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Still 17 Kdrama Live Recap Episode 23 and 24

Seori plays the violin in Korean drama Still 17
Woo-jin has said his feeeelings! Albeit in a heated moment, but still, they are out there. Will Seori take them in? From the preview it seems as if she will not, so my guess is that this entire episode will be dealing with that?

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Seori tells Woojin that this violinist woke up, this unfortunate violinist, it does not matter to me, do you think I would thank you? I told you, I am okay to be used. Woojin wonders how she can be okay. Seori tells her that she can hold her violin again, she can play it, and her uncle that left her might find her. Maybe he can visit her, so being used does not matter. It is okay. You are nothing to me so why do you care?

Woojin tells her that he hates it because the woman he likes is hurt. He hates it more than dying. You will get hurt, what if you hate music and get hurt more?

I will get hurt, I am the one being used. If I can play the violin, then I am thankful. Someone like me is thankful for this opportunity. I did not hear anything from you, I am going to play on the stage, whatever happens.

She walks off, heated. He stays and frustratingly runs his hands through his hair.

Seori goes to practice, but has a lot of thoughts in her head. She thinks about TR telling her hat a lot of people will watch her. And he also thinks about Woojin telling her that the person he likes, no, the woman he likes getting hurt is worse than dying.

Her string breaks as she practices.

Woojin paces outside and calls Chan. They talk about Seori, where is she? She is not home yet. Chan says that she is probably practicing because her date is not that far away.

Woojin runs off to the practice studio. The security guard is there and grumbles about people not turing out the lights. Woojin runs in but the policeman tells him that no one is inside, he just checked.

Seori is inside sitting in the dark with her violin on her lap.

The three friends talk about bonding as they prepare for their competition, they will sleep together and wear the same clothes! It is morning so Woojin wakes up and looks like he did not sleep, Chan is a bit worried about it.

But then the door opens to Seori’s room so Woojin runs to say hello, but Jennifer comes out with a change of clothes to give to Seori, she hopes she does not practice too hard. Woojin hopes she is only practicing, it would make him feel better.

Seori is about to open the door to work, but thinks about what she told Woojin last night and decides not to, she walks away. JH watches her walk away and calls her name, but she does not hear him.

JH goes inside and grummbles out loud to Woojin, how can he say those harsh things to Seori! If I was her then I would not come back! But Woojin accidentally cuts his hand and JH runs over to him in concern. He treats his hand and grummbles about how Woojin can hurt his pretty hand like this.

HS tells him to go back to work and then checks on Woojin’s hand. She also wonders how he can do that to Seori. She tells him to look at his own face and then says that she can’t see him here, just leave (but it has a touch of concern in it).

Seori is outside sitting on a bench, the old woman who listens to her comes to sit next to her. She tells her that hearing Seori play the violin makes her feel good. It makes her legs not hurt anymore, did you have an argument with someone?

Seori says no, but the woman says that her hands look like she had an argument with someone. Seori looks at her hands and then thinks back to practicing as a teenager. She practices for a long time so her aunt (or mother) is worried about her chin and her hands. But young Seori says it did not hurt at all because it was fun.

However, the older Seori looks at her hands and says that it hurts, it isn’t any fun.

At home, Jennifer and Woojin think about Seori, she is not home yet.

Woojin goes outside to look at the moon and think about her. Jennifer suddenly starts talking next to him. She talks about fermenting food and all those things. How things change over time. A lot of trouble with people is caused by something you did not say. One word that you did not say. Before it gets worse, it is better to put it back to its own position.

Woojin runs away and asks the conductor if he had pracice. He tells him that Seori came to see him. Flashback to Seori telling the conductor that she does not think that she can do it. Someone asked her what she did and she could not answer confidently, whatever she does, she will not be good enough to play on stage. She tried to ignore it because she wanted to be on stage. But if she continues to ignore this, then she will get worse. Thank you for the opportunity, sonsangnim.

Seori goes to work, but does not go inside and walks away to the bridge. Woojin sees her there and runs to her. He yells her name and then tells her that he is sorry, he should not have told her like that, he did not want to hurt her but ended up hurting her even more.

Seori tells him that it is okay, but Woojin says that he only thought about himself. Seori tells him that he was right, someone told her that it looks like she had a fight. When she was enoying playing, she was proud of her calused hands, but now she is ashamed. if she went on stage, then it would be the same, she would be embarrassed. She cannot go on stage and be embarrassed with her mothers violin.

