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Still 17 Kdrama Live-ish Recap Episode 9 and 10

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Finally at the live recap stage for this drama! We will be aftercapping it after Are You Human, Too. But we will probably take like a 10-15 minutes break in-between dramas just to take a tiny breather. Be sure to check twitter for when we will be starting the recap!

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How we do this: We update the post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, there might be lovely updates at the bottom, so check back in!

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We open with WJ drawing in a drawing book. A leaf comes in through the window. he looks up at the moon from the sunroof and then smiles at the leaf. But then he hears something and goes downstairs.

Dukgu is looking at the place under the stairs. They all hear a little noise. YC comes down and hears it as well. Jennifer also comes out and tells everyone that it is from the place under the stairs. YC wonders if SR misses her family.

SR comes out of the stairs and says it is her eyes…..they hurt…..my eyes. SHe whimpers as she tries to find the kitchen or bathroom to wash her face.

Everyone looks into her room and sees mounds of onions. SR got a part time job as an onion peeler at a Chinese restaurant. This is the only thing she can do without a resume. So she needs to work hard to fix her violin so that she can practice and get a job as a violinist.

SHe is resting with an icepack on her face to calm her eyes. It will be good to get some fresh air to feel beeter. WJ mutters that he was hit by a leek so he knows how it feels. Jennifer asks who hit him and then leaves.

SR goes outside and YC goes with her. He tells her that she looks better. She opens her eyes to YC’s face right in front of her. He is mesmerized and tells her that it worked well….um….yeah.

She looks up at the moon and wraps her hand around the moon like a rabbit. She does this because her mother taught her that this is the best way to hold a violin. COver one of your eyes and then hold the moon in her hands like this. Don’t say it is impossible. Just say that it is possible, a lot of things are doable if you say that. You can take the moon rabbit out and it will listen to your wish like this.

Little SR says she will trust her because she said that.

YC thinks that her mother taught her this when she was little, that is why she is cute like this. But he catches his tongue and asks her how long she will stay out. Don’t stay out too late or you will have a mosquito bite. he goes inside.

WJ opens his window and looks outside, but he does not see SR put the moon in her hands because she is too far below.

YC tells his friends to peel all the onions but SR tells them not to, it will hurt your eyes.

Cut to Jennifer coming out and seeing them all in a little wooden dog separator cage as they all try to peel the onions. They also wear masks as they do it, so they look a bit strange.

Jennifer tells them that in her opinion, her violin is over 200 years old and handmade from Italy so it can cost $200-500k. The guys are all like, what? how do you know all of this? Jennifer leaves. The friends think that Jennifer has some Alpha Go in her brain. What is up with that?

They get back to cutting the onions while thinking of ways for her to make money. She has a lot of onions to peel so YC tells her that he will keep helping her out. She tells them that she can do it, she can do anything to fix her violin. So stop peeling and go to school.

WJ comes out which makes them get into a little tiny argument about driving them to school. Go go go! YC looks in the kitchen at SR’s hand print in the dough, he tries to match her print. But WJ yells at him to come on so he cane take them to school.

SR runs out and tells him that she will move the plant. But he tells her not to move it because it should stay there to be better. He awkwardly leaves and she smiles.

WJ drops them all off at school. The girl that likes YC tries to run up to him, but see the pervert uncle and hides her face. WJ is about to measure something on the street, but he hears SR in his head tell him to not measure things on the street and stops.
WJ goes to work where his team grumbles about WJ. They wonder who that woman was that visited WJ, that pink-pink woman. JH mentions that he saw a pink cardigan woman deliver a lunch to WJ. HS mentions that she also saw a woman in a pink cardigan, who is that woman?

But WJ will not tell them and tries to get away.

SR tries to work out how much she needs to fix her violin. She needs 2k dollars so she tries to work the numbers with all the money she wants to spend on top of the 2k dollars, like buying presents for everyone and all that.

