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Still 17 Kdrama Live Recap Episode 31 and 32 Final

Shin Hye-Sun and Yang Se-Jong hugging in Korean drama Still 17
So it looks like this is the final? If it isn’t, then I will be happy, but it kind of seems like it is. One thing is for sure, there will be a lot to get to this episode in regards to Seori’s aunt and uncle and whether she will go to Germany or not. I hope the uncle is doing well somewhere and that the house mates can all live happily ever after with Seori as a concert violinist. We’ll see. Argh, it just feels like there is so much more story to tell…

Loved recapping this show with everyone! Where Stars Land (aka Fox Bride Star) takes over this time slot, but it does not start airing until October 1st. Incidentally, The Beauty Inside also starts October 1st and airs on jtbc.

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The aunt looks at her phone and sees 7 missing calls from Seori. She hears a message from Woojin, he says that they are leaving Seoul. Seori is torturing herself for making your life miserable an only worried about her uncle. She doesn’t even think about why the uncle abandoned her and sold the house. I think she will blame herself for all the misfortune her uncle has. So don’t avoid her. Can you just tell us where her uncle is, please?

Flashback to Seori and Woojin at the flower shop, they think it is closed because of her. The aunt sees them and thinks about getting out of her car to talk to them, but then she thinks again and drives off.

However, later that night she approaches them at the house.

Aunt – Seori….you woke up, I am happy. I am happy that you are awake.

She walks a bit closer.

Aunt – I am sorry Seori.

Seori walks to her and asks where her uncle is. Aunt starts crying so Seori asks for her to tell her where he is. Why are you crying, where is my uncle? The aunt just hugs Seori. Seori asks her to stop crying and tell her where her uncle is.

Cut to the courtyard area. The aunt gives Seori a book or a diary.

……If I knew this, I should not have lied to you and told you I was going on a business trip. I should have been next to you. I should have dropped you off. I should have stopped you from taking the bus. i believe that you will wake up so I will protect you…….

The aunt tells the uncle to sell the house and save his business first. But he won’t because it means a lot to Seori. He was betrayed by his friend. But uncle says he was his friend, he will not betray him, just wait a little bit.

Already three months past, why aren’t you waking up? Uncle is having a little difficult time now, but I will protect your house in whatever way…….

…..Little Seori, it has been a year. Uncle is not going to drink anymore because it is difficult for me. I am going to stand up, are you going to stand up also. I have good news for you, you have a cousin so lets all wake up and have fun…..

But then he has a bit of a herat attack or something to do with his heart

…..Seori, you should teach my baby the violin…..

Uncle tells the aunt that she should be the guardian, at least she can save the house. But the aunt says she has a baby to care for that she is growing. He apologizes and says that nothing will change. he will protect them all with his mind.

VO – He did not have a chance, he was working hard to keep his company from going bankrupt. But he had liver hardenning and died less than a month later.

He passed out at her bedside.

Seori cries as she reads the diary. Woojin holds her hand and they go to his resting place in the cemetary.

Seori – You said I can see you whatever happenes, I whould keep this, but it shouldn’t be like this! I thought you were having a nice life after abandoning me! What should I do…my uncle….my poor uncle….

She keeps crying in front of the tombstone as Woojin comforts her. They walk away later and Woojin gives her a letter. Her aunt gave it to her.

Aunt – If you go there, I arranged it for whenever Seori wants.

WJ – She could not give it to you because she sold the house, so she gave it to me.

Woojin gives her a note and a key. Seori thinks that they should have sold the house so they would not be in this trouble. How difficult it must have been for him.
Seori sits outside with her dog as Woojin watches her from inside. Jennifer tells him that she is watching the sky, the only cure for sadness is doing something by GH Louis.

Woojin comes outside smiling so Seori asks him what he is doing He says he is going out to sketch, if you aren’t busy then we can go together. I promised you that I can make some modifications to it.

Seori asks Pang if he wants to go with them. Cut to them driving away, but it is really far away. Seori mentions this but Woojin says that the sketch is still outside. They end up going to the ocean.

