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Still 17 Kdrama Live Recap Episode 21 and 22

Two main leads walking on the sidewalk in Korean drama Still 17
At the end of the last episode, Woo-jin had another one of his dreaded episodes. He was able to kind of sort of pull himself out of it long enough to hug Seori for a much needed moment of comfort. But there will still be that awkward moment after that I hope the camera lingers on. Don’t cut straight to the house/bench/cafe, team, just don’t do that.

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Rewind a little bit to when WJ saw Seori walking up the street and not paying attention. She was about to walk right into some water so Woo-jin yelled her name. Woo Seori! But that sends him immediately into a flashback episode to everything that he tries to forget from that day. Everything goes through his head, including his psychiatrist words telling him that Seori and Soomi are different people.

He starts tearing up from all the pain of it all until Seori yells his name. He is able look at her and asks her if she is Seori? She is beyond worried and tells him that they should do something! Should they go to the hospital!?! But he looks a bit better and lays his head on her shoulder. He tells her that he will just lean on her like this for a moment.

She is taken aback, but she doesn’t shirk from the responsibility of it all and starts to pat his back softly as he sits there.

Jump to a bench right after the moment. Seori thinks he is so pale, she should get something for him. She hops up to do it but he holds her hand to stop her he has a little flashback to when he told her that he just never had any courage to tell anyone this. But maybe with this person…

Woojin goes to find his doctor. He is in the middle of music therapy but stops to talk to Woojin. he asks him if anything happened, Woojin says that he just wants to buy him lunch.

Cut to their lunch. Woojin tells his doctor that he wants to be courageous. he wants to live with all of his sins. But he wants to stop hurting others due to his burden, especially her. Why are you not saying anything?

The doctor smiles and says that he feels like he knows everything that he can tell him and that he wants to tell him. Know I know why that person is the one you want to tell everything to.

Two nurses talk about how that person came again. They asked who he was but he was just checking to see if Woo Seori was still awake. Maybe he is the fmily member that lost contact?

Outside, the mystery man is looking at the polcie station, the guard looks at him as he wonders if he needs anything, but the man walks off.

Seori is preocupied with Woojin and types a lot of meaningless things ont he computer as he looks at Woojin. Jin Hyun comes up to her to ask which one she is in the photo. But Seori is just not responding and just kind of says some things. JH thinks she has been weird for too long.

But then Woojin looks at her so she quickly looks away and pretends like she is catching mosquitos. Woojin tells her to stop catching mosquitos and come and check the list for the classical music. So she goes to check it, but he also wrote on a post it note;

Note: I am really okay, stop looking at me or your eyes will roll around- look at the back. On the back he drew a photo of eyes rolling.

She looks at him in her pitiful way again so he mouths I-Am-Okay.

She goes to sit back down and puts this note with all the other notes that all say

Note: I am really okay

Note: I am okay

Note: You don’t trust me?

Note: For real for real

Lol, so she has been doing this all day. Hee-soo comes in to have a meeting so they all go talk about the sketch that Woo-jin drew. The concept is visual classic. From this list, the more you know about classical music, the more you will enjoy it.

Classical music is boring because they do not show anything. In musicals they have different sets for different things, but classical music does not change even though the song changes. So we are going to do this like a musical that visually changes with each song.

Everyone likes the idea and Hee-soo thinks that Seori is great because she provided good notes and tips. She high fives her. Seori is happy but thinks that she didn’t actually do anything.
The kids are working their butts off during practice and finally get a chance to eat once it is finished. They think that they did their best and are completely worn out, so lets grab Chan and go eat!

But Chan is still practicing. he has a boat over his shoulder and plans on practicing single rowing. His friends think he is really over doing it, but Chan is happy.

Later on, Woojin walks home with Seori and tells her that he got the idea when she said that she saw music. He went from there. he tells her that if she is hungry then they can eat something. He points at the fountain water. She is all like….

