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Still 17 Kdrama Live Recap Episode 29 and 30

A man kisses a woman on the forehead in kdrama Still 17
We all went through that heartbreak last week. Have we all had a chance to get it together and brace for this week? Will it get better? At least we might start to get some answers, right? We haven’t had a chance to watch the trailer yet, so we are coming in blind. Hopefully, we’ll see you on the other side.

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Seori says, Gong Woo-jin, your name was Gong Woojin, what if it wasn’t it. What you know isn’t everything. I remember everything because it wasn’t a long time ago for me so I remember everything about 17 years old Woojin-i.


She smiles a little bit an we are taken to 2005 May, Incheon Airport.

VO – It was the day I took the exam for German music school. A little boy was crying at the airport.

Seori goes up to the little crying boy and tries to help him find his mom. But she left her violin and all her things behind. the little boy points to a donut store. Seori asks why he is pointing there? But then she gets it and gets him a donut. He is happy as he walks with her now.

His mother is busy looking for him and runs up to him. She told him to stay next to her. Seori is happy that the mother showed up (it is the aunt and the little bly is Chan). Seori walks off, but she remembers that her violin is still in the seat. She runs to get it, but it is gone.

She is in a panic and asks some people sitting by if they saw it. But they did not. She wonders what she should do. But then a janitor comes by and tells her that a handsome boy asked where the information desk is, he was worried that little kids where playing with it so he returned it to the information desk. That boy was Woojin.

Seori goes tot he information desk and is so happy. She wants to say thank you to the person who returned it so the information person says it was a boy student. Seori takes off looking for him.

Woojin is happily talking on his phone to his mother and says that Chan is here so he has to go. Seori is busy running around looking for him. She finally sees a boy student and sees his poster carrier. But she gets a call and has to leave right away.

VO – I wanted to say thankyou, but he got away. But I saw it, his painting holder bag with Pororo stickers.

SR – The violin that I inherited from my mother was more important than my life. I was so mad because I could not say hi. I thought I would not see you anymore. But I saw a bell sound. When I think about music, I don’t hear any sound, but I heaerd that bell sound. Maybe it was your bicycle.

Flashback to her hearing the sound and running after the bicycle, she sees the bag and recognizes it.

VO – Just in case we met each other on accident, I waited all the time.

She would see him on occassion and see the Pororo bag but something always stopped her from thanking him, like paying for something or crossing the street. She goes to a jewelry store and buys the moon keychain to give to someone very special. She always took it with her to give to him.

VO – I saw you a couple more times, but you were pretty when I saw you (good) so I thought that you were a good person. Whenever I thought about you, my heart beat faster.

Little SR holds her dog and wonders what the boys name is.
SR – I prayed to see you everyday, but that day, before I went to Germany I saw you again.

Cut to the bus. Woojin gets on the bus and Seori notices him, the crescendo. She sees his Pororo stickers on his carrier. She tries to get the Moon charm out and is able to, but she is a bit nervous to give it to him. She wonders how she can do it and thinks that at least she should say thank you. So she goes up to him and asks him where the best exit is for Chunghan Arthall building. Do you know?

He hops up and says he knows! He gives her instructions, it is between two stops. She thanks him and sits back down, but she did not give him the charm. She thinks that she was so nervous that she only said nonsense. But she thinks she can tell him now.

She stands up again to tell him, but he thinks that she is getting out on this stop so he tells her not to get out here, it might be closer to get out on the other stop. He also tells her that he knows her and he has something to give her. Please wait. He goes to get it, but her friend comes in so he runs off and accidentally takes the moon charm off her bag.

Seori is so stunned that crescendo was here and left. Soomi is happy for her. They both start to giggle and cheer that he might know her! Her heart races so fast! It is like her heart will pounce out of her chest. Soomi asks here to tell me, tell me what happened! What happened is…..

But then the accident happened.

Woojin thinks nothing changed.

Seori asks, out of all those people on the bus, do you know why I asked you directions? I went to that practice room so many times. I know how to get there with my eyes closed.

Woojin – You wanted to get off of the bus.

SR – No, I had no intention of getting off at that stop because I always get off at the next stop.

