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Still 17 Kdrama Live Recap Episode 25 and 26

Shin Hye-Sun and Yang Se-Jong holding hands awkwardly and hiding from the rain in Korean Drama Still 17
I am very so much looking forward to today. Last time, we got a cute confession followed by awkward kisses and playful jokes. You know the awkward lovey dovey-ness will not end there right? The next morning at home is sure to be just as awkward, and can you imagine how work will be? Will they be stealing themselves away to the coffee room or the balcony? Let’s hope!

They have not released a picture of that adorable night after the concert yet, so I used a photo from another magical night which was when they tried to stay dry at the playground and ended up holding hands inadvertently.

Also, if anyone is interested in 100 Days My Prince, it premiers today! We plan on recapping that one as well though I’m not sure if we will do the first episode in our live format (aftercap style) or if we will just wait for a minute to post it all at once (quickcap style). Decisions, decisions…

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We open at the ending were Woo-jin tells Seori that he likes her. She also says that she likes him. He leans in and gives her a soft kiss for a long moment. They look at each other afterwards, but then she starts to move away from him. He asks her where she is going all of a sudden. She tells him that her heart is pumping like it will burst and she doesn’t want him to hear it.

he stands and tells her that it is okay. She says it is her first time being like this. He says it is his first time also. She is all like, what? I am like this but you are that old and haven’t even kissed anyone yet? But then she takes it back. He doesn’t mind and just tells her that they can go.

He holds her hand as they walk away. She asks for that thing one mroe time so he kisses her quickly. She asks for it one more time so he kisses her again. But then she says, well actually, I want to see you picture that you drew…..ajusshi, you are so dumb and cute.

But he tells her that mocking is not a cool thing and starts to walk away as she laughs, but he turns and grabs her hand again.

Seori thanks Woojin and the team so much for her job during the festival. HS tells her that she got so many business cards since their performance was so successful. So she can continue helping them with classical performances and she can hire her to be a full time worker. Everyone is super happy that Soeri is promoted as a regular. HS tells them that they are done with the festival so they can all take a break and have a good week.

SR and WJ leave together with Seori happily showing him that she is a regular, she fills like a normal 30 year old. Seori sees the old woman that listens to her play. She says that Woojin is her husband and happily walks away. Woojin is so happy to hear it and does not correct the halmoni.

They walk off so Woojin asks if halmoni listened to her all this time. Maybe you can keep playing. Maybe we can put the banner here and someone can find you. We can do as much as you can to find them. Maybe someone knows where they are. Woojin leans in and says that someone told him that you never know what might happen, so it is better to try.

Cut to them talking to the banner man. The man says that it has been awhile, perhaps you can do flyers first? They agree.

While walking, Woojin asks what happened to Seori, she says that seh was in a car accident. But on that day of the accident,, something bothered her, she saw her uncle he said he was going to go on a business trip, but maybe that was a lie. It might have something to do with why they disappeared, it bothers me.

Later on, Woo-jin starts googling all about the uncles company. he finds out that K and J trading is bankrupt.
he calls someone quickly, his father. He has a question for him.

Meanwhile, Seori is practicing outside again. The halmae shows up and listens to her. It is night as they both are outside. halmoni claps for Seori and then gives her some fresh veggetables to eat with her husband. Seori smiles and says he isn’t her husband, she is a bit embarrassed. Seori tells her that she will play her music loudly so she can hear it, so no need to wait outside.

Inside, Woojin sees a photo of Jeniffer looking happy and amazing. It is a photo that the mystery woman gave her, she said that Oppa would want her to have it and would want her to live smiling like this again.

Woojin says that he thought it was a different person, he never saw her smile like this before. Jeniffer says that someone deserves expressing feelings like crying or smiling or laughing, but she doesn’t…bye. Woojin yells after her that he thought he didn’t deserve it either, until a little bit ago, so you will have those moments again too!

Jeniffer paused to listen to him and then kept walking to her room.

Outside, Woojin meets with Seori and carries her corn for her back to the house. Seori is so happy to have the corn and says that it is the first thing that she has gotten from playing. halmoni even says that her knee does not hurt when she hears her play.

Woojin thinks about something all of a sudden with selling the house. The father sent the house contract, but it was signed by the aunt and not the uncle. He thinks the uncle is the lawful guardian, so why did the uncle sign it?

But he puts it out of his mind as they go inside.

The next morning, the flyers go up all around the city.

