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Stove League: Episode 5 Recap – Part 1

Here is our first live-ish style recap for Stove League! We actually finished it up last week but due to Christmas and New Years and all the lovely holiday get togethers, I forgot to post it *head slap*.

We are back on a more normal schedule so we will try and get to episode 6 today as well! If you need a summary of what happened in episodes 1-5 (or 1-10) then check out or review for Stove League right here!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




We open with a recap of the first 5 episodes leading all the way to America where they are scouting a pitcher for $500,000. But this pitcher can throw 155 km/h (96 mph) so there is a bit of a bidding war for him. 

Seung-soo asks which other team is bidding on this player. The manager will not tell them and says that he wants their new offer by the end of the day. He expects $1 million. But 1 million is the cap on Korean bidding, so he needs to think it over.

Seung-soo thinks that the Vikings GM might be bidding on this guy so he calls to find out, but he cannot get ahold of him.

Then, while eating out, they see the pelicans general manager. They are the two people that were looking on at the baseball field. So they ask if they can eat together. But Seung-soo tells him that they do not have enough seats.

Seung-soo asks this guy, Sa-hun if he contacted Miles (the pitcher). And says that he cannot eat with a person who doubled the price on the pitcher. Sa-hun tells him that they will take Miles and that they have a good attitude for not giving up.

Seung-soo asks him if people like him? How do you scout players? So you find out who you need right now or do you just get who is good even though it does not matter who it is? You just get the good guys.

Sa-hun says he just does what he wants. Sung-soo tells him that all his pitchers are right handed and Miles is right handed as well. Sa-hun says that Seung-soo would be in trouble if they got him.

Seung-soo asks him if he would like to bet on who will smile on the way back? Sa-hun chuckles and says that he always double checks things. Lets bet on it, we have to take Miles.




back in Korea, Kyung-min calls someone and asks what the budget is that Sa-hun has for Miles. Then he tells him that he will not be in trouble. Kyung-min then tells Kang-seon that they need to push the price to $900k.


In the dinner, Sa-hun leaves and Seung-ho gets a call. He tells them that they cannot do one million.

In Korea, Kang-seon asks Kyung-min if they can still get him with a $100k difference? KM tsks and tells him that he should not say it like that, like they are looking forward to Baek’s failure. We are supporting him with this $900k. Kang-won chuckles and says yes.

In the diner, Seung-soo asks Se-young if she would move with more money? She says no. He asks, with higher pay? She says no, Dreams is important to her. He tells her that everyone is not interested in their salary. But mercenaries do not have any personal attachment. Money is everything. We can only pay $900k. I will contact Miles again.


Min-ho practices pitching with the pitching coach and team. The pitching coach gives him advice and takes a call and leaves. But then the other coach comes over and gives him counter advice just inc ase he got injured.

So the other coach comes back and starts to get into a disagreement with this coach who is coaching his players. They leave to argue. Jin-woo sighs as he watches them argue and then looks at Du-ki who is about to punch a whole in the wall with his throwing.

Meanwhile, he director coach tells Jin-woo that a famous hitter said that his calls were so dirty that he could not hit them. The fast balls are good and other balls are good. The balls that look a certain speed but are not that speed.

The director tells him that he cannot throw a faster bal l than Kang Du-ki, so what can you do to haunt the hiters? It looks like he wants him to think about it.

Then the pitching coach comes out and tells the director to make him the head coach and make Cheol-min the pitching coach. Seong-bok tells him that it is time for Cheol-min and Yong-gu to work together. Yong-gu looks taken aback and says that they have their roles. Then they mention the scouting trip and say any pitcher is good.


Seung-soo goes to a bar to talk to Miles. He says that they can only offer him $900k. Miles says that he is not a fool. He may have only played in AAA but he knows that this is a good chance for them to catch him with $1 million. So Miles is upset about that.

The translator translates everything Seung-soo says. Seung-soo tells him that Dreams has not changed in 3 years. It will be enough time for Miles to get familiar with the Korean league becuase they have not changed their players in 3 years. It is not about money, it is an impact on you.

