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Still 17 Kdrama Live Recap Episode 27 and 28

Yang Se-Jong kisses Shin Hye-Sun in bed in Korean drama Still 17
There is some debate as to how many episodes this drama is. Is it 16 (32) or 20 (40). On the Korean wiki, it says 32 episodes, so I’ll just go with that for now (though they aren’t always right). Alls I know is that everyone got hit yesterday, so today might be an episode where our team figures out just what happened and how to move forward (but we’re not really at the “how to move forward” part yet, we are more at the “what just happened part?”).

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Woo-jin looks at Seori as she sadly cries at her friends resting place. He grabs her closely and says, Woo Seori, your name was Woo Seori….your alive….thank you for being alive….

Seori takes his hug but wonders….ajusshi, what is this?

He just keeps telling her, thank you for being alive….thank you.

She starts to hug him back as he cries, she is also crying but she asks Ajusshi, what’s up? He looks at her and tells her, thank you. He keeps looking at her earnestly as he holds the side of her arms, but then he lets go and looks like he is crawling back into himself.

WJ – Just, say goodbye and I will wait for you outside.

He walks away half the man he was when he walked in.

Outside, the security guard goes to a bench and asks someone where that guy was? He was so pale, I wonder if he collapsed….

Elsewhere, Ree-an takes a banner away and runs off with it, she says that she is #1 in the country, she is always #1 so her name is always here, so let me take it just for one month…then she runs away. The man is all like, hey, wait, #1 student, wait!

Chan is coming to terms with hearing that Woo Seori has a boyfriend. he thinks that it might have been a mistake, she mispoke…yeah, that’s what happened. he gets up to leave, but the doctor and nurse come in and are all like, where do you think you are going?

Chan tells them that is is cured! He is super fine! Super fine! His friends come in at that moment to visit and think that they should help the doctor and nurse out, so they hold him on the bed as well. Everyone tries to convine Chan that he is not cured after only two days.

But actually, the is cured, it is a miracle. The doctor is all like, how can you heal this quickly? Chan takes off running and grabs the first taxi he sees. His friends are all like, how is he so fast? Do you want to eat some food here? Let’s do it. they happily go back inside for meeyukguk.

Elsewhere inside, Hyeng-tae talks to jennifer about Seori. he tells her that Seori was shocked and did not eat anything, she should be ver exhausted now so please take good care of her. Jennifer agrees to, but then HT asks for one more thing.
Woojin and Seori pull up at the house. Seori thinks she is happy that someone cried for her since she is alive, but she is really sad for her friend. Woojin tries to listen. Seori is sad bcause her friend died and she is alive. (Two people died and Soomi was one of them). Woojin tells her that she should be tired, lets go inside.

They slowly walk inside, Woojin is still a bit closed into himself. Jennifer goes up to Seori and tells her that the doctor called her and told her that Seori should be very tired. She tells her that she should take care of herself in times like this. She made soemthing for her. But Seori says she just wants to sleep. So Jennifer says she can sleep in her room if she wants.

But then Jennifer tells Woojin that he also does not look good. He says he is fine. Seori asks him why he is not making eye contact with her anymore. He says he is just tired. He tries to look at her but cant and tells her to have a good rest. he goes upstairs.

Woojin gets to his room and slowly shuts the door, then he immediately sinks to the floor with his back against the door. He thinks….because of me. he thinks back to telling Seori to get off at the next stop. And then he thinks about her now and all the trials and trubulations she has had to go through. He really can’t take it and just holds his chest as he thinks about it all.

VO – I took it…I screwed up everything….because of me….because of me

His younger self cries in the rain and says, because of me…because of me… and then folds his hands over his knees and cries. His older self does the exact same thing in the bedroom.

Jennifer cleans Seori’s hands while she sleeps. She softly touches her face and then goes back downstairs. Chan runs in to the house and sees Jennifer is near the kitchen. jennifer tells him that Seori is in her room and Woojin is in the bedroom. She also asks about his cast, but he just takes off upstairs. She thinks he is really a sports person.

Chan gets to Woojin’s door and composes himself before coming in. He laughs and says that he heard some nonsense at the hospital, ha ha. But he sees that Woojin is not in his room.

Woojin is actually in the shed holding Seori’s moon charm. Chan goes outside to look for him and sees that the shed is opened. he goes to the shed and sees his uncle looking all kinds of sad. He immediately asks what happened, what’s up? Why are you like this? He hugs him and asks him what happened? But WJ just stands there like a tree.

They go inside, Chan keeps asking him what happened, it is driving him crazy. WJ tells him he is okay and asks him what happened to his cast. Chan says it’s fine now but he is still worried about his uncle. Woojin tells him he is really sorry, but can he rest now?