Woojin tells her that she wants to see her uncle. But Seori says that she is not a little kid, she knows that her uncle abandoned her a long time ago. If she still used that as an excuse, then maybe she will hate the violin later (or something similar), she thanks Woojin for helping her to not hate the music that she loves and for geting involved in her business.

Woojin says that he was worried that he got involved in someone elses life and messed it up again. Soeri says that maybe it is a good spot that they are on, on this bridge, good things always happen to them there. Whenever she wants to see him, but seh can’t find him, then she will come there.

that will never happen again because we can be together from now on. I don’t want to be distant from you because I did not say somthing that I should have said. If I worry about you then I will tell you and if i care about you then I will say it and you can say the same to me.

Well, my heart is pumping and my legs are shaky and my hands are shaky and – maybe – I am – low in sugar…..I did not eat anything all day. You said I should say anything, can we eat something now?

Yes – we can, let’s go.

Lets eat ddukbogi!

You should eat a real meal, like eggs. You should not eat spicy food on an empty stomach. I can carry this (violin).

No I am okay

You are low in sugar…

they walk off with Woojin holding her violin.
The three friends happily talk to Woojin in the morning, they are wearing the same clothes. Woojin wants to know if they really have to wear the same clothes. They say that it is for their union! What will you do if we win a medal?

Do I have to do anything?

The friends all ask Woojin if he can come to the competition? Chan tells them that he can’t because he has a festival.

How do you know my schedule?

Can you come for Chan’s single race?


YC thinks that he should do well, they are going for a run so they are leaving. They leave their weights with Woojin and look forward to their present.

In her room, Seori only hears “the woman I like – the woman I like – the woman I like” over and over again. She has butterflies. She goes outside and Woojin is right there. He asks hr if she had a good night sleep and – he did not tell her something important.


Your hair – is pretty.

She messes with her hair for a moment and then runs off to fan herself in the kitchen after saying she is thirsty! jennifer is there so Seori happily greats Jennifer and tells her that she decided not to do the festival. jennifer says that she won’t tell Chan since his competition is close. She takes a pill so Seori wonders if she is sick. jennifer says that the doctor that she works for gave it to her. Seori mentions that he has the same name as a kid she knew.

Seori asks if Jennifer knows of a singer named Kim Hyeung-tae (her friends dream was to be a singer). jennifer searches it but there is only one and he is older and sings halmoni and halabogi songs. Seori wonders about him.

Hyeong-tae talks to the hospital about Seori, have they heard anything? They tell him that the hospital fee was sent everymonth, but this month they did not get it. Hyeong-tae thinks back to when he was a teenager, he walks to Seori-’s house and the aunt was running away. He brought a CD for her but the aunt says that she has nothing to do with Seori anymore. Hyeong-tae goes to the hospital and says that he can be Seori’s guardian if the Aunt and Uncle are not there!

In the present, the nurse says that Hyeong-tae is the only one that they can contact. that man came and confirmed that she is not there anymore. Hyeong-tae thanks them.

At a construction sight, the mystery man walks by and two workers talk about how he just quit, they don’t know why. they wonder if he does not need the money anymore.

The team talks about the festival when HS gets a call. She hangs up and sits on the desk quickly to pull up a car image. It looks like the organizer is arrested for drunk driving? JH wonders what this means but HS says that he liked drinking and driving, he should be more careful……let’s work harder!

They are all happy that they don’t have to deal with him anymore.

At the competition practice, Jennifer made galbi-tang and oysters for the team, she arranged it very nicely outside. The team is amazed and star struck and wonder if she is Chan’s mother. She tells them “Please call me Jennifer” in English. Then she tells Chan good luck and walks away with a slight smile as she pops open her umbrella.

Meanwhile, Woojin goes to a department store and buys three backpacks for the friends, perhaps this will be their gift if they win.

At home, Chan looks for his little chicken. Woojin comes in with the chicken in a new cage that he made for her. he also gives them the present. DS says that he was supposed to give it to them if they got a medal, so he says that he already gave it to them so they have to get a medal. They all smile.

Chan thanks Mr Gong for being nice to his friends and for coming back to the old Mr. Gong. Woojin thinks that not only the chicken grew, but Chan grew too. He was about to say Dont think, feel, but he only gets to don’t – don’t – don’t – as Chan runs away covering his ears.
Elsewhere, Tae-rin looks like she regrets what she said to Seori before (it is a good opportunity for you even though you were not picked for your ability). Then the conductor comes in.

At the police station, someone calls looking for a person, Woo Seori. Thirty years old female. The police man writes it all down.

