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Stove League: Episode 7 (13-14) Recap – Part 2

Stove League: Episode 7 (13-14) Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 for our recap of Stove League!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




Outside, Se-hyeok asks the player if he would just sign the contract before? The player says yes. So Se-hyeok tells him that they should be nicer to the nice guys. Then he asks him if he still drives that car? You should get another one. The player thinks he needs to work hard though. If still runs well.

Se-hyeok tells him to trust him and then drives off looking all evil.

Inside, the team goes up to Woo-seok who is all smug looking on his phone. He hangs up and stands up to ask what they want. Seung-soo tells him that the trashiest people in the world are the ones that yield to power, not rationale. if you do that one more time, I am not going to treat you as a human.

Then he walks off. Wu-seok is all like, what the F? Seung-soo comes back and knocks over his coffee. Then he tells him, you know. And walks away. Everyone is all like, oooOOO!

They go back to their interview room and start to talk about how Se-hyeok might know how they evaluate the salary. Is it because of that? Seung-soo says, yes.

Jae-hee mentions that he did not say anything so~. Seung-soo cuts him off and tells them that it is the past. They should not be trapped with one agent. They need to get the signatures from all of them. 

Jae-hee says that tomorrow are their middle people. Seung-soo tells them that he sees a slight pattern with their negotiations. People with families are paid a little more than their evaluations. 

I do not care why it happened, but it will not happen this year. Even though we see their family, I will evaluate them properly. You need to be strong. I hope that we do not have a humanist in our negotiation table.

For Seo Yeong-ju, our evaluation is $300,000 but we have to give him $200,000. Jae-hee says that he is he most difficult guy to negotiate with, that could be pretty rude to him. Seung-soo says that he does not care, he only cares about results so he can take the rudeness.

Later on that night, Seung-soo reads about Se-hyeok becoming Im Dong-kyu’s agent as well. 



The catcher comes in for his negotiations. He is alone and ready for it. He tells them that people say that the pitcher is the yangban (aristocrat or noble), the outfielder is merchant, the infielder is the slave, and the catcher is beggar.

But the catcher is the hardest job so please consider that well. Se-young tells him that he missed a lot of games. We are evaluating your salary based on your performance last season so you should be ready for a salary cut.

Seo yeong-ju asks why? she starts to talk about last season but he tells her that the salary is for expectations for this season right? Jae-hee asks why people negotiate salary with previous one season?

Yeong-ju tells them that it is based on future performance. But, I could not play with my injury. But look at how I did late in the season. i am first as a defensive catcher. I did not want to say this, but Dream fans say, at least we have Seo Yeong-ju.

Seung-soo thanks him for what he said and tells him that he could not play part of the season due to injury so we can expect that you will also not play part of the next season due to injury.

Seo Yeong-ju says that it is the first time he has seen the General manager, I heard that you did not play before. Se-young asks him why he is saying that? Yeong-ju tells him that he just wants to explain that he does not have a chronic injury, it was just an accident.

Seong-soo tells him that this injury was caused by your style of play. We also included that in the evaluation. When you cover home base to block, you completely cover it. You tag by chopping the runner. You have to change that.

Outside, Jin Woo waits his turn.

Inside, Yeong-ju tells them that he wants $500,000 and holds up five fingers. He explains that he is not asking too much since he is the best defensive catcher. if he takes care of himself well, then this is not expensive.

Seung-soo tells him, if I tell you our offer, you will be angry. The catcher excuses himself, it is already angry. Se-young holds her head like a stress headache is about to erupt.

They bring Jang Jin-woo in. Seung-soo tells him that their evaluation is based on last years performance. Our offer is $50,000. Jin-woo looks like his soul and expectations melted into the ground. he tells them that he has to think.

He goes to his restaurant sunbae to talk about it. The sunbae thinks that this means they want him to quit. I have a second branch in another town, why don’t you open it? You can borrow money for the rest. If you run the business, then you can also tutor. $50,000? You can make a lot more money! Hey, your body will degrade, just quit.

Jin-woo drinks a lot and goes home with chicken and a smile for his wife. He tells his daughter that appa brought chicken. His daughter tells him that he smells like alcohol. The wife tells him that he did a good job today. You worked hard, they gave you a hard time due to your record. We can open a barbecue restaurant or a mandu restaurant and you can still play.

