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Still 17 Kdrama Live-ish Recap Episode 13 and 14

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I think it is safe to say that this show is my favorite one on at the moment. This one and My ID is Gangnam Beauty are filling my drama spots. I hope Woo-jin does not back track that tender moment at the end of the last episode! It was so – wonderful. Does anyone think he will see her doing that thing with the moon again today? Maybe it will be tomorrow. Either way, I want it to happen and I want him to ask her why she does it (you know, if he can keep it together).

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We open with WJ laying in bed.

VO – The experience, comfortable ad happy – it was the time I was with her. The most scary moments and the happiest moments. I was confused.

The reason you are confused is because your moments are conflicting?

No, she touches my emotions.

SR – I think you are a good person, you are hiding it. That is why you don’t live. You close your heart and live like that. I am really thankful so I want to see you for a long long time. We are friends right? Ajusshi! We are so close!

WJ – How she treats me and how she talks to me, so honest. I can see everything and it makes me recognize myself. I don’t care. I hate someone else. We are not that close. I am always running away, but she makes me look back. i know that I shuold ignore her, that is safe. I thought it would be okay to live like that.

She makes me get involved. Strangely I cannot cut her off. She is cutting me off from my hidden mind. She makes me not want to live like this anymore…that person.

Cut back to the end of the last episode. SR is cutting onions and sniffing, she is about to wipe her tears but WJ grabs her arm and tells her not to wipe her face with that hand. She says she is not crying it is just the onions.

But he kneels and wipes her tears for her with his hand. It is a tender moment as he tenderly wipes both her tears with both his hands. The rain is falling outside as we watch them from the window. Then we cut to their faces, it looks like they might kiss. But he hits the onions and they rolll everywhere.

They move to try and grab them but then he touches his eyes after touching the onions. His eyes are buuuuuuurning. He touches them again and then she accidentally touches her eyes too! They are both blind and clinging to their faces as they try to get away from the onions. He pulls her by the hand, but they trip on the other onions on the floor. It is a scene.

Later on, they both wash their faces and come out of the bathroom refreshed and laughing. The rain stopped so they both go outside to enjoy it. He says he did not go to sleep because he wanted to thank her for what Hee-soo said. She rescued their company But SR says she didn’t do anything big.

She then tells him that she lied to him, she cried because she was a bit sad about watching TR play the piano. She could have played like that if nothing happened. She could have worn nice clothing. That is why she cried.

he asks what she is talking about.

She moves closer to him as if she is going to kiss him, but he has something (a flower?) on his hair, so she grabs it slowly.

he is a little flustered, but she is perfectly fine. She walks over to another area of the yard and finds a tree and a rock that she put there. The tree grew a lot, her father planted it when she was 7 and they measured how tall it grew every year. It was 23 years ago, this tree grew a lot. It also grew a lot while she did not see it, but she did not grow at all.

he looks at her watching the tree, then the wind blows and several petals fall from it and fly over them A violin song starts to play as night turns to day in the house.

Jennifer goes to Chan’s room to wake him up for breakfast but he is gone.

Jennifer – Oh My God, he skipped breakfast, how can this happen – what is that.

She grabs something to write.

Cut to Chan practicing rowing while it is raining outside.

He is thinking that his bird is different from ajumma. He has a goal, he will win the competition and he will confess to Ajumma at that moment. Let’s go! Think big!

His friends are on the harbor looking at him practicing. They think something is wrong with him, he looks likea different guy all of a sudden. Where is the Incheon we knew? They both shake their heads on the side.

JH walks to work talking about something and then does a certain move as if avoiding something. But then WJ does the same move. HS sees this and is all like, what is going on? JH sees it too and is all like, what is going on?

inside, SR thinks about the almost kiss and gets flustered. Then WJ comes in which makes her extra flustered. They are both happily flustered.

WJ goes to the little break room, HS bursts in and asks him what is going on, did you win the lottery? Are you going to Croatia? Why are you happy? But WJ just blows it off as nothing and says the rain stopped.

They have a gues today though, so eveyrone runs out to talk to him. This person is dressed flamboyantly and also has an eccentric personality. He talks to HS about how she did his fathers show and clothes are the center of fashion. Stage does not matter. He also has something that he sat on, which was SR’s bag, so he throws it.