She tells him that she likes that walk the best and starts to talk about the pretty flowers and the fountain and then the music hall. That is her favorite stop because of that. Her room is the last room on the left, that is her practice room. She knows everything about it so it has nothing to do with you. It is not your fault. Whatever happened, I would have gotten off at the next stop. It would happen anyway regardless of you. I also knew you first and I was attracted to you and liked you. Gong Woo-jin, your name was Gong Woo-jin. It wasn’t only me, for 13 years that stayed in that time.

He kisses her on the bridge and he hugs her as they kiss. It is a long deep kiss.
Cut to the two of them walking home with Woojin walking backwards as he holds her hand and repeats her name over and over again as he smiles. She giggles and tells him stop. But he says it one more time and lightly touches her face.

But then she yells, wait! I have something to give you. She pulls the moon charm out of her pocket and says that she can finally give it to you. he thinks that it would have been nice to have gotten it 13 years ago.

She says that after she woke up, she thought she was so sad and looked back so many times. But it already passed and does not come back. She is the only one affected by it and she does not want to regret it now.

Woojin tells her that he will not stay in the past anymore, lets finish intermission together.

They get home to a happily barking Dukgu. Woojin picks him up as Jennifer comes up to them. He apologizes for making her worry and says he will never do it again. Then he tells Dukgu that he knew it before so he should have told him.

Chan is also on the steps, he is sad and walks up to his uncle to give him a big hug. Woojin apologizes to him too and says he is the stupid Samchon that makes him worry all the time. Chan just welcomes him back and says he is okay. That is all [that matters].

Later on, Woojin gives him that hot chocolate he promised. Chan says it is so difficult to get a hot chocolate from him. Woojin takes a sip and then starts to explain things but Chan says that he does not have to explain things, he knows all that happened and everything. He knows he is not leaving anymore. He playfully tells his uncle that he is so needy, he will be like Deok-soo (the old looking friend) because of you.

They play back and forth about who is older and who is taller and all those things. then Chan stands up and thanks Woojin, but he will go to sleep with his drink now. He tells Woojin to brush his teeth and go to bed. Woojin agrees.

Upstairs, Chan looks at his goal, WINNING, DON’T THINK – FEEL. He looks at his goal and the business card of the coach.

Woojin wakes up happily, but then he sees that it is 11am and hops up. How did he sleep so long? But he sees the moon charm and thinks that it is not a dream! He starts to run out but remembers that he has to wash his face and wear cologne. When he thinks he is handsome enough, he goes to knock on Seori’s door.

But Jennifer tells him that Seori already left with Chan. Woojin remembers that Chan asked to play with Seori last night. He thinks he should have woken up earlier. Jennifer says another quote about God giving them sleep or something. She let him sleep because it was a reward for all he had for the last many years. Woojin asks her if he can use a box.

he goes to the shack and looks around with a grin, Let’s Do It!
They both go to the rowing river to have a little date. Seori asks Chan why he wanted to come here since he comes here all the time. But he says that she told him that they can have a good time. They haven’t had one yet so let’s start to Yoochun tour.

Chan says a quote that is not right (the wrong quote?) so Seori laughs. Chan starts eating but bit his tongue so Seori asks him if he bit his tongue like a little boy, they both laugh.

He takes her to row in his rowing room. She is actually pretty good at it so he coaches her along. PULL PULL CATCH!

Then they go ride bicycles outside in a golf cart like bicycle.

Woojin cleans up the shed very nicely, it looks so huge. Jennifer comes in, says another quote, and then tells Chan Good Job. he smiles. She tells him that he has a black thing under his nose so he tries to celan it up but it smudges everywhere. jennifer still tells him that it looks a lot better.

Jennifer also gives Woojin something that seh saw and asks if this woman is Seori’s aunt. Woojin looks at it but then gets a call from his psychiatrist.

he meets his psychiatrist at a cafe. His doctor says he needs a person that can make a stage. Woojin is happy to help out since the doctor helped him a lot. But the doctor says he thinks someone else helped him a lot. They start to use food as a metaphor for Seori. Woojin says that food is so much more delicious. he also says that Sori makes not so special things, special, that is why she is a special person to him.

