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Still 17 Kdrama Live-ish Recap Episode 3 and 4

A girl walks up an outdoor stairway next to a colorful wall while carrying a violin in the Kdrama Still 17
We are getting kind of busy outside Kdramaland, so we have a new recap method we are trying which is to post all our recaps as live recap format (aftercaps) no matter when we watch the drama. In other words, we can’t binge watch 3 hours of TV in a row right now *sad face*. Hopefully we will be able to do it again in the future. To work around that, we are just going to recap a show whenever we get a minute. So if you see “Recapping!” in the title, that means we are watching the show ‘right now.’ If you want to watch-read along with us then hop right in, the water feels great! ^_^

Character Chart: Still 17

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We open at the end of the last episode but we cut to everyone sitting around the couches. SR is holding her dog and does not know what is going on. Jennifer tells them that smart people learn from their mistakes and change the future. i should have checked from you nephew, it was my mistake, I was not professional.

Jennifer talks in her signature mechanical way.

SR says that this was her house 11 years ago. Her dog is still there!

WJ tells her that this is his house now. He heard that the previous owner abandoned the dog, that is why my parents kept it. I have been keeping it from now on.

SR tells them that this is nonsense, what about my aunt and uncle? YC tells her that MR. Gong and he did not like in Korea when his grandmparents bought this house. (he calls his WJ, Mr. Gong).

SR tells them her uncles name, but they say that they have no clue what to tell her. YC calls Jeju island, but he gets off the phone a bit embarrassed. SR asks if he knows anything. YC says that the previous owner moved out quickly and left the house and dog….he doesn’t know where they went.

YC tries to give hre advice and politely says that it might be easier to go to the police station to find missing people. But WJ is a bit less understanding and tells her that she knows this is not her house, so can you please leave now?

She stands up and tells her doggy that she can do nothing for her, so plese do not get sick. SR goes to a building looking for someone. The police asks what she is looking for. SR says her uncle worked on the 7th floor. But the polcie man says that this company must have dissapeared a long time ago.

SR leaves the building depressed, she wonders where evereyone went. But she thinks she can go to the polce to find out so she runs there and tells the polcie to find them. The polcie tell her to calm down, can they hace your ID or drivers license? She tells them that she does not have a drivers license or citizens ID because she is only 17.

The police tell her not to joke, you are clearly not 17. They think she might have a mental problem and let her know that there is a privacy law where they cannot disclose this info to her. They are not her direct family members so the polcie cannot find them.

SR asks them what she can do and where she should go?

The police say that it was a long time ago that this remodeling happened. SR walks around her old neighborhood but she does not recognize anything. She wonders where everyone is. her aunt, uncle, Soomi….where are they?

She looks around lost, and then sees herself in the mirror. She stops and just looks at herself like a lost puppy. The camera scrolls away.

TITLE: Graceful Ghost
The three friends happily sit at the table and eat cake. YC remembers that they did not greet his uncle properly, so they all stand up to greet WJ. WJ thinks DS must be the coach but they all let him know that DS jsut looks old, but he is their age.

YC says that HB is Mansulul (a very rich person) due to city remodeling. But he is more like Dongsulul. They are all on the rowing team together. The friends want to introduce themselves formally, but WJ tells them not to worry about it.

The friends sit back down and laugh. They think YC’s uncle is like that of a nature man. YC lets them know that he looks like that now because he was on vacation-hiatus, but when he is active he looks super cool. YC mutterst hat he does not like it when his uncle lives like that.

SR walks the streets. She runs into a drunk man and screams that she is underage but he tells her that she can’t be underage with that face. She starts to walk away again but is spooked by another man who reaches into his coat to eat a bar. She thought it might be a knife though. SR runs away frightened.

Inside the house, WJ sees that the dog is a bit sad and howls at the moon next to the window. WJ and YC wonder why he is doing that. It is the first time he has been like this. jennifer comes up behind them and says taht dogs don’t act like this without reason. When they bark, it always means something.