She thinks about the time she drank fountain water thinking it was okay. She starts making fun of him with his art objects. She points to the trashcan and says that it can be an object of art that expresses your hurt soul, and the bench, don’t you want to take it home?

he is all like….stop mocking me. She laughs and starts talking about how it would be nice at this fountain if there was music. When she went to the biggest music hall, when you turn on the lights the fountain comes out and there is music. He says you can find many places with music and fountains.

Seori thinks he is lying. But then he takes her somewhere and shows how you can have music and fountains. She thinks nothing is there so he is lying to her. But then the water starts to shoot up and the lights flash and the music plays.

Seori loves it and happily tries not to hop out of her body as she looks at the display. Later on, they walk around the park area. Woojin tells her that her leg hurts so maybe they should sit. But then a man comes up to them to buy sell something. Woojin turns him down, but then the man calls Seori his girlfriend. Seori is all like, I am not his girlfriend. But Woojin loves that and pays the man for what he is selling.

He is so happy so he walks away and pets a little dog. Seori is also a bit flattered even though she practices saying that she is not his girlfriend. She looks at him pet the dog and then tells him that he looks pretty. He still looks like he is minimalistic, but not minimalistic in his heart. He tells her it is all because of her.

Woojin goes to pour some water in a plant as Seori sits on a blanket. But she remembers him in the past! She remembers him pouring water in a plant when they were teenagers.

he comes back to the blanket looking at him differently, he asks her what it is so she tells him that he reminds her of someone. But she remembers Chan telling her that his uncle went to Germany in high school, so she thinks he can’t be that guy. She tells him never mind and goes about enjoying their time at the Han River.
At home, Chan and his friends happily talk about their coaches wedding tomorrow. Jennifer comes up to them with three drinks. She tells them to stop drinking that fatty drink with whip cream, it is not good for muscle growth. Drink this hand squeezed orange juice, it will help you store glycogen in your muscles.

She tells them to change, they all look at their delicious frapaccinos and then at the drinks. It is a reluctant change. But then they see that she made them a lot of meat for dinner. They are so happy to see it and sit to chow down. But Jennifer tells them to stop and pulls out a meal plan for them.

She explains her meal plan for them that is the perfect balance for an anerobic training region and has the perfect balance of carbs and fats. This is way over the kids heads but they try to listen. Afterwards, they wonder what Jennifer did before she came to Chan’s house.

It starts to rain at the han river so Woojin and Seori take off running. they find cover at the park. Seori is reminded of sleeping in the park when it rained that one night she was homeless.

She tells Woojin that you never know what might happen. She went to his house that one day thinking that her uncle was still alive, but that night she slept in the playground and was super scared. She never expected that she would stay there with the same guy from that night.

She thinks they might be able to leave, but he holds her hand and says that the rain hasn’t stopped yet and holds her hand to the rain, we see all the droplets on his hand. He thinks about telling his doctor that he thinks waiting for her is the right thing. He will wait for her until she is ready and be next to her. She has a lot of homework to do and a lot of other things to do. he looks at her at the playground and it fades to the next morning.

Woojin walkes up suddenly to a friend wearing a face mask. Woojin is also wearing a face mask because the friend put it on him while he slept. He is all ready for the wedding and tells Woojin that he will protect uncles skin.

Woojin gets up all confused, why is he protecting my skin, and sees something that reminds him of Seori. He thinks about Seori looking for her uncle and talking about how she saw similar looking people and though it was her uncle.

he gets a call at that moment and tells HS to delay the meeting for one hour, he has to stop somewhere. he will buy lunch if they do that.

Later on, the friends all meet and call the older looking friend Pastor. He tells them to stop joking and they all sit to eat something sweet. But then Jennifer comes in so they have to hide what they are eating. Jennifer tells them that sugary things are the worst for athletes, this is your first warning.

The kids leave and see Seori talking about work. They think she is so cool talking about work. When seh gets off the phone, Seori sees Chan and laughs. He has poweder on his mouth so she says, why did you eat like that, it is like a baby. She playfully laughs and frolics off. But now, all Chan can think about is baby, baby, baby as he gets ready.