SR goes to pick it up and then tells the man that he has seaweed on his chin/cheek. The man smiles and says that he has never met this refreshing of a woman in a long time. he will send them pictures that they can use. he walks out (but slyly leaves his cell phone) and then tells SR goodbye mademoiselle. He frolics out with a wink.

HS wants to kill him and mentions, if he wasn’t the son of a designer!
Meanwhile, WJ is at a meeting at a cafe. It is supposed to be about trains, but for some reason it is about Idols. JH accidentally put Idol images instead of train images. The men love it, but WJ says he needs to get to the bottom of this, so he calls JH.

JH tells him that he will fix it right away! he grabs the train images and runs off.

So now it is only SR and HS in the office, but SR is left there alone for a moment and hears a phone ringing. It is the eccentric mans phone that he left. She picks it up. Hello?

Elsewhere, WJ and JH meet in his car. WJ asks if he has more books like that? (With Idols inside them). JH tells him not to tell HS, she is good at volleyball (good at hitting). the converstation turns to the eccentric son, JH does not want to deal with him but WJ tells him that he is a customer so don’t talk about him like that.

They call the eccentric son (or pick up the phone). SR tells WJ that the eccentric son left his phone so she is returning it to him. She will tell him to call you right away. Then she turns to a person and asks them where the bar is. She hangs up.

WJ is all like, baaaaaaarrrr? What is going on? JH starts to tell WJ that the eccentic guy was hitting on noona and told her she was likea model, I just want to throw up when i think about him, yek!

WJ takes off and searches where Bar 7 is.

RA gives the two friends a ticket to a buffet so that she can be alone with Chan. It works. But Chan is clueless and forgot that he was supposed to meet with her. He is a bit tired because he wants to be #1 in the competition.

The bar is a lounge style bar that is about as eccentric as the son. SR gives him back his phone and tells him to call WJ, please. The son does (or pretends to) and says that he will treat SR to a meal.

They eat steak because the son said to eat steak and then they are about to toast, but WJ toasts instead of SR. They start to talk about how WJ should stay there too and eat steak and drink. He drinks all his wine and looks at the eccentric son with daggers.
Chand and RA end up going somewhere to eat. She talks about the clothing that she gave to Ajumma. Chan tells her that those clothes were really pretty. The skirt was pretty too. How did you pick all the things that would look good on ajumma? RA is all like, man, she shouldn’t look good. She tells Chan to just keep eating. Chan happily does.

Eccentric son happily watches SR eat as well. But WJ tells him that his employee is in a hurry, so can you send the attachment right away? Eccentric son calls his secretary and tells him to send the attachment. WJ thanks him and tells him that he has something on his face. SR tells him that she thought the same thing. But it is his mole.

Cut to WS talking on the phone about Gong and Mr. Park. She wonders why WJ went there to take care of him. JH says that he knew that we hated him so he volunteered. He starts talking about how professional WJ is, but the camera cuts to WJ doing unprofessional things like putting tobasco sauce in th eccentric sons glass.

When the son comes back, WJ tells him that they should drink it, one shot. The son complies, but then starts coughing a lot. SR comes back and starts to snap a lot in his face. he is all like….what…..are…..you….doing…..~. She tells him that he always did it so she thought that was something that people did now. She also gives him some ramen and tells him to enjoy it at home.

They all sit again and SR tells them that the song playing is Cee-Bel-I-Ous. But it sounds likea curse word. Gong wants to leave. SR wonders if she did something wrong? Giving him ramen was like asking to sleep with someone, but she did not know that so she gave him ramen and then said a kind of curse world but it was about the composure. WJ laughed a littlebit and told her not to talk to A-holes that ask her to eat ramen with her. He also mentions that this is a good choice of song. Cee-Bel-Ee-us. (But the curse word is Shee-Bal but some people say Shee-Bel-Ee-Ous to make it not a curse word).

WJ takes a tinu paper umbrella from a cup from a woman and then goes outside to meet SR. he tells her that the rain is on and off. It is also warm even though it is late. he mentions that it might snow. SR is all like, what? It might snow? It’s summer.

He opens the little umbrella and puts it over his head.

He walks off with the tiny umbrella.

Cut to Work, HS tells JH that he never makes trouble, but he is super duper strange after drinking.

