I signed. He checks his other messages and sees that many of the players also signed. he kicks a standing cutout on his way out.

Seung-soo meets with the last player who is a batter. This player is “nice hyung”. he tells Seung-soo not to talk to him, talk to your agent. Seung-soo asks, did you hear from your agent that our offer was up to $200,000? he looks up surprised, but he says that he knew.

Seung-soo asks him if he thinks that refusing the offer is right? Nice hyung tells him yes, I want more. Seung-soo asks if he wants to get paid what he did not get from previous deals? Okay, I do not know how this will end, but from now on you can lead your deals. he walks off.


Seung-soo meets with Se-young and Jae-hee to talk about how signed. Everyone signed except for “nice hyung”. Seung-soo says that Ko Se-young only has the nice hyung now so he will be even tougher to get a negotiation now.


Nice hyung and Se-hyeok meet at a cafe. Nice hyung asks Se-hyeok if the general manager offered him $200,000? Se-hyeok tells him that he should have a lot more. You should get everything that you got before, you are worth that much.

But then they hear a grown from the back and see Jin-woo working there. So Nice hyung meets with him to find out why he is there. The baseball owner sits with them as well.

They all talk about the salary and how they offered him $50,000. Nice hyung asks if he is really going to retire with that? Jin-woo says that if he was not a baseball player then $50,000 is not small. We will not starve to death with that money.

But, my salary is the excuse to my family. I make this much so let’s all work hard. But my excuse is $50,000….that is not a good excuse anymore. he takes a drink.



Seung-soo gets a call from the catcher who is off drinking at another lounge. He asks him what is up this late?

The catcher tells him that the negotiation did not end yet. You should come out and negotiate. So let’s meet tomorrow.

Seung-soo looks at his phone and smiles knowingly.


The next day at work, Seung-soo meets with Se-hyeok in the offices. Se-hyeok complains about Jae-hee and how he is dumb and bad.

Seung-soo tells him that he is not bad and then tells him that they can start the negotiations. How much would you like to get for that player? And why do you do this negotiation without getting paid? 

The players want to get more and the team wants to get less. You do not even get paid for your job. Do you just want to help them?

Se-hyeok asks if he can ask that dumb guy for a cup of coffee? Seung-soo tells him that he is busy.

Cut to Jae-hee meeting with the nice hyung while he is working out. He ells him that he wants to talk directly with the player. Nice hyung is still hesitant.


The catcher gets his knees worked on during yoga class when Se-young steps up to him. Seung-soo asks him why the general manager is not there. She tells him that he only spends his time in something that is definite, I should deal with these things.

He stands up and asks, what? these things? she tells him that he can’t move to another team for 7 years without our permission. That is nonsense right? But that is how it is.

In the offices, Seung-soo asks Se-hyeok what his goal is for the negotiations. SH tells him that of course they both should be happy with the deal. if we are both not happy, then at least my side should be happier.

Seung-soo asks him how much he wants to get. SH asks for the offer. Seungsoo tells him no more than $200,000. SH tells him $300,000. SS tells him that he is not worth that much. But SH holds firm on $300,000.

In the work out room, Jae-hee tells the nice hyung that he does not want to stop playing now right? Nice hyung tells him that he has to keep his loyalty to the agent.

Jae-hee asks him if he thinks they are closing the deal because his agent is too tough so we will find an easier target? Do you think Ko Se-hyeok even cares about this deal?

Nice hyung tells him, it is not just Ko Se-hyeok, I want to get paid more. Jae-hee says that he understands, which is why they will add 50,000 more to bring it to $250,000. Why didn’t we offer this amount to Ko Se-hyeok? Because Ko Se-hyeok does not care about the money. His goal is just to give the general manager a hard time.

This is the first and last time you will have this offer. If you like this money, then sign the deal.

The nice hyung thinks about Jin-woo working at the cafe and retiring for a $50,000 salary. he tells him okay, lets close the deal. I just need to tell Ko Se-hyeok sorry.

Jae-hee presents the new deal but accidentally gives him the old deal of 200,000 so Jae-hee pulls out the other one. Nice hyung asks why he can give him more now? 

Jae-hee says that they cut from other players and had an unexpected person leave. Nice hyung asks him if he is trying to make him uncomfortable? Jae-hee tells him no and lets him sign the paperwork.


Se-young tells the catcher that they are offering $200,000. The catcher thinks that is crazy. So she says, $150,000. he asks again, are you crazy? She tells him, I forgot about something.

He asks what? She tells him, we can do this. You are not a free agent so you cant move to other teams and you cannot make a deal with other teams and I can offer you this nonsense deal. 

The catcher asks her, don’t you know about our negotiations? She tells him that only one person won over the company out of 20 deals. He tells her, just don’t go too far. 

She tells him that they can do this, they just did not do it because we believe that we have the same goal. It is the goal of a better team than last year and we work together. 

But did you have any comradeship? You just call our general manager who is the head of our company out anywhere and poor a drink on him?

He tells her that he gets injured playing baseball. At least I should ask for my own rights. She tells him that the money difference does not matter. But an attitude like that to close the deal? You are not a comrade. I do not want to smile and negotiation to people who cross the line. because I am a human.

He asks, what if I retire? Do you think you can trade a catcher and fill that void?

She smirks and tells him he is so fast at hearing rumors. We don’t even want to be the number one team. Of course we can get anyone to run the team. We are not targeting to be Number one! And stop using banmal you young boy! Get your manners!

He shuts up.

Back at the offie with Se-hyeok, Seung-soo looks at a text from Jae-hee that says “We closed the deal”.

Seung-soo says, hmm, 300,000….do you know why you do not give us any trust? Se-hyeok tells him that if he needs trust, he can go to a religious place.

Seung-soo tells him that everyone is worried that they are the subject of trading. SH tells him that he is wrong again. You are kicking me out with your suspicions and are kicking me out again? You do not know comradeship because you are not a former player.

Seung-soo tells him, even though the pro players value increased, being an agent is like a red ocean. you should do a better job for free agent players who get all the way to $1,000,000. Focus on those deals.

Seung-soo leaves. Se-hyeok stares after him.


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