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Still 17 Kdrama Live Recap Episode 19 and 20

A Woman fixing a button on a man in Still 17 Korean Drama
The wait is over! Hopefully the episodes can continue as scheduled from here on out.

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VO – I like the house now. The time I spent there and the space. I want to leave it as is.

HS – He is smiling like that…I think it is all because of Seori.

Sister – It’s right isn’t it, you like her…

Seori and Woo-jin are in that magical moment in th dark by the window. But then her stomach growls so it pulls them out of it. Woo-jin tells her that he has something to show her and shows her the ddukbogi message showing that he won. They both get a bit excited and wonder if it is too late to leaev? Are you hungry? My stomach is reserved for ddukbogi, let’s leave in 5 minutes!

They both run off to get ready.

The scene changes to Yoo Chan eating with his friends. But he is out of it and sweating. His friends are all like, are you okay? But Chan is definitely not okay and mutters that he sees two of them, then he passes out.

The friends immediately call Woo-jin to come get him and explain what happened. WJ leaves to get Chan so he is unable to get ddukbogi. he tells Seori to stay home. He runs to the hospital and finds out that Chan only had indigestion due to stress, he is okay now. The coach and his friends are there but now that Woo-jin is there, they all leave.

So Chan is just nervous which caused his indigestion, but WJ sits next to him and thinks that his nephew isn’t the one to get nervous.

Cut to Jennifer meeting with an older man in a wheel chair and the young girl from earlier. He says it is okay that she came. Jeniffer goes to a memorial in a temple, the man and the woman wait outside.

Chan wakes up so WJ gives him radish juice. He tells him that it worked for him when he was really little (flashback to a younger two of them with Woo-jin making him drink radish juice, the little Chan burps so it worked). Teanage Chan is all like, that was a long time ago. But he still drinks all the radish juice and burps.

Chan asks about his uncle but the uncle tells him not to worry about him. But Chan remembers that SR is at home alone to Woo-in should leave! Now! Chan pushes him out the door to go take care of SR.

Outside, Chan does a few jumping jacks to show that he is okay. WJ looks apprehensive but says that he understands. SR calls so WJ gives Chan the phone to talk to her. Chan is happy to talk and that the wind warning was lifted. They hang up so WJ talks to Chan again and tells him not to try too hard. Then he smiles and leaves. But Chan sees that WJ was in such a hurry that he ran out in his slippers to see him.
SR talks to Jeniffer about how Seori was so happy to be home that she came home during the wind advisory and Chan is okay as well. They are both in the kitchen preparing the morning meal. Jennifer tells Seori that the music man called, your instrument is all fixed.

Seori runs out immediately and tells Jeniffer that she will be right back! Thank you! Then she takes off up the street.


Seori gets to the violin shop and immediately gives the violin man all her salary (she pours it all on the table). She says she does not have enough but she can pay it all next time. But he nonchalantly says that this money she has in enough and kind of waves for her to leave because she is bothering hi work.

She says she can pay the rest later again, but he just tells her to leave. She gets hr violin but as she turns he tells her not to come back. She smiles and says she will take care of her instrument and not be back! She turns to leave and the violin man smiles as well.

Outside, she runs into the conductor as if he was waiting for her.
The friends talk about how Mr. Gong took them as a second nephew and bought them bread. But Chan thinks Mr. Gong should eat something. Chan gets a call right at that moment from Mr. Gong so the friends all yell thank you! so loudly so Chan has to go somewhere else to talk.

They talk momentarily about jeniffer, he wants Chan to say hello to her and check on her during her vacation. Then we go to a flashback where everyone is eating chicken around the table but Chan does not like chicken all that much. WJ says he bought it all for the family. But then he says he also got prok feet for him when there is a ding dong at the door.

In the present, Chan thinks that WJ thinks of everyone as family. Maybe he actually does not like Seori romantically? Maybe they just stood under the tree and maybe the button wasn’t anything? His friends tells him to stop going over. Chan goes back to them and grabs the bread. He runs away so his friends have to chase hime.

Seori talks to the conductor about a second chance that she might have. He wants to do the violin with her again after hearing her story. So let’s try again.

Later on, Seori thinks about this outside at work. WJ goes up to her to say hello and sees that she has her violin. It is finally fixed? Was it fixed well? DOn’t worry if it is not fixed well. But Seori says it was fixed well. Seori’s mood is a bit solemn though, she wonders if she will mess things up.

JH came up to her at that moment for her to fix something for him so he thinks that Seori does not have to fix it if she doesn’t want to. He also mutters about how Seori is so cold toward him after the fish thing. But WJ is also not listening to him because he is thinking about Seori and what might be on her mind.

