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Still 17 Kdrama Live-ish Recap Episode 7 and 8

A woman with a plunger on her head as a man holds her in the Korean Drama Still 17
Finally all caught up with Still 17! Whoo hoo! Live recapping starting tomorrow. Now we just need to watch episode 4 of Life and the premier episodes of Familiar Wife.

Posting quickly; be wary of typos.

Cut back to the end of the last episode where Seo-ri thinks she sees her uncle walking across the street. She immediately gets out and runs after him. But she has to cross the street dangerously and keeps yelling her uncles name.

This sends WJ into a PTSD attack. But he is able to get to SR in the middle of the street and tells her, through tears, don’t leave. Don’t leave. he holds her hand tightly and asks her to please, just stay.

The light changes to green, so SR breaks his hold and continues running across the street to her uncle. WJ is left an emotional wreck in the middle of the street.

SR continues running to the last spot she saw her uncle, but he is long gone. Then she sees WJ and yells at him. Because of you my uncle left, if you did not hold me than I could get everything back! I could get the violin! It is all your fault.

WJ thinks about how it was all his fault back then. he tells her, what if you died because of me? He is still very sad and looks like he is standing there like a little kid as he holds his own hands.

Cut to WJ leaving. SR told him to leave, she will wait and find her uncle there. So SR drives away with a sad looking Dukgu as SR stays there and frantically looks at everyone that passes her.

WJ tries to go to work, but he is still thinking about SR telling him that it is all his fault. His boss tries to talk about business to him but WJ is miles away. She asks what happened to day, did something happen. he says nothing is wrong, everything is fine.

he stands up and starts to put on her jacket which is a very womanly pink. Hee-soo tells him that he must really be out of it. But JH thinks he must be joking, however, how can he joke with a normal face? he is strange today.

WJ drives off and goes back to the last place he left SR. She is still there all by herself.


WJ gets all the way home. YC is there to greet him. But he wants to know where ajumma is. WJ says he does not want to be involved with her. YC is all like, I know that but –

However WJ just quickly says that he wants to talk that one month back. But he tells her to stop worrying about what adults do and come inside.

While inside, WJ plays with Dukgu and asks him if he was surprised, he is sorry about that. But then he gets a call from the music festival about checking his email. he tells her that he did not get it, can you try to send it again?

He hangs up and goes upstairs, but before he goes, he takes on last look at SR’s room.

SR is outside walking up the street to her old home. YC is outside waiting for her and runs up to her like a little puppy. They go inside together and talk about how SR saw her uncle today, it was definitely him. But I could not catch him.

YC thinks he is around, you should be able to find him. SR asks to borrow paper and a sticky tape. But then she sees Wj and leaves. YC wonders why she is leaving, don’t you want to drink with me? But she says she is fine.

YC asks SR what happened today? SR saw her uncle so she might leave earlier than expected. Can you just be happy and smile? He pulls his uncles face into a smile and tells him that he is so handsome. But he thinks that maybe he should let it go.

WJ goes upstairs and looks for someones name on the computer. That person is a psychologist and it might be the same man he bumped into on the street a couple episodes ago. But the psychiatrist asked him if it was better that they did not see each other?

WJ starts to hear a ringing in his ears as he sits on the floor in the same way he did when he locked himself in his room after the accident.

SR is also in her room, but she can’t stay there and goes outside.

Upstairs, YC is in the middle of a lot of pushups when WJ comes out. He says he will go to his work office for one month. he also tells Jennifer that he will be there for one month, but he will stop by often so please take care of Chan.

Chan runs downstairs and is all like, how can you leave! But Woo-jin just tell him that he will be fine, he will call him everyday. However Chan tells him that it only takes a few minutes to get there so why is he living there? Dukgu barks as well so YC is all like, Dukgu does not want you to leave either.

But that does not change his mind. YC asks WJ if it is about ajumma?!? But SR is right there and hears it all. YC tries to tell her that WJ is happy because Dukgu is happy because of her. She is all like, okay. And walks on by. YC fells miserable that SR heard it.