At home, jennifer gives woojin a finger heart to give to Chan. He says he will give it to him but he also pauses for a moment as he and Jeniffer share a moment.

But then he drives off with Seori who is happily in the car. She sees a flower shop and wants to be dropped off so she can get a flower boquette. At the flower shop is – her aunt (I think).

Woo-jin gets to the competition with a big heart and tells Chan all that Jennifer wanted him to tell Chan. Chan is all like, I want to buy some eyes that did not see this. Seori is off at the flower shop.

Chan tells Woo-jin that he will be #1 so be ready to congratualte him. They hug and Chan runs off. Woojin wonders when Chan grew up so much.

Chan is off trying to find Seori so he can get his Seori vitamin, but he stumbles. He looks at his ankle which looks horrible, it is fire red. He takes a drink at the booth and then hears Seori call his name. He is happy to see her, but he has to run off so he asks for a quick high-five.

She agrees so they do a high-five, but he wraps his fingers in hers and does not let go. he tells her that he will come back a winner – definitely. She smiles and says, okay, I will support you! They both exclaim DONT THINK, FEEL! And Chan runs away.

At the flower shop, the aunt comes in and sees something on the counter, a customer left it. (It is Seori’s notebook). The aunt looks at it and is suddenly out of breath. She sees Seori’s name written on it and also sees her picture inside. She falls to the ground and something breaks near her. The assistant asks her if she is okay, the aunt is very much not okay and picks up the picture again.

Meanwhile, Chan is getting ready for the solo competition. His main competitor says he will enjoy seeing the back of his head. Chan just smiles and tells him that he looks nervous. Then they all line up to start.

Chan psyches himself up and says, he has 7 minutes, let’s endure it for 7 mintues (with his ankle pain). They wait for the sign and then they are off!
Everyone cheers for Chan. Riahn is also cheering, but she has a paper bag over her head for some strange reason.

On the river, Chan thinks that he has a goal, he will win, this will be his best moment, he thinks back to talking to Seori about this. This must give him strength because he starts steam rolling ahead. He is catching the leader and by the end, they have to watch the video to see who won.

It is a judges decision – Chan wins!

Woojin is so happy that he starts to tear up. Chan is elated on the water, but his ankle is all messed up. It does not stop him from smiling though.

Later, the only thing he cares about is if Seori saw him winning. Did you see me! Did you see me win! Seori jumps around and tells him that she did! And his uncle cried! Woojin tries to ignore that last part and wants to grab something to eat with them. But Chan has to take off with his coach and team. Chan makes sure that Seori remembers her promise to him to hang out. She says that she remembers.

Cut to the aunt running around with Seori’s notebook almost like she is having a panic attack. She bumps into Woojin and drops the notebook, Woojin immediately recognizes it as Seori’s. Seori is also just behind Woojin and calls his name. The aunt lets Woojin take the notebook and runs off.

Woojin looks at her, curiously.

Later, Woojin drops Seori off to meet Tae-rin, but then he says he has to meet someone and takes off. The aunt is on his mind.

Inside, Seori meets Tae-rin over drinks. Tae-rin is going to leave and study more. Seori wonders what more she has to learn. She is a teacher now. Tae-rin says that she has more to learn and she is actually going out because she is envious of Seori. She wants to enjoy music and find the way to enjoy it. She likes it, but the way she faces it is different. She wants to do what she likes to do longer and have a type of – intermission.

Seori says intermission at the same timea nd they both smile. Seori tells her that she is thankful for the opportunity. Tae-ri gives Seori a gift, it is a tiny violin that she can put in her case. tae-rin tells her that she wants her to continue her music, she is sorry.

Seori tells her that she has nothing to be sorry about. Tae-rin just smiles and asks if they can play together next time, after she comes back. Seori is game to do that. Tae-rin gets up and gets a call from her mother, but this time she smiles at the call instead of letting it make her anxious. She walks off happily and the camera cuts to show us the same broach on Tae-rin’s violin bag that she just gave Seori.
Cut to Chan waiting outside, he thinks he has his scooter and the restaurant and he will be an adult soon with a salary! Seori runs up and is stunned to see a scooter. he tells her not to worry! he even has a waste support so she can holdhim as much as she wants to, she won’t tickle him!

They take off ont he scooter and happily drive along the river. Seori thinks it is so much fun and wonder where they are going later. He tells her to just follow him. But then the navigation tells him that he is off the navigation. Chan is immediately flustered. He tells Seori not to worry, just trust him. But then he hits a nail and misses the turn.