The mystery man hangs up, he lives in a very tiny efficiency apartment and eats cup noodles. Ont he wall are a lot of signs about the multiple car crash that happened (a while ago?).

Tae-rin talks to the conductor about the festival. She thinks it is almost time and she regrets that she will not see the conductor play. The conductor asks if she is really sad, she has everything so why does she care about Seori so much?

Flashback to her as a kid and also as an adult interacting with Seori.

Conduction – You were 17 back then, so you can be jeaous becaue you were little. Do you know why I like Soeri’s music? I knew how much she enjoyed music even though she does not play by the notes. I was looking forward to hearing her play. You are already a musician, everyone looks forward to seeing you. i want you to be a little more happier and I hope you become a musician that enjoys music and is not only perfect.

Tae-rin – You don’t know me. (crying).

Seori and Chan talk outside, they tell each other that they want to supprot each other, but their events are on the same day. Chan asks her if she can do something for him, if he is #1 in the competition, can she play with him? She says that of course they should celebrate with everyone. But he tells her, no, just you and me.

She thinks for a moment and says yes, they can. He hops up in excitement. I HAVE TO WIN!

Everyone gets ready to leave for the festival. Woojin asks Seori, c-c-c-come with me. He looks at her bashfully. HS senses something going on. Woojin tells the other two that they should take two cars. HS agrees, YES LETS TAKE TO CARS. She pulls Jh away to her car.

Seori bashfully gets in the car with Woojin as he playfully pulls her to his car and opens the door for her. They are both so adorable awkward.

Seori delivers water to HS and JH and tries to help out in all the ways she can. She gives Woojin a fan, he says he is okay. But he takes the water from her and smiles. he drinks some but she says, wait, that’s my water! But he smiles and says that it doesn’t matter…she blushes.

Chan and team warm up at his competition.

Montage of the two events getting ready.

Finally, everything is set and the day has arrived. HS tells JH to be alert until the end. On stage, Woojin checks the presentation but then hears Seori shout about something. She hurt her hand a little bit, but she is okay and runs off to JH go needs help with something.

As the performers start to show up, Seori delivers water and other items to them all. HS and Woojin watch, HS thinks it is pretty cruel to have Seori watch the performance. Woojin asks why Seori is delivering all these things to people, but she just Smiles and says that she is happy to help out, she is not busy.

The rehearsal starts. Woojin watches Seori watch the rehearsal. Later on, seh sits in the field by herself and watches the sky. So, Woojin sits next to her and tells her that he is tired so he will just sit there for a moment. He gives her one headphone and he uses the next one.

He plays a classical song and takes a tiny nap on her shoulder as they both listen to it. She looks over at him so he asks what she is looking at, even tohugh his eyes are closed. She mutters that she did not see anything. So he tells her that he has to leave now that the song is over. he gets up to go and they yells back, aren’t you coming? She quickly runs to walk with him.
Elsewhere, Chan and team see their biggest competition walk right past them. They try not to let it bother them and shake it off. But then someone tells them that the coach wants to talk to them all. they run off and hear an insirational pep talk from the coach. He says they worked hard and it is all okay so long as they are first! They all cheer.

the team huddles up, one of the kids says that he didn’t want anything when he father became super rich (with land) but now he wants to win. Then they asks the other guy something, but he never talks. DS says that he wants to pee, this is the first time they have wanted something this much in their life. DONT THINK – FEEL!

They all line up to start the race. ATTENTION – GO!

Everyone starts paddling. Ree-ahn shows up as well on a bicycle and rides along the side as she cheers for her boys. The teams is behind, but they start to catch up. Re-an sheers for the the entire way, she is so loud that the coach, who is riding behind her, defers to her cheers and tells her that she can be the coach.

The team gets third! they are so happy because their goal was to get any medal. The coach and Ree-an cheer together and the team also cheers on the water.

Something is going on with the sound, Tae-rin has to talk to him and tells him to make it perfect, she can not accept what he is doing now. She storms off. Seo-ri sees her and goes to talk to her in the back.

SR – Director….I am sorry I skipped the performance and did not formally tell you. i am sorry about that.

You gave up so easily, is the violin not that improtant for you?

I did not give up easily, I wanted it so much so that is why I stopped it. I want to go slowly and enjoy it more for a longer time. I love it somuch so I did not want to be fast tracked and do it just to do it well. When I have the opportunity to, then I will enjoy it. It might look funny to someone like you.

Someone like me?