She howls and explains that howling like a wolf means that the dog is waiting for the family that is not coming back. he is showing them that he is at home. YC thinks that is daebak, maybe he is looking for his original owner? WJ tells them to stop talking about nonsense and to go to bed.

He takes dukgu and pets him. he tells him it is okay, you are a good boy dukgu.

Outside, SR tries to get out of the rain at a playground and hides in the tunnel.
Little SR rides in the car with her mother. She does not want to play the violin, she wants to do something else. Her mother tells her not to worry, you don’t have to go to music school. I don’t want you to get tired of it before going abroad, just practice with me. They happily ride and talk about music in the car.

In the present, SR cries and cries as she tries to stay out of the rain. She is all alone and scared as she spends the night in the playground.

A song starts playing. She woke up in the playground and spits out exactly what song is playing as she wakes up. (Beethoven – For Elise).

She gets up and he back cracks, she thinks she is an old lady, why does her body feel this way? She also has some black things on her face as she hops out of the playground. She looks crazy.

Inside the house, WJ has gotten himself all cleaned up shaven. He looks more like a model than a nature man now. Jennifer did not recognize him at first as she cleaned so they have a funny moment in the kitchen.

Jennifer lets him know that she will clean the entire house well. She looked in the backyard and saw that the shed was locked, can she have the key? he tells her that she cannot go inside, never open it please, you do not need to clean the shed.

WJ takes the doggie to the vet. The vet thinks the dog is very old, they shoul dhsopitalize it and see how things go. Wj agrees and then goes to buy a lot of dog supplies for dukgu. he sees a tree thta is dying outside the builing and waters it, then he sets off. But he passes right by someone who recognizes him.

This man tells him that he looks good, it has been awhile since he saw him last. He says that he will see him, but then he also says that it is better if they dont’ see each other. Wj listens to this all and then turns to leave. He puts his earphones in his ear. the man watches him walking away with interest.
Meanwhile, SR is on the hunt for food. A lady helps her out and tells her that there is a place for homeless people for her to eat right over there. She walks the girl over there and and tells her not to feel shame about it.

SR lets a man go in front of her to eat, but then she sees that there is no more rice left when she gets there. She looks at that man she let cut, he just hides his food from her. The woman apologizes and says that they had a lot more people come today than they expected. But she gives her a chocopie to have.

Sr thankfully takes the choco pie and goes to the bathroom to clean herelf up. She thinks about saving some of her chocopie for later and puts it on the bench. then she runs off to straighten up a board that fell.

WJ comes up right at that time and starts measruing the bench, as he does, and sits on the chocopie. SR runs back and does not see her chocopie. She asks WJ if he saw it, but he tries to avoid her and says he did not see it. He starts to take photos. She gets in front of him and tells him that it is okay if he ate it, a choco pie should not dissapear.

He accidentally takes her photo and tells her that he would not eat anything on the street.

She apologizes and says that she is sorry shse is like this after they saw each other for the first time. He recognizes her, but does not correct her. But then he stands up and lo and behold, the choco pied falls off of his pants. it looks like he pooped, poor thing.

SR tells him that she told him that he had her choco pie! What will I do! WJ is actually sad about it and wants to correct his mistake, so he will buy her some more food. But as he walks away everyone around starts to look at him, it looks like he pooped his pants. WJ does not care what anyone thinks, only SR cares. She takes off her sweater and ties it around his waste.

he reiterates that he really does not care what people think around him. But he leaves the sweater in place around his waste.

SR follows him, but she sees an ajumma that drops her money. SR runs after her and goes all the way to some new building. She manages to give the money back to the woman who is grateful, but she is winded and lost now. Where is she?
The three friends row as they practice. The coach tells them all to eat well an stretch well afterwards. Everyone is so tired and thirty after practice, as if they will just pass out at anytime.

But they all recover and walk out together. A girl walks up to YC, she is smitten by him. He asks her if she wants some of his food, but she comments that she saw a guy with poop on his pants so she lost her appetite.