Don’t worry, don’t worry! Trust me!

But Seori looks a bit concerned.

We open at the flower shop witht he aunt looking hesitant and anxious. She calls someone, but then hangs up before quickly. She takes a few breaths and then calls again. It is the hospital. The nurse answers. The aunt asks a question, did Woo Seori wake up? The nurse asks who that is. She can’t give her personal information if she does not know who she is. Who are you?

The aunt hangs up and leaves, but she runs into Woo-jin outside her shop. He tells calls her Seori’s aunt and she turns. he thinks that he is right, she is her aunt. But the aunt tries to say that she does not know that person. She leavs, but Woojin just yells after her and says that Seori is waiting for her, where is her uncle?

But the aunt just drives off. Int he car she says, it is not my fault, it is not my fault, but then she stops the car and cries.

Meanwhile, Seori and Chan are still driving. He is thoroughly lost. To make matters worse, the battery is going low and they have a flat tire. And then, to add insult to injury, he accidentally tips over the scooter so they crash in the middle of the road.

But no one is hurt. Seori tells him that his tire has no air in it. Chan tries to think of what to do. he is also worried that Seori did not eat. But she says that she is okay. Luckily, a police car saves them.

Cut to Woojin picking them up at the hospital. Seori protects Chan and tells him not to yell at him. Woojin is all like, ….. alright, lets go. But Chan stumbles as he walks off so Woojin looks at his ankle. it is very bad. They end up going into the hospital and find out that Woojin needs a cast.

Woojin tells the doctor that Chan is an athlete so please take care of him. At the same time, Seori tries to help Chan walk around. But then Hyeong-tae sees Seori in the hospital! He runs up to her and hugs her immediately.

Chan pushes him off like a protective boyfriend, but Hyeong-tae just says that he is her friend, don’t you rmember me? Woojin comes up right at that time to hear hyeon-tae pleading his case. But he also protect Seori from Hyung-tae.

However, Seori says that he knows her….So, they cut to the two of them talking alone outside. he fills her in on what he was doing since she was in a coma. She asks if he knows why her uncle and aunt dropped her. He thinks back to that moment he witnessed of the aunt leaving. But he says that they didn’t drop her, that is nonsense. Maybe they went abroad they were in a hurry, don’t worry, I don’t have their contract so I will try to contact them.

She asks about Soomi, he tells her that they lost contact but she should be okay. Let’s get you checked out first. You just ran away after waking up and all. She says that she is okay…and seh looks for Woojin and Chan. He tells her that he is her friend…can you stop speaking to me in jongdaemal? She says that she understands that….but you look so strange to me now.

he understands and tells her that they can go slowly.

Inside, Woojin and Chan sit in Chans room and wait. But Chan is steaming. How can he hug her like that! Woojin basically tells him to chill. Seori and Hyeong-tae come back inside, HT thanks them for taking care of his Seori. Chan is all like, “your” Seori? How dare – . But Woojin just pushes him to sit back down.

Hyeong-tae says that Seori can get a check up and then stay with him for awhile .Chan pops back up, why is Seori going to your place! Hyeong-tae says that he is her guardian so he can take care of her. But Seori tells him that she can stay with her family memebrs in her haouse. Hyeong-tae is a little taken aback by that, but says okay.

Woojin fills out all the paperwork and tells the nurse that he is Seori’s boyfriend and guardian, right in front ot Hyeong-tae. Hyeong-tae asks to talk to him. They go outside to talk.

Hyeong-tae tells Woojin that he does not even know Seori, he only knows her a little bit. How can he be the guardian? Woojin tells her that he is her guardian right now. HT says he was last in his class, but he tried a lot to ba a doctor because he wanted to find a way to make her wake up. You have only been with her for a few months, how are you qualified?

Woojin tells him that she was okay at his place. They had a lot of hardships together and she is okay now. HT tries to argue, but WJ just thanks him for showing up and taking care of her now. he also wants a favor, her time was stopped for a long time and is only starting again right now so he hopes that HT does not hurry her so much. He may have been watching her for a long time, but for her, it wasn’t a long time. In this situation, I hope it does not confuse her.

HT asks how he is so calm, he does not know about his heart to Seori.

WJ says he doesn’t know about HT, but he knows about himself. It was really hard to love her so that is why he is saying, when you have assurance you don’t have to insecure (or doubtful). Why did you lie to Seori, her aunt at the least, did not go abroad.