They both go inside, but it is more like Seori goes inside and WJ follows her. She is lost in her thoughts and he is lost in her thoughts as well.

At home, Jennifer is also lost in her thoughts. She accidentally cuts herself because of this and has to run to the sink to rinse her hand.

WJ tries to talk to Seori again but is really only standing behind her. She gets up to leave so he asks her where she is going. She tells him that she is going home. He turns her around and tells her that this is the way out. She thanks him and then slowly walks out. But he is concerned and wonders how she can go home like that.

He runs out and tells her to take his car. But she says she would rather walk home. he tries to tell her to wait a second again and frantically looks around for an excuse. he picks something and says that he wants her to take this object with her home because he wants to study it. It is a kids toy and it is very very important so you must hold it.

She ends up riding with him home while holding this kids riding toy. he tries to tell her that it is a piece of art that is a metaphore about a hurt soul. She is all like….okay.

They get home with Seori still out of it. The top starts to roll away so she runs after it but that makes Woo-jin even more concerned so he confesses that this is not an important object, he was just worried about her. She was so happy with ddukbogi only, but now that she got her most prized violin back, she is acting like this. You must be worried about your violin. I can’t do anything about it, I can only worry abuot it also.

She says that she thinks it worked. He wonders what worked? She thinks that she only worried about things! She is not doing what she has to do! Thank you ajusshi! WJ is left confused, what did I do? But he gets a text right at that moment about a 6 o’clock meeting.

Meanwhile, Seori ran inside and starts practicing in her room under the stairs right away.
She plays for awhile and thinks about past violin performances/practices, but she is not able to play after awhile and has a bit of a disturbing moment where everything goes dark and she feels that she can’t do it.

The scene changes to jennifer, the mystery woman texts her and tells her that she hopes she will be a little bit more relieved now. Jennifer is at home looking at a music box, teary. Seori comes in and politely asks if she can use her phone. Jennifer says she can, but Seori sees the mood and asks Jennifer if she is okay. jennifer stands and says that she is always okay.

Elsewhere, the conductor meets with TR, TR is stunned that the organizer decided to include Seori because this is only for professionals. She is so anxious about it that she excuses herself and goes to the bathroom. there, she has a flashback about some girls talking about how Seori was so good, she was almost equal to the master conductor. Maybe we should take a photo with her, she could be super famous one day!

At the same time, TR’s mother texts her and tells her to learn from Seori and find out what she can learn from her to improve herself. Another girl whispers that Seori was a lot better than Tae-ri, but Tae-ri has the family background to push her ahead. Tae-ri was about to break her violin, but decides against it.

In the present, she walks back out to talk to the conductor. But he is talking to Seori on the phone. It sounds like Seori is not confident and backed out. Tae-ri then changes her tune and tells the conductor that it would be good to have her there. But he informs her that she backed out. Tae-ri looks understanding and says that she would like to help out if possible.

At home, Seori is still in her room and starts to do work for her job. Woo-jin get home late and wants to knock on Seori’s door, but he thinks that it might be too late.

Meanwhile Seori writes a note for WJ.


Gong Woo-jin,

The worry, I worried about it and it is not worry anymore. So I do not have anymore worries. Thank you for carring about me.


Woojin sees the note and wonders if she is really okay. He flips to the back of the note because it says “back.”

Back of note: I am really really okay.

Woo-jin smiles and gets to work as well. We cut back to Seori working. Her doggie wants to come in so she lets him in and sees a note that Woo-jin wrote.

Note: Okay, I will support your decision.
Back of note: But this “hiut” is “fighting hiut.”

(I think this has something to do when he wrote a note to her when sh did not get a job, but he did not finish the note and left it at “hiut”. That hiut was going to be “cancelled” or “you don’t have to go” but this new hiut meant “fighting”)
JH gets off the phone at work when everyone gets in. HS asks how the discussion was with the organizer. He says that everything went well except the classical music part.

Woojin volunteers to make coffee and HS wonders what something is. Seori tells her that these are all the ideas for her classical music section. HS is so very impressed and thinks that this is so easy to read.

Woojin comes out with the coffee while on the phone. He has to leave to go somewhere. They talk about work and Seori stands up and says that she will follow them!

Cut to wherever they were going. It looks like an art studio where they meet to talk about various colors. The art director thinks that Sori has good sense, are you married? My son is not married.

Woojin is all like….say what now?

Seori tells him that she does not have a boyfriend. The man says that his son is an oriental medicine doctor, he did not marry and has an apartment in Gangnam, but you should live in a house on the ground. He has a big frame and is tall, like 6’1.