The doctor starts to laugh so Woojin asks why. he tells him that he looks so comfortable cute now, but then he says that he should not have joked like this, he just couldnt’ help it.

Later on, Woojin gets a call from Hyeong-tae, he wants to talk to him.

meanwhile, Seori and Chan walk along the river. Chan starts to explain why he wanted to come here. He could have dressed up and gone to a nice restaurant, but that would not have fit him. This place is more like him so that is why he wanted to come here.

Seori asks him what he is talking about. Chan tells her that he likes her a lot.

They stop walking as Seori looks at Chan. He turns around and walks back to her. He says that he likes her differently from how he likes his friends. He likes thinking about her, his heart have ants in them. When you cry, I am sad. When you are sad, I want to comfort you. A few months later, I will be a pro, I will be an adult. You can trust me, I can protect you. I wanted to tell you this when I wont the competition. But don’t worry, it has all past. I am just telling you that I can just shake it off now. But if I didn’t tell you then I would pretend that I was okay. You are my first love, ajumma, I wanted to end my first love properly. That is why I am telling you. At first I wanted to protect you because you looked 17, but you are really an adult now. And thank you for making my Mr. Gong back to his normal self now. We can be good friends. Please continue to love my uncle like you do now.

Seori starts crying.

What? I am the one that should cry. I have good recovery, you saw how fast my ankle healed. the calous on my hands is also in my heart. Ahh~ it is good to tell you this. But I want to work out some more…..you don’t know what is going on…. I am telling you becaue I want to cry a bit more here.

Seori hesitatly says goodbye and walks away. Chan smiles as she walks off and then spends some time smiling to himself and walking around his practice area as he thinks about Seori. he goes through all his memories from begining to end with being her first friend and helping her in all sorts of situations.

His eyes are teary, but he still smiles as he thinks of all these memories. He was thankful because he know has something to look forward to, to win the competition.

He sits and continues tearing up as he keeps thinking about it. I think they go through all his memories with her. Finally, he leaves his gloves on the bench and walks away.

Meanwhile, Woojin meets with Hyeong-tae and talks about the guy that paid for the hospital bill. Woojin thinks that Seori will be dissapointed if she knows that the bus driver is the one that paid for the bill. She already knows that her family did not contact her on purpose.

Hyeong-tae says that the bus driver wants to meet her. As her friend, she does not want to make her uncomfortable anymore. Woojin thanks him for contacting him about it.

Woojin drives home and immediately tells Seori that she is his girlfriend. She is a bit low, but still smiles when he asks how the date was. She also asks him where he went. (They both speak in banmal to each other now).

They go off to talk on a bench. Seori says that she kind of knew that Hyeong-tae was lying to her, but she wanted to believe it. Woojin tells her that he actually saw her aunt awhile ago. Seori wonders how??? How do you know her??? Cut to him giving her the aunts card. Seori asks why he didn’t tell her, is it because my aunt does not want to see me? What about my uncle? Does he not want to see me (uncle is her mon’s brother)?

Woojin did not hear anything about the uncle. Seori thinks that the aunt has a reason, she should ask her. She tries to call the number, but it is off. Woojin tells her to wait a little bit and then try again.

Seori says that she wondered why the old picture from her diary was gone. Maybe she saw it. She knew I was awake, why did they abandon me, who paid for it, she knew I was awake and ignored me….~. She starts crying a little so Woojin gives her a comforting hug.

Later on, Seori sits with Pang in her room and tells her dog that he should know best. But then she gets a call and tells that person that she will be there. She looks a bit stunned.
Seori goes to meet the truck driver outside. Woojin is there with him.

SR – Ajusshi, are you the one that caused the accident?

Ajusshi bows and tells her that he is very sorry. He thanks her for waking up, after she woke up, he turned himself to the police and wanted to apologize. But Seori says that nothing changed, her friend did not come back and her life is not back. She does not want to accept his apology so he will feel comfortable.

he says he is really sorry, he drank that day.

Ajusshi – I did not properly tie the barrels because I was drunk. Later on I knew I was the cause of the accident from the news. Someone died and was killed. I saw the type of crime I commited. I was so afraid, I could not even turn myself in. I knew one of the students from the accident was not waking up.

Flashback to the accident and the hospital. The uncle tells the doctor to save his Seori.