Woojin runs up to yell YAHO at the sea. Seori tells him that is hers so he tells her that they can do it together if she wants. They both yell YAAAAHOOOOOO. Then they have a fun time at the beach running around and taking photos with their cannon.

Later on, Woojin looks at the old photo he drew and says he does not know what that is on it (pang’s pawprints). Seori laughs. He asks her what she was doing on that walking path all the time so she shows him the bunny symbol around the moon. That is what her mother showed her. It is the rabbit that listened to your wish.

Woojin tells her that he always wondered what she was doing when he saw her for the first time. Seori runs off to get Pang. Woojin does the rabbit on the moon again and looks up when Seori comes back with Pang. They keep sitting and thank each other for staying next to each other.

At the river, Chan tells the professional coach that he will think about it and tell him in a month. Then he bows and walks away. His walks to his team who are all amazed that the city team coach wants to talk to him. But then their coach comes in and tells them all to go inside.

He tells Chan that he should be happy, why does he look like this? Chan says he was thinking about pro or Korean athletic college. The coach tells him that either decision is good, just pick. You had a good coach (him, lol).

Elsewhere, Seori meets with Hyeong-tae to talk. He is sad about the situation with her uncle and is also sad that he lied to her. She says not to worry, he did it for her. He tells her that after they all leaft, he thought he would be the only one for her. But she met that family before him. Why is she so comfortable with them, I was mad. But I am thankful for them. If you did not stay there and did not meet them, then I would be miserable. I still have regrets. But I like the doctor life, it gives me a good sense of fullfillment. Do you remember when I was a big hip hop person? They both laugh and do some hip hop gestures and slang.

The team all meets to talk about projects and the hospital music therapy concert. JH asks for Seori’s portfolio. Seori is all like, um….I don’t have one. HS and WJ say that they don’t have to be too detailed. They could have been in big trouble if it wasn’t for Seori. Woojin tells her that they can go together to music therapy.

They both go to the music therapy class in order to see how it is and gte a feel for it. The doctor is very happy to have them there. Afterward, Woojin tells the doctor that they can get the concept based on what he saw today. The doctor says okay, but…is this the person you were bragging so much about?

Seori is all like, huh? Bragging?

Doctor – He said that food became super special, you are a super special person….*smile*

WJ – D-d-d-d-d-doctor, you should not say patient confidential information.

The doctor tells him that there are no patients here. He smiles as he looks around.

Woojin goes back to work to look at the recordings they made, but Woojin actually recorded Seori instead of recording the class. He smiles and thinks that she looks so pretty when she smiles. (she smiles so prettily).

he starts to think about the comfort of music. He remembers Seori says that music comforted her and she wants to stay with music no matter what.
Woojin remembers a quote from a book (which is related to him thinking at Seori). He decides to give the music therapy book to Seori while they are both under the stairs. He thinks this might be what she is looking for.

But actually, Seori got it for herself already. She said that she was also reminded about the healing power of music from the concert and also from the woman who listened to her and her knee pain went away. that is why she checked it out from the library.

She starts talking about the hurdles that she will need to overcome to be a professional musician. It might take 7 or 8 years since she has to take her high school exam and go to college and graduate school.

But then she gets a message from Rin Kim (Tae-rin). TR tells her that she is in a little music club where people will just enjoy music. She is having fun. One of the founders is a professor from Germany. I told him that you were accepted but could not go to the school so he looked around a bit. He saw your audition video and remembered you. He gave me an interesting suggestion, why don’t you start over here? You won’t have any degree, but it is the best place to have fun with music. So why don’t you start over in Berlin? I am enjoying music because of you. You are so talkented, just think about it and tell me.

Seori goes outside to think about it. Woojin sits with her and asks what is going on. het ells her that whatever decision she makes, he will support it. But he wants her to think only for herself. Just in case you thought about including me in your decision making.

If you go thre then I can go there very very often. We can go to (a famous place) and listen to the music and go to the hot dog house that Chan likes. This is a really good chance so don’t give it up for me. Just think about your answer.