Woojin is so into this conversation and tries to make his frame big and tall. It looks so awkward.

Cut to the man’s phone going off. WJ is calling him, lol. WJ is all like, where are you…where are you….The man is all like, of course I am right here! WJ tries to make up something to talk about, did you drink coffee? The mantries to keep talking to Seori about his son and how she should meet him.

Woo-jin is steady trying to interrupt this conversation to talk about work and starts to mearure the table. The man is all like, what are you measuring?

Woojin leaves, defeated. But the man comes up to him and says that he knew him for many years and did not know what he was thinking about…but now you are showing your thoughts. He smiles and walks away.

Around that time, Seori is near the fake wall, but the wall suddenly starts to fall. Seori immediately falls to the ground to protect herself, but instead of protecting her head, she protects her hands.

Woojin runs up to her but there was really no worry because the wall is fake and made of styrofoam. They go outside to talk. Seori talks about how she is okay, she just had to protect her hands. Woojin talks about how he heard that she refused that deal.

She explains that she worried about her hands and not being able to do the performance. that was really what was on her mind. She thought she was not qualified to be on the stage. But she cant – no, she does not want to give up. She wants to be on the stage and gain her own qualifications by working hard. Can I be on the festival stage?

WJ tells her no so she says that she might bother their work…okay. But Woojin says that she should not worry. Someone told him that you never know the future so just try it first (she told him that). Now you can finally finish your intermission.

Seori is happy as they walk away. She notices that his shoes and pants are all dirty now. He says it is okay, she is the one that hurt her knees. It is not like your knees don’t matter so don’t get hurt anywhere.

he walks to his car and tries to open the door, but it won’t open. She tells him that he should press the remote control. He is all like…oh…yeah.
Later on, HS meets with Seori and tells her that they are not doing classical music all the time so when they don’t have anything to do with classical music, you can practice. Seori is so happy to hear this and thanks HS a lot. HS tells her to do her best and go get a lot of tips.

Elsewhere, Yoo Chan gets off the bus and heads inside, but he is stopped by a man who says that he knows who he is right?

Cut to Chan talking to his friends with the mans card. This man is a professional rowing coach, so the friends talk about how cool that was and how he is already being scouted. This motivates Chan so he gets up to work out some more. He has a rival and wants to be better than him. The friends think that the Korean sports college and pro teams want to scout Chan now. Maybe they should try and win some medals too? they try to think about this but think that there are not that many days to row together. they are bummed.

But then Chan comes back and tells them that they are still students. (he grabs his phone that he left). He tells them that they still have a chance to get a medal. Don’t think, feel! Let’s get the medal! Let’s win!

They all stand and cheer in the quiet cafe.

In the stairs room, Seori is also about to practice and tells an image of her mother that she will practice to win, please look at me. then she starts practicing.

Chan walks home and hears the music that Seori makes as he walks to the house. He is mesmerized as he sees her practicing outside and drops his bag, completely and totally frozen.

She sees him and runs to his side, but he is like a statue. He finally wakes up and tells her that the song went straight to his heart. Cut to them both sitting outside and talking about how she is planning on practicing and playing at the festival with the maestro. She asks him how his training camp was. He throws the business card on the table and says that a scout is looking for him from the best team in Korea.

Seori thinks this is so cool. he says that is nothing I SAVE A KIDS LIFE WHEN I DIVED TO RESCUE HIM. But I didn’t tell you to me cool. Hey ajumma, we should work really hard. I will be #1 and you can debut again. Don’t show your weakness, Dont’ think, feel!

She says that she has something to show him, she has a little callous on her finger. he also shows her his calluses. She says it is so cool and he tells her that she does not have to be envious of his hands anymore. Let’s high five to callouses! They both high five and then groan at their injuries.

Inside, jenniffer shows Woojin all the food that Chan ate and said that she thought he passed out from indigestion, was that wrong information? WJ laughs and mutters that that is Chan.

He goes to his nephews room and find him working out. He wants to tell him something but says it is nothing, but then he wants to tell him something again. D-d-d-d-don’t think feel! AH, that is not for me! he leaves. (maybe it was too cornny for him).
SEORI leaves the house to music playing as her past life overlaps with her current life. The notes fly into the air as she hops to work. But then a ball hits her in the head. It hits her right as woojin notices her so he runs up to see if she is okay.

She is all like, I’m cool, I have a hard head. Woojin thinks she is smiling so brightly after getting hit by a ball. But she says that she is so happy, she is looking at her musical notes flying around, sometimes she sees things like that. People think i am crazy, maybe I should not have told you that?