You are so prefect already, you alraedy achieved everything and don’t have to be jelous.


When I saw your performance last time, I cried because you were so perfect, I envied you.

You envied me, Woo Seori?

Cut to Tae-rin in the back alone. She gets a text from her mother.

Text: I am looking forward to a perfect festival, you know that I value you the most.

Tae-rin thinks about all the jealously she had over Seori when she was little and what her mother and the conductor said to her. he liked Seori because she enjoyed music, so don’t torture yourself. Seori also told her that she is so perfect, seh achieved everything already, I enjoy music so I don’t want to be pressured, enjoying it is better than doing it well.

Tae-rin thinks about all of this and pops her shirt button as she pulls her shirt to get more air. It is as if all her hate heat is trying to escape.

A the competition, The team is so crazy to happy to have bronze that you might think they won gold. But Chan’s ankle is affecting him.
At the festival, the speaker guy tells Tae-rin over the phone that he has gotten as best as he can get from the sound, do you want to go with it? She quetly says that she will go with it, then she looks at herself in the mirror.

the performance starts and the crowd starts clapping along. The conductor even encourages them to clap.

While listening, Woojin secretly holds Seori’s hand as they stand next to each other. Seori is startled, but then smiles and enjoys the music. Woojin looks at her for a moment, to gauge her reaction perhaps, and then looks at the performance again.

The screen on the stage turns to sea life as if the music is underwater. the crowd loves it.

But there is trouble, a percussionist had an allergic reaction to one of the instruments. Like a clacker like instrument. tae-rin says that everyone can’t just play that, even though it looks simple, they have to know how the music is. She says that she will do it, but then she thinks, perhaps, Seori can.

She asks Seori is she wants to do it, if not, then Tae-rin can. It is Seori’s choice.

Seori goes on stage and holds the clacker, it is the kind that you have to wind to get it to make any noise as if you are swinging your shirt or a towel around. the conductor tells her when to wind it so Seori happily does it. Everyone who knows what is going on, smiles.

At the end of the performance, Seori sits on the stage alone. She mutters that there is no moon and makes her rabbit hands to herself. Woojin walks over to her and asks what she is doing over here alone.

Seori says nothing, why aren’t you sleeping? He asks the same to her, she says that she just can’t sleep. he tells her that when you can’t sleep, there is always a reason. She says that she thinks of the stage…she does not know why. I think I liked it and i had fun even though it was awkward and uncomfortable and just happened. But it feels like it didn’t happen, was I there? It feels like it wasn’t real and that I was jsut dreaming. I don’t really know, was this dream a good one or a bad one?

Woojin tells her that it was a good dream. He gives her a sheet of paper and tells her to open it. On the paper is a drawing of her swinging the clacker. he tells her that she was so pretty when she was on stage. Seori is so moved and asks if she really looked like this on stage?

He tells ehr that she was, she looked like she really enjoyed it so it made him happy as well.

SR – That is good, I was worried that I wasn’t happy. I can’t even play the violin, but being on the stage….it would make me small and sad…it was a good choice that I did it. I think it is not everything to show off my skills and get attention. Doing anything with music really comforts me. Whatever way, if i can stay in music then I think I will be happy.

She looks at Woojin.

SR – Thank you ajusshi for giving me the answer, I was happier because you made the stage. thank you so much.
They both sit for a moment on the stage. Then Woojin takes a deep breath.

WJ – I like you.

SR – Me too.

They are both looking somewhere else, WOojin to the field and Seori to the drawing. But then they both look at each other.

Woojin slowly starts to move closer to Seori to kiss and Seori does the same. They lightly kiss (and no one interupts them this time!).

But then Seori starts to scoot away. Woojin is all like, what are you doing? Seori says that her heart is pumping so hard like it will explode so she does not want him to hear it.

He says it is okay.

It is my first time

Same to me.

What! I am like this but you are that old and never kissed anyone yet? i mean…what did you do.

He ust smiles and holds her hand then pulls her away, but then you se that he also has some heart pumps.

SR – One mroe time….that thing.

Woojin stops and kisses her really quickly.

SR – Just one more time….

WJ – Again?

He kisses her again.

SR – Actually, I wanted to see the drawing one more time.

Caption – …

Woojin looks a bit awkward.

WJ – Ah, that is the one more time…

The three dots on the screen turn to three hearts.

SR – Ajushi…you are stupid and cute….(laughs)

WJ – I told you mocking is not a good habit….

Fade Out

No preview today…womp womp. What a lovely first kiss for them both! He tried to play it off, but he was just as nervous as she was. I love that.

