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Still 17 Kdrama Live Recap Episode 15 and 16

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From the preview it seems like this episode will be all fun for our main couple and all sorts of craziness for Chan. Though Chan is usually all over the place all of the time. I’m mostly curious as to how the end of the last episode will fit into this episode. Will this episode actually open on Seori (sometimes spelled Sori) discovering the paintings, will she get pulled away before she actually sees anything, or will this episode rewind to the day of discovery with their picnic and all other fun events and then end with Seori discovering the paintings (because, you know, they like to trick a drama watcher).

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SR goes into the shed to look for her dog. he sees his footprints everywhere and also sees the paintings. But we don’t know if she sees her painting. She sees pang and tells him that they need to try and clean all of this, what should they do.

Jennifer comes in and asks SR what she is doing. MR. Gong said that he does not want anyone to come in here, can you leave?

They both leave right away and don’t clean up anything.

WJ comes home late. Jennifer tells him that she has something to tell him, even though it is late. The shed door was open and the dog went in and I went in also. he tells her that it is okay. Don’t worry, i will lock it.

She tells him goodnight but he is startled by it a little so he tells her g-goodnight as well.

he goes into his room and gets a call from his father. he asks what’s up. They talk about selling the house now that the month is over. Appa thinks he is getting old and WJ leaves home half the time out of the year so it is difficult to take care of it. WJ apologizes to his father for worrying him all the time. Then looks at the plunger.

Int he little stair room, SR looks for a rental house. She goes outside to look at her tree. WJ goes outside as well and asks her why she is there. He also thinks about his father coming in next week to process the house. She tells him that the dog went inside the shed and got footprints everywhere. he tells her not to worry about it, he used those thinks a long time ago, before he went to Germany.

She grabs her rock and says she would like to take it with her, then seh goes back inside.

Later on, he is also back inside, playing with his measuring stick. Then he starts drawing.

Cut directly to SR and JH walking up the street together. She talks about finding a place to stay and ten asks him if he would like to buy fish with her later. (Eat fish with her later). Inside the company, WJ wonders if he should ask SR to come to Chan’s place together when Sr and JH show up. he has a list:

1. Ask her to come with us to YC’s house
2. Ast HS for one of her rooms
3. Look for a room together.

The other workers talk about the festival. JH opens his fish icecream and starts eating it. It looks like that is the fish she was talking about? She has some for everyone. JH says that his cousin i going out of the house to a foreign program and needs someone to take care of their house, it is so close to this place, only a 5 mintues walk. He needs someone to take care of his fish.

SR is so happy, I can do it! WJ says he can go there to live, but JH tells him that it is only for women. WJ looks so upset at this and tells JH that he did a good job! he pats him on the back but it is a hard pat. HS laughs as if she knows everything.

WJ goes outside to their deck and crumples up his list.
(before going home, we see that Chan got the highest score on the team for something).

At home, Chan gets home and learns that SR might be moving out to another house where she can raise fish! But Chan is so concerned and flustered, he thinks the owner should raise the fish.

WJ goes outside and is met by the two friends Deok-soo and Hae-beom. They greet him cheerfully and then go to the front door. But then Chan comes out upset and asks WJ if his Dad is really selling the house? Let’s take ajumma with us! She shouldnt’ be alone! We should take her with us okay! Okay! Okay! Okay!

WJ and Chan go back inside, he tells her that they should go to his place together. SR stands and tells him that it is wonderful for him to say that, but it is not good manners for her to follow them to his place. Perhaps we should have a goodbye party instead. But she says she will see them often and see Pang often. She pinky promisses the two friends that she will see them often and then goes to her little room.

Pang is in her little room with her as SR sits on the floor and thinks that perhaps she looks at least 20 years old now?

Outside, WJ is looking at the stars when Jennifer comes out to talk to him. he tells her that he thought he could go a little slower now. If he wants to hold or let it pass quickly, it just passes by itself.

Jennifer says that it moves by itself and it never comes back also. Anyone can regret time that passes. But it is dependent on you to make it a memory that you regret forever or a memory that you will always remember forever. I am telling you this because I envy you.

She hits his hand and says that there was a mosquito bite. Good night, it’s late.
The team is off to the festival thing in a car. But the car broke so they need to get it fixed. JH has to stay to have it sevices and have the battery charged so SR and WJ leave to eat something. They go to a tiny train station to eat ramen. It is really spicy so SR coughs. WJ chides her for it, but then realizes that it is really hot. She tells him that it is hot right? But he says it is not hot. He sniffs but pretends that it is not becuase of the ramen.