Seori is also still resting in Jennifers bed, she is also sweating a lot so Jennifer dabbs her forehead for her.

Chan runs to Jennifer and asks what is going on today. She tells him that they went to see Seori’s friend who died in the accident, it was a big shock for her so she is sleeping. Jennifer says she will take care of things for the hospital, she can also get Chans bag since she has to see someone in the hospital anyway.

Chan thinks, okay, Seori met her friend, but what happened to Mr. Gong? Why was he in the shed?

Chan goes back to the shed and looks at the boxes that Woojin was looking through. he sees all his competition awards and wonders, is that thing happening again? he runs back to his uncles room and asks, Mr. Gong, can I come in…Mr. Gong? He opens the door but he isn’t there so Chan freaks out for a hot second.

But then Woojin tells him he is there. Chan is so happy to see him that he falls on the ground to breath for a moment. Woojin wonders whats wrong. Cut to them sitting together. Chantells him that seeing him in the shed reminds him of when he lived with them for the first time. On that day he was crying a lot. He asked his uncle why he was crying, did someone take your food? Woojin just hugs hum really tightly. Chan tells him that he doesn’t really rmemeber it but he can’t really forget it either so he is really afraid. He was so happy that he became his old Mr. Gong, but he is really afraid that he will go back to that other Mr. Gong. He doesn’t know what happened and he didn’t know back then but he is really afraid he won’t talk and will dissapear for several months and not say anything. You are not leaving right! You won’t go anywhere!

But WJ doesn’t answer so Chan looks for his passport and says he will take it. WJ tells him to give it back to him but Chan says he won’t give it back. he rips it apart and says he can’t leave. Woojin just tells him that they should eat something.

So they go downstairs to eat something. They eat for a minute and then Woojin gets up. Chan immedaitely stands up. WHERE ARE YOU GOING. WJ just playfully tells him he is going to the bathroom, why?
Jennifer and Hyeong-tae talk, he wonders if our Seori is really okay. She says she is okay, she lives very very well, at least to her. She loves a lot and gives a lot and laughs a lot and cries a lot, like an old friend and like real family. She lives very nicely and warmly.

Hyeong-tae says that, if he knew she was this colse, if he met her when she came to his place…if I didn’t go abroad, I would have met her quickly.

Jennifer tells him that it sounds so sad, that word “if”. She knows well all those difficult things and how the word “if” sounds so sad.

Flashback to jennifer at the hospital talking to her doctor. The doctor tells her that she needs to take care of herself and eat well.

VO – If I took care of myself more, then I could take care of my emotions, if I did not collapse like that,….there won’t be too many people that thought about the word “if” more than me in the world. That is why that word sounds so sad. it is difficult to accept it, but you have to accept it. That is what I think you need to accept.

His doctor friend sits next to him and tells him that he made a mistake. He is so sorry about it and says that he would not have said those things if he had known about it in advance. Hyeong-tae is just sitting at the table looking miserable and tells him that this is why it is sad, because of “if”.

Chan is still trying to stick to Woojin like glue. Whenever he moves, Chan asks WHERE ARE YOU GOING. Int his case, he said he was going to feed Dukgu. Chan wonders, is he really okay? Am I going too far?

Woojin goes downstairs and runs into Jennifer who is leaving Seori’s room. Woojin asks her if she is still sleeping? Jennifer says yes, she is still sleeping, she is avoiding the situation with sleep. It is common.

There is a ding dong at the door so Woojin says she can get it and he will get her clothes. he goes to the room under the stairs to get the clothes and then goes back upstairs. Chan hops up again, WHERE ARE YOU GOING! WHAT IS IT! Woojin tells him what he was doing and says he will make him a hot chocolate, he goes back downstairs.

Chan wonders if Woojin is really okay? But he thinks that he shredded his passport so he shouldn’t be able to go anywhere.

Seori wakes up and wonders, was it a dream? Chan kind of wakes up from the couch and sees that it is 5:30 am. He madly looks for his uncle and calls out, Uncle? Uncle? Are you there? as he looks around the house.

Seori goes outside and sits on the table as she thinks about her friend. But then she hears a phone ringing, it is in the shed so she goes in to get it. But she realizes that she shouldnt’ be there and turns to leave. But she notices something.

She pulls one of the paintings out and thinks, this is me….why am I hear? It is a painting of her looking at the moon.

Chan runs downstairs looking for his uncle. he thinks Seori is his Uncle as she runs inside, but it is Seori with the painting. He sees his uncles cell phone and wonders if she was with him. Jennifer comes up too. Seori frantically tells them that ajusshi knew her from a long time ago. This unform and hair and everything, how does he know he should have been in Germany?