Meanwhile, WJ is at a cafe talking about business with some people, but he sees SR walking the street and is lost in his thoughts for a moment. The people he is meeting with pull him back so he starts talking again, but then he sees SR going into a gentlemans bar, he wonders why she is going into that bar and is lost in his thoughts again.

He thinks about her saying that she will do anything to fix that violin. It echoes in his head. he quickly tells the people he is meeting with what he wanted to say and runs out.

He goes into that bar and asks where the woman who just came in went. The gangster looking guys says that there is not woman here. But SR says that he saw someone come in. The gangsters are all like no one is here.

WJ is all like okay….WOO SORI COME OUT!

The gangsters tell him that no one is there by that name.

WJ is all like…okay….WOO SORI COME OUT!

An old lady comes out but the gangsters want to know why they don’t trust him.

WJ just keeps yelling for Woo Sori and runs around the building. The gangsters have to carry him out while he is still yelling for Woo Sori.

Sori comes out and thinks that these gangsters think that WJ is a pervert. She beats off the gangsters and tells them that he is not a pervert! It is job related! The gangsters just look at these two crazies and go back inside.

Sori has a face full of almost clown like makeup on. WJ asks her why she is wearing that. Flashback to Sori getting money for the onions and then going into a makeup shop to try some makeup to look young. SHe says that she did that to look younger….did I put on too much? It is the first time I have done this by myself.

WJ asks why she is ding this now so that I would mistake what you did.

SR is confused and wonders if he thought she went to that gentlmans bar?

WJ just starts to walk away, SR follows after him. But WJ steps on chewing gum so he has to take off his socks or something. So SR gives him her socks with lace. A sock person gave this to SR. WH says wearing that is better than a slippery sock.

SR thinks that everyone is looking at him and thinks he is strange. But he says he does not care about what they all think. SR thinks that WJ doesn’t even care if it looks like he pooped his pants. Also, she never noticed before, but he has a very loud voice.

WJ clears his throat and tries to keep walking away. SR asks him if he was worried about her, that is why he went inside and why those guys carried you out? That is right, right? Huh? Huh? Huh? ANswer me!
YC and his team all practice rowing in the river, but YC loses his paddle. he says that his chest is so itchy, like he has a bug in there. After practice, his friends look in his shirt and say that thee might be bugs in there. Or maybe it is because your skin is dry, I have super cream, do you want me to put it on you?

YC is all like, no. Nothing is wrong with my chest, but why is it so scratchy.

Cut back to Sori and WJ walking outside. She tell shim that she did not even think that he knew her name, but he called her name. She tahnks him and tells him that she would not fix her mothers violin with dirty money.

He asks her why she is calling her ajusshi, we are the same age. But she tells him that he and her teacher are the same age. But then she realizes that she is 30.

They run to a fountain and find out that it is a drinking fountain. WJ thinks that it is not a drinking fountain, but SR tells him that it is writen there, you can drink all of this water!

SHe runs to the fountain with all of the water shooting out of the ground and starts drinking it. But then an ajusshi comes and takes the sign off the ground and puts it on the water fountain that is right next to them.

SR sees this and spits out all the water. WJ laughs and tells her that he told her not to do this, it is suspicious.

They keep walking. SR is hungry and her stomach grumbles, then she thinks she left all her socks back there. he says he has them and shows her the huge red bag that he has over is shoulder.

SHe looks at him, he asks what she is looking at. She tells him that she thinks he is really a good person, but something is strange. he tells her that he hears strange a lot. But she tells him that he looks like someone that is hiding that he is a good person. What should I say, you are crouching your heart.

But then she apologizes and says that she is sorry for sharing her feelings. WJ gets a call at that moment about his car being back at the cafe, he has to go back to get it. he gives her her sock bag and heads off. But he thinks about SR telling him that he is someone that is hiding that you are a good person.

WJ puts in his empty headphones and keeps walking away.

