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Still 17 Kdrama Live-ish Recap Episode 5 and 6

A woman plays the violin with a purple background
This show is delightful and leaves me happy after watching it. I was looking forward to watching the next episode right when the last one finished. Usually I need a breather, but with this one I was happy to hop right into the next one.

Posting quickly; be wary of typos.

The bell is rung at the house. SR thinks someone came so YC asks who it is. Noone answers, but then his friends jump in front of the screen. YC lets them in, but suddenly HT runs up and asks the students if they know of a woman who came by here recently.

The kids are all like, yeah, there was a woman that had mental problems that came here, but she left. HT asks them if they know where she went, if they know then can they have her call this number? I will be here so let me know. He gives them his card.

The students wonder why a doctor wants that woman, but they lost interest immediately as they see someone selling something they want.

They go buy it and then run inside with their yogurt. But they see the woman inside and think, wah! you are here! Someone was looking for you! He goes to get the card, but then realizes that he put the card in the money he gave the yogurt woman.

They tell her that he was a doctor, which makes SR a bit sad, she says she knows why the hospital would be looking for her so she does not have to go find the card. She asks them if she can use the internet so they give her their cell phone. She is all like, umm.


She starts to look for her uncles company on the computer, but it is not there. She thinks back to 2005, August, the day of the accident. She sees her uncle driving somewhere and calls her aunt. Did uncle come to Korea? The aunt says that he went to Japan for a business trip, is that a dream? SR thinks it was her uncle, but that means that he lied to them?

Meanwhile, WJ talks to his father and tells him that the people can wait one month. WJ is at work and tells his coworkers that he thinks something happened but he hopes it is not important. The coworkers have no idea what he is talking about. Hee-soo says that she has known him for a long time, but sh still can’t figure him out.

WJ leaves all of a sudden. WJ is all like, WAIT – WE HAVE A MEETING. But he still leaves. HS wonders if she should fire him, but he is the best employee so she cant.

WJ goes home to all the pandemonium going on in his quiet house. He fills the dog food and tries to ignore SR who is so thankful that she gets to stay there. WJ is mostly concerned with whether the dog is eating or not. The dog burps a big burp so SR says he finally digested his food! He eats a lot a lot, chicken breast and paprika and all the food. WJ is all like, but he does not eat?

However it seems like he eats with SR. WJ walks away but hits a flower pot with his knee. SR says that she moved it because it is the best spot for a flower pot in her house. She knows her house well and this spot makes all the plants grow. But she pulls herself back as Wj gives her a look of annoyance.

Later on, WJ gets something to drink and sees how happy the dog is playing with SR. He walks right through their fun (literally) and leaves. SR asks him if he is leaving and tries to say goodbye, but he ignores her.

She uses this as an opportunity to drag the plant back to the really great spot in the house. But then WJ comes back in and gives her a look. She tries to reason with him but ends up dragging the plant back to the other spot. However, when WJ leaves, she drags it back again to the sunniest spot in the house.

WJ goes outside and wonders how Dokgu burps like that? One month….why did she move that plant? ….. one month…one month.

The three friends talk about the ajumma that goes not want to go back to the hospital and only wants to live with YC for one month. But YC just tells them to shut up. Flashback to why the hospital is looking for her. YC asked her that. She says that she was in the hospital for a long time, so they are looking for her. That is also why she lost contact with her uncle. So if you see them again, can you tell them that I am not here?

YC thinks about this during practice.

Elsewhere, a girl talks to her friend to see if anyone notices her wig. Her friend is all like, yes, it is very noticeable.

Meanwhile, SR goes to a violin shop and asks the owner if he can fix it. Can you fix it? how much will it be? he tells her it will be $2k. She is all like, wha???? Okay, I will see you later. She grabs the violin and starts to leave. But the owner says that it will not take too long for an instrument to go bad, no mater how expensive it is. it is the same for instruments and humans.

SR walks back to the house muttering….two thousand dollars….two thousand dollars….over and over again as she goes upstairs. She plops on her bed but then realizes that this is not her room anymore. She hops up and goes outside.