She frolicks off happily and imagines her notes again. Woojin thinks that she is so happy. It reminds him of the younger Seori who is Soo-mi to him. He continues smiling as he walks off.

Tae-ri talks to the festival organizer about Seori, she thinks an ameateur among professionals might be weird. He tells her that it is a festival, lets work well together.

Cut to Seori looking at everyone practicing in the practice room. She is happily mesmerized. The conductor introduces Seori to the team. TR has a flashback of their chidhood and how she was worried about Seori.

Montage of Seori working hard in practice and the team working hard at work. Seori thinks about her past with playing the violin.

More time passes with Chan pracicing and Seori also practicing outside. Days pass.

Finally, we see the aunt again! She gets into her car and calls someone. Seori gets home and sees Chan’s phone ringing, it is an unknown number. Chan asks hr to pick it up becuase he is washing his face. She does and talks very briefly because Chan runs out and grabs it.

This is the mother of the child that he saved (the aunt) so she is calling to say thank you.

They get off the phone. Chan is super happy about being a hero and tries to talk to Seori about it, but she has walked off.

The aunt asks her son when she would like to see the man that saved him, but he is sleeping so she drives off (um…seat belt?).
JH did not give data to Woojin, so they talk about that at the table for a moment. Woojin is all like, what data? JH needs a moment to think about it, but they also mention that they will have a meeting with the organizer in the morning.

Cut to that meeting. HS is about to show them the sketch for the classical music, but WJ stops hr because he doe snot think it is good and wants more time to think about the stage. But the organizer thinks that the stage for a classical performance does not need to be that special. Just do what others do. HS does not want to make the stage average. TR says that she wants to wait as well, the stage is also art so please make a better stage.

The conductor wants this to be successful so a lot of people will be eager to get a ticket. TR asks him what he is talking about. But he kind of does not answer and says they can talk further about the stage later, let’s drink. (the organizer actually does not think that the stage is that important).

They all leave, but WJ gets a text. August 22nd, 10am, Woojin has an appointment with his psychiatrist. He starts to walk out again and runs into the conductor. The conductor thanks Woojin and his team for letting Seori do the performance. He is very super duper happy about that.

Outside, Seori happily frolicks around again. But seh bumps into something and almost falls. Woojin is their to catch her (natch) and says the same thing that her friend said int he past about how she has to look where she is going or she will hurt herself. She does not know where her friend is, they all moved away a long time ago and there is no way to find her.

They walk and talk. WJ thinks about what the maestro said about how Seori is very special, it is sad that she won’t be able to recvoer her lost time. Seori stops him and happily tells him that she has a mark on her cheek now since she is playing so much! She is so happy about that. WJ looks at her so she asks him why he is looking at her like that. he tells her it is because she is pretty.

Seori is a bit stunned, but Woojin just pulls her shirt lightly and they go home.

Woo-jin finds the data that JH was supposed to give to Woojin. It is the paperwork with all the notes that Seori wrote on it. It makes him think about how Seori is very knowledgable in classical music and how she studies it and sees the music. This gives him an idea.

he runs out and runs into JH. WJ asks where SR is, JH tells him that she went to the post office so WJ runs off.
A mysterious mans shoes come into the image. There is a man walking around the old hospital that Seori was at. One of the nurses stops him and says that he has come there before right? But we never see his face.

In the office, JH finds a picture that the maestro gave to Seori, it is an old group picture from when Seori was little. he tries to find young SR in it.

Outside, SR is walking and isn’t even looking where she is going. She is about to get hit by a lot of water so Woojin yells her name. But this sends him right into a flashback to when he yelled Seo-mi’s name in the past. He is about to have one of his episodes.

Everything turns blurry to him and all the sound fades away. ALl he thinks about is the accident and the hospital and how No Soo-mi is dead. But the doctor tells Woojin that he has to try and understand that So-mi and Seo-ri are two different people. You have to try.

Woojin is able to pull himself out of his thoughts and looks up at Seori who has been by his side. He says her name and then buries his head in her shoulder. She is momentarily shocked by the proximity but puts her hand on his back to comfort him. She tries not to be too shocked and starts to pat him on the back as he quetly lets a few tears fall.

Fade Out

JH – Noona, you are here, which one are you? You should be one of these two.
SR – Director Rin Kim?
Maestro – The kid I saw when they were young, still looks like a student to me.
Reporter – Because of that person, it will be successful.
TR – That person?
Friend – The stair noonim is an adult. An eleven year difference is big.
SR – I never knew if that person is ajusshi
WJ – Can we stay here a little longer?

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