He goes to get his car and apologizes to the car attendant. He wonders what he should do as he thinks about SR. She thought he was the same age as her teacher, but then she remembered that she was 30 now.
Meanwhile, Chan is at home doing crunches as he talks to his little chick about how SR is barely 7 years old let alone 17. How can she be so trustful and naive and believe all the things. He thinks that makes her so cute. he tries to do the rabbit around the moon as he thinks that his chest still itches.

SR is inside thinking about WJ yelling her name and telling her to come out. It makes her blush as she goes through all the socks.

WJ is in his room thinking about SR at the fountain. He wonders how she can think about drinking that. he also thinks about how she protected him and gave him new socks to wear. he thinks that maybe….she is a little cute. He looks up at the moon as he thinks about her and the camera scrolls out.

jennifer walks down the street looking around as if someone is following her. She pulls something out of her bag and cronfronts the person behind her. That person is the girl that likes Chan, they intoduce each other. The girl says that she is Chans girlfriend and Jennifer says that she is the maid of this house.

Chan shows up so the girl runs to him. His friends are there as well, they tell her that uncle is not here, if you want to see uncle then come later. The girl is all like, aw man, I’m sad. Then she happily hops into the house.

Inside, SR is doing something on the floor with all those socks. YC has to tell Rian what is going on. Sh intriduces herself as Chan’s girlfriend even though Chan deny’s it. Rian says that they will have their first day as soon as he gets his medal.

SR looks at Rian because she likes her school uniform. She didn’t remember that the schol uniforms were so pretty.

ALl the kids sit with Sr to fold the socks or whatever they are doing. DS thinks that SR winks at him, but it ends up being dust in her eye. YC tries to look in her eye, which makes Rian jealous so she says she can do it! But in the process, she knocks over a drink. SR has to run off to grab something to clean it up.

But YC says that SR does not have proper clothes, so he needs to give her his clothing. Rian tries to stop him. I WILL GIVE HER MINE! But YC is all like, you are going to give her your school uniform?

Uncle comes home so Rian takes off soon, but she thinks it is okay, today is not the last day, she will recover it. SHe walks away from the house, but the mysterious woman in yellow shows up.

Inside, WJ gives SR water, but he says it is the water he collected from the water fountain. SR is all like, waaaaaahhhhhhh, when did you do that?!? But he calmly tells her that it was a joke. Then he walks upstairs with a little smile.

Later on, SR walks around the city. She sees someone hanging a sign about a missing person. She asks the ajusshi doing it how she could hang a sign like that? he tells her all the details but says that there is a waiting list and money involved so you would have to wait 3 or 4 months.

SR goes home and sees jennifer with a plunger. SR has a new red bag filled with socks. Jeniffer thinks that Mr. Gong tries to take care of the toilet things himself. But WJ shows up and says that it is for the window, not the toilet. jeniffer tells SR that she needs to buy one for the toilet.

SR happily sings and hops off but remembers that WJ’s room is not her room and happily hops off to her room.

Nighttime comes. SR starts to make Dukgu’s snack but remembers that WJ told her to mix it with something. SHe goes to his room to ask what that something is, but she sees that he is sleeping. SHe is about to leave at first, but then decides to go inside and take a good look at WJ while he is sleeping.

She smiles as she watches him sleep for a long time. But then he wakes up a little bit and moves so she hides quickly and then starts to slowly but quickly sneak out. She manages to get out and closes the door, but she rests on it and thinks.

YC works out when SR goes upstairs to get WJ for breakfast. YC tells her that he already went to work, even though it is the weakend. SR looks in his room and sees that he made a plunger stand only for the window. She runs outside to try and catch him to tell him thank you, but he is walking too far away and he puts his head phones in.

SHe wonders why he has the head phone at all when he only pretends to listen to it.