Cut to WJ playing hide and seek with SR behind a tree. SR is all like, um, why are you attached to a tree? Ajusshi! Ajusshi! What are you doing? WJ says he is just….lets go.

he starts to walk and then takes off running. SR asks him, what are you doing! Ajusshi!

VO – When he drinks, he hides likea crazy guy and then runs away….I don’t know why, that is why he is strange.

SR is able to catch up with WJ and holds his sleeve so he won’t run away again. He tells her that he won’t run away…..but then he takes off his shirt and runs away.

SR has to chase after him. Ajushiiiiiii!

he runs to a park and opens the door as if he is at home. He takes off his shoes and tells Jeniffer that he had dinner. he walks into the partk and falls on the ground as if going to sleep then murmurs that home is the best. It looks like he is on a tennis court possibly?

SR runs to him and asks him what he is doing. He tells her that this room was hers 13 years ago. She is all like, let’s goooooooo! And tries to lift him up, but he is stone cold passed out.

She wonders what she should do, leave him here? No, she can’t do that so she layes next to him but grumbles about how hard the ground is.

He rolls over to cuddle next to her which startles SR. She looks over at his gorgeous sleeping face and then hears a classical song playing. It sends her into a small flashback of when she was young.

SR – I want to get my time back.
Jennifer sees a pregnant couple in a grocery store. It sends her intoa flashback where she is wearing all black and walking down the street in the rain like a zombie. A man tells her to use an umbrella, it is raining a lot. It is the uncle! He tells her that she should not act that way. Just take this, or just come this way!

He tries to walk her to a bus stop to keep her out of the rain. he gives her something that she dropped and tells her to stay there and keep this umbrella. he runs off. Another student bumps into her which makes her turn, then she sees a library.

In the present, Jennifer kind of pulls herself out of this flashback and goes to get a watermelon. Another woman says that she picked it first, but Jennifer looks at her like the terminator, so the woman goes away.

Cut to SR dragging WJ up the hill in a cart. She is working so hard to take him home safely. She finally gets to the house. Jennifer is there with her watermelon and SR cries at the site of her. Jeniffeeeeer!

SR is so tired. jennifer takes one look at WJ and says that WJ passed out because he could not take the alcohol (lots of scientific talk)….he is drunk. SR does her energy gathering thing and goes to WJ’s side. SR is stunned.

Later on, Chan walks home and sees SR walking with the cart. he runs to her and asks her why she is carrying this? SR mentions that she carried ajusshi. Cut to Chan telling her that Mr. Gong should not drink, as he carried the cart. You he mentions that she can call him when that happens. he will return the cart for her, but she says that she should return it because she is the one that got it.

He asks her if she would like to ride in it? This is my excercise because I did not excercise today. he takes off running int he cart, but SR says that she is going to throw up. He thinks she wants to go faster so he takes off. But she just keep saying she is going to throw up…….
WJ gets in his car for work and kind of starts to remember what happened last night, but he only remembers the tiny umbrella and does not know how he got home. SR gets into the car suddenly and tells him that this is not sudden, I am late because of you and had to use Icy Hot. You should know that you should not drinK!

het ells her that he did not know what happened. But she just says that he drank and was drunk and she had to carry him. Look at this Icy Hot patch! he kind of remembers the carrier and sheepishly asks her why she is not using jongdaemal.

At work, HS and JH listen to a call from the eccentric son. he says that he will never give them any work! HS picks it up and says, OKAY!

They hang up and wonder what is going on with WJ, he usually never does those things. But then she gets another call as soon as WJ and SR came in. She asks Gong if he said he was going to take the gallery work again? You refused it because it was difficult to do tit with the festival. You said you won’t work hard.

But he says that he will work hard, Mr. parks work will be cancelled (eccentric son) so we will have more time. JH says that he smelled Icy Hot. SR says that she is the one, sorry. He wonders what she did to put on that much. SR just looks at WJ.

WJ feels the pressure and says that he has to leave to go do some work.

HS and JH talks about how WJ is always strange but why is he so strange now. HS thinks back to WJ not wanting Sr to work there but with SR telling HS that he is a good person. She goes to her desk happily.

SR talks about something that is so nice. It looks likea purse? HS tells her that she can have it if she likes it, it is not her style Then she goes outside to talk to TR ont he phone. She tells her that SR’s summary was good, do you want to talk to her?