Meanwhile, Woojin goes to the polcie department to search for Seori’s uncle. They say they can’t do anything about it because he is not a relative. They also think that they had to tell someone else this recently.

Woojin leaves and sees the same man that Seori talked to about adding a banner. he tells her the exact same thing he told Seori and has deja vu about saying it. Woo jin thanks him and calls the number.

He asks the person on the phone a question, he wants to find a lost person from 1 years ago but there is no picture.
At practice, the conductor asks Seori for her emergency contact information. he apologizes calling her a student, it is an old habit. he did the same to Tae-rin (they call her Rin Kim). Seori is all like…Rin Kim…

She runs off and tells TR that she is the student from way back then from when they practiced together. She asks her if seh can help her get back to speed with the violin. But TR tells her that no one can help her with that. SR immediately thinks that yes, she should work on it herself.

The organizer comes by and dotes on Seori for a moment. He gives her something to drink and tells her that she can contact him if she needs anything. TR looks at this suspiciously.

Chan walks the street in his wedding attire. His friends calla nd asks him why he left early? They will go somewhere. But Chan just miserably tells him that he does not like wearing this suit so he will take it off right away.

A young boy calls Chan ajusshi and tells him that he stepped on gum. Chan is so happy to be called ajusshi that he asks the boy to say it again. This brightens his mood right up. He thinks he is a man in a suit! He should wear it when he gets his medal.

He waits at the bus stop and sees Seori get off the bus. he pretends like he is checking his phone when seh walks up to him. She thinks that he looks good in a suit, like a different person.

He is so happy to look like a man next to her, but then an ajumma walks up and calls him a student as she asks if he dropped this car. She also asks if Seori is his older sister (noonim) or his aunti (emo). Seori smiles and tells Chan that she has to go to work because the festival is coming up.

Then, to add insult to injury, Chan gets a text telling him what is on the school lunch menu. Chan is so deflated, company – school lunch menu – company – school lunch menu – . He also thinks about the polaroid that Woojin had with Seori. Woojin said that people mistook that they were dating since they are the same age. he also thinks baout his friends thinking that Seori is so cool, they have an 11 year age difference.

Chan lays in bed thinking about all of this, then hops up and looks at a card. This is the card to be a professional rower. He starts doing pushups with this on his mind. The coach tells him that he will give him the best deals and he will get a lot of rewards as a professional. But if you want to be a professional then you have to train with adults and be an adult.

Chan keeps doing pushups and the camera scrolls to the note “Don’t Think, Feel.”
It is the weekend, but everyone is at work due to the festival coming up soon. HS needs Seori’s opinion on something and pulls her away so she can’t hang out with Woojin.

Later on, it is dark so Woojin wants to talk to Seori. he thinks she should not work too hard. He researched something and says that in her case she should have regular checkups, he can be her guardian, so maybe they can go after the festival.

Seori thinks that is a great idea and talks about how she knew Tae-rin in high school. They prepared the festival together in 2005. She became a cool adult after this time. She wants to prepare well and do well.

Woojin thinks about how there is no picture from 11 years ago. The man he talked to says that he can do it since they will get paid, but it might be impossible without a picture and with 11 years passing.

Woojin asks Seori if she really wants everything to go well?

But we do not get an answer and just cut right to Seori practicing outside. the halmoni from before claps for her while she practices. But it is threatening rain so Seori quickly puts her violin back in its case and runs to the house. She says, I am safe! To the dog, but then thinks that Jennifer might not have brought her umbrella today.

At Jennifer’s part time job, she apologizes for sending another person since she was sick. Hyeong-tae is okay with that and says that she did not get her money last time then? he gives Jennifer vitamins and tells her that it is not a secret that it is one plus one.

jennifer starts to leave and sees the slippers. he remembers that the slippers got mixed last time and thinks back to Seori mixing slippers all the time when they were kids. He is about to ask Jennifer of it, but decides not to.

jennifer walks outside and is hit by the unnexpected rain shower, it does not affect her, she just keeps trotting along. Meanwhile, Seori is running with an umbrella to give it to her. But, Hyeong-tae comes out and gives he an umbrella because he saw that she did not want one. he leaves right after.

