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Stove League: Episode 5 Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for Stove League!

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




We open in an airplane. But then we rewind all the way back to 3 days ago when they did not get their contract with Miles.

That night, Seung-soo is working late in the motel and sees someone walking by his window. It is the translator, he looks like he is going to practice.

Se-young and ja-hee are also walking outside at a park. they start to talk about the translator. Jae-hee says that it seems like their translator knows baseball a lot. 

Se-yoing tells him that the translator is Gil Chang-joo. The way she says it makes it seem like he is important.

So they walk to secretly watch the translator practice. Se-young says that he is not retired yet. She thinks he continues practicing to play again, so try  not to notice him.

Seung-soo comes up and asks the two of them why they aren’t in bed? They both mention that they could not sleep. then all three start to watch the translator throw. He is good.

So Seung-soo goes back to the motel and starts to look up everything about Gil Chang-joo. The articles have titles like “Fall of the man that betrayed the country” the articles says that he won 9 times but is released. He was also an MVP and had a lot of awards.

In the present, Jae-hee runs back to the motel to get his catching gear. Seung-soo asks Se-young if she knew about him from the beginning? She says yes and asks how he knew?

Seung-soo says that he figure it out due to his analysis and hand shake. The youngest runs back out with all his catching gear on and sits to catch Gils throws at full power.

He catches several but then can’t catch anymore due to his hand being on fire from all that heat. Seung-soo asks Gil how his elbow and surgery went? Gil tells him that he practices at night because he is worried about it.

Jae-hee mentions that his hand does not lie. You know that I received Miles ball the other day. This is not your full power right? Gil says it was his full power. So Jae-hee asks if he is going to kill him? I am not even a baseball player.

He tells him that he should not retire like this whether in Korea or America. Se-young motions to stop talking. Gil says he is American now, it is difficult to go back to Korea. Even if he does, he has punishment waiting for him from the baseball association. The way he came to America was not that smooth.

he actually did not know what was going on and his team in America did not check his background and the deal he made in high school was not valid. So he has been banned from playing in Korea.

Seung-soo asks why he did not request to list the ban? Gil says, even if they lift the ban, I am just a person who avoided military service.

Everyone is all like, aw man. They think that becoming a rookie in the majors was a big deal after overcoming so many obstacles. Gil tells them that his wife was very sick in the past, she needed a heart transplant and the waiting list was too long in Korea. So he came to America. His wife is healthy now. He has no regrets and has to be responsible for people pointing their fingers at me.

He knows that he looks selfish and thinks that he is actually selfish. He knows that he should not make excuses or pay for it with his baseball because he made people feel bad since he did not go to the military but they did.

Seung-soo asks what his plan is? Playing in America without people forgiveness? Gil says he kind of wishes to retire in Korea like other Korean players. He is not giving up since his wife is pregnant. He has another person to be responsible for.

he knows that he has a lot of weight on his shoulders with his wife and his new son, so he thinks he can cheer up. But then it looks like Seung-soo has an idea.



He thinks back to his talk with Jong-mu about giving up his scouted player and not wanting to talk to the other pitcher. While walking away he said that he should not have seen Gil Chang-joo pitching, it increased his standards.

Seung-soo says that if someone does not meet their standards, then they should not take them. Then he told Se-young that he wanted to eat home cooked Korean food and they ate at the translators house.

Later on that evening, Seung-soo talks to someone about how they looked at all he documents, there is no problem for highering a foreign player so I want to ask you about listing the ban.

Cut to when they ran out of gas. Gil told them that he found a gas station around 2.5 miles away. So the yongest and gil run to the station. Se-young and Seung-soo stay behind and chat.

SY thinks that Gil is a responsible guy and wonders if all guys are like that when they get married. Seung-soo says some guys are. some are not. A lot of people will suffer if they fail, he should throw away his fantasy of being a great guy and just hope to become a person that can at least protect the person next to him.

SS gets a call as they are talking and then tells Se-young that they can start


Scout Won-seob and the head coach talk about watching a certain person’s pitching and getting their feedback. So they start to look at footage of Gil Chang-joo. They all know Gil Chang-joo andn wonder what is going on.

Won-seob says that the baseball association approved it. Yong-gu says that morally they shuold not hire him. But they can tell that he is good. The head coach and the pitching coach oppose it. They think they will get yelled at. The director asks them if they don’t mind getting yelled at becuase they lose all the time.

The scout mentions that they should start to get yelled out by something else. They continue to look at the footage and think that they cannot get any better person than him for $1 million.

Cut to Gil running back with the gasoline. He is way ahead of Jae-hee. He tlls them that they can put this amount of gas in first and then go to the gas station.