Meanwhile, Jin Hyun sees WJ and runs up to him. But it looks like WJ does not recognize him. JH takes off his glasses which is when Wj recognizes him. They playfully talk back and forth until JH asks him what this pink sweater is for. Wj mentions that he has choco pie on his pants.

Elsewhere, SR asks all the local places where they were back in the day. She winds up at a cleaning shop. The man there has been there for a long time. He remembers SR as the student but does not recognize her. He says a long time passed. She asks where here aunt moved to? Do you know?

At the same time, WJ is at work. He asks a woman to play the music for him. He listens to the music quietly and starts to draw up how the room should look based on how the song is. he thinks a seat in the back would be nice with a window and a lot of light coming in. He makes a rough sketch about his thoughts and gives it to the lady. She thinks it is daebak, super cool.

Afterwards, she tells WJ that she was worried since HS is not there, but she is happy that she can talk to him about it. He says he is just a designer, HS is the CEO. The lady tells him that she will look forward to working with him on this project. Would you like to eat dinner together? have a drink?

WJ says he does not drink and can’t eat dinner. She asks if he would like to eat later? I live next to you, can we go together? WJ basically tells her bye bye. She thinks he must be joking, but he was not and drove away.

HS runs up right at that time as if seeing the situation from afar and tells the woman that she can eat with her! She pulls the woman off while grumbling about WJ.

Meanwhile, TR is talking with someone, and interveiwer, about how she will be the youngest professor at Seoul University. She is pretty and has good ability. But does she have a rival? TR thinks back to her younger rival, SR.

Flashback to SR playing the violin at a competition. Though TR was always in first place, she still looked with a watchful eye at SR. She tells the interviewer that she does not play music to compare herself to others. She does not compare herself to anyone.

Outside, SR sits at a bench and sees an ad for the violin with TR. She thinks back to her life as a child. WJ stops at a light next to the busstop, he has dukgu with him. Dukgu notices SR and practically wants to jump out the window to be with her. But WJ just tells him it is okay and then drives off again.

YC happily sits at his table enjoying his meal. The dog, duk gu runs off. Surprisingly, SSR pops her head around the corner, somehow she got inside the house. YC asks her why she is there again. SR mentions that she wants to see if something is there. Just in case! She just needs 3 minutes to search for it, then she will leave rigth away.

YC is apprehensive, if his uncle find out, then it will not be good. But he thinks his uncle does not have to find out since he is in the shower right now. He lets SR look around.

But WJ’s shower was super short, he is out before YC expected. So now YC has to stop his uncle from walking around all over the house. He hugs him and tells him that he misses him. Can we talk for 3 minutes? Talking Time! Lets drink water!

however, WJ hears something downstairs and goes to find out. Jennifer is downstairs with a bamboo plant. She runs into them and asks if they need anything. Wj does not need anything, he just had a question so that is why he came downstairs, but now his question is answered. he leaves.

YC wonders if the ajumma found what she was looking for. He whispers ajumma……ajumma……ajumma…..~.

Jennifer asks him if he is calling her? Don’t call me ajumma or emo….~. Please call me Jennifer. She says that last part in English. YC mutters that this feels like an English exam.

he goes to talk to his uncle who is doing something. YC asks him if he can make a little house for his chick (baby chicken). RA comes in at that moment with a package. She asks if that is his uncle? the girl recognizes him as the pervert from earlier that she had to hit with her bag.

Later on, WJis in his room working when they hear some ghost like sounds. YC runs into teh room, he is super scared at whatever that might be. They both leave and start waling around teh house with whatever they can use as weapon…bamboo….cleaning duster….

They all go downstairs and meet up with Jennifer. Then they see a secret door open. SR comes out like night of the living dead as she crawls on the floor. She cannot get off the floor. YC recognizes her as ajumma. SR points up to WJ and say……poop. Then she passes out.
Later on, jennifer makes SR some food and tells her that it is bad for her metabolism to pass out without eating. YC runs in and says that this is like Harry Potter! Did you know that there is a room under the stairs! WJ did not know.