She drinks some water but he grabs it and drinks it a lot. He tries to say it is not because of the ramen. She gets up to leave, but he tells her that they should go together! And qickly grabs his things.

They get on the train to go to the festival. the train is filled with college age kids that are having a good time in the train. SR looks at them and thinks that they look great. She would have done something like that. WJ thinks that she was accepted to the German school but did nto go there for some reason. he wants to ask her something, but an ajusshi comes up to her with a mic.

So SR starts to sing a song and then WJ has the mic in front of him so he starts to sing it. They both start clapping and singing ont eh train.

Afterward, one of the college kids gives a polaroid to WJ of him and SR on the train and tells him to have a good love life. WJ loves it but does not show it to SR when she asks what it is.

They get to TR’s event and greet her, but TR is a bit apprehensive to be around SR. She hides it well.

TR starts to give her presentation. SR starts to talk about the original composure for the song, it looks like there might be a mistake in the presentation that they need to fix. One of the men is happy that SR caught that mistake and HS is happy as well.

Back in Seoul, Chan gets home and sees HT at the house. He tells his friends to wait a minute as he runs up to it. HT asks if that woman ever came back? Chan says that she did not and they are moving as well so don’t come back. (He thinks HT is one of the doctors that SR does not want to meet).

At the event, SR listens to one of the women practice. They talk afterward about the music and how the woman is wonderful at playing. She asks if she played before and if she would like to play it?

Cut to TR talking to a director. But then they hear someone playing a violin. This catches the director attention and sends him into a flashback to SR playing when she was little. This director was the only one that really liked what SR played.

Wj also listens to SR play the violin. SR is very into the music and closes her eyes as she plays.

VO – Actually, I was envious, it made me sad also. i want to wear a nive dress and play like her if nothing happened. iwas thinking about that.

She messes up a little and stops playing. But she thanks the woman for her violin and apologizes for the mess up.

The director comes to the woman and asks her if she played it but the woman says it was not her, it was another woman. Cut to TR looking at SR walking away. The director comes to her and asks her if she remembers that event in 2005? Flashback to the bathroom where girls talked about how TR has a good background with a piano mom and well known father so she is always #1.

It looks like TR thinks she is always #1 due to her family background.
Outside, WJ honks at SR and tells her if JH comes by then tell him that I went to the ocean. he does this twice so he drives away and comes back and tells her the same thing. She says okay both times. But then they both ask “Can I come with you….do you want to come with me” at the same time. So they drive off together to the ocean.

SR is so excited to be on the beach and runs to the water. She yells, ahhhh! the sea! WJ mutters happily that it would be a big problem if he did not bring her there. They walk the beach together. WJ asks her what that song was, she says it is about romance (I think). He asks her why she did not continue with the violin. She tells him that she was in a hospital bed for more than 10 years.

WJ thinks back to all the clues that she told him about missing 10 years of her life. Like talking to the tree and how she does not know anything.

She tells him that is why she could not go to Germany. The violin is the only thing she could do. But while lying on the hospital bed, her hands becamse stiff and she became 30. She is also not use to her age. She is an adult, but seh feels like she is not an adult. But…maybe you did not want to know this?

He says he was curious about it, he guessed that something happened but it is a lot more than he thought. he apologizes and says he would not ahve said some things to her if he knew it.

They sit on the beach together. SHe asks him if he knows about intermission? When she was little, she was happy to come back and discover that they still had more to watch. She thinks that is the time for her now. A little break time to wait for an evern cooler stage. An intermission in her life. It is okay, things are not ended, she is just taking a break and stopping there a little bit, momentarily. She wants to do everything by herself, she does not want to follow Chan and WJ around, seh wants to do things by herself……sorry, I saw the memo.

Flashback to her seeing WJ’s list for her.

She thanks him for thinking about her, and honestly, she did have that thought about following them. But she thinks it would slow her down. She wants to do thinks by herself and stand on her own two feet.

he tells her that she is already an adult, if he was her then he would not be able to do it. He did not do it. You told me once that I look like someone that is holding my heart back. I was holding my heart back and running away an hiding. I lived like that. I couldn’t be sorry enough. (fflashback of what happened to him). I couldn’t be sad enough I was worried what would happen if my pain was revealed. I tried to cover it up.

What are you talking about?