Chan tries to think, he studied in Germany 13 years ago. Seori asks what happened before her accident, she did not know any Gong Woojin back then, but how did he know? Chan says he came to Germany because of something. Can I ask you what that accident was?

Seori says she was unconcious right away, it was a big car accident with a bus and a truck and all that. Jennifer starts to figure out that she is talking about the accident she knows about! Flashabck to everyone running to the hospital including Jennifer and little Woojin.

Jennifer sits in the hospital and waits for news, but it is bad news for her. She looks like she might be pregnant? We see that her husband bought little kid shoes and wrote a letter to Jennifer, and touched it before he died.


To my lovely umma,

I hope your morning sickness goes away,

I love you.

Jennifer hold the letter and the present he bought for the baby in her arms as she cries.

In the present, Jennifer starts to tear up, but she is a still a robot. Chan asks her if she is okay, she says she is always okay and wipes the tear away. Seori asks if she is really okay. She nods so Chan asks if she talked to Woojin. He said you called him.

Chan takes off upstairs again and everyone follows him. He looks in his closet, there is everything there so he should not have gone far. But then the art carrier falls out with the Pororo stickers all on it. Seori recognizes it. She picks it up and asks if she can see a picture of Woojin when he was little.

Chan shows her their polaroid with Pororo. Seori looks at it and remembers little Woojin from the bus. She starts to think about all the moments that Woojin acted strangely including when he couldnt’ look her in the eyes anymore.

She says that she thinks it is because of her, she thinks he left because of her. But Chan says thats not it, I have his passport, I ripped it up.But Jennifer looks at it and says that it expired. Chan checks and thinks….nonsense….did he really leave?

Cut to the airport. Woojin is holding his headphones and looking at them when the woman asks him where he would like to fly to. He says he wants the quickest ticket that can take him the furthest away. She finds it and he gets it. he pus his headphones in as he walks through the airport.

Seori takes off running and is followed by Chan. he drives her to the airport. In the car she thinks, it wasn’t a dream…

Flashback to Woojin sitting on her bed while she slept. She asked him why he was there, she is so sleepy. He tells her, go back to sleep. then he leans in and kisses her on the forehead. he softly walks out.

In the car, Seori thinks, no no no, he shouldnt’ leave like this.

But Woojin is leaving, he is in the plane with his headphones in. He closes his eyes.

At home, we see him saying good bye to Dukgu from his angle, he kisses Dukgu then leaves. Dukgu runs out to the door, but Woojin closes it. Dukgu stays there until the son comes up and is seen by Jennifer the next day as he tries to get into Seori’s room.

Jennifer opens the door and sees a letter and Seori’s moon charm.
Chan asks the driver to stop because he thinks it won’t work. Woojin left a letter to Seori in her room. He looks at Seori and tells her…he left.

A man goes to the hospital, it is the mystery man. Cut to Hyeong-tae walking and talking on the phone in the hall, he wonders, huh? Someone paid for Seori’s hospital bill? The nurse tells him yes, he also wants to see her in person, what should I do?

Meanwhile, an ajumma in a building thinks she might know the name on the flyer, she thinks, that name sounds familiar….ah, the house with that tree!

Chan and Seori get back home. She goes to her room and sees the note on the floor with her charm. She picks them both up and starts tearing up as she prepares to open the letter.

Chan waits outside the room, but then goes upstairs to his room. He looks at his sign “Don’t think, Feel” and then sits.
Chan – What happened Mr. Gong…hot chocolate…you said you would bring mea hot chocolate….

Downstairs, Seori opens the letter.

Letter (in banmal, his first time using it):

Maybe the first time was when I came back from my painting class. I heard a bell sound. When I looked up, you were there on the overpass, maybe it was your key sound? I was curious what you were doing up there. After that, I saw you several times in the neighborhood. I always wondered what you were doing and why you always got sprayed with water and why your shoes never matched and why you had a question mark looking thing on your shoulder and where you lived and which school you went too and what your name was….I was more and more curious about you.

Maybe I will see you again, just in case I see you on accident….I waited for you. I wanted to be friends with you. Then I knew your name that I wondered so much…No Soomi. I was really happy to know your name. I didnt’ even know it wasn’t your real name. I wanted to tell you to be friends with me by giving you that painting. But then I saw you again on that day in the bus. I help you up for one more stop and your friend came in so I became shy and stupidly got out of the bus. I didn’t even give you the painting I wanted to give you. And on my bag I had your key rign accidentally.