The school girl comes back to the house with a lot of clothes. SHe tells SR that these are all the clothes that she does not wear, so eunnie should wear them. SR thinks she can’t take them, but the girl says that she is not wearing them anyway, so she will throw them away.

YC thinks this is great and wonders where she got all of these clothes. Cut to Rian’s house, her sister looks in her closet and it’s empty. She screams Eunniee!!!! what happened to all my clothes!!!
jennifer works out with taekwondo and then has a parttime job afterwards. But she asks SR if she can do it instead and buy all the things from the list. After washing and cleaning, you will use the Dyson vacuum and clean everywhere for a certain amount of minutes. Then you need to clean all the dust. When you clean the table, be careful of the pictures.

SR does all of this and we also see that this might be HT’s house or families house. he is in a lot of the pictures there. SR sees that the doctors name is Hyung-tae and wonders if her friend from primary school is also doing okay.

SHe finishes everything up and leaves right when HT shows up at home. But SR remembers that her money is on the table so she needs to pick it up. SHe goes back inside to get it. HT is already sleeping.

But he kind of wakes up when SR gets her money from the table. he groggily looks up at the woman leaving, but does not really see anything. he asks who is there and looks around, but he doesn’t see anything and thinks that maybe he made a mistake.

But then he sees mismatching slippers which sends him into a flashback to SR. She always had mismatched shoes. He tells her that he needs to follow her around to make sure that her shoes match otherwise she will always have mismatched shoes. So come on! SR smiles as HT does a cute dance for her.

WJ is done with his weekend work and walks home. SR is also walking outside in her new clothes. WJ sees her from the bridge and wants to say hi. But instead of saying hi, she holds her hand up to the moon in that way that she does. SHe does not see him.

This sends WJ into a PTSD attack where he thinks about little SR and her friends calling her name Soo-mi….Oh Soo-mi. He gets dizzy and holds his head and turns around…but he is barely able to walk away as he whimpers and hears a ringing in his ears.

Jennifer is in bed and tells SR that she is happy that seh was able to handle her jobs. SR talks like a robot like Jennifer and tells her that she was able to do everything. Jennifer tells her not to make fun of adults, but she smiles. They both smile actually. SR gives her the money, but Jennifer says that is her money for today. take it. Then she tells SR that she is nice and pretty like the moon.

When SR leaves, Jennifer puts her book on the side table and looks at a little ballet doll that is also there.

SR goes to the bathroom to wash up and looks at her dress, she finally has girl clothing so she inspects them a little bit while wondering why he is late today.

She goes outside to wait on him, but then YC comes running up. He thinks she is waiting for him and takes a photo of her. She is a little bashful about the photo but lets him take it. he goes inside, but she stays outside looking around, he asks her if she is coming in so she reluctantly goes inside.

WJ is at work looking up the news about No Soo-mi dying and her friends crying about it at her funeral. WJ also went to the funeral. Appa asks him if he is friends with his Soo-mi? thank you for coming. But WJ just runs out of the funeral hall.

In the present, WJ thinks about this all night.
SR knocks on WJ’s door in the morning, but Jenniefer tells her that he came home briefly and then left. SR looks in the room at the window plunger and thinks that she wanted to tell him thank you.

WJ goes to the psychologist. He is back as an adult.

Flashback to Little WJ in Berlin meeting with the doctor in 2005. The doctor says that he is his noona’s sunbae, it is good to meet you. he tries to make conversation with WJ and tells him that he is a drawer, can you draw something for me? But WJ is still a lost little boy.

In the present, Woojin tells the doctor that he thought it was all gone, but now he is having these PTSD scenes and episodes. Both times it happened with SR around. The doctor thinks it mith not be related to her, it could be just like something that happened in front of you. If that person was not her and you saw a similar thing from your memory, then it could be mixed.

Do you have to see her for a long time? WJ tells him no. The doctor says that it might be hard for him, but he should not just avoid her, he should try to recognize her as a different object. Try to find the difference in this girl with her food or habits or anything. And accept her as she is.