While outside, she is on the ground kneeling. YC calls her name so SR stands up suddenly, but she gets a muscle cramp and is about to fall again. YC goes into super hero mode and runs to her side, Do you need a piggy back ride? Hospital? But she tells him that she is okay, it is just a muscle cramp.

They go inside where SR tries to make a list of something. YC asks if she would like to use his phone, he can’t use a phone while training. It looks like SR is updating her resume. YC tries to help her out because it is empty. He asks her if she ever won a competition. SR says that she usually plays with feeling, but competitions usually only follow exactly how it should be. But she was accepted to music school in Berlin.

YC says that he was born in Berlin, he recognizes this school name! But actually he does not have a lot of memory about it because he came back to Korea when he was 10. He does remember one thing though, the hotdog house was very good.

WJ comes back which makes SR run to his side. She calls him poop ajusshi and asks him if he is from Germany? She was going to go to Germany, why did you go to Germany? Did you study there?

But WJ is annoyed and asks her if she is a little kid? If I don’t respond to you then that means that I don’t want to talk to you. Don’t you know that at your age? SR is a bit taken aback and doesn’t really know what to say. Wj tells her to keep her promise and stay in her room quietly for one month.

He goes into this room.

YC runs to her side and says it is okay, he just doesn’t’ like to talk to other people, he hasn’t always been like that. SR thinks she might have made a mistake and goes downstairs.

YC opens his door and tells WJ that he just wanted to see his lovely Mr. Gong. he smiles then closes the door and mutters that he wasn’t like that before.

Flashback to Woo-jin locking himself in his room as his parents knock on his door to get him out. he is crying next to his bed and holding his legs as he looks at SR’s keychain.

WJ hops out of that flashback as he lays on his own bed.

Cut to the kitchen where Jennifer is going crazy with some knife skills. SR goes to her and tells her that she will look for a part-time job. But Jennifer tells her to stop. They go to another room. Jennifer says, time-place-occassion. You need to dress properly when you look for a job. SR agrees, her look is….

So Jennifer opens her closet (all the close are exactly the same, lol) and tells SR to pick anything. SR is so happy that she is lending her clothing. But she sees that they are all the same. But Jennifer tells her that they are not all the same, they have subtle differences in their details.

SR changes and walks in the middle of the street to her destination with a white shirt and black skirt. She looks sophisticated, but then she trips.

Cut to her at a violin or music company. She tells a woman that is interviewing her that she did not graduate high school or college. She is actually a middle school graduate only.

Cut to the next place which looks like a hotel position for a musician. She does not fair well during that interview either.

Meanwhile, WJ is talking to HS and JH about work. They are in a meeting where they have to talk about what they need to do for their next project. They should have tea with them. WJ wonders if he has to go there with them. They won’t talk about the stage right? HS is so annoyed. WJ asks her, if you want to fire me, can you just fire me to Croatia?

SR sees some cute little kids playing the violin and tells them to grab it like a rabbit, it will make a better sound if you do it that way. Okay? She shows them how to grab it and all the kids do that.

Then the woman she is interviewing with comes in and apologizes that she had a meeting but she can meet with her now. This woman also tells her that she is not qualified. But SR asks her to just listen to her play one time…please….please…please!

She plays for her, but she is not as good as she was before. her hand stops moving in the middle of practice and her bow falls. She asks to do it again. But the woman says that it sounds like she has not practiced for some time. I do not think that you are the one that I am looking for. Thank you.

SR leaves and walks around. She remembers what the violin man said. Even if you have a good instrument, if you leave it abandoned like that, then it will go bad quickly. SR looks at her hands and thinks that she just needs to practice more. It will be okay if she practices. It will be okay.

HT hesitantly asks his sunbae to cancel that long term patient. Suddenly a woman is brought in in her 20s or 30’s that was found on the street. HT runs to see if she is SR, but she is not. His colleagues wonder what is wrong with him as he sits and holds his head.

WJ’s company meets with their newest project people. It is a big meeting that also has TR there, the violinist.

Meanwhile, SR is walking around and sees a part time position advertised. She runs inside and thinks that 8k won is so much money! (But it is normal now). She tells the person inside that she would like the job, but she does not have a car. She tells her that she is seven – thirty. Unfortunately she does not get the job because her boss is in her twenties so they want to pick people younger than the boss.