Tr says no and then thinks about her high school competitive days with SR. TR and SR are #1 and #2, but TR is more competitive with SR, SR is clueless. Her parents think that TR needs to be the top top top. SR should not be there at all. So she gets a lot of pressure from her parents. But her mother is still proud of her for what he accomplished.
Chan tells him friends that he is going to work out more. His friends are all like, you work out too much. But CHan just sends them away and goes to work out. Howver, he sees SR walking somewhere deep in thought and chases after her in the long way around so it will look like he has just stumbled upon her.

SR is busy counting her money when Chan pretends like he is just walking up on her but he is all sweaty and breathing hard and his nose is flared. he tries to drink his coke, but it shoots everywhere when he opens it.

he tries to play it off and tells SR that he has something to do for the competition. He thinks he can do it! SR tells him that that is a good feeling! She also has that feeling!

Chan is so happy as he walks off and then tells her DON’T THINK BIG (OR DO THINK BIG? OR DON’T THINK FEEL?). Sr keeps walking and sees the missign person sign again. She thinks about the nurse that told her that people figure out that they were dumped by there family members.

She gets home and sees the realtors at the house. She is holding the dough to stregnthen her hand, but she is sad. It is almost one month and she has not found her family. But she can’t ask them not not sell the house again, that would be too much.

Cut to HT sleeping but he gets woken up but the other hospital for Seori. he wonders if they found her. They said no, but the money is still coming in for her, do you know who is sending it? he says he does not, but if you hear something, please tell me. they get off the phone and he thinks about who could possibly be sending that money.

At home, Chan wakes up but is crazy tired. he can barely stand or wake up. he looks at a sign on his wall that jenniffer wrote DON’T THINK, FEEL! on. He tries to pump himself up with that. Then he sees his little chic, she is a lot bigger now so Chan is shocked and confused and energized by it.

Downstairs int he house, Jennifer tells WJ that the realtor came back with those people yesterday. WJ understands and looks at the room under the stairs. he tells Jennifer that they might move to Chans house. jennifer says that she will prepare everything. But what about the shed?

He tells her that she does not need to worry about it, he will take care of it. he goes to the shed and slowly starts to open it. But he is hesitant. he opens it and goes inside with a deep breath. The shed is definitely old with cobwebs everywhere. It is very dusty and has a lot of painting items and boxes around.

he goes to one box and opens it. On the top is a book. he cleans off the dust on it, but doesn’t pick it up. Then he opens another one and looks at it. It is all his awards. he opens another and the moon chain drops that he accidentally took from SR.

he looks at it and is about to pick it up, but HS calls at that moment. She reminds him of a meeting that he had so he quickly leaves. But then another box falls and the door swings open again without WJ noticing it.

Inside the box was a painting of Seori.

Wj gets to the cafe for the meeting. he sits at a table alone, but then he hears the music and is reminded of the park when he was drunk. She said that she wanted to find her time. he ways, the time that she wants to find.

Cut to Seori outside in the yard, she grabs her rock and thinks that she can maybe take that with her. Her dog is with her and goes running to the shed. Seori tells her that it is too muddy over there, but the dog runs right into the shed.

SR goes in to find him and follows the muddy paw prints all the way to the paintings that he walked all over.

Fade Out

They are teasing us! I am dying to find out what will happen when he finally figures it out, but it looks like it might not happen next episode since everyone looked normal in the preview. Perhaps she did not see the painting? Was her dog sitting on it?

I think we will have one more episode of easy happiness so we can sink deeper into their budding love story. But we might be left with a huge cliffhanger at the end of the episode tomorrow.


WJ – People will think we are going on a picnic.
SR – Yeah, it is as fun as going on a picnic.
VO – Without that smart staff member, we could have missed it.
SR – Oh, it is ajusshi.
WJ – Yes, father.
Father – Next week, I will go to Seoul to process the house.
Chan – Why, why, why didn’t I think!
WJ – We should let go. That is the right thing.
WJ – She wants to do it by herself so I want to honor what she says.

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    Are Mr. Gong pyschiatrist and seo- ri uncle same person?!

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    So, now we know the doc is not paying the bills.. uncle? Aunt? Jennifer?

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    What a delightful show! I love drunk WJ!
    next episode end he may find out? so now we know the doc is not paying the bills.. who then? uncle? Aunt? Jennifer?

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      Drunk Woo-jin is the best!

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