All that day, SR puts up notices for her uncle, if she sees this, then come to our old house.

WJ works hard at work and gets a lot of Skype messages from Chan about coming home, don’t you miss your handsome nephew?

SR keeps searching for her uncle.

Chan tries to get WJ to come home by telling him that Dukgu ran away, but then Dukgu barks in the background. WJ tells him that he will stop by a few days later, see you then.

SR keeps putting up the signs searching for her uncle.

WJ goes outside at nighttime and looks at the nightcap as he drinks his tea and sighs.

YC is getting ready to leave when he hears the front door, he thinks it is his uncle so he runs downstairs. But it is his friends. SR comes by sadly as well. She looks so sunken. Jennifer tells her that it is time to eat, but she says that she is not hungry, bye-bye.

His friends are all like, did your uncle leave home? YC grabs his hair, how did you know! But they are all like, you just told us.

Cut to SR walking to that spot where she saw her uncle, she sees someone that looks like him and runs to grab him, but it is the wrong person. She drops all of her papers and thinks back to yelling at WJ. She thinks it was not because of ajusshi and perhaps she should apologize to him.

While walking home she struggles to think about how to apologize to WJ and pulls at her hair as if the answer will pull out with it. She gets to their house and sees Chan outside talking on the phone. She runs up to him to see if she can talk to WJ, but he hangs up so she leaves. YC is so confused because she was stuttering and emotional when she went up to him.

WJ is at work checking on the real stage. He gets another message about receiving an email, but he says that he did not receive it, can you send it again?

At home, Jennifer tells SR that she is talking a lunch box to WJ. SR wants to go with her and help her cook. While walking away, another mystery woman watches them.

Jennifer makes a gorgeous meal for WJ and dresses it just as lovely. She wants to take it to WJ right away, but she needs to take the cabbage out due to a lot of mystical reasons so she asks SR to go in her place to deliver the lunch box. She gives Jennifer a salary for helping her and delivering it. Abraham Lincoln said that people should be paid for their efforts.

SR did not want to take the money, but Jennifer is adamant, you should be paid for your work; work is important. SR happily smiles and takes the money.

She gets to the office and looks around, but no one is there, so she just sits and waits. Suddenly the phone rings which makes her hop. The call comes in on an adorable old-fashioned phone on a chord. The person calling is Tae-rin.

Tae-rin tells her that everyone thinks classical music is difficult so she has some notes on how to make it easier and friendlier for an audience. She needs to talk to Mr. Gong about it.

SR asks TR about a festival that only classical symphony musical people might understand. They immediately click over that. When they get off the phone, TR comments that she hasn’t found anyone that she can talk to like this in awhile.

Meanwhile, WJ gets back right after SR drops a pen and goes under his table to get it. She startles him when she comes out and accidentally hit him on the head with her head and apologizes for her head being so hard.

After she gives him the lunch, she apologizes to him about the other day. She is really sorry that she told him it was all his fault. perhaps that guy she saw that day was not her uncle. She thought it was him, and she followed him, but it was not him.

Cut to the three friends leaving a cafe. They are stuffed. YC thinks he sees ajumma, but it is not her. His friends tell him that he has Mongolian eyesight, how can you think that is ajumma, that looks nothing like ajumma.

Cut to SR telling WJ that her mind is filled with her uncle, she wants to find her uncle. But if someone dropped in the road like that, them she would stop them too. You left home because of me, can you come back?

WJ tells her that he will get back to work. SR tries to talk to WJ and tells him that she needs to stay there for one month, at least one month! But he gets a call about the music festival and tells SR that he has to work. She understands and leaves. But instead of getting right to work, WJ watches her leave.


JH runs in after that and sees WJ’s lunch. It is gorgeous so JH thinks this must be from his girlfriend. But WJ says it is from his mom. JH says not to talk about nonsense but WJ just tell him that he said it because he should not talk about nonsense.