Miles asks if he thinks he can be replaced? Seung-soo says that some guy was good in the majors but was replaced after 4 months. Some guys only play as the middle pitcher because they cannot adapt to Korean culture. The translator tells him not to make a dumb decision for $100k. 

Miles asks if he can be the opening pitcher. Seung-soo tells him that the cap for Korean money is $1 million. But it does not apply the next year. If you finish the season well then Japan will notice you and you can have a lot of opportunities. One year with us is a good showcase to show who you are.

Miles asks how much he bets on his success. Seung-soo says 100%. Miles takes notice of that. Seung-soo says that is only if he can pitch until the end of the season. Miles says that he is talking in his own favor again.

Seung-soo tells him to ask someone, if you have any friends playing in Korea. Our Dreams gives you freedom in practice. But the Pelicans are different. Even for mercenaries, they have team practice.

Miles still thinks it is $100k less. Seung-soo thinks that he is telling him things that are worth $100k. But then the manager comes in all upset that Seung-soo is talking to his player without him. Sa-hun is with him as well.

Sa-hun tells Seung-soo that he has a good translator. Seung-soo tells Sa-hun that they should be more formal as gentlemen. Sa-hun chuckles and says there is nothing gentleman like in what they are doing.

Then Sa-hun makes the deal with Miles. Sa-hun goes back to Seung-soo and telsl him that they told Miles he can have all that Seung-soo guaranteed him. Seung-soo asks him if he really can guarantee free exercise?

Sa-hun says it does not matter if it is true or not. When Miles joins us, it is our problem. Sa-hun tells him that is why people say, “I will consider” when you say it and “yes” when they talk to me. Seung-soo says Sa-hun has under the table deals that pay more.

Sa0hun chuckles and tells him that he should not only worry about money. Work is first. That is my advice to you, you should find someone else.

the team drives away and talks about how the Pelicans will give him more money with commercials. So it is a loophole. Ja-hee thinks they should turn them in about it. Se-young says that won’t work becausae there are not rule thta say he cannot be in a commercial.

Seung-soo thinks it is there mistake that the price differenece was $100k. They lost because they do not have money. We could not go to college because they could not get tutored. they lost becuase they were sick. 

Everyone is in a different situation and uses their own arsenal to fight. if we start to make excuses then we lost in the same situation over and over again. We did not lose to Oh Sa-hun. We lost to our situation.

Se-young tells him that they should watch another baseball players video. he is not flashy but he has a good mental game and can adapt to Korea well.

They go to a motel for the night. Seung-soo shakes the translators hand and tells him that he did a good job. But it looks like he felt something upon shaking his hand.




The next day they look at the other baseball player. The translator talks about the pitcher in a way that makes it seem like he knows baseball things.

But then Jong-mu shows up and reminds them that he said he was going to LA. Who are you here for? Se-young curses.

Jong-mu talks with Seung-soo separately and gives him advice. He says that he has to get this guy, so look for a different one. If we talked to each other in Korea then we did not need to waste our time. you should have told me.

Seung-soo tells him that he will see him in Korea and they leave the stadium. Seung-soo tells his team that Jong-mu talked to him pleasantly and told him that they don’t have enough money.

Seung-soo starts to talk about why the Vikings want this guy. He might think that it all makes sense. So he says they can go.

While getting gas, the translator gets a call from someone who is a bit sick at home. Seung-soo notices this. Then he mentions to Se-young about staying energetic and mentions their next meal with the team. She wonders if he is here for a food column.

He wants Korean food that is spicy and home cooked. It seems as if he wants to go to the translators house. So the translator takes them to his house. His wife is pregnant so he tells her that they have guests outside.

She is all like, right now? So she brings out food for them. Seung-soo takes a photo of it. He sees that the dish is broken but does not mention it. The translator notices it though and says he can get him another one, but Seung-soo mentions that it is okay. They all eat pleasantly.


The next morning, they go to another league to scout, but this team is pretty bad. Seung-soo says that they do not need to talk to this guy. Se-young mentions that the next guy is even worse than this guy. So they decide to leave.

While driving away, the gas tank light beeps so they have to get out in the country side near the mountains. The trip is a wash.

So they fly back the next day in their business class seats. Miles is on the flight and says hi to Seung-soo. Seung-soo acknowledges him and sighs.



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