HT – Who are you, how much do you know?

WJ – What are you hiding from her?

Woojin goes back inside and runs into Jennifer. He asks why she is there, she says that one of her family memebers is hospitalized. he is all like, what? Your family memeber?

He goes back to Seori’s room and finds out that the mixed matched slippers belonged to her, they could have met sooner. Chan is all like, aren’t doctors busy? HT leaves.

Cut to Chan and his family and friends enjoying all the food that jennifer brought. they are having the best time as the friends talk about their medals and whether they cried or not. Hyeong-tae looks in from the door secretly and sees all the joy filling the room.

Later on, Woojin tucks Chan in and then goes to Seori’s room. He says, you aren’t sleeping, why, are you feeling insecure?

She says she is nervous jsut in case she is not healthy. he tells her not to worry about it, just go to bed. He tucks her in a while, she curls to her side and they hold hands as he sits in the chair next to her bed. He waits with her until she falls asleep.

VO – What are you hiding?

Flashback to his converstation with HT.

HT – You don’t know how great she was, without the accident, she should not live like this. After her parents died, the violin was everything for her. But after her accident, she lost that as well. It should hurt her so I did not want to tell her all that now, I want to delay it as much as possible.

WJ looks at Seori as he remembers that.

Hyung-tae looks at Woojin and Seori from the door and remembers another flashback when he saw Seori having a fun time with her new family. She runs outside and talks to him about how her life has been. it took her a long time to adjust to her new self, she is still getting used to herself (she tries to talk banmal to him). I know you are my friend Hyung-tae in my brain, but actually you are very foreign to me. Can you give me some mroe time? I am sorry I am not that familiar with you. I’m sorry.
Chan talks to himself, she should be done with her checkup…. Then Seori comes in (ah, he is in her room waiting for her). jennifer is with her and tells Chan that he should not walk like this, it will not be good for his ankle. He says it is fine and hits his leg a few times.

Woojin is processing her leave from the hospital. The nurse comes in and tells Chan that he should not be walking around, he has to go get his pain shot. Chan hobbles out to get it.

Jennifer tells Seori that she has to go home to prepare a meal for her, it is her pleasure. Seori thanks her. then another doctor comes in, Hyung-tae asked him to look after her because he has an emergency surgery appointment. Hyung-tae lost two friends, so it should be hard for him, but it is good that she is awake.

Seori is all like, what? Two friends?

Cut to Seori waiting for Hying-tae outside the surgery hall. She asks Hyung-tae about what he said about Soomi being okay, you said she was okay, where is she? Seori tears up. Hyung-tae wants to tell her more, but he is called to go back into surgery.

Woojin goes to search for Seori, but she is not in her room. On her cell phone we see that she was googling the accident and who died. Woojin finds her outside crying. he wants to know what happened, why are you crying? Seori tries to tell him about her friend, but she can’t even get it out so he hugs her.

In the room, Chan wits for Seori again. the nurse asks where Seori is, Chan says it is him. The nruse is all like, oh yeah, you are the nephew to her guardan? Woos-seori’s boyfriend? Please tell him to come to the office when she comes back.

Chan looks as if his life just crumbled….boyfriend?

Woojin and Seori go to the memorial cemetary where Soomi’s resting spot is. Woojin lets her go in by herself to say hello to her friend. Seori painfully goes inside and says hello to Soomi, she starts crying as she says her name over and over again.

But something about that makes Woojin think about the past and all the moments that he interacted with Seori. Seori says that she always took Soomi’s uniform and her friend never got angry at her. he also remembers Seori’s friend on the bus. he is about to have a nervous breakdown.

But instead, he just grabs Seori and thanks her for being a live. Your alive…thank you for being alive…thank you….

Seori is taken aback and does not know what to make of it.

Fade Out

Our poor team, their Jengi house came tumbling down this episode with a lot more bricks to fall. Everyone had something punch them in the gut. I’m afraid tomorrow is going to be filled with regret and tears, y’all. But I think I can handle it. Can you handle it?