Meanwhile, YC is at home talking to his little baby bird. Jennifer is cleaning. But she knocks a Pororo picture off of the bookshelf so YC runs and grabs it like lightning fast. He tells Jennifer that he and his uncle are in the picture.

His uncle took care of him really well in Germany and bought him everything. Jennifer thinks that Mr. Gong had a nice smile, like sunshine. YC agrees with her.

later that night, WJ waits for WJ to come home and falls asleep half inside and half outside of her little room. Morning comes so SR wakes up and runs upstairs. Someone is int he bed so SR thinks it is ajusshi, but it is YC. She asks him why he i sleeping in ajusshi’s room.

YC says it is just because. Then he grumbles about how it is so shiny, why did he put this window here that you can’t even open.

SR looks at the window but then she leaves quickly.

YC suddenly gets a call from his mother. He tries to tell her that nothin happened, take good care of the kids in Africa! he manages to hang up quickly and wonders shy she scared him all of a sudden.

Meanwhile, SR walks down the street. She goes to the violinist and gets good news. She had 200 Euro in her violin. SR thinks back to the time she got the 200 Euro from her uncle. They were all in a plane. The violin man thinks she is rich and tells her to leave her violin there, he will take care of it slowly.

WJ grabs a notice for an apartment off the wall and runs to WJ’s workplace. She yells that she will move out! But he is not at work. Hee-soo comes out to see what all that noise is about and tells SR that WJ is not there, he just left.

SR runs to find him and sees him walking around. She tries to catch up with him because she wants to tell him that she is leaving, that way he will go back home.

he goes into a cafe and waits for someone. SR goes up to him but quickly turns around when the guest comes. She goes to the bar and is told that she can order something.

She hesitantly points to something that is 500 won which is an added shot. The barista tells her that is an added shot, so SR just asks for the cheapest drink they have. She gets a little expresso drink and sips in while waiting on WJ. But the drink is so bitter that it gives her a physical reaction where she has to get up and get something to drink.

But when she looks up again, he is gone.

She runs to find him. he is actually outside measuring things again with his head phones on. His arm accidentally hits a woman but he does not notice. That situation escalates to a man running after WJ to yell at him about it. But SR is able to run up to them and explain the situation. he is not a pervert, she thought he was on too, but he is actually a miniaturist.

WJ just leaves without explaining anything.

SR catches up to him and grabs his headphones, but sees that the headphones are actually unplugged, so he was ignoring everyone the entire time even though he did hear them.

He walks away from her, but she just catches up and tells him that he should explain things to people. WJ does not think that he needs to explain things to anyone. He is really good at ignoring people and wants to keep ignoring people.

They argue about this. he says that he is the best person that knows that a good intention does not come back nicely all the time. SR yells back that he ignores apologies and his nephew that cares about him and everything.

But he just counters that he told her to stop thinking her own way. You don’t know about me. She yells back that she does not know about him, but she does know one thing. he should not say that it is none of his business and all that. in this situation you just need to say one thing – thank you! I thought you were a minimalist only in things you own, but you minimize your heart also. I thought I was a strange adult, but you are the really strange adult!

Sh walks away in a rage, but then quickly wonders, what did I just say! Oh no!

WJ goes back to work and sees his nephew there with a lot of samgyupsal. WJ says that he knows a nice place, so they go outside to cook and eat it. They happily eat under the stars and talk. Wj asks how Dukgu is, YC tells him that he should come home and see himself.

WJ mentions that he feels like the nephew and he is the uncle. After they finish eating, they drink tea and continue sitting outside. YC asks his uncle (Mr. Gong) that he hopes he does not do that anymore. he knows he needs time, but can he just come back for me – My uncle?

WJ messes up Chan’s hair lovingly. Chan tells him that he has to leave, his little chicken is waiting for him. WJ tells him that he can take him home. But YC tells him he is okay, his legs are fast. See you at home, I will wait for you.