At work, Seori is still thinking. JH and HS talk to her about it at seperate times. HS tells her that she does not have to worry about them, she should do what she really wants.

Seori goes to her stair room and makes her plan. 4 years for college and 2 years for graduate school, so at least 7 or 8 years. What year will that be? in the twentieeeeeeeeees? So if I start now then I will be 38 then? Am I at that age were I have to think about my age (same time as Chan).

Chan and Seori both look over at each other. Chan asks her if she is also having trouble. They both agree that it is so difficult.

Cut to Chan telling the coach that he decided and Tae Rin telling Seori that they can play together quicker than expected.

Seori wates in her room and looks at her ticket. Woojin tells her that it is nothing, he lived there for a long time so he knows it well. He explains directions to her and then tells her to have a nice time. BUT IF ANY GERMAN GUY HITS ON YOU JUST SAY NO. Seori tells him…okay, but I think I have to go to sleep.

Woojin says okay, but then he tells her, I WROTE SOME TIPS SINCE I LIVED THERE FOR A LONG TIME. He gives it to her but it is a really long list of postit notes.

Seori tells Woojin that she will go to the airport by herself otherwise they will both cry too much.

Woojin hugs Seori and tells her that she has made a good decision and she is right, we should stop crying. Have a good flight.

But Woojin cries a bunch at work. So his team is all like, is he still crying? He is going to flood our place. So much crying crying crying.

Woojin gets home and tells Jennifer that he wants to be alone, sorry. he goes upstairs sadly. Chan runs to talk to him like an energizer bunny. But Woojin tells him that he is sorry, uncle wants to be alone.

He goes to his room and sighs. Then he plops on his bed and curls over, but he sees a letter to him from Seori.

Poor boy cannot even say Seori’s name without it shaking.

he opens the letter and starts reading it.

Letter – Writing a letter to you like this, this is the first time for me. Maybe I am on my way to Germany right now. Well, we met each other after a long long long detour, but we still ahve to say bye. It hurts my heart so much, but it is a good chance right. Everyone says that if I miss this chance then I am stupid so I will learn the violin again.

But actually, I realized while writing this that – maybe – I shouldn’t go there??? Well, I may be a better violin player and my teqnique will be better, but I don’t want that anymore. Everyone says I should not pass up this chance so I feel like I should go. But, I should go after doing all my degree. But I don’t want to go there.

WJ – W-w-w-what, if you don’t go there.

Letter – I like to be here better, I want to see Pang at least one more day while he is healthy and I want to see you at least one more day and Chan and all the kids and I want to have fun and play music for the women at the park Iwanttolivelikethat! I am not going to Germany! Everyone says I am stupid if I don’t go! but it is more stupid to leave! Look at the back!

Back – If we see each other at home, it is awkward, so I will wait over there.

Woojin hops up and runs off. Jennifer and Chan both knew this already and wanted to tell him but he wanted to be alone, so they didn’t get to tell him. Jennifer says, this is the fun of raising Mr. Gong. Chan laughs.

Woojin runs to the bridge.

Letter – If I didn’t come to this house after waking up and I didn’t see my family and you then I would leave. But not now, I have more important things than playing violin. For the rest of my life I want to be with the people that I love. that makes me a lot happier! To be next to you is the happiest thing to me, it does not matte if everyone else says I am stupid. I choose what is happiest for me. I am not giving up anything. It is my choice!

Woojin gets to the bridge and a bashful Seori waves at him. He asks what is going on. Seori tells him that she will talk. Even if she finished everything quickly and is 38 or 50, it does not matter. Even if it takes a longer time, I want to do it next to the people thta I love.

WJ – Aren’t you out of breath?

Seori – Very much!

She breathes hard and he hugs her. he also asks her why she did not tell him since she wrote it last night. She says she wanted to tell him but.

In the flashback he hugged her and she wanted to give him the letter. But he told her to be strong, not weak! She is all like, Woo-jin! Pang I could not tell him!