I wanted to return it to you and tell you to be friends with me. But then, the accident happened right in front of me. Because I held you up, the bus you were riding…I was really really sorry and really really sad, it hurt my heart so much and I was dying. I didn’t know what to do so I ran away cowardly. But then all of a sudden a woman showed up in my room. The one I thought was dead, right in front of me after 13 years. I knew it after it was too late but I was thankful because you were alive.

But nothing changes, whatever we do. The one that screwed up your life was me. I thought I did not deserve to be next to you. Sorry to make you have a bad dream. I am sorry that I screwed up your life. Without me, you would not have wasted 13 years and not play the violin and your uncle and aunt and your house, none of those things would have happened.

18 years old…20 years old…the one that took your age and gave you a difficult time. The person that screwed up your life – is me. I am sorry – that I liked you. I am sorry – to be friends with you. I am sorry – I took your time away.
HYEONG-TAE meets with the mystery man, he asks if he is the one that paid Seori’s hospital bill, who are you?

The man stands up, it is not the uncle.

At home, Chan lays in bed. But then he sits up and goes outside his room. Something dropped. A note.

Sorry Chan,

I will call you later,

Can you give this to her for me?

Chan goes to Seori’s room and knocks. But she does not answer so he opens the door. All her things are folded nicely…where is she?

She is on the brige thinking. She said previously that this was a good place, she always met him there when she wanted to see him. She looks around, but he is not there.

VO – I won’t do it anymore, I won’t disspear, ever.

SR – He promised me that he won’t dissapear, he promised me…

She sinks to the ground and cries.

WJ – I didn’t leave.

Seori looks up and Woojin is standing right in front of her. He tells her that he thought he had to keep his promise, he should not run away twice. She stands up and hugs him right away. Where did you go? You said you wouldn’t leave again?

he apologieses.

WJ – I am sorry, I thought about it so many times, but what can I do?

Flashback to the cemetary building. Woojin waited outside, but he looked so pale so the guard said he would get him some water. Wait here.

When he was at home, he was eating with Chan but stood to go to the bathroom. He threw up all his food.

WJ – Should I just run away and ignore it as if nothing happened and stay next to you? What if I just covered it all up? I thought about it hundreds of times. If I knew that it was my fault then I would never have started to lvoe you at all. then it would have been easier to leave and run away. But whatever I do, I can’t leave you anymore. I can’t imagine myself without you because I love you so much.

SR – I was worried that you just dissapeared, I was afraid.

Lots of flashbacks thoughout this scene.

WJ – My fear of not seeing you anymore was greater than my fear of you blaming me. I know I don’t deserve it. I took all your time and life from you so I really want to protect you until you really become happy again. You can blame me and hate me and push me but i want to be next to you so…please…

SR – Gong Woo-jin, your name was Gong Woo-jin. What if what you know is not everything?

He stops crying for a moment and they hold hands as they look at each other.

Flashback to them both as kids. Seori looked at Woojin playing basketball with his friends and told Dukgu that that guy is the crescendo guy, is he the leader of the class, I wonder?

She sits on the bus and draws a crescendo on the window as she looks at Woojin sitting outside. Soomi asks her what she drew, she says it was a crescendo. She looks out the window at Woojin again.

In the present, they both continue looking at each other as he grips tightly to her hands and his letter.

Fade Out

No preview (sob). I am so happy that he stayed and is going to confront his issues head on. I am also glad that Seori noticed him when they were kids because honestly in the first few episodes I was always thinking, how does she not notice this handsome kid following her around AND staring at her all the time? Is she really that much of a space cadet?

I also really enjoy how they don’t really play them as first loves, they kind of just set it up as wanting to be friends and getting to know someone. More of a curiosity type thing. But I know they might (or are and I am just ignoring it) play this as a dual first love thing which might irk me, but I am willing to over look it since this show is all about fate. I can definitely get two people noticing each other without the other one knowing that they are being noticed.

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    Whaat?! The man paying for her isn’t her uncle? Wtf is going on? Is he the car/bus driver then? & omg how will they resolve Jennifer & aunt & uncle in the remaining episodes. This is stressing me out. 😫😯😖
    Before yesterday’s episode I had thought that Chan’s ankle would prevent him from coming first place, but now with him skipping his treatment I think a more heavy consequence is going to be there. I don’t know if the show makers are even considering it a plot at this point 🤷‍♀️

    • V
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      Yes, a bunch of things do feel rushed (I mean Chan’s ankle is fully healed? come on now, son).

      I think Hyeong-tae just happened to see her in the hallway when she went with Chan to his hospital. Then he said she needed to get checked up due to her injuries and all that?

      I have a feeling that the man is the person who was driving the truck filled with barrels….? The one who caused the accident to begging with? Not sure, but that is my guess. It definitely makes me wonder where the uncle is though.

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