She leaves, but WJ saw her at the coffee shop trying to get the job.

While walking away, SR sees some teenage girls playing happily. She wonders about her own youth in her teens and twenties. She imagines that she had a chance to go to music college and graduate and get a job and speak German and be a soloist that everyone wants to watch. her uncle and aunt watch her solo performances and everyone claps as she finishes.

She comes out of her fantasy sadly.


SR sits on the bench sadly when YC sees her and calls her name. But he sees that she looks sad. he thinks she might not have gotten the job. So he tries to cheer her up and says that it is difficult to o to a school in Germany when you are 18. But she says she also would not pick someone who did not work for a long time.

She sees YC’s hand and says that she envies it. His hand is callused, she says that when you play the violin, your hand also has calluses everywhere. he asks if she also could not play the violin when she was sick? She tells him that she had an accident when she was young and was in a coma, she could not do anything. But now she woke up and is thirty, a strange thirty year old that still feels seventeen.

YC thinks really hard and tells her that thirty is not old, you will have a good time now too – he tries to think about what to say but he can’t think of the words. She asks him if he wants to tell her to cheer up? He says yes so she thanks him. He stands and tells her that they need to eat something spicy. On demand ddukbogi! With noodles!

SR gets so excited and happy, they start to sing an dance as they walk to the ddukbogi place.

Meanwhile, Jennifer tells WJ that she is going tot he butcher, do you want anything in particular. He says no so she keep going her own way. But a delivery person comes with delivery things. it is a lot of delivery items that WJ has to bring in.

All these packages are from the friends place. he walks away to change and bumps the plant that is in the middle of the stairs. he then goes upstairs and bumps a bunch of other things. At that same time, the bell rings, it is the kids that have the packages. he lets them in and his house is all of a sudden very noisy with the sounds of teenage boys.

They ask him to eat with them, but he does not want to eat. They happily thank him for accepting the packages. WJ goes to his work area and starts to prepare his mini stage, but the kids keep bothering him. They sulk, they want to eat with him. Wj locks the door.

But DS bursts in at that time. WJ is all like, how did you open it? DS just smiles and says that it is easy to open. DS asked for YC, but WJ does not know where he is, just call him. DS is all like, oh yeah! Good idea.

WJ tries to go back to work, but his concentration is all out. DS runs back in, he has to PEEEEEEEE. Why don’t you go to the first floor? HB is taking a bubble bath!!!!!! I am in a hurry!!!!!!

WJ basically gets kicked out of his bathroom.

He tries to get back to work, but then someone yells downstairs. It is SR, she got a job! A temporary job. Their little kids violin teacher had her appendix out, so they need a replacement person. The kids also were looking for the rabbit teacher. So can you work for just two weeks?

SR jumps around the living room excited. Everyone starts to jump around excited – except Woo-Jin. he shakes his head and goes upstairs. But he looks kind of happy.

Cut to the kitchen where Jennifer is making noodles with some strong heroic music playing in the background. SR happily asks her if she can borrow some dough, she takes a little pinch and thanks her.

Nightfalls on the house, but SR is still awake practicing tutoring. She talks to herself and what she will say to the students. She says that kids don’t know about nerves so she needs to tell them that their neck and shoulder will be OUCHY OUCHY OUCHY so you need to match the violin with your eye level. You know what that part is.

WJ hears her from the stairs and bumps into the plant again. the plant is all green once again.

SR wakes up early to go to work. YC is awake as well and gives her a pep talk to follow her feeling. SR still has the dough and uses it to exercise her muscles. DS is there as well and tells her fighting! YC is so smitten and thinks that SR might really be 17. The three friends leave after saying good morning to WJ.

SR goes to the violin man and asks him to fix it. She has a place to make money. She will not let her violin or herself go bad. She will pay him in installments. Thank you! Thank you!

Cut to WJ making an expresso, but someone calls him at that time and he does not answer. He sits on his cell phone though which answers it. It looks like this is SR’s cellphone. The violin school called and wants WJ to tell her that a lot of moms don’t want anyone without a degree to teach their kid. She is really sorry about it so can you tell her not to come?