WC – What’s wrong? What’s going on?
Chan – Why are you looking for old things?
HT – The one that paid for Seori’s hospital bill for 11 years?
HT – If I saw her when she came to visit my place as your back up…
Jennifer – It sounds sad, the word “if”
WJ – Which ticked can I get quickly that takes me the farthest away?
Chan – Uncle, uncle? Why isn’t’ he here?
WJ – If I knew it was my fault, then I shouldn’t’ have loved you at all from the beginning…I am sorry

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  1. Ftisland fan
    September 10, 2018 / 9:44 am

    I think riahn covered her face because wj will be at the competition. Remember, she called wj a pervert when she first saw him

    • JoAnn
      September 10, 2018 / 9:52 am

      The funny thing is WJ might not even remember her. lol

      • Anonymous
        September 10, 2018 / 9:59 am

        Haha! True!

      • V
        September 10, 2018 / 10:46 am

        Lol, so true.

    • V
      September 10, 2018 / 10:46 am

      That is right, I forgot about that!

  2. Linda
    September 10, 2018 / 10:22 am

    Thank you for the recap!

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    September 10, 2018 / 10:24 am

    Oh my goodness, all the secrets are starting to spill out now! Can’t wait for the next episode tomorrow!

  4. JoAnn
    September 10, 2018 / 10:31 am

    Many thanks for the recap. I don’t know what to say. So many painful revelations for everyone.

  5. Mehgann
    September 10, 2018 / 11:13 am

    Oh, man, looks like we are heading towards noble idiot city. Nooooo!!!!

    Please let it be short lived. And please let Chan be okay, because I CANNOT deal with his brokenness lasting for more than 30 seconds…

    • V
      September 10, 2018 / 2:16 pm

      It is the right moment for noble idiot city, lol. But I think in his case he might just be running away again. So not really noble idiocy, just straight idiocy (but I kind of get where he is coming from).

  6. Ann
    September 10, 2018 / 11:39 am

    V, thanks again for your wonderful recaps. Do you know anything about them cutting the shows from 40 episodes to 32? How do you feel about that?

    • V
      September 10, 2018 / 2:17 pm

      Oh no! Did they cut them? You just broke news to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Off to google it now.

    • JoAnn
      September 10, 2018 / 5:22 pm

      The strange thing is that from the beginning DramaFever always had it listed as 16 episodes and My Drama List had it at 20 episodes. I never knew which was correct.

  7. Shayri
    September 10, 2018 / 2:24 pm

    Just read 2 parts of the recap. That bitch of an aunt….she sold the house, took the money & ran away.

    • V
      September 10, 2018 / 2:25 pm

      That is what it seems like! I really wonder what happened. Did the uncle die? Did he feel a lot of regret and become a street person? Did he disappear on her and leave her with a huge house note? So many questions.

      • Shayri
        September 10, 2018 / 2:43 pm

        I think something shady happened for sure. The house was Woo Seo Ri’s parents , & the uncle was her guardian but the property should go to the child no? In any case, the aunt was definitely in the wrong. The uncle might have disappeared due to guilt, he might have been facing financial problems before the accident happened. Bankruptcy doesn’t happen in a day. The aunt might have abandoned SR because maybe the uncle cheated? Going out on a trip but not is a classic cheaters move. This is the only explanation that would make what the aunt did understandable.

  8. Shayri
    September 10, 2018 / 2:47 pm

    Oh wow…. They really packed in all the revelations in one day didn’t they? Are they really cutting down the episodes? I thought with 40 Episodes we’d enjoy this for a long while but if it’s down to 32… Well I still think they can wrap things up properly but some things will seem rushed. The aunt, uncle, the house are left to be resolved, also SR finding out about WJ’s history. The doctor seems like a side character.

    • V
      September 10, 2018 / 3:43 pm

      The episodes are a mystery. It seems like it might have always been 32? But there are some questions about extending it because the next show does not start until October? It has really good ratings at 10.8%

  9. Moriaelini
    September 10, 2018 / 7:41 pm

    I really dislike Hyung Tae right now. He of all people should know what it is like for a coma patient to wake up after so many years, or at least be smart enough to realize that he is a complete stranger to her. The way he tries to force himself on her makes me ill. He also assumes that he has some right to her simply because he had a crush on her when they were kids. If that is the criteria, then Woo Jin is just as qualified. Hyung Tae may have watched over her for that whole time, but to her he is weird and new. I cannot wait until Woo Jin realizes she is the girl,he crushed on so many years ago. I hope the revelation heals them both. Poor Chan Chan though. He breaks my heart, poor puppy.

    • V
      September 11, 2018 / 4:15 am

      Same. I don’t dislike Hyung Tae since he did have a lot of dedication to visit her consistently and change his profession to something that doesn’t even jive with him, but he is coming on strong.

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