SR says that she did not recognize WJ earlier. he is that pervert? But YC tells her that he is not a pervert, his job is measuring things. he rempimands his uncle for measuring things outside again.

SR mentions the poop on his pants. YC is all like, did you poop on teh street? WJ tells him no, of course not. Then he changes the subject to SR, why are you still here?

Flashback to YC distracting WJ so that SR could find whatever she needed. SR goes into the secret room, seh hoped that it was stil there so she checked it. Only their family members know about that room. Everything was there.

The room has all of her music things inside including her violin. It also has a picture of her parents. She asys she just wanted to find that and leave, but seh was really hungry and ended up sleeping. She is very sorry to make them surprised.

She gives Dukgu something to eat. YC and WJ are surprised. Dukgu did not eat anything for awhile, that is so cool that he recognized his previous owner, he will be dead without you ajumma.

WJ is sad to hear that and tells SR that she shoud leave. they should not let a stranger sleep in their house. YC wants to keep her though and tells his uncle that she should sleep in their harry Potter room. jennifer says that she thinks it is also dangerous to make her go outside at 2am.

WJ understands that he has lost this argument and goes upstairs. YC lets SR know that this means you can stay. I am his translating machine. SR is happy and starts to eat again.

Later on, YC goes to the Harry Potter secret room and tells SR that he is leaving all her clothing and blanket and everything there for her. But he does not hear anything so he opens the door. She is not there. But he sees her violin.
SR is outside right now doing that thing to the moon that she likes todo. She puts her hand up and circles the moon with her fingers.

Inside, WJ looks for dukgu but he is not around. he starts to go to the window to see if he might be outside, he is about to see SR doing the moon circle. But YC talks to him at thta moment so he does not see her.

Outside, YC goes outside to talk to SR. Dukgu is with her. SR tells YC that her and her appa built this house together and planned everything. They built that little room for SR when she was teany tiny. It is a wonderful memory for her.

We are also taken on a memory ride as we see the house empty and then slowly filled with love and memories.

SR tells YC that this house is the only palce where she has all her memories with her parents, it is like a museum for her. She tells YC that her parents die when she was 14 due to the tunnel that suddenly collapsed, After that , she lived with her Uncle and Aunt.

YC wonders why he sold the house so quickly. SR says she is also so curious about it, she thought he would like there. The police can’t do anything about it. All the people she knew all dissapeared from the earth.

Inside, Wj sees a chocopie.

SR is all packed to leave. She has her violin on her back. YC tells her not to give up and to find her uncle. Jennifer also gives her a lot of food. YC tells SR to visit whenever she wants, especially to see Dukgu. he wonders where she is going now. SR says she will search for her uncle an thanks YC for everything. YC tells her that all the people she knows dissapeared, but now she has one other person….me! Now you know me.

SR tells him that seh is not an ajumma. he says he knows but – he cna’t call her noona. he bachfully touches his head.

Just then, some men in suits comes tot he house and talk about breaking things apart. It looks like WJ’s abogi is having a hard time taking care of this house, so they are selling it. SR is so concerned and shocked. She wants to know what is happening and tells him that they should sell it to her! Don’t sell it to anyone else!

She does not know what to do.

YC tells her to wait a minute, he will call his grandfather.

But then Dukgu runs away. Everyone runs after him. But SR is the one that gets to him first and saves him from being hit by a motorcyclist. her food breaks on the ground which looks like blood, but he is okay. However, she does have a little cut on her nose.

Elsewhere, Hyeong-Tae talks on the phone to his doctor sunbae. he is back from Peru and has good news, the subnae was able to take the patient. HT runs to the nursing home and finds out that SR woke up, he is thrilled about it. But then they hit him with the bad news, she woke up – but she dissapeared while going through rehab.

HT takes off running somewhere.

Meanwhile, WJ tries to talk some sense into his nephew. But YC is adamant, that ajumma needs this house. It has all of her parents memories in it, she can buy it back when they find her uncle. how can you ignore the person that saved Dukgu’s life.