Ajusshi – I am sorry, I am so happy you woke up.

SR – So you should know everything, when did my uncle and aunt abandon me.

Ajusshi – I don’t know, I thought after you moved to a nursing home, I did not see your family members anymore.

Hospital – We could not contact her guardian anymore, it has been almost two months. We can’t take care of her anymore without the bill.

Ajusshi – I knew that was the only thing I could do for you for my sin.

SR – Without you, my friend shouldn’t die. I shouldn’t be in the bed like that. And I shouldn’t have lost my uncle and aunt. You can’t drink and drink! Why! Why!

Ajusshi continues apologizing. But then a bag falls, it is from jennifer. She walks up to him and tells him Kim Tae-jin. You know that name right? You should know, that is the one that you killed. You killed him, my husband! If you were not there….my husband….my husband….my baby….~.

She hits him and starts crying until she collapses.

Seori hugs jennifer to comfort her.

Flashback to a happier time with Jennifer and her husband talking about their baby. She wants him to listen to a song. He says it is a nursery rhyme, but then thinks he must be becoming an appa, an appa! i will be an appa! But then we see jennifer mourning for her loss at home. She holds her husbands photo in her arms.

VO – another death, not just your friend. Two people died. I lost my husband in the accident and then I killed my baby because I was so sad. I couldn’t take care of my emotions. I wasn’t okay.

Flashback to Seori’s uncle giving Jennifer an umbrella in the rain. He tells her to stay under cover until the rain stops.

VO – Because of that guy I did not even know that helped me, I found a way to survive thinking about my husband and my child. I went out and read books. I did not think I deserved to be okay. I did not deserve to miss anything. My family, my house, I don’t deserve those things at all.

Seori hugs her again as Woojin looks on. They tell each other that it is okay. Seori tells Jennifer that she will be okay, it is okay, she can be okay for at least today.

Outside, the truck driver turns himself into the police.

Later that night, Jennifer stands outside and looks at the tree. Woojin stands with her and tells her it is like fall now. Even with these worst moments, they just pass by now. To ignore that moment and become something regrettable. I heard it is up to you to make the moment memorable to you. My friend told me that. Do you like it? I talked to you a lot here. I cloed my heart and my eyes for a long time. But I became braver after what you told me and changed a lot. You can’t hide with your robot like talking. I know that you are the warmest person, more than others, I am glad that i met you. thank you for being next to us. You deserve it. When you are happy, I hope you smile. When you are sad, I hope you cry. I hope that you don’t close your eyes anymore (ignore things). To a better tomorrow.

he leaves. Jennifer looks like she likes what he said and continues looking at the tree.

Inside, Seori looks at her aunts card and thinks back to the airport where her aunt told her to take a taxi and go straight to the hotel if she loses us. Don’t be lost if you don’t see us. her uncle says, with this, we can see each other so keep it tight. Seori thinks that they told her that. She throws it away, but then she grabs it again.

Woojin asks ehr what she is doing ruffling through the trash. Cut to her explaining it to him as they sit on the steps. Having it is like hope to see them again, but she can’t throw it away. Is she super stupid? He tells her no.
Chan runs downstairs and asks ajumma if she is going to work again. he is back to his puppy dog self. She is a bit hesitant to have eye contact with him so he tells her that this is not chic, you should tell me things. She looks up at him brightly and he tells her, from today, he is preparing for his next competition. She happily tells him that she saw him at the competition! He was super cool! First place, first place!

He smiles and says it was nothing, he is just the best rower in Korea. She asks him if he wants to be #1 this time too? he tells her that he does not want to think, it is too complicated. You know what my brother Bruce Lee said? DON’T THINK, FEEL! F-E-E-L.

Seori is all like, you know how to spell it now? He says he knows it, of course. She plays with him about it so he says he thought seh was a good person but she has some biting parts. But then they both yell, DON’T THINK, FEEL. Chan happily leaves and Seori chuckles.

Ouside, Chan meets his friends, they think he looks super happy, did he poop well? The friends are wearing their bronze medals, lol Chan tells them that they can get another medal! Their senior year did not end yet!