On the bridge, Seori tells him thta everyone knew except you. I couldn’t tell you because you wanted to be alone. But anyway, I will do this step by step here. I can do the amateur orchestra and volunteer and all that.

Woojin says he has to cancel the airplane ticket, he already bought his ticket to Berlin because he already wanted to see her.

Seori – You cried that much even though you are coming two days later?

WJ – I didn’t cry.

Seori tells him that sunbae said that he was crying. He says he did not, it was the high beams (wind?), I wasn’t crying. They walk off and talk abotu how it was a windy day.
The rowing team has another medal. A silver one this time! The friends start to say goodbye to Chan’s room as they help him pack up. But they are said that he is leaving, they want to keep coming there to see Jennifer and Seori and Uncle. But Chans ays that Jennifer is leaving also. Her deal was 6 months. She only stays at one place for 6 months.

Chan looks at his college application and the business card from the professional team. His friends say that he had a headache for a long time, are there any regrets for your decision? Chan says no regrets.

Then they play with Chan’s full grown chicken.

Downstairs, WJ asks Jennifer if she can stay longer. She says no, this is the last house that seh will be a maid at. She is going to look for deserving things that you talked about, slowly. She wants to live her life a little differently.

WJ tells her, if that is the case then he should push her to leave the house.

In the under the stairs room, Seori thinks that everyone is leaving, the only people left in this house are me and …..WooJin????? Her cheeks grow super red.

At work, she is super stunned and out of her mind as she still thinks about being in the house alone with Woojin. JH is doing his normal things at work and sees a Jewelry shop order. HS comes in and has a wedding shop order. JH thinks that is it. he grabs the wedding invitation and says that Woojin custom made soemthing! What do you make at the jewelry shop??????? Something to PROPOSE!

Seori wonders, does he want to marry me? Was he worried about living alone with me in the house? Yes, I am 31, I should get married. JH thinks it is super quiet in the house. Seori is dipping her tea bag in and out of the water over and over again. Woojin comes in looking sharp, so JH tells him that he is super handsome.

Woojin smiles and tells Seori that if she has time then they can eat dinner together alone later. He walks off. JH thinks that it is so OBVIOUS. Why else would he get jewelry!
Seori looks at the menu with most of her face covered. Woojin asks her if she wants champaign but she is all like, what????champaign???? is he really celebrating something today? She says nooooooo. He tells the waiter that they will only have a meal.

Seori wonders what seh should do, should she say okay???? Sure, they love each other! OKAY LETS DO IT!

Woojin is startled and wonders what she is talking about


Woojin – tell me what you really want to do?


She sticks out her hand to get her ring. Woojin has one hand in his jacket, but looks so confused.

SR – Is it not that?

Woojin shakes his head.

SR – So why are you wearing a suit?

WJ – I had an important meeting, HS was also very dressed up today.

SR – Ohhhh….but this nice restaurant…

WJ – We were so busy, I wanted to come to a nice place for steak.

SR – So what do you want to give me….

WJ – I don’t know how to ive it to you but this is a …… key ring……maybe I should have bought you a ring but your mother made it so I wanted you to have one too.

Seori blows out the candle and melts into the ground.

WJ – Why did you blow out the candle?

SR – It is so embarrassing, maybe this will get better if it is a bit dimmer. Is there no black out?

They both look extra embarrassed.
Seori tells Woojin that she thought they were living together, just the two of them. So she didn’t know what to do. Woojin tells her that he should have payed more attention, he did not know what she worried that much. She says that she should not have made this situation like this.

He tells her that he hopes she does not worry about thse things in advance. I know these things are to quick for you. We can take things slowl. I don’t want you to think that we are skipping steps. I will wait for you until you are fully ready. I don’t want you to be uncomfortable. I want to be the most comfortable person to you. Do you think I will be uncomfortable if only the two of us live in the hosue?

She says he is already very comfortable to her. So he says that they already have the anser, they can live comfortably. They can be comfortable like this now, they don’t have to think that they have to change just because the environment changed. She smiles and says they can. Then she says that she has fallen in love with him more.