Wj stands up and tells YC to just stop there! No means no. YC mutters that they didn’t even know that room existed, she can just stay there. SR asks if seh can, can’t she just stay there. Both of them beg WJ.

YC tells Sr that she is the original owner, so she can take Dukgu with her. Bye-bye Dukgu, have a fund time with your original owner. This makes WJ upset, he yells his cousins name.

But he gets a call at that moment also from the real estate agent. jennifer also comes in and asks whose clothing this is. SR says that is hers (it is the pink sweater). WJ thinks back to SR helping him out with the poop. He tells the agent that they will have to wait one month, he is really sorry about it. he then tells jennifer to put the clothing under the stairs.

YC translates all this for SR and tells her that this is great! In his language, that means that she can stay there for one month!

Outside, WJ get into his car while thinking about Sr staying there for one month. At he same time, HT gets to the house and looks at it from outside. Inside the house, SR plays with her dog and tells him that she will stay there for one month! Jennifer is behind her and smiles. YC comes up to her and congratulates her.

Someone is there outside. SR stands up but is in the shape of her younger self. Outside, WJ and HT all turn into their younger selves as well. HT’s younger self is the little boy that proposed to SR.

Fade Out


HT – Did a woman in her 30’s visit here?
YC – Where is ajumma?
WJ – I don’t know and I don’t want to know. I don’t want to be involved with her anymore.
YC – It does not make any sense, a woman in her 30’s ran away from home.
SR – You should shrunk your heart like that.
WJ – You don’t know anything about me, how can you say that!
VO – Even thought this is precious thing, if you abandon it like that then it becomes bad very quickly, musical instruments or humans.
VO – Emergency patient!
SR – I had an accident 13 years ago

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  1. Sashaa
    July 24, 2018 / 10:22 pm

    Thanks for recapping. I didn’t even know this new series started until I saw the recap. I dropped all dramas due to soccer and couldn’t pick up anything after that. Started watching Mr.Sunshine just because it’s good in large screen.
    Saw this and so far like it. It’s light yet not too silly. It balances out the light and serious stuff well. There were moments I felt really sorry for our 17in30 girl.
    Not sure if you are watching Meteor garden (cdrama version of BOF) on Netflix. It’s not as silly as the Korean version and the main lead is too captivating that am watching it.

    • V
      July 25, 2018 / 6:39 am

      I actually haven’t watched any Cdramas before but I am interested in getting into them!

      I like the light and fluffiness of this show as well. There are feels tucked away too, mostly with our 17in30 girl, but they don’t hose us down with them. I hope the main guy finds out that the girl is his lost love next week. I don’t want that dragged out too long!

      • sashaa
        July 25, 2018 / 1:19 pm

        Its interesting that the second lead was the childhood guy who proposed to her. And that he actually kept her alive by paying for her hospital stay after her uncle abandoned her or gave up on her?
        Our main guy thinks she is dead and went to Germany.
        yeah, I can’t wait for him to find out. But i think it will be a few more episodes.
        I am more interested in seeing her growth – she is 30 with no skills. She lost 13 years of growing up. How will be she make a living? Can she start music again etc.

        C-Drama – If I may recommend, try ‘A love So beautiful’ (its on Netflix). Its one of those sweet dramas with good camera work and cast. A lot of warm fuzzies.

        • V
          July 26, 2018 / 9:07 am

          I love the second leads dedication to her. Thank you for the rec!!!!!

  2. zzzydny
    July 31, 2018 / 7:58 am

    I hope that you will continue re-capping this show! It’s a good one.

    • V
      July 31, 2018 / 1:38 pm

      Still recapping it! Not live with it yet though because we are still catching up on all the premiers from last week. Hopefully we can be on a more live-ish schedule next week!

      • zzzydny
        August 2, 2018 / 7:48 am

        Thank you! Life sure can be busy sometimes, and premieres must take extra time because of all the new information and new faces. Looking forward to the recaps.

  3. JoAnn
    September 8, 2018 / 6:41 am

    Thanks again for recap.

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