A long time ago, I did something that made me sorry to someone. I was too stupid back then and too much likea little baby. I didn’t have the courage to tell someone. (he is teary).

SR touches his arm.

SR – If you are having a hard time talking about it, then you don’t have to say it. Thank you for telling me your story.
WJ tells SR that she is already a good adult at her age. She deserves to be 30. So whatever happened already, i know I can’t comfort it, but I guarantee one thing, you will do well by yourself. You are at least a better adult than me.

SR – Yes! I will do well!

Cut to Seoul where RA sees someont hat lookslike a pervert. She calls him a pervert and then wonders what her Chan is doing. She runs off, but then we find out that the pervert looking guy is actually Chan.

SR is staying with HS at a hotel and goes to the balcony to do that moon thing that she does. She sees WJ walking around the pool and looks at him. He is about to get hit by a little kid, but the kid avoids him.

Then WJ stops and sits in a chair next to the pool. SR keeps looking at him as he sits quietly and drinks his coffee. A lovely song starts to play as she watches him.

VO – I was just really curious, I guessed something happened. I am sorry about all those things I told you, if I knew I would not have told you. You are already adult enough.

Her heart starts beating hard as she watches him. She thinks back to being in high school and drawing a triangle or a beak or an arrow. Her friend asked what she drew, a crecendo? She says yes, a crecendo. She also drew the same thing in the present.

he also thinks about her while at the pool. het hinks about her telling him that it was not the end, she is just taking a little break.

back in Seoul, Chan is still on the grind about keeping ajumma with them. he tells WJ that she has to stay with them. You don’t know. But WJ says that he knows. So Chan throws a fit and says that she should be with uUuUuUssssss. But WJ tells him that she wants to be alone. SHe is not as weak as you think and she is adult enough. Let’s trust her.

Chan is so concerned, but he lets it go. Cut to Chan’s room where he looks at his phone sadly. SR is at his door and wants to talk to her but he says that he is too naked to come out since it is hot. She tells him that she is thankful and starts to tell him that her frist friend after she woke up is him. Thank you for being a friend to me. Ar you listening to me?

He is listening and a tear falls but he tries to talk to her in a bright way. She says goodnight and leaves. he sits in the dark in his room and keeps crying.
It is time for SR to move out. She has a lot of things to take with her but it is because Jennifer and the fella’s prepared a lot for her to take with her likea fan and blankets. The two friends are super sad to see here go but Chan tries to pretend like he will see her all the time so it is okay. He leaves. But then he comes back and says that he is not so cool. Here is emergency medicine! He gives her a lot of medicine and wants to keep talking to her and tells her to eat and all those things. His friends have to pull him away.

jennifer gives her a lot of side dishes to put int he refrigerator.

WJ tells her that they can leave now, he can take her.

SR gives Jennifer a big hug even though it is cheesy. She tells her thank you for everything and she will repay her. Jennifer also hugs her back. Later, she sees shoes in the kitchen that are SR’s present to her. The note says that this is all she can do for Jennifer, but later she will buy her something wonderful.

The friends also got a gift – a coupon for the Chinese restaurant. The friends cry in a funny way.

Chan also got a gift from her. It is a glove. She writes that his hands are important and he should not think, he should feel! Chan holds his heart as he lays on a bench and thinks – it hurts.

While driving her to her place, WJ gives SR a lot of photos of everything. SR is very touched and thinks that this is a nice gift and it was also a nice gift to stay in her house and see everything again and meet all of them and most of all she got to know WJ. It felt like a wonderful present. She experienced all the good things, but it would not have ahappened without WJ so thank you so much. He also tells her that he is thankful that she stayed in their house.

She asks to stop somewhere? He says that they are almost there. But she tells him it is a bit embarrassing to cry since they will see each other soon. He stops and she gets out and walks up the street.

WJ tells the guard at the front that SR will stay in 1101, please let me know if anything happens to her. There is also a message with a strange man that walks around this womans place (it’s Chan). This place is a one room apratment building that is only for women.

SR goes to the apartment but another woman is there. It looks like there was some trouble so she is one semester delayed. Cut to SR walking around the street with all her things, she wonders what she should do and thinks that she can’t go back because she said she wants to be on her own and gave all the gifts and all that stuff.

She shows up at work with all her things and looks around to make sure that no one is there. But then she hears Wj and HS coming in. SHe quickly pushes all her thinks around the corner, but her pepper spray falls. WJ picks it up and immediately knows that it is the pepper spray that Chan gave SR.

he runs outside to see if she is around somewhere.