Woojin reminds her that it is not just the two of them. She exclaims that they have Pang! Then they shake hands.

VO – A few days past, as Jennifer wished, we did not do any emotional goodbye. That day just came like that.

Jennifer gets a little gift at the door as she leaves. No one is around because she did not want it that way. They all thank her for what she has don. They gave her tea and other tiny present. They tell her that the presents all look the same, but there are tiny differences in details.

jennifer starts to roll her luggage out and says her goodbye to Pang. But then she sees some bling bling high heels. Seori’s note said that she told her she would buy her high heels. Finally she kept her promise.

But Seori could not stay hidden and runs out to give Jennifer a hug. She will do this even though it is cheesy.

VO – the first time meeting this beautiful relationship, I said chinese proverb because we met each other like this.

SR – Thank you so much for meeting me. We will see each other again.

Woojin waits outside and tells Jennifer that he will give hr a ride. But Jennifer says she likes taxi’s more. Woojin knows, Jennifer tells him that she wants to start over from right here. So he hugs her and tells her thank you from the bottom of my heaert. She tells him the same thing.

Then we see jennifer walking away up the street in the same chic way that she showed up.
Chan is the next to leave. His friends help him carry all his things out as Chan talks to his uncle and Seori inside. He still has his chicken. Woojin asks about the chicken, it is too big to raise in a condo. Chan thinks that he should probably let it go, it is too big and the house is too small, so I will send him to a better world.

Seori tells him good bye, visit often. Chan tells them not to be sick of them visiting so often.

VO – Half a year ago, Chan came here with a little chic and is leaving with a fully grown chicken. And we are the only two staying here. We are very comfortable and have a normal life.


VO – Two years past like that.

Seori is out and about at the cemetary. She sees her nephew and happily talks to him. But the aunt still looks a bit uncomfortable with Seori. They all hold the nephews hands and walk off. She tells the aunt that she is a college freshman now. The aunt says congratulations. Seori tells her, if you congratulate me then you should buy me a meal. Mingu, what do you want your aunt to buy me? Seori happiluy walks with them.

Cut to Chan getting another medal. Him and his friends all went to the same school. Chan is the #1 rower in Korea. he beat all the professionals and got gold as a college sophomore.

The coach comes to him again and says that he will have to think about giving him a lot of money to recruit him now. But he has another question, why did you choose college and not our team?

Flashback to Seori telling him that she is not going to Germany, she decided to pick what made her happy now. It is not giving up, it is her choice.

Chan tells the proffessional coach that he did not hav eto be in a hurry, he just had to make his boat go faster, not him. He tried hard to be an adult, when he tried he had trouble, so he thought he should pick something elsefor him.

Chan goes back home as a gold medalist. They are super excited. He tells them it is no big deal, just his second time. All the kids show up as well. Chan gets a call from his grandfather. He asks him how his chicken is doing. The grandfather shows him the chicken living happy at Jeju island.

Woojin was a bit sad so Seori asks him whats up. he says it is nothing, he just wanted to see Jennifer since they are all together. They all want to see her and wonder if she still wears her sunglasses.

Jennifer snuck in and tells them that she does not wear her sunglasses becuase it does not fit her current style. She is back in bright clothing and talking more normally now. A little awkward, but more normal. They all run up to her. She says that she saw that Chan got gold, she wanted to have his signature before he get a gold at the Olympics.

Chan yells, of course! I will give you 100 signatures!

Jennifer tells them that their table is so plain for a celeration, she will make something. Everyone cheers and we cut to a big spread on the table. they all decide to take a lot of photos using continuous shots on the canon.

Seori opens up her violin at the hospital and happily runs to a halmoni. She tells the halmoni that she gave her a pink cardigan last time. The halmoni might not be all in her right mind becuase she gives Seori something and runs off. Seori is a bit sad at that, but then Rin Kim comes up to her so it brightens her day again.

They both start to play the violin together. One of the nurses recognizes Seori and yells, it is Seori! Wow!