I also love that he decided to draw again and the first person that he was inspired to draw was Seori at her happiest and freest moment, even though it was not when she had the violin.

So now, they have both fallen in love with each other just as they are presently in life. So you know that means Woojin is about to find out that she is the girl he loved and whose life he was a part of forever altering. Our poor Woojin might have a hard time with it. I feel like Seori will be fine, but Woojin might be hard enough on himself that he might just disappear for a minute.

However, Seori also has to find out that her best friend died in the accident, which will also be a hard pill to swallow. Hopefully, the uncle (whom I guess is the mystery man) can come back to kind of put a happy ending to that moment.

I think there are only two weeks left, so next week, things should come to a head, right? Then the following week they will be resolved? Hopefully?

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  1. Melissa
    September 4, 2018 / 10:44 am

    I think I saw somewhere that there are 40 episodes? not 32 like usually, BTW this episode was lovely that means heartbreak is around the corner hahah

    • V
      September 4, 2018 / 11:02 am

      Yes, I just saw that it has it as 40 episodes on Asian Wiki!!!!!!!! OMG.

  2. Ann
    September 4, 2018 / 10:49 am

    Thank you for another great recapping job! Let’s hope that there are more than 4 more episodes.

    Would it be possible for you to also do the subs for BTS vids of this show? SBS never gives us the engl subs and I would love to know what they say or what those pop up captions say. I am curious about why they are laughing so hard, especially YSJ.

    Here are a few of them.

    Ep 11-12 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsmyRYqcv_w (why did he laugh so hard under the blanket or after they washed the onions from their eyes? Been really wanting to know.)

    Ep 13-14 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0d849ggPh6g

    Ep 15-16 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4TcmzslHlI

    ep 17-18 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVRswt7gklE

    Ep 19-20 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rE_nlEqD-Q

    Ep 5-8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7UzZUpc43RQ

    I wish I knew where the one with them locked in the break room was. That was ep 11-12. Thanks so much.

    • V
      September 4, 2018 / 10:58 am

      We’ll try to do some of these!

      • Ann
        September 4, 2018 / 4:11 pm

        That would be great! Thank you, V. If I can find the BTS of them locked in the break room, I’ll send it your way b/c it looks like he said somthing that either made her shocked or laughed and I wanted to know what that was. Have a great day!

        • Ann
          September 6, 2018 / 10:13 am

          Oops, I was wrong. The BTS video I was talking about is already included above, ep 17-18. They were in the break room, but it was when she was sewing on his button. What did Se Jong or Hye Sun and the director or the caption say during that scene that was so funny at around 1:54 mark? Also, just so I don’t miss it, when you do post the BTS translation, where or when most likely will you post it? Thanks for being so generous with your time and sharing these wonderful translations for us. I, too prefer these warm-hearted shows to ones with extreme angst that leave me more depressed and drained after watching them.

  3. Anonymous
    September 4, 2018 / 10:50 am

    Why no preview??? Are they going to delay episode again!!!

  4. Rose
    September 4, 2018 / 10:52 am

    Really? 40? 😯

  5. zzzydny
    September 4, 2018 / 1:03 pm

    This episode sounds so wonderful! I am looking forward to watching it. Thank you again for re-caps.

  6. tbafs
    September 5, 2018 / 2:45 am

    “It is as if all her hate heat is trying to escape.” As always, your descriptions… just fabulous! I watched that scene and actually visualised this happening. Thank you, V.

    • V
      September 5, 2018 / 11:06 am

      You just made my day 🙂

  7. Fist in the air
    September 5, 2018 / 8:53 am

    I think the man” in shadows ” is the driver of the pickup who caused the tragic accident that night…

    • V
      September 5, 2018 / 11:07 am

      OMG!!!!!!! You just blew my mind. It could totally be him.

  8. Jo Ann
    September 8, 2018 / 11:24 am

    Thanks for the recap

  9. Linda
    September 10, 2018 / 8:11 am

    Does the live cap mean live as it shows in Korea? We are vacationing in Korea and watching this show and hoping toread the recap as we are watching the show. Thank you for recapping, we have been reading ur website as we watched the unsubtitled drama

    • V
      September 10, 2018 / 9:04 am

      Not while it airs! We are on a delayed recap schedule this fall so “live” is actually an aftercap for us all fall (one hour delay). It airs 22:00 KST in Korea!

  10. Anonymous
    September 10, 2018 / 9:05 am

    Thank you!!!!

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