He thanks her, she asks what he wants to do the most. The daughter says that she wants to eat meat. So he tells them that they can open a BBQ place and they all sit to eat. 


Cut to Se-hyeok meeting with Kang Duki at a bar. Duki tells him, what’s up, I heard that you opened an agency. Se-hyeok tells him that they should be together, how is your agent?

Duki says that he is not in the case for salary negotiations. he just gets paid for the trade deal. Se-hyeok says yes. Then he tells him that the hubae pitchers would follow him well as soon as he came. Introduce me to some hubae pitchers.

Duki asks if they have a pitcher that he does not know? Se-hyeok says he knows them, but if you introduce me then it is different. I am wrongly accused and fired, as you know.

Duki tells him that those pitchers will think that his fee is too much for them to pay. Se-hyeok tells him that he can get them more money. He also asks if he is good friends with Baek Seung-soo? Duki tells him that he just saw him a few times.

Se-hyeok tells him that Seung-soo recruited him, so that is good, but look at how he is working now. Duki tells him that the general manager can evaluate his performance but he will not evaluate the general managers performance.

Se-hyeok gets angry and asks if he is a robot? you are so stubborn. Duki tells him that he heard he recruited a few players from the team. Do you have a good intention? Or do you just want to bother Baek Seung-soo? is that right? I forgot that you were good friends with Im Dong-kyu (he hitter that they traded).

You went to that drinking place with him often, right? That is my aboji’s bar. When I was in middle school. You brought all those low performing players and bought then BBQ and talked about baseball and did not drink. All the hubaes did not understand. You would tell them how to do things for many hours.

Se-hyeok asks him what he ants to say. Duki stands up and asks him why he became like this now? Se-hyeok stands as well and is about to hit Duki. But Duki stops him and asks if this is his leadership?

Duki tells him that he is going to pitch in the fall, do not shake Dreams. Then he walks off like Captain America.



In Dreams, Seung-soo is approached by Jae-hee who tells him that Seo Yong-joo wants to see you right now. Seung-soo asks where he is right now. he is in the hospital. Jae-hee says, he is int he hospital but I have a few players who need the signature. Se-young says that she will go with him.

Jae-hee asks if he can see Jang Jin-woo personally again? Sung-soo tells him okay and then tells Se-young, let’s go.


They go to the hospital to see the catcher. His butt is all exposed for the world to see while at the hospital. he yells for the female employee to leave. She tells him that she is the manager! He tells her to leave!

So she leaves.

The catcher then tells Seung-soo that all catchers have hemorrhoids. I just want you to see it. Seung-soo looks at it uncomfortably closely. the catcher is all like, stop looking at it that closely! Stop watching!


The former player looks at his friend and says that table 7 has become the negotiation table. He chuckles. At table 7 is Jang Jin-woo and Jae-hee. Jae-hee tells him that their situation is bad, but they still need him.

You are physically too good to retire. Jin-woo tells him that all the players have pain, if I complain then they will not hire me anymore. So I don’t. Jae-hee confesses that he knew baseball and Dreams too late. But he thought he should at least know the history of Dreams, so he studied it.

When Dreams when to the finals, you made the heyday of Dreams. I do not want you to be remembered as a one moment star. 

Jin-woo says that it would have been better if he retired after that. I showed a lot of my ridiculous side after that. He closes the agreement and says that he will retire.



The catcher gets a treatment for his knee. The doctor tells him that he will do his thumb next week. He leaves. The catcher tells Seung-soo and Se-young that after the season he will get treatment again. Because he has to endure it during the season. That is why I talked about my salary, so bring me the contract again.

Seung-soo asks, would you like to go to a cafe and talk? Young-ju mentions that he has a family meeting so why don’t we meet tonight over drinks? Se-young tells him not to drink during treatment.

He tells her that he needs to cure his heart also, see you later. he hobbles out. She is all like, what in the world? then she gets a call from Jae-hee which tells her that Jang Jin-woo will retire.

Seung-soo nods and thinks, okay, let’s go.


Cut to Seung-soo negotiating with Se-hyeok. He asks him why he does not just sign the rest of the players today?  Se-hyeok asks him if he is in a hurry today?