Seung-soo tells him that they are not that in a hurry. He also has a question. Did you know that your ban was lifted 8 years ago? I just found out about it. I looked at all the rules and asked them to list the ban because there was no problem there.

Gil asks why he did that? Seung-soo says that he wanted to suggest something to him. Gil collapses to his knees from the news.

The youngest finally runs up to them and cheers. They give him the contract and say that hey are offering him $500,000. For several reasons. #1 you did not get an offer from anyone else. #2 It is the public opinion, when the season starts, people will understand why I scouted you, but until that point we will have a lot of time. So if they know that we only paid you $500k, they will not talk too much about it. #3 our plan was to pay $500,000 for someone who can win 15 games. So I want to meet that goal.

Gil says that he does not know what to say and also says that it is difficult to sign the documents. Seung-soo asks if the money is not enough? Gil mentions the military, he wonders how the people who went to the military will look at him. 

Thinking about that makes him hesitant to go back. This is bad for the people who did go to the military. They will say that he came back because he could not make it.

Se-young asks him why he worked so hard to go back to the Major league? Gil tells him that he would be more welcomed if he did well in the Majors. Seung-soo tells him that this has nothing to do with his record or performance, only the military service? If you don’t want to be hated by anyone, well, I gave you this offer because I want to see your desperate balls. Do you really not have a reason to be desperate now?

Gil starts to manly cry. he goes back home to see his wife and wipes his tears as he talks to her about their change in fortune. he hugs her and tells her that he can play baseball again. They both hug and cry. She says that she was so afraid that he could not play baseball again because of her.


Back in Korea, the airplane lands and everyone starts to get out. Sa-hun and Miles chuckle at Seung-soo as they walk by. they do not see Gil Chang-joo.

But when they all have their luggage and leave, all the news and reporters want to do is take photos of Gl Chang-joo. Seung-soo tells Sa-hun that he told him who would smile at the end. Sa-hun tells him that these reproters are not here to welcome him with a bouquet, they are here to cut his throat if he makes any mistake.

Seung-soo tells him that is why they have a press conference. One of the reporters asks Gil how he feels to come back to Korea as a mercenary. Gil does not respond. Seung-soo tells Gil that he is here to throw his ball in front of thousands of people, this is nothing. Lets go.



They go to the press conference for Robert Gil (also Gil Chang-joo). 

Reporter – Why did you pick Gil Chang-joo

SS – He can throw his fast ball in the place I want

R – Mercenary controls your entire year, is it the best choice?

SS – Among my choices, yes.

R – In your choice, do you consider the publics feelings?

SS – We picked the best player for us but we did not pick the player with a perfect past

R – So you think that if he can play well, it will not matter?

SS – Of course I brought him becuase he can play baseball well. You say baseball well, that is it? Who thinks that way?

Everyone starts laughing.

SY – We saw Gil Chang-joo nearby. He is a responsible family man who does not think about his fabulous past. He is the one that regrets his past. he could not come back to Korea because of that. We convinced him.

R – What about the people who went to the military service. He became American to avoid it.

SS – You are from the newspaper company. I agree that he contributed to people feeling lost. I know that and he knows that. Like the son of a media chaebol who did not go to the army because of a stupid reason for naturally high blood pressure. He will undergo a lot of critics than that chaebol son. Or a politicians son. *the reporter looks shamed* But, we had a young baseball player whose future was bright. the youth team won, but he was overused and had elbow tendon injury so he went to america with that condition and worked hard on rehab and after his rehab we have the result. He won 9 times. So he got public recognition. But he had to go to the military. Now he is a rookie in the major league. The public opinion is that 70% or people would understand if he became American.

R – So you think that his immigration was justified?

SS – i am talking this long because I do not think that was the right thing. *they all laugh* Maybe he believed the public opinion too much. When he became American he had another elbow injury so he was released and his baseball career ended.

R – So his elbow was a sacrifice for the country? We have to pay for that?

SS – No, I am just telling you that this person just wants to play baseball, even as a mercenary.

R – Do you think the baseball fans will understand it?

SS – If you win gold in Asian Games, their military service is lifted. I heard the government wants to change it to mileage points for contribution. Gil Chang-joo represented twice in Youth team and two times for world baseball championships. that is 4 times that he represented Korea.

R – You think a gold medal is not important?

SS – Miles and Griffin, who never even came to Korea will pitch in Korea as a mercenary. I hope you give Gil Chang-joo a chance to play here with his career of serving Korea 4 times on the National Team. Robert Gil will play, not Gil Chang-joo.

A new reporter holds up her hands. Everyone grumbles. The reporter stands up. her name is Kim Young-chae. She asks, why doesn’t he go to the military right now for forgiveness?

Fade Out

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