The team has a meeting about the hospital concert. they can get the concept and start. Jin Hyun tells Woojin that he is indirectly kissing Seori (because they are drinking from the same water bottle). Woojin tells him that his girlfriend drank it sooooo. Seori smiles. JH says, if this is a joke then you have to say it. Seori is all like….actually….I am his girlfriend.

HS is all like, it is so difficult to not notice this….ahh, how can’t you know it. She grumbles about his usefulness, but then she realizes that she picked him. They continue playfully talking about Seoria nd then dating. JH says Seori is so kind with her gaze and how she looked at me. He thought Hee-soo and Woojin would get together.

Hee-so is all like, NOOOOO, THIS KIND OF GUY MORE ME…HE IS not good enough…..sorry Seori actually…we don’t fit each other….we are not a good match so don’t take it personally. Seori laughs. JH thinks that he really thought Seori liked him. Woojin says, she likes me.

They both go to work, but then Seori gets a text about the flyer. Someone is asking if they are looking for the person with the tree. Woojin and Seori drop everything to meet with her. The woman knows that name because the last name Kook is not common. This woman is a grocery store checkout. There is a delivery to the tree house. She would come every week for the delivery so she remembered her.

Woojin asks some details. The woman says that she heard they divorced. She did not see it in person, but one of her neighbors saw them in divorce court, so that is why she thought they divorced.
Later, Woojin thinks about the legal guardian being the uncle, but the aunt sold it. They are still at the cafe, but the woman left. Seori wonders how it could be like this so Woojin says thta he did not tell her one thing because he was not sure.

He shows her the bankruptcy of her uncles company. Perhaps when you saw your uncle and this bankruptcy is all related. Seori thinks it might be because of her. Maybe they are divorcing becuae of the hospital bill. But Woojin says not to blame herself since they don’t know.

But Seori says she knows why her aunt became a stranger to her. After the divorce that is why she does not want to take care of her anymore. But what about her uncle, is he still okay? I worry about him so much. I want to see my aunt, she is the only one I can ask.

Woojin tells her that she might get hurt, but Seori says that seh does not care so long as she can find out where her uncle is. They go to the store, but it is closed for awhile on vacation. Seori thinks that she closed on purpose because of her. Woojint ells her to wait, he will ask around, but Seori says she wants to ask as well.

They both run around asking about the flower shop and how long it has been closed.

But they might not have found out anything becuase they look sad as they sit in the car. Seori thinks that she should have at lease told hr about her uncle. She shoul dhave at least done that. Woojin holds her hand and says that they will find a way. They both get out to go inside, but then the aunt runs up.

Aunt – S-s-seori-ya.

Seori turns around. Aunt tells her that she woke up. She starts tearing up.

Fade Out

Aunt – I first told him to abandon [her]. So blame be first.
WJ – She only worries about her uncle.
SR – I actually saw my uncle.
HT – I thought that when you woke up, you would be next to me.
HS – Jewelry shop…custom made…what did he have made?….MAYBE…
JH – Rin Kim email…
Email – Let’s go to Germany together to study music, you should not waste your talent
JH – What are you thinking, you were meant to go to Berlin right?
Chan – What?
SR – Sorry to break the news like this…

Tomorrow is the last episode! It looks like we might have separation anxiety, but hopefully it ends with them both going to Germany together. Or I guess it could end with a time jump to one year later? You know how Kdramas do.

If you haven’t had a chance, then be sure to vote on this!

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    • Shayri
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    I found it wholly unnecessary to force Chan to confess to SeoRi in this episode. I’ve really disliked the treatment of his character in this otherwise good drama. He’s forced all of the time to be the adult, and in the end he gets a new aunt that he had a crush on? And on top of it, she will now and forever be uncomfortable around him because she knows how he feels. That’s ROUGH.

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    P.S. I am a 35 year old woman who never in a million years thought my empathy would be with the teenager in this drama, but here we are.

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      • Kris
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        The only function this character had was to help show her as 17 in her mind. If this were a 30 year old man and a senior there would be an ick factor. He was missing his absent mom and all he had was an aloft uncle who took time to connect to others. He was crazy for an attachment of any sort. Chan’s feelings for her were like that teenage clingy girl’s feelings for him or even that doctor’s feelings for her.

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