Seori comes running up and just misses Hyeong-tae leaving. She is happy that jennifer has an umbrella, Jennifer mentions the apartment person that just brought it out. Seori looks to see him bt just sees the side of his face.

jennifer then starts to talk all about rain. Seori tells her that she knows a lot about a lot of things. She must read a lot. jennifer says that she does not read to learn, whenever she reads something, she can think about something else and survive. We see a tiny flashback of her going to the library and reading.

Seori wonders what she is talking about. But then Jennifer gets a text about what Seori should wear to the music festival. She wonders what it is. Seori tells her that she put her number as her emergency contact. jennifer tells her that they need to get her clothes (or something like that).
Much later, jennifer tells Seori that she looks neat and formal for the festival. They are at home and Seori is wearing a sweat suit. Seori tells her that she also had her hair done. But Jennifer says that it is the little details. She tells her good night.

Chan runs into Seori right at that moment and immediately notices her hair. Seori tells her that jennifer treated her to the salon. Chan is mesmerized and tells her that he is trying to get faster, to her speed. Seori thinks he means paddling faster, but we all know that he really means that he wants to be an adult faster.

The organizer meets with HS and Woojin about everything. TR approved everything so the conductor thinks that everything is okay with him as well. But he does like to talk about his at night over drinks. Woojin says that he can have the shop make it. But the conductor gets an important phone call and has to leave.

Woojin and HS talks for a brief moment, btut hen Woojin says that he will take the keys to the conductor. However, he overhears the conductor talking about a more shocking article. His fist clenches.

They both go back to the table seperately. Woojin is really upset. The conductor thinks that he is upset because he took a long time talking to someone. Woojin tells him that he thinks the conductor does not like classical things. The conductor wants to know why he is so upset and Woojin says that he thinks he does know. But the conductor just says that he thinks they cant talk anymore and leaves.

HS is stunned about this turn of events and tries to call after the conductor.

The next day, a reporter talks to Tae-rin about how the event will be a huge success, they are all sold out due to that person. Tae-rin does not know what she is talking about. But she starts to put the pieces together. She plays it off like she knows it and asks her if she would like to talk over a meal, she can buy something nice.

Woojin gets to work with HS, he is still pissed. HS asks if he is crazy and he says he is crazy. he goes inside and tells Seori not to go to the festival, she is too distracted. He tries to make the excuse that she should not go anymore because it is interfering with her work. Everyone is confused and want Seori to go.

Seori is also confused and really wants to go. She says that she can work harder, he is the one that wanted her to go in the first place. But he tells her that it does not matter, just don’t do it.

But she says that she will not stop like this, she will keep practicing. She leaves with her violin. JH yells after her and then complains to Woojin, hyuuuuuung.

Seori leaves and can barely continue down the street. Woojin is on their rooftop area thinking. HS comes out and asks him what is going on. He has known him for more than 10 years, so what is the reason? Why did you attack the organizer? he says he has a reason, she knows he has one, he is not a crazy guy. Can I hear it?

He says no. She says she will kill him if she hears this reason and it does not make any sense. he mumbles, okay and leaves.
The team is doing really well today during practice. Even the coach is surprised. But there might be something wrong with Chan’s ankle or foot. he is tender on it as he steps into the bus.

Cut to festival practice, Seori is distracted as she plays. Everyone notices this. The conductor thinks they should do it one more time, but Tae-rin asks if they can take a break, maybe that is better.

Tae-rin goes to talk to Seori in the lobby. She tells Seori not to dissapoint the people that are coming to see her. Seori thinks that no one is coming to see her. But then Tae-rin says that a lot of people are going to go there to watch her overcome her hardship and play again.