Seung-soo asks how long he wants to delay? So Se-hyeok asks for their offer. The gap was too big last time.

Seung-soo shows it to him on a sheet of paper that he writes on and slides over to him.

Se-hyeok tells him it is difficult to close this gap and slides it back. Then he tells him that he thinks he does not have enough room to think because he has to negotiate with other players. When you are settled with the others, let’s talk later. he stands to leave.

Seung-soo says, Ko Se-hyeok – sir. if you refuse this, then I am not offering it anymore. Se-hyeok tells him it is his meal. Then leaves.

Se-young thinks that the players would say okay for this price if they saw it. Seung-soo explains that he now knows what Ko Se-hyeok wants and I have a plan for that. 

She says, okay and then mentions that Seo Young-joo texts her. he wants to have a drink with you.


Meanwhile, Se-hyuk goes to Kyung-min’s office. Kyung-min tells Se-hyeok that he is like clean water. When you were the scouting team leader people said that you could be the Director coach or the General Manager. You left, breaking my heart, and now you open an agency?

You are like water because you fit inside any container. And it is so easy to see what you want, so you are like clean water. the salary negotiations, The general manager will not be so easy about it. You just don’t want to put the stamp, right?

Se-hyeok tells him that it is difficult for him to stamp due to his finger injury while playing. Kyung-min tells him that people will talk about this due to all the trouble with the salary negotiations. So what should we do?

General manager Baek will want to leave the team because of his responsibility. To fill that empty spot, we will need someone, someone who is like clean water.

Ko Se-hyeok tells Kyung-min that he is working hard to make Dreams clean.


Seung-soo and Se-young go to the meeting place which is in a private room at a mens club. The catcher says that they actually came, so let’s have a drink. But Seung-soo thinks that they cannot talk in this kind of environment, so let’s talk later.

The catcher thinks that they should think about him. I am busy so let’s talk here. Seung-soo tells Se-young that it is uncomfortable so why don’t you excuse us. But Se-young says no, she is the manager so she should proceed.

Seung-soo nods and then tells the catcher that $500,000 is too much. He also mentions that he drinks hard liquor with hemorrhoids. the ladies in the room chuckle.

The catcher tells them to sit and asks the women in the room to be excused. Seung-soo sits and starts getting things ready to negotiate.

The catcher pours alcohol on his knee and tells him that this is what it feels like to have water in the knee. If you understand me then you will bring a different contract.

Se-young grabs the glass and throws it against the wall. Seung-soo is all like, oh sh%t.

The catcher yells, YOU CROSSED THE LINE.

Se-young yells, YOU CROSSED THE LINE!

Fade Out


OoOo, Se-young’s anger has been boiling for a few scenes so I can see how it can blow here. But blow this much? That feels out of character, though I feel like it is supposed to be out of character so I kind of love it. I mean, the look on Seung-soo’s face said it all, lol.

Y’all, this show is spoiling me with how good it is. I love it so much. Which is dangerous because the bottom could drop out of it at any moment. But I will stay on the bright side and just ride this joy for now and hope that it keeps it moving along nicely.

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  1. GN
    January 11, 2020 / 9:00 pm

    Really loving this show. I’m hoping there won’t be any romance between Se-young and Seung-soo. It drives me crazy when kdramas insist on a romance when one isn’t needed and thereby ruin the show. Until that happens, I’m pretty happy to watch.

    I’m wondering if the nephew will do an about-face and screw over his uncle and cousin by ensuring the team continues.

    • V
      January 12, 2020 / 9:23 am

      I am happy without a romance as well. Actually, I am kind of feeling the possibility of a romance between her “parachute” and her.

  2. Jane M
    January 13, 2020 / 8:04 pm

    I love this show too, although it has so much nuance and subtlety that I’m pretty sure I am missing some things be being an English speaker reading subtitles. I’m glad I already have an understanding of professional baseball! I admire a writer like this one who sees an endpoint and writes the story so that is intelligently arrives there. All of the characters contribute to the story, and I especially love Se-young. Thanks for your recaps which are helping me so much with this show!

    • V
      January 16, 2020 / 11:18 am

      You took the words right our of my mouth, Jane! So happy to help and enjoy this show together!

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