Elsewhere, we see Woojin go up to some women at a bench and asks them if he can measure the bench they are sitting on, they don’t have to move.

Chan keeps working out, DONT THINK, FEEL

Jennifer is a restaurant owner. the guests ask her what this menu is? Full set menu? jennifer tells them that it is a home cooked meal that she will cook for them. It is a little different everyday. They ask if the menu is undecided? She says no, that is my name (Mijung is undecided and it is also Jennifer’s name). Jennifers sister in law comes in and asks for the same meal.

At the company, HS tells them to empty their schedule next monday at 3pm. Why? Because we are getting an award!!!!!! Everyone hops up and celebrates.

Cut to the house. Maybe Woojin and Seori sleep in the same bed now, perhaps they are married? Oh yeah, they both have rings on. They open the sunroof and hop out.

VO – I heard that when one happy door closes, the other one opens. But A lot of people are so focused on the already closed door so they don’t know that the other door is open. Maybe the other door of happiness is not something great or big, maybe it is small and tiny, something that is not so important can be the door of happiness that is opened for us. Like the window that is always closed because I didn’t even know it could be opened. Like this tiny window that became another door of happiness after she showed me how to open it.

They race each other up the steps to their bridge.

VO – If you don’t just sit around in front of the closed room. Before it gets too late. If you look at your door of happiness and find a fully opened door and keep moving toward it, then maybe you will be able to find the super big happiness that was waiting for you.

They put the plant on rollers that is at the base of the stairs.

And they both enjoy the sunroof in their house. While they are looking at the neighborhood, they become little kids again. But then they go back to adults and give each other several pecks. Then they wave at the camera and the entire crew is below waving at us as well as the drone flies away.


Okay, the uncles storyline annoyed me because he toiled away to keep the house instead of keep himself alive. We looked up the price of that house and it is 4 million dollars. So it was probably more or a little less than that back when he sold it, maybe like 2 million dollars. But it could always have cost a lot more too. Y’all, that is a lot of money, he could have continued to pay Seori’s hospital bills and taken care of his own health. I guess the writer wanted us to see how much the uncle loved Seori by literally killing himself to save the house, but come on, that is just stupid.

Okay, with all that out of the way, I love the main storyline with these two innocent puppies falling in love with each other. The acting was wonderful between the actor who played Seori and the one who played Woojin. It was my first drama seeing both of them act, so I am pleasantly surprised and look forward to anything else they might be in. Shoot, I might go back and find something they have done (but I have to watch Because This Life is our First, first b/c everyone is telling me to check that one out).

The side characters were adorable as well. I kind of feel like we didn’t neet Hyeong-tae’s character because he was not introduced to Seori until close to the end and then gotten rid of quickly. It probably would have been better to have him as one of the doctors or nurses that was taking care of Seori all these years and maybe even donating his own money to pay her bills. That way, it would have been even more devastating when she disappeared.

Jennifer was so wonderful in this. She was equally wonderful in Should We Kiss First where she played a completely different type of character who owned her 40’s. In this one she was so wonderfully chic and robotic, which I would not normally pair together, but there it was. You know they were laughing at some of those scene where she showed up like a super hero to save the day and walked off into the sunset (ie. Chan’s competitions).

The joy from this show came in the house and everyone from that accident coming together to heal and find joy and a way to have a happy future. Fate was a big part of this story, which I welcome because they set up the fate storyline from the beginning. Unfortunately the story felt rushed at the end (which may or may not have something to do with them cutting episodes), but the overall show was so super cute that I was able to overlook all of that.

Still 17 wedding photo “The first time meeting a beautiful relationship”

Still 17 wrap party cake

Still 17 wrap party cake

Still 17 wrap party cake

The top Image is by SBS and edited using PicMonkey.

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    Among all the characters here, i really enjoyed Jennifer the most. Wish i can watch her more in other dramas. The only drama i know that she was there that i also like her character was Oh Hae Young Again. ☺

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      She was great in Should We Kiss First with Kim Soon-ah 🙂

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