Tae-rin tells her about her story and how it is interesting. Even though she was not picked due to ability, it can be a good opportunity for you.

Seori leaves and walks the dark street thinking about all of this. She also puts two and two together with how Woojin was acting.

Elsewhere, Woojin goes to talk to the organizer who is talking tot he reporter on the phone. He thinks Woojin went there to apologize. But Woojin is not there to apologize, he just asks him if he can stop what he is trying to do right now.

Flashback to the organizer telling the reporter that he should stimulate all the people to come to watch her play, she is not good on the violin, she has not played in 11 years. But it does not matter how good she is, no one will point their finger at her. For now, she will make them a lot of money. No one will figure out how bad she is, if they do then they will blame her. It will be a good story. if the public ignores her then they can also ignore her.

Woojin tells him to stop doing all thise media stuff with Woo Seori. The organizer asks why they hired someone that did not know anything, that is what happened? Woojin grabs him by the cuff and asks him if he is human, how can you use someone like that? If I knew that trash like you was making this festival….if you put the media, then I will stop all the staging. You can do the festival without a stage, on the ground.

he turns to leave.

VO – I was sleeping for ten years, I want to play on a stage like that. I want to be on a stage. If this did not happen then I could be on a stage like that with pretty clothes. I will gain my own qualifications…..I will practice……(be careful!) ….. (be careful!)

At work, Woojin thinks about telling her to not go to the festival and to stop playing. he is all alone. But then Seori comes up to him and tells him that he knew everything, that is why he did it? But why is he stopping? Because she is just a ticket seller? An unfortunate violinist that slept for 10 years and miraculously woke up? I can sell tickets like that? Do you think you can just block it? I can be okay, I can be used like that. I don’t care.

How can it be okay?

I said don’t care! I like the violin so much, I will use this opportunity to play for myself. And maybe my uncle who abandoned me will see me. He can come and see me, maybe. Being used is okay. I said it is okay, so I am willing to be used. But why are you bothering with this when you are nothing?

Because I don’t like it! The woman I like is getting hurt, it is worse than if I die.

She stops crying and looks at him, he also looks at her very seriously.

Fade Out

I just realized that there is no other love interest in this drama in regards to Woo-jin. Usually there is that other woman who might also love the lead. In this case, it would probably be Hee-soo or maybe Tae-rin. I love how this show isn’t going there and just has all of the attention centered around the conflict that Seori has with figuring out life. That is more than enough to keep this show ticking.

I really love how Woo-jin’s best friend is really just his best friend with no spark of feelings whatsoever. I also love how Tae-rin was not immediately smitten with Woo-jin and wanted to sabotage Seori because she loved him. I like the current conflict of Tae-rin losing her confidence due to her biggest rival showing up again. It has nothing to do with Woo-jin whatsoever and is not that big of a sabotage at all. It is more normal level with her saying that maybe a non professional should not perform and then breaking it to Seori that a lot of people are going to show up to see her and her story of coming back to the stage. Sure, that was biting, but at least someone told her what was going on.

SR – I didn’t hear anything today. Whatever happens I will play on the stage.
SR – Thank you for the opportunity conductor
HT – Who came to see Seori?
SR – Doctor Kim Hyeong-tae….to Chan?
Jennifer – Better not to tell him now because the competition is not far away.
Coach – Lets make a big accident! (Let’s do it!)
TR – If you do it, I think it is good.
WJ – It was a nice dream.
SR – Thank you ajusshi.
WJ – I did not tell you something important.

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      There is one! It usually takes us a few more minutes to put it up.

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    September 3, 2018 / 10:55 am

    The longer this goes on, the more angry I am at the writers for breaking our little Chan’s heart. I don’t know if I can watch that happen…

    • V
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      Yes, Chan is paddling fast toward heartbreak. But he is also breaking Ree-an’s heart as her crush. It’s a crush breaking triangle.

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    What’s the name of the song at the end?

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      Yes, she is definitely a sometime-y character. They might have ran out of time to get her scenes in the way they want to.

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