WJ says that he is not SR, can you call back and tell her? But the violin person says that she has a lot of other calls to make, can you tell her? CLICK.

WJ is left wondering where SR is so early in the morning

Meanwhile, Jennifer is in the market bartering with a person on how many kilograms some fruit is. She is correct, as if she is a robot. The person measuring it is amazed and calls her a human scale.

At home, WJ writes SR a note.

Note: Going to the music school – .

But his boss calls and says that he needs to come back quickly!

SR come out from somewhere and sees the note. She reads it but doesn’t think it is anything bad. She also writes something on the note and then happily sings into her little Harry Potter room.

However, while at work WJ remembers that sh needs to tell SR that she should not go to music school. He does not know if he finished writing the note. But he tries to think that she can find out on her own, however, he also feels kind of bad about that because he thinks about how happy she was to get the job and how she tried to get part time jobs and how she had to get to work by 4 pm. he checks his watch.

Meanwhile, SR walks the street and practices what to teach to the kids. WJ drives home and sees her, he honks his horn for her to come to him and get in. They drive off due to another driver who is honking at him. While in the car, SR is so happy about music school and wrote on the note.

Note: Going to the music school FIGHTING!

SR talks about how wonderful it is to be useful and how it is the best thing ever. But she remembers not to tell him about her personal life so she apologizes. They get to the music school, but it catches WJ off guard, she hops out quickly which leaves Wj reaching for her. But she is already gone.

He has to hop out and tells her something so he catches up to her at a big balloon event. He tries to say that what is going on is……but instead of saying what he wants to say, he just says what a woman says who comes up to them which was “stop by and check the price.” It is also loud so he has to yell in order to tell her the truth.

He finally says YOU ARE FIRED, but it happens at the worst moment when the electricity is cut on a boom box so everyone hears him.

They go to a quiet area to talk on a bench. SR is so sad about it. WJ plays with his measuring tape as SR thinks that she can’t fix the violin that her mother gave her. She starts crying so loudly and painfully and kind of hilariously. WJ does not know what to do. But WJ shakes it off with a blow of her nose. She thanks ajusshi and tells him that she thinks, a very tiny bit, that he is a good person.

She thinks this because he thought a lot about telling her that she is fired. You are over 30 but you couldn’t even say it. You look like a good person even though you are not kind.

WJ is flustered and tells her not to imagine anything more about it, he just received the phone call and won’t matter in her business anymore. So don’t think about me. Just think about yourself. She says, okay, I will cancel it.

YC asks how the class was but SR brightly says that she was fired and could not even go to work. YC wonders how a good violinist like you was fired. But SR just asks if she can use the internet to look for a job that can pay 2k dollars.

WJ looks at this conversation with interest and possibly concern, but he does not say anything. He does notice that the plant has grown healthy though.

Later on WJ plays with Dukgu and has to take him to his regular checkup, but Dukgu does not want to leave, he just wants to stick with SR. YC comes out and says that dukgu will probably leave if SR goes with them.

Cut to SR and WJ traveling from the hospital together. SR is happy that dukgu had a good checkup. They talk a little about the dogs age but then WJ’s phone rings. She gives it to him, but he takes one look at it and says that it is spam. She goes to put it back, but that is when she sees the Choco Pie. She thinks he bought it to give to her.

But he says he did not, he bought it to eat himself. He grabs it and starts eating it as if it is a chore. She mentions that, but he says he loves eating it.

SR laughs, but then out of the corner of her eye she sees someone that looks like her uncle across the street. She quickly hops out and run across the street to catch up to him. But cars start honking and screeching their tires as she almost gets hit many times.

This sends WJ into a horrible flashback about the accident and how his love interest died because of him. He holds his head as if he is in the middle of that scene once again. He can’t take it.

But somehow, he manages to get to SR and keeps her from moving any farther across the street. he tells her not to leave. Don’t leave. He grips tightly to her arm. She stops and stares at him because he looks earnest when he says it and has tear streaked eyes.

Fade Out

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