WJ goes back inside and gets another call about the message. He says that he did not get it. She tells him to check the spam folder. He checks and sees that it is in the spam folder. She wonders why it is blocked, that is weird and it is an important piece of mail.

They hang up while WJ thinks back to SR railing at him about closing his heart and eyes and living like that.

He also gets a text message. His nephew left the photo of the two of them with Pororo. WJ looks at it wistfully.

At home, SR writes a letter to Wj thanking him for everything that he did for her. She leaves it in his room and looks out at the moon from the roof window. She goes downstairs and feeds Pang/Dukgu one last meal Dukgu runs off to WJ who just came home. he tells her that when she gives Dukgu his meal, she needs to add the pink one as well.

WJ goes up to Jennifer and thanks her for the meal. He wants to say it was – . But Jennifer cuts him off and says it was a lot. he tries to say something else, but Jennifer cuts him off again and says to please take it back(?). WJ then sees his YC from the bottom of the stairs. His nephew is so happy to see him.

SR is downstairs thinking about what WJ said to her. “From now on, when you feed Dukgu – “. She locks onto that phrase “from now on.” and runs upstairs to get that note back. She grabs it right away and eats it before WJ can look at it. She gives him a plunger as a gift.

Wj does not take it the right way and wonders what kind of person she thinks he is. She calls him poop man and gives him a plunger ~.

She quickly points to the rooftop window and says that you can open the window with that. he says it cannot open, but she says that she thought he would not know. She knows this well because she is the previous owner of this room. That window can be opened.

Flashback to the handle breaking on the window. Her appa shows her how to open it with a plunger. He locks it on the window and rolls it back and forth. SR shows it to WJ in the exact same way. She opens it and then tells ajusshi to go up and look at it. Come up and take a look!

But he says he knows how to open it now so he won’t look.

She says okay and leaves, but then she goes back inside and sees WJ trying to open the window, lol. He is caught. She shows him that he is doing it wrong, he has to move his wrist a certain way to open it.

They open it together and hop out to look at everything from that vantage point. She tells him that she helped him this time, but next time he should open it, don’t forget the proper angle, you will have a learning curve…ahhh, I like it.

WJ actually smiles as he looks at her.

Later on, SR tries to open the window but it is sticky and she slips on some paperwork on the desk. WJ catches her in his arms and they have a moment were they just look at each other.

But then the plunger falls right on her head. He sets her down and takes it off while telling her that they should be careful. SR tells him that Jennifer wants him to eat breakfast. She leaves but he quickly tells her – thank you. Thank you for helping me open it. She smiles as she or he remembers what she said about thank you being something that he should tell people.

Wj gets a call right at that moment from his father (or he calls him?). WJ asks if he knew the previous owner and when he bought it. The father says that it was a quick sale, they got it super cheap and only dealt with the realtor. he asks his son if he is having any problems. Is one month enough, are you okay?

WJ tells him that he will try to be okay.

He goes downstairs to eat with everyone. The three friends are happy to finally eat with uncle. SR is eating as well. While sitting there, WJ thinks about what happened in those two years that no one owned the house.

SR owned the house 13 years ago and the father bought it 11 years ago.

After eating, Wj goes to the window to look out. He picks up Dukgu and looks outside the window, it looks like someone is outside the gate.

It is the mysterious woman from before. Today she is wearing all yellow.

Fade Out


TR – Can I talk to one of your employees that I talked to last time?
SR – This doctors name in this house is also Kim Hyung-tae
YC – I feel like you are 7, not even 17.
WJ – Where is the woman that just came in?
WJ – Woo Seo-ri! Woo Seo-ri.
WJ – Somehow I can’t block her.

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  1. zzzydny
    August 5, 2018 / 6:57 pm

    Thank you so much! This show is cute and funny…..and a little painful because of the character’s frustrations and misunderstandings. Good drama.

    • V
      August 6, 2018 / 7:54 am

      Yes, definitely cute and funny and a little heart tugging. 🙂

  2. Jo Ann
    September 8, 2018 / 7:26 am

    Many thanks for the recap.

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