She is outside sitting on a bench all hot and sweaty and hungry. She manages to use someone elses electricity and plugs in her fan on the street for some cool air. WJ finally catches up to her and tell her that they should enjoy it together. he sits in front of the fan and tells her that she should at least come back home if something happened.

But she thinks they will move soon. he tells her that they won’t move for at least 3 weeks. She is sorry to ask for a favor again but he says she should just come back. Dukgu might get sick too. he tells her a lot of excuses but then he finally stands up and says that he wants her to stay in his place, together!

She presses the high button on the fan and mutters that her face go hot all of a sudden. This is a good fan. He asks her if she will just talk about the fan – look at me….let’s go to my place together.

he extends his had to her. She aks him if she can really go back? Then seh slwoly takes his hand.

WJ – Let’s go together.

Cut to them both walking up the street. he tells her that she can find a room slowly. If she does not then they can all move together. He asks her waht something is, is it for me? But she says it is not for him. he says it is and she says it isn’t. they continue down the street like that.
Chan is miserable at homea nd thinks he sees a hallucination of SR. But it is the real SR. She happily greets him and tells him that she is back because seh does not need anyone to feed the fish. he is so happy, are you really back!

WJ tells him that she will stay with them again until she finds a room. ALl the friends show up and they do a group happy dance as Jennifer and WJ look at them happily.

Later on, Jennifer walks up the street and talks on the phone. The strange woman in the yellow shoes calls her name and asks her if she recognizes her. She takes off her glasses.

Chan is at practice and gets a call from his mother. She is coming back. Chan is so happy and says he will see his mommy later. But then he thinks that she will be at the house with Ajumma! Oh no! He rushes home. His friends told him he should not hide anything from his mother, she will be angry.

The mother gets to the door and SR answers. Chan gets hom in the taxi at that moment and WJ also gets home right then as well.

Umma – Who are you?

Fade Out


Due to the Asian Games, there will not be a show on Monday and the show on Tuesday will be at 10pm KST.

Hopefully the team can catch up because I think they are on a live shoot schedule. I am happy that we didn’t end on a super huge cliffhanger that will have me anxious until next week and that the show changed direction a little bit with the mom showing up. I don’t think the mother will want this woman staying with her son and will probably have Chan move back home with her (I guess?). That way, WJ and SR will have the house completely to themselves. That is just my very quick guess though.

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  1. zzzydny
    August 14, 2018 / 12:45 pm

    This is such a satisfying drama in so many ways, although I do wonder about the B plots that have been pushed so far into the background (like HT, like the yellow lady). It’s a bit into the middle of the drama to be shaking things up by bringing in the B plots too strongly. Makes me wonder how the author is planning to blend things in so that everything keeps moving along smoothly. Interesting. But irritating that 17 will only air one day next week–not a good way to continue momentum. Hoping for the best anyhow.

    • V
      August 16, 2018 / 10:49 am

      Hopefully the momentum continues. They had 10% ratings this week so the Korean public is also enjoying this show.

  2. sashaa
    August 15, 2018 / 8:25 am

    yeah, we are the half-way point and not much happened with the other characters/plots.
    WJ opening up to SR about his past is supposed to be the significant movement, but somehow that scene execution felt forced and fell flat (for me atleast). His scene with the doctor was a more powerful one.

    May be WJ might introduce SR as his friend/girlfriend? Its a rom-com, so anything can happen.

    The doctor friend is still in the same spot as ep2, lady in yellow shoe is same, SR still has not fixed her violin or found a house, we still don’t know about Jennifer, we dont know about Uncle/Aunt etc

    • V
      August 16, 2018 / 10:51 am

      The scene on the beach felt off to me, too. Like it was too sudden or something. I really enjoyed the doctor scene, though.

    • V
      August 20, 2018 / 6:10 am

      Just saw this comment! Not sure if we can get to it before the show actually airs today. Been a very busy weekend. But we will be recapping Still 17 as planned. However, we won’t be able to start the recap until two hours after it airs due to morning engagements.

      • Oppafangirl
        August 20, 2018 / 8:18 am

        Wait does it air today??? Really?? I thought it airs only tomorrow? On Tuesday!!
        Haha, but no worries, take your time and take care!! 😘😘😘😘

        • V
          August 20, 2018 / 9:03 am

          That’s right, not today! I completely forgot 🙂

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