WJ – Just accept her? What if my flashbacks happen again?

Doctor – Just try to breath and think about a peaceful place for you, that will help.

WJ – A relaxing and happy memory?

He thinks about it.
Jh talks on the phone to TR. TR wants to talk to the female employee that she taked to recently. JH says they don’t have a femal employee, but then he thinks about HS and gives her the phone. But HS is not the one that she wants. They hang up after HS says that she will look into it for her. But she says that they dno’t have another female employee. JH thinks, is is a ghost…or maybe…

Cut to YC at practice with his friends. He is so in love and thinks that everything is so pretty int he world, the sky (it’s cloudy!) , the beautiful birds singing (but it’s magpie). His friends think he is crazy.

But then Hee-soo calls Chan and has a question for him.

Meanwhile, YC gets somewhere and looks at his calendar as he thinks about the one month deadline.

YC is busy rowing on the river with his team, but he loses his oars again. DS yells at him, HEY WHY DID YOU STOP ALL OF A SUDDEN! YC mutters that he knows why his chest is itching.

At work, WJ goes in and sees that SR is in his workplace. HS hired her only until the festival is over. Everyone is all smiles to welcome SR to the team, but WJ is not.

VO – I am afraid, (through tears) the closer I get to her, my memory will be revealed again and I will be related to someone else’s life again, I am afraid of that. (to his psychiatrist).

Fade Out


WJ – We have so many people available, why does it have to be her, I don’t want her.
SR – Why did you hide the plunger?
WJ – Is there any reason why I shouldn’t?
HS – Welcome and congratulations Sori (or something like that)
SR – Wo, this is so tasty.
YC – Did you give ajumma alcohol!
YC – I am not…you know…with a 30 year old ajumma
Doctor – Well, it will be the best to recognize her as a different person for now.

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  1. zzzydny
    August 6, 2018 / 11:02 am

    This show is so good. There are so many layers, and it will be interesting to see how it all plays out. Again, thanks for recapping!

    • V
      August 6, 2018 / 11:08 am

      I love all the acting and how WJ has these episodes of PTSD when things remind him of the past. Perhaps it won’t be all happy go lucky when he finds out that Seori is alive.

  2. Anonymous
    August 6, 2018 / 11:08 am

    Oh no…. They’re going to drag the fact that SR was WJ’s crush. On one hand I want him to like her before he knows, but on the other hand I’m like start knowing about her circumstances already.

    • Shayri Garg
      August 6, 2018 / 11:36 am

      Wait I’m not Anonymous 😂

  3. sashaa
    August 6, 2018 / 6:58 pm

    Yes, I like it too. Its simple/sweet but not frivolous. I like the fact that this time around she is smitten by him first. And her crush is so adorable (e.g waiting for him to see her in new clothes!). And it was so meaningful when Jennifer told her she looks pretty – It was such a poignant moment – when Seo-RI realizes that she may have lost 13 years but she is still pretty to people.
    Its moments like this that draw me to the show.

    And how cute was WJ’s deadpan humor about putting fountain water in the jug! I can’t wait for him to come our of his shell.

    I may be of the minority where I don’t mind the dragging the identity part. Its not forced, it feels natural. Only now he is starting to be curious about her but at the same time his trauma is coming back when she is around. I would rather have them grow closer without knowing each others past – because that means they are meant to be in their present state. Loving someone because of the past seems a bit escapist to me.

    But its high time the doctor comes into the plot. Poor guy, he is her friend, she needs him too!

  4. sashaa
    August 6, 2018 / 7:01 pm

    btw, can someone clarify – didn’t the violin repairman find 200 euros in her case already. Why does she need so much money again? I thought that was enough to fix the violin.

  5. Anonymous
    August 6, 2018 / 7:23 pm

    She needs to find $2000 